What if there was a black hole in your pocket?

  • Published on Jul 16, 2015
  • What would happen to you if a black hole the size of a coin suddenly appeared in your pocket? Lets find out!

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    What if there was a black hole in your pocket?
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Comments • 10 923

  • Auri107
    Auri107 11 hours ago

    Theres a doctor whos phobe box floating in the asteoroids

  • Crashlands Jade
    Crashlands Jade Day ago

    Guys..pls stop me..if i see a coin get a shovel and dig and i put the coin into the ground and Leave.pls stop me

  • Crashlands Jade
    Crashlands Jade Day ago

    this will be amazing!...if you say tell your friends that Look at my house...and then you use the small black hole and say Kame....hame....HAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X_X

  • Freddy Bear
    Freddy Bear Day ago

    Lol you see the time machine 😅

  • guy with no iq
    guy with no iq Day ago

    2:48 TARDIS spotted.

  • Rage Lanesown
    Rage Lanesown Day ago

    Lmao i wouldn't even have a pocket for a starter

  • Ian Ang
    Ian Ang 2 days ago

    *coin lives matter*

  • Nick Jelijs
    Nick Jelijs 2 days ago

    I saw TARDIS

  • Michael Hommema
    Michael Hommema 3 days ago

    Do, "A Black Hole The Size Of An Atom" Please!!! That would be interesting...

    • Joy Chapman
      Joy Chapman 2 days ago

      Michael Hommema it would explode killing some crap. THE END.

  • Azure Infinity
    Azure Infinity 3 days ago


  • Ameerul Iman
    Ameerul Iman 4 days ago


  • Johnathan Carman
    Johnathan Carman 4 days ago

    so what your telling me is that outside the universe thaere are outise agencies or so called things or people or monsters or matter that are trying to condense the matter into a lil sphere so they can wage ware like we did in ww2 when we used centrufuses to farm uranium to make the grade we need to make it so dense it was so heavy.................

  • CraXx Roll.
    CraXx Roll. 4 days ago

    Man my coin became a black hole

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 5 days ago

    I mean you can always just keep a gardevoir in a Pokeball in your pocket and whenever you want to make a black hole you can just send it out and ask her to make a black hole

  • bring cocoa
    bring cocoa 5 days ago

    I would probably not feel very good unfortunately

  • fabiola blanc
    fabiola blanc 5 days ago

    If this happened, I would be attractive

  • Mustafa Emir Kutlumuş

    aNa skm diye bağırırdım

  • nítσmє ѕtudíσѕ

    2:50 Why the tardis

  • leah elliott
    leah elliott 7 days ago


  • DOGE oof Y oof oof oof oof

    kamehameha :/

  • Seaque
    Seaque 8 days ago

    I see that TARDIS!
    Let me go! I have to tell them I understand that reference!!

  • dieselgames 99
    dieselgames 99 8 days ago

    2:49 can you see doctor who thing i dont know what its called

  • DoodleyDaDoo YT
    DoodleyDaDoo YT 8 days ago

    I would die. Boom.

  • DJ CandyMĀN
    DJ CandyMĀN 8 days ago

    0:43 kame hame haaaaa

  • fakhrul islam
    fakhrul islam 9 days ago

    a coin weigh the same as earth? are you sure you want it?

  • JanMan
    JanMan 9 days ago

    Bullshit this black hole is too small to kill anything

  • PREP2638
    PREP2638 9 days ago

    I live with a black hole, its called having a wife eventually she will devour me and she keeps all the coins and if she ever reads this I die.😂😂😂😂shhhhh dont tell her 🤫🤫🤫

    • Joy Chapman
      Joy Chapman 2 days ago

      PREP2638 you are a very mean person

  • wooden nickels
    wooden nickels 9 days ago +1

    I saw tardis at 2:50

  • Sharwin Harkal
    Sharwin Harkal 10 days ago +2

    Who Else Saw The TARDIS-!!

  • Lewis Albright
    Lewis Albright 10 days ago

    anyone else notice the hidden TARDIS?

  • jce07
    jce07 10 days ago

    My backpack is a blackhole i have lost a lot of my drawings and i still havent got them back

    • jce07
      jce07 2 days ago

      +Joy Chapman no...

    • Joy Chapman
      Joy Chapman 2 days ago

      jce07 have you ever checked the pocket that you never use

  • Lin Lin
    Lin Lin 10 days ago +1

    What would happen if a black hole touched a black hole?

    • Joy Chapman
      Joy Chapman 2 days ago

      Lin Lin it would make one big black hole

  • babyjulio Julio Ackerman

    I saw a time machine at 2:50

    • Joy Chapman
      Joy Chapman 2 days ago

      babyjulio Julio Ackerman you're a tem machine

  • Andrei Bercea
    Andrei Bercea 10 days ago

    turns out the mini black hole has a kame fighting style

    • Joy Chapman
      Joy Chapman 2 days ago

      Andrei Bercea what's a cane fighting style

  • Vatsal Goyal
    Vatsal Goyal 11 days ago

    *after seeing the video*
    Me: "you can keep the change"

  • Vatsal Goyal
    Vatsal Goyal 11 days ago

    I don't get it
    what's the use of two answers if they are the same?
    I want my money back!

  • Winterwing T
    Winterwing T 11 days ago

    Bird: “But... I can keep the coin?”
    Me: “you’re the coin now though.”

    • Joy Chapman
      Joy Chapman 2 days ago

      Winterwing T the coin keeps the coin and you keep yourself

  • Watch him roll now
    Watch him roll now 11 days ago

    _Steven hawking radiation_

    ECHELON GAMING 12 days ago

    Ooh didn't think I was carrying a lot of nukes in my wallet

  • Abtron sh
    Abtron sh 12 days ago

    2:45 doctor who phone booth

    • Joy Chapman
      Joy Chapman 2 days ago

      Abtron sh you're a doctor who phone tooth

  • saturn xd
    saturn xd 12 days ago


  • Bl4ckJ4ck's Channel
    Bl4ckJ4ck's Channel 12 days ago

    *Don't try to stand on a black hole*

  • Captain Qwaz Caz
    Captain Qwaz Caz 13 days ago

    But what if your pocket was a black hole?


  • Ricez
    Ricez 13 days ago +1

    I'd finally be _attractive!_

  • ThatGladiatorMartain
    ThatGladiatorMartain 13 days ago

    Who else saw the taurtis

    ARYAN KUMAR 14 days ago

    So in either case
    we WILL die😢😢

  • mcfat10
    mcfat10 15 days ago

    What if a black hole had the width of a penny but also had the mass of a penny. It would still be a penny, but it’s not... paradox?

  • Patty plays 123
    Patty plays 123 15 days ago

    What happen if I put a black hole in my mouth?

  • 666 666
    666 666 15 days ago

    Who saw the tardis in the asteroids 😂

  • TensiveWolf
    TensiveWolf 15 days ago

    weres my TARDIS?

  • Daniel 4science
    Daniel 4science 15 days ago

    2:49 = TARDIS!

  • Ianne Cruz
    Ianne Cruz 15 days ago

    what if mini black hole eat the whole sun?

  • Fatih şehitoğlu
    Fatih şehitoğlu 16 days ago

    okul harçlığı gg

  • keanu Megadeth
    keanu Megadeth 16 days ago

    keep it uo making videos man! you help a lot of people.
    im thinking if when will yoi make videos about quantum physics? hehe. anyway, more power!

  • mikotright awesome
    mikotright awesome 16 days ago

    We die in a trolls girlfriend aka and elfs ex

  • Ms Magnezone
    Ms Magnezone 17 days ago

    Mew, what are you doing in a Black hole video?

  • Imperator 2ème du nom

    Thank you! Excelente video !!!

  • 011 eleven
    011 eleven 18 days ago

    *sees title*
    I don't know,die?
    Or maybe I'll earn the power to be immortal

  • NooBsJuDgE
    NooBsJuDgE 18 days ago +1

    I have a black hole in my pants!!

  • TheTMWolf
    TheTMWolf 18 days ago

    My wallet has a black hole inside.

  • Carlos E
    Carlos E 19 days ago

    You'd have one less coin!

  • EvanGamer
    EvanGamer 19 days ago

    no you don’t keep that coin

  • Florence Walz
    Florence Walz 20 days ago

    long story short: if you had a black hole in your pocket, you would die.

  • Daneliz Román
    Daneliz Román 20 days ago

    Siempre y se lleva todo mi dinero😢
    Always and my money goes away😢

  • Mateus Vitor
    Mateus Vitor 20 days ago

    Not da coins

  • Numpty Cunt
    Numpty Cunt 20 days ago

    For reference, the black hole is 0,000000000000000000000000000001 meters.

    • Joy Chapman
      Joy Chapman 2 days ago

      okay so that's about..... my calculator says it's nothing

  • Zildjian Khalix H. Martin

    What if there was a microscopic black hole?

  • Melanie Wojak
    Melanie Wojak 21 day ago

    What if there were 2 black holes?

    • Joy Chapman
      Joy Chapman 2 days ago

      Melanie Wojak then there were just be two black holes instead of one unless they touch each other in which case they merge creating one big black hole

  • Teh KIng
    Teh KIng 21 day ago

    what if i live on the moon idiot

  • HurtCreeperBoy13
    HurtCreeperBoy13 21 day ago

    if a black hole was in your pocket it would of swollen your pants and underwear

  • TerraMine
    TerraMine 22 days ago

    .. .-.. -- ...- . - .... .. ... ...- .. -.. . -- .-.-.-

  • Darkend Smile
    Darkend Smile 22 days ago

    Oh yes the very statement "You would die"

  • 이암유튜브.
    이암유튜브. 23 days ago

    마지막에 자막이 안나오네요ㅎㅎ

  • Rich Z0
    Rich Z0 23 days ago


  • michael vincent roxas
    michael vincent roxas 24 days ago +1

    kamehameha goku say that

  • Aiden6
    Aiden6 24 days ago

    2:50 the TARDIS!

  • Guy In Gas Mask
    Guy In Gas Mask 25 days ago

    It would lose to the Nokia in there

  • Wiza ʞ
    Wiza ʞ 26 days ago +4

    *You.Will. Die.*

  • FlaMasker
    FlaMasker 26 days ago

    You die....
    Oh wait he said that....

  • Dark Scepter
    Dark Scepter 26 days ago

    I saw the tardis in the asteroid shower

  • Antonio Bastanza
    Antonio Bastanza 27 days ago

    2:50 that tardis

  • The Cubic Cuber
    The Cubic Cuber 27 days ago

    Short answer: You'd die.
    Long answer: It depends.

  • 30G
    30G 27 days ago +2

    But.. I can haz coin?

  • Gtanuar New
    Gtanuar New 27 days ago

    2:49 Wait A Second..

  • korli
    korli 28 days ago

    i would throw it at my enemies

  • Pseudo Nym
    Pseudo Nym 28 days ago

    You also lose the coin 😂brilliant humour

  • B8848NP
    B8848NP 28 days ago

    next time gru will have black-hole in his hand

  • Kai Keeper
    Kai Keeper 29 days ago

    There IS a black hole in my pocket...everytime I put money in there it just disappears...

  • nicobruco romanazi
    nicobruco romanazi 29 days ago

    Stupid video

  • nicobruco romanazi
    nicobruco romanazi 29 days ago

    End eart .

  • Hi Im Furby
    Hi Im Furby 29 days ago

    This is why I don't carry coins.

  • nullneptune 44
    nullneptune 44 29 days ago

    Saw doctor who

  • Dim TS7
    Dim TS7 29 days ago +1

    Dr Who?

  • Sprazzic
    Sprazzic 29 days ago

    lmao idiots just eat the black hole

  • Masked Zombie
    Masked Zombie 29 days ago

    Actually this would refer to my wife so easy question your wife is a blacl hole you keep money in your pocket and she wants it so she comes in and boom all money gone easy anwser dont have a wife

  • Arch Angel
    Arch Angel Month ago


  • Jellyfish Swag
    Jellyfish Swag Month ago

    Are you Gnoggin by disguise?

  • Jack Vandermeulen
    Jack Vandermeulen Month ago

    Ok one more video and I will go to bed
    3 hours later:

  • Peter Santos
    Peter Santos Month ago

    There is a black hole in my pocket and I’m looking at it