What if there was a black hole in your pocket?

  • Published on Jul 16, 2015
  • What would happen to you if a black hole the size of a coin suddenly appeared in your pocket? Lets find out!

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    What if there was a black hole in your pocket?
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Comments • 11 494

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    • Ateeqa Zaid
      Ateeqa Zaid 17 days ago

      Hey kurzgesagt,what happens if you compress a black hole enough for it to create another black hole. Does it create a mega black hole or something

    • Daniel Prestwich
      Daniel Prestwich 20 days ago

      Fuck off

    • Default Helper
      Default Helper 21 day ago

      +john paul kys

    • Dog Gaming
      Dog Gaming Month ago

      14 likes huh

    • Traps
      Traps Month ago +2

      +john paul shut up

  • Bruno Xavier Leite
    Bruno Xavier Leite 13 hours ago

    A coin doesn't have enough mass to form any blackhole. Not even our Sun star has enough mass to become a blackhole.

    DIAMOND SôS 19 hours ago

    *not the coin!*

  • Chetan Singh
    Chetan Singh Day ago

    3:30 it's mew.

  • Eghan HD
    Eghan HD Day ago +1

    The what would happen black hole type two is wrong, the black hole would leave a hole in the surface of the earth.

  • Kevin 504
    Kevin 504 Day ago

    Can i keep the coin

  • guy dangerous
    guy dangerous Day ago +2

    1:45 "Don't try to stand on a black hole"
    phew, thanks a lot kurzgesagt I was just about to stand on the black hole I had in my closet.

  • Random Duck
    Random Duck Day ago

    The question is do we keep the coin or does the coin keep us?

  • 1235Explosion Gaming

    Who else saw the tardis in this video?

  • Doggo
    Doggo Day ago

    But, like you said, I can keep the coin?

  • Cristina Long
    Cristina Long 2 days ago

    Is this where society is? That we have to tell people not to try and stand on black holes?

  • loops vortex
    loops vortex 2 days ago

    As soon as i saw the title i said that would suck😂😂😂😂

  • Winston Churchill
    Winston Churchill 3 days ago

    But is it bigger than tsar bomba? (The Explosion)

  • Richard Niduelan
    Richard Niduelan 3 days ago

    The bird just cared about the coin. XD

  • Christopher Castiglia

    I love how with every single video with a “short answer” always ends up in being “ you will die”

    PIRATE JACK 3 days ago

    Black holes are Death holes

  • John Love
    John Love 3 days ago

    small black holes should be harnessed to defeat war

  • Void
    Void 4 days ago +1

    "But... can I keep the coin?"
    Technically everyone does.

    • Void
      Void Day ago

      +Random Duck Yeah, that too.

    • Random Duck
      Random Duck Day ago +1

      Technically the coin keeps everyone and everything too.

  • Eghan HD
    Eghan HD 4 days ago +1

    Scientists: The Dinosaurs went extinct because of an asteroid hitting earth.
    Dinosaurs: The first scenario black hole is what ended prehistoric life on earth.

  • Eghan HD
    Eghan HD 4 days ago +1

    The bird at 0:56 just says Not the coin! and he doesn't care if they die

  • Eddie Le Persown
    Eddie Le Persown 4 days ago

    What if you *eat* a black hole

  • Captain N
    Captain N 5 days ago

    Can someone explain to me why if two black holes collide with the same mass, they wouldn't eat up each other and both cease to exist but instead they combine. Why is that?

  • Μιχάλης Παλληκαράς

    0:44 even the black holes immitate goku

  • Sweet Candy Suga Army

    Kame...hame.... HAAAAAAA!

  • Cole Don juan
    Cole Don juan 6 days ago

    Yes, thanks of reminding me to not stand on a block hole

  • JxJtr4p
    JxJtr4p 6 days ago +3

    Kurzgesagt: You'll die
    Langgesagt: *Youuuuuu wiiiiill diiiiiiie*

    P.S.This comment is from the german version but in my opnion it was so good to post it here

  • Joey Burger
    Joey Burger 6 days ago

    And this is the tardis real is the tartness real out of a Samsung it correctly what we’re going to die don’t let it break your video don’t touch my spaghetti but daddy

  • paulnmarshall
    paulnmarshall 7 days ago +1

    Spoiler Alert: YOU DIE!

  • Teague Wessel
    Teague Wessel 7 days ago +2

    Scenario 1: You die, and lose the coin
    Scenario 2: You die, and so does Earth, and you may not keep the coin either.

  • wSeeDw
    wSeeDw 8 days ago +2

    That's why I like to keep my money in the bank account.

  • Michael F
    Michael F 8 days ago

    Did you see the doctor who box?

  • kumropotashify
    kumropotashify 8 days ago +1

    Short answer: You lose the coin!

  • Qumber Rizvi
    Qumber Rizvi 9 days ago +1

    I love how you put TARDIS and Daleks here and there in your videos. 😂

  • Brandon Master
    Brandon Master 9 days ago

    2:51 Did anybody see that?

  • mars the planet
    mars the planet 9 days ago

    in bill wurtz voice : in your pocket!

  • Jesús Uzcanga
    Jesús Uzcanga 11 days ago +1

    Many birds died during this video:(

  • Sucha Smanchat
    Sucha Smanchat 11 days ago

    Kame Hame Ha?? LOL

  • luciferangelica
    luciferangelica 11 days ago

    would you be happy to see me?

  • Gaming with Space creeps

    We would die

  • SingedPuma
    SingedPuma 12 days ago

    You will die and LOSE the coin... NANI

  • Емилиян Николов

    If the black whole weighted 5 grams, wouldn't that be enough weight for it to survive until it starts eating electrons from the nearest atoms?

  • Алексей Мат
    Алексей Мат 15 days ago +1

    И потеряете монетку 0:56
    И мы всё равно умрём.

  • M25 PRO
    M25 PRO 15 days ago +1

    Moral:don’t have pockets

    GAME TUBE 18 days ago


  • Artic Exploit
    Artic Exploit 18 days ago

    cool but can I have my coin back?

  • Ozzy craft
    Ozzy craft 18 days ago

    Video ends at 0:05, and again at 0:54 AND AGAIN @3:04

  • Squeek Tate
    Squeek Tate 19 days ago

    So what happenes when the earth mass black hole deteriorates and explodes?

  • Helio N
    Helio N 19 days ago

    There's a black hole in my pocket.

  • AETHERgreys
    AETHERgreys 19 days ago

    Black hols is very very scary
    Sorry for orthograph i’m french

  • Marcela Gomez
    Marcela Gomez 19 days ago +1

    Baby birds died youtuber

  • Alexia Coburn
    Alexia Coburn 20 days ago

    2:50 *the tardis flies past*

  • Saeid Rasoli
    Saeid Rasoli 21 day ago

    but i can keep the coin?

  • Marcos Teles
    Marcos Teles 21 day ago


  • Steve French
    Steve French 21 day ago

    What would happen? I’d take my pants off.

  • David Castaño
    David Castaño 21 day ago

    Me muero

  • Matthew Bittenbender

    Black hole COIN
    Won't you come
    And wash away the rain
    Black hole COIN
    Won't you come
    Won't you come...

  • supermatrix 0.1
    supermatrix 0.1 21 day ago

    What if a black hole collide with a white hole?

  • Cameron Bro's 2
    Cameron Bro's 2 21 day ago

    Geomagnetic Field??? Wouldnt It Pertect Us

  • Nordic Walker
    Nordic Walker 21 day ago +2

    you would die, end of story.

  • Hurricaneria
    Hurricaneria 22 days ago

    Wanna eat the Earth alive? Surprise! It's a black hole, which is in your pocket!

  • Farras Henri Mahardika


  • King Minilla
    King Minilla 22 days ago

    I don't want to use Gardevoir anymore.

  • Lepakshi Ramkiran
    Lepakshi Ramkiran 22 days ago


  • ExemptBody
    ExemptBody 22 days ago

    So that's where all my money went

  • Daniel Rus
    Daniel Rus 22 days ago +1

    Conclusion watching Kurzgesagt:

    you always die...

  • Green-Fong!
    Green-Fong! 22 days ago

    You'll die

  • Swaglolson
    Swaglolson 22 days ago


    THENEWERO _S 23 days ago

    Literally, I have mini Black hole In my pocket

  • shihong pee
    shihong pee 23 days ago


  • -Astra-
    -Astra- 23 days ago +1

    ...why would there be a black hole in my pocket?

  • •Mango•
    •Mango• 23 days ago

    You could pull him out and ask him to win each challenge.

  • oh yea yea
    oh yea yea 23 days ago +2

    *"My pocket is a black hole"*

  • Palani Vedhachalam
    Palani Vedhachalam 24 days ago

    ...in this case you would die
    me: "ok but wat about the coin"
    my flat- earther friend :finally the earth is flat"

  • hawufi
    hawufi 24 days ago +1

    2:49 oo easter eggs!

  • Nikolaos Bouchikas
    Nikolaos Bouchikas 25 days ago

    3:06 No

  • Sonic. exe
    Sonic. exe 25 days ago

    Why the title Is in italian?

  • 008 craft
    008 craft 25 days ago


  • Slav King
    Slav King 25 days ago

    2:49 to 2:51 Is that a TARDIS I see? Doctor, why didn't you do anything!?

  • astroSuperkoala
    astroSuperkoala 25 days ago

    Hawking radiation would kill it
    Edit: I said this before Hawking radiation was mentioned, so didn’t copy the vid

  • GWTrains78
    GWTrains78 25 days ago

    Who else was the tardis

  • 태선우TaeSunWoo
    태선우TaeSunWoo 27 days ago +1

    Did...did..the black hole use a Kamehameha? For it.

  • 태선우TaeSunWoo
    태선우TaeSunWoo 27 days ago +1

    Yeah there’s a black hole in my pocket. It’s called my wallet

  • Alexander Poe
    Alexander Poe 27 days ago

    It's not as powerful as an tsar bomba and Russians wouldn't die

  • KevDaCal
    KevDaCal 27 days ago

    2:48 No one gonna talk about that police box????

  • Because im buttman
    Because im buttman 28 days ago

    You said it depend but in the end you will die in both

  • Timed Explosive Charge

    Black hole : sup
    Me : infinite storage?

  • Ender Lillys
    Ender Lillys 28 days ago

    If I had a black hole in my pocket, I would be screaming, "GUYS BFB IS ACTUALLY REAL"

  • Gold Sword
    Gold Sword 28 days ago

    Short answer= u ded instantly

  • David Walters
    David Walters 29 days ago

    you will die !

  • Mewantsnax __
    Mewantsnax __ Month ago

    One of many reasons Star Wars hated the Yuuzong Vong.

  • omer faryk aydın
    omer faryk aydın Month ago

    tardis :) nice touching :))

  • stick fight
    stick fight Month ago

    0:44 "kame...hame...HA!"

  • Mitra Dave
    Mitra Dave Month ago

    1:04 How is this possible... I can't understand...

  • EmeraldM
    EmeraldM Month ago

    In your pocket it might be next to your penis so your penis would be SUCC KED in that “black hole” ;)

  • Asteroid Incoming
    Asteroid Incoming Month ago

    Noo! Not the coin

  • Jake R.
    Jake R. Month ago

    Just... Use it in a vending machine

  • keegan tavormina
    keegan tavormina Month ago

    Them: Short case: you'd die.
    Me: oh.

  • CHC_WB
    CHC_WB Month ago

    Uh~ I wished Kurtz can tell us how we can survive when coin black hole near us

  • Allan Zhao
    Allan Zhao Month ago

    A: It will evaporate

  • the l33t hamm3rbro
    the l33t hamm3rbro Month ago

    0:30, so the black hole is about 5000 Plank Lengths wide....