Kyle Lowry Shares On-the-Road Must-Haves! - NBA 2KTV S3. Ep.30

  • Published on Apr 14, 2017
  • We’re wrapping up regular season with Kyle Lowry. We find out what he loves most about Toronto, what he carries in his travel bag while on the road & more! Plus, Play Now Online post season news, the MyTEAM Lineup of the week & in Top Plays - we’re highlighting your Top 5 Double Alley-Oops!
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  • Inez Silva
    Inez Silva 9 months ago

    What kind of backpack does Kyle have

  • Kyraan sookhoo
    Kyraan sookhoo Year ago


  • Raptors Superfan Mo The Greatest

    Toronto stays winning here

  • Og Lowry
    Og Lowry Year ago

    where can i find his shoes

  • Jackson Campbell
    Jackson Campbell Year ago


  • PXC Chef
    PXC Chef Year ago


  • The Gta And Division Pro

    like and Rachel
    will sit on your lap

  • MrWill9668
    MrWill9668 Year ago

    we all know why he came here, not for lowrys sorry ass thats for sure

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 2 years ago

    When the load time is as long as the vid smh

  • Xavier Hathorne
    Xavier Hathorne 2 years ago

    Daaaaaamn!!! She lookin hella fine in that dress. 😍

  • Courtney Smith
    Courtney Smith 2 years ago


  • Vaggelis Virvilis
    Vaggelis Virvilis 2 years ago

    Γιανναρος μονο

  • Vaggelis Virvilis
    Vaggelis Virvilis 2 years ago

    δε γαμιεται και αυτός ο Lowry

  • Kenny Wake
    Kenny Wake 2 years ago

    USclip and sub : izeyah dagoat he pretty coo

  • Young Baller23
    Young Baller23 2 years ago

    Come to my channel to see more 2k videos

  • TJM Matthews29
    TJM Matthews29 2 years ago

    I like b and C player cards on the 6:37 march of video

  • Dannyxv17
    Dannyxv17 2 years ago


  • Byron Gauche
    Byron Gauche 2 years ago

    please add new hairstyles I would really appreciate it

  • Adam Tapia
    Adam Tapia 2 years ago

    bring back The 3pt contest For 2k18 How 2k9 has it

  • Nahshon Ware
    Nahshon Ware 2 years ago


  • The Basketball Fever
    The Basketball Fever 2 years ago


  • Ballikekobe 14
    Ballikekobe 14 2 years ago

    team A #2kTVlineup

  • Lost Blaze
    Lost Blaze 2 years ago

    Rachel got me fucked up in that dress

  • European Porzingis
    European Porzingis 2 years ago +1

    Omg I would fuck her so hard. Anal, oral, everything

  • Mob
    Mob 2 years ago

    MJ is a 99 overall now yes

    • M.C
      M.C 2 years ago

      KILO 2wavy
      Lavar ball is 100 overall

  • The G.O.A.T Goku
    The G.O.A.T Goku 2 years ago


  • Young Savage
    Young Savage 2 years ago +1

    Rachel u rock

  • Ryan Brock
    Ryan Brock 2 years ago

    Rachel is 🔥🔥🔥

  • JCB Videos
    JCB Videos 2 years ago

    ok my name is Jackson I am a boy and you need to start making baseball games again we all like basketball but really no baseball really you can do better than that we need a MLB game because RBI baseball is like a cartoon game you play at Chuckie cheese and Chuckie cheese sucks you have been getting a lot of hate from this and we still haven't seen one after 4 years so please just make a baseball game god its so easy I bet I can do it so make a baseball game please

    • Random Gamer
      Random Gamer 2 years ago

      JCB Videos why should we care that your a boy and no one likes or watches baseball so they would make no money if the made a baseball game

  • DNA Fortnite
    DNA Fortnite 2 years ago

    #2KTV I think diamond dennis rodman diamond Demarcus Cousins my favorite player Robert pack dark blue dark blue Stephen curry pink diamond Kevin love

  • DNA Fortnite
    DNA Fortnite 2 years ago

    #2ktv B

  • RYSE 27
    RYSE 27 2 years ago +1

    What's up 2K

  • Fultz embiid Simmons sixers for life Champs in 2020

    Rachel u look fine👅😍😍🔥🔥💦💦

  • 213cx
    213cx 2 years ago

    Ur game is aids

  • caleb mason
    caleb mason 2 years ago +2

    your game sucks

  • Crazy0_yoboi
    Crazy0_yoboi 2 years ago

    ur game is mean

  • Air Nike
    Air Nike 2 years ago

    Your servers are ass

  • Hakeem Foster
    Hakeem Foster 2 years ago

    They think its freezing in Toronto? Wait till they come to Ottawa

    • Almighty KC
      Almighty KC 2 years ago

      U think its freezing in Ottawa ? Wai till you come to Montreal :)

  • Ricardo De Jesus
    Ricardo De Jesus 2 years ago


  • Odyssey -
    Odyssey - 2 years ago

    poor old flyers didn't make the top 5

  • Ace Maino
    Ace Maino 2 years ago +2

    sit on my face Rachel

  • Илья Бурухин
    Илья Бурухин 2 years ago +1

    This game is arcade trash. Nothing similar with simulator of basketball. Do u have plans to do something with that in next year? My Team is frustrated earlyer than ever before. Stop thinking that all users is stupid and can't see that u think only about money and don't care about realistic basketball

  • jordan carlisle
    jordan carlisle 2 years ago

    B and C were my two choices

  • ghost boy
    ghost boy 2 years ago


  • Breqn N
    Breqn N 2 years ago

    When is mtn daw

  • Shredder03
    Shredder03 2 years ago

    3:49 what is kyle lowry doing? Cringy as fuck lmao

  • animeflop 2004
    animeflop 2004 2 years ago

    B is best lineup

  • KieranHill ,
    KieranHill , 2 years ago


  • Champ Casona
    Champ Casona 2 years ago


  • scott daloisio
    scott daloisio 2 years ago

    When does the double rep start

  • Trollzz aj
    Trollzz aj 2 years ago

    Fix the delaying on nba2k17

  • igda de alba
    igda de alba 2 years ago


  • Iván Santana
    Iván Santana 2 years ago

    The best team is letter B

  • Blazeden
    Blazeden 2 years ago +4

    Damn Rachel 😍🔥

  • Allan Jason S. Ramirez

    kyle lowry is feeling crazy because of rachelle's gorgeousnes and beautifulness. see how kyle move his head and his body, he is really a nigga. a number one nigga when it comes to talking to a girl.

  • Tristan S
    Tristan S 2 years ago

    Nigga went for a handshake and her lil ass went for a gahdamn high five smh😂

  • TinmanTJ
    TinmanTJ 2 years ago +5

    "I have over 200 thousand mt what should I do". " great question. remember all the work u did to get that mt? now piss it all away on packs to get a card you sorry little bitch"

  • Chris Quigley
    Chris Quigley 2 years ago +29

    This man's hat is floating on his head..

  • OmgthasTheGoat
    OmgthasTheGoat 2 years ago +7

    Make dangelo a 90 overall

  • King Dami
    King Dami 2 years ago +9

    Just another reminder that Rachel and I are getting married on may 27th 👰🏼#Legit

  • The Real Geminite
    The Real Geminite 2 years ago +5


  • Mert Kumak
    Mert Kumak 2 years ago +1

    fix ur game

  • Bryan Jacob
    Bryan Jacob 2 years ago +71

    lowry doesn't know how to wear a hat wtf

    • Jeremy Foshay
      Jeremy Foshay 2 years ago +6

      It's philly swag

    • Chris Bautista
      Chris Bautista 2 years ago

      Dwyane Wade 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Stephen Curry
      Stephen Curry 2 years ago

      Bitch ima 2 times MVP. Best shooter to have ever existed. Best PG in the game rn. My leadership skills and my Bball skills is the reason warriors out here grindin. Your fav team prolly did even make it to the playoffs blood

    • 23 KJ
      23 KJ 2 years ago +3

      Stephen Curry L asf ur choking ass cant even make an open layup

    • Stephen Curry
      Stephen Curry 2 years ago

      I'm about to shit on all of yalls favorite players cuh

  • Seaxn
    Seaxn 2 years ago +64

    Really don't get why these players haven't destroyed Rachel yet.

    • Drado Gin
      Drado Gin Year ago

      gangboy40 that's how I like

    • Free Kodak
      Free Kodak Year ago +1

      PRINCE Who says they haven't

    • Beats by John
      Beats by John Year ago +5

      Ape S she built like a 14 year old girl chill just a pretty ass face

    • RING
      RING 2 years ago +2

      Chris Bautista she's hot af

    • Chris Bautista
      Chris Bautista 2 years ago +13

      Because she not that hot and they got wife's.

  • Tranvir Singh
    Tranvir Singh 2 years ago


    • NBA 2K
      NBA 2K 2 years ago

      Tranvir Singh ??? What's at 0:47?

  • Fraol Bogale
    Fraol Bogale 2 years ago

    He'll probably never sign with any company. Adidas if he's lucky.

    • Fraol Bogale
      Fraol Bogale 2 years ago

      Nah I'm just playing. My bad, didn't know that he was signed with Adidas. Thanks for the correction.

    • Fraol Bogale
      Fraol Bogale 2 years ago


    • Lombax Dino
      Lombax Dino 2 years ago

      He's already with adidas downy

    • Fraol Bogale
      Fraol Bogale 2 years ago


    • Kicks Boss
      Kicks Boss 2 years ago

      FieldIcon he's with adidas

  • JohnnyQgaming04
    JohnnyQgaming04 2 years ago


  • Garrett Groome
    Garrett Groome 2 years ago

    2k 17 is trash

  • Blair Sutton
    Blair Sutton 2 years ago +39

    Yum look at Rachel

  • TrillBoy Gaming
    TrillBoy Gaming 2 years ago

    Damn I be forgetting to answer the 2ktv questions every week to earn some extra vc. But I be getting like 1.6K vs per every my career game and some in my league so not a big loss.

  • II Bootsy ll
    II Bootsy ll 2 years ago +10

    my sharpshooter is still missing open shots. thank you 2k for making my sharpshooter useless

  • Briann23cgy
    Briann23cgy 2 years ago +8


  • Rich Gang producer
    Rich Gang producer 2 years ago +35

    Rachel a thot thot... we need a poll yall = Rachel vs joy vs molly vs Kristine? Who you got

    • DJ Benton
      DJ Benton 2 years ago

      But seriously Joy vs. Molly??? Because let's be honest their petty much sisters and do the exact same job

    • Bryan Jacob
      Bryan Jacob 2 years ago +3

      Noah DeJesus haha u actually did it. nice

    • Tyler
      Tyler 2 years ago

      Rich Gang producer vs ty simpkins and Britt aswell

    • Bryan Jacob
      Bryan Jacob 2 years ago +4

      u gonna organise the poll?

  • The White Mamba
    The White Mamba 2 years ago +4

    Would bang

  • alex trax
    alex trax 2 years ago

    did anyone else see that the player of the week on my park has 0 pts 0 ast and 0 reb

  • Kobe24Lakers
    Kobe24Lakers 2 years ago +83

    ur game a joke loading like 1h smh

    • Johnny pierre
      Johnny pierre 2 years ago +2

      Dwyane Wade bruh I hate PS4 I have the bestbox1

    • Johnny pierre
      Johnny pierre 2 years ago

      Kobe24Lakers happens to me all the time and I Have a one so I had a. Feeling u had one

    • Dwyane Wade
      Dwyane Wade 2 years ago +6

      Rodger Goodell Xbox one > PS4

    • alex trax
      alex trax 2 years ago +2

      Kobe24Lakers thats so fucking true that its crazy

    • Kobe24Lakers
      Kobe24Lakers 2 years ago +2

      Rodger Goodell yeah bro lol

  • division100
    division100 2 years ago +10

    NBA players playing 2K and figuring out why their shots aren't going in lol

  • alex trax
    alex trax 2 years ago +18

    hey everyone who else hates nba 2k17 and who doesnt?

    • Arun King
      Arun King 2 years ago +3

      I don't mind it. It's good enough

    • Yorboi
      Yorboi 2 years ago +2

      alex trax hate it

  • TacoRider
    TacoRider 2 years ago +21

    It's 2017 Kyle needs to put his hat on


    yall need to stop touching the game

  • Micah Woods
    Micah Woods 2 years ago +1

    cool video