What If All The Black Holes In The Universe Collided?

  • Published on Mar 26, 2018
  • What If All The Black Holes In The Universe Collided?
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    Black Holes… These monstrous and seemingly voids of black space suck in everything that gets too close to them; space dust, asteroids, planets, and even entire stars. The nearest one is 1,600 light-years from us. And in the region of the Universe visible from the Earth, there are perhaps 100 billion galaxies. Each one has around 100 million stellar-mass black holes in the center, ready to devour anything that gets close enough to its event horizon. But what would happen if all the black holes in the universe collided? Keep watching to find out.
    We can’t see them, and some say they might not even exist, but we know that something is there from the behavior of stars that orbit these strange phenomena. Black holes lie at the center of almost every known galaxy. Some of them are active, devouring the galaxy that surrounds it, and some are dormant. The ones that are feeding shoot out massive jets of ionized matter close to the speed of light. These are the brightest objects in the universe, and they are also the largest.
    Some black holes are so big that it’s almost impossible to comprehend their size. The largest one ever found is 17 billion times the size of our sun. Everything in the Milky Way galaxy, including us, is orbiting a mostly dormant supermassive black hole called Sagittarius A. This massive giant is 4.1 million times the mass of our Sun. It’s 26,000 light-years away from us, and right now as we speak, it’s tearing apart entire star systems and eating five times the mass of the moon every year. That doesn’t sound like very much, and it’s not because Sagittarius A is now a sleeping giant that could awaken if another black hole collided with it.
    We’re always learning something new about this phenomenon. Some people think that a black hole just sits where it’s at and doesn’t move, but you might be shocked to learn that’s not true. Recently a black hole was spotted in space by the Hubble telescope, it’s large bright ring of gas shining through the darkness of space, and even more surprising, it was moving. For some reason, this black hole was evicted from the center of its galaxy and right now its blasting through space at 1300 miles per second, about 2000 kilometers per second. What that means is there is a rogue black hole flying through space that is estimated to be 1 billion times more massive than our sun. It would take something massive to push this black hole from the center of its galaxy and into space at such speed… another black hole.
    Black holes aren’t usually traveling through space looking for something to eat. But we now know it’s possible that somewhere from space, a rogue black hole could be heading towards our galaxy, and the collision would be epic on a cosmic scale.
    There are so many black holes in the universe that it is impossible to count them, and there are even more we have not discovered.
    If all of the known black holes were to collide together, it would be the end of the universe as we know it. Some of these stellar giants would be so massive that they would easily swallow smaller ones, and become even larger. And if these black holes were like ours and the ones inside the Andromeda galaxy, then you could imagine the incredible cosmic cataclysm if they all collided at once, perhaps creating a black hole so massive that it would suck in the entire universe. Entire stars would be stripped and sucked inside, planets ripped apart, collisions of planets and stars, those star collisions possibly creating more black holes. It would be a chain of cosmic destruction.

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  • T'challa
    T'challa 9 hours ago

    Black holes a.k.a. cosmic booby traps.

  • Harsha Vardhan
    Harsha Vardhan 11 hours ago

    send all the plastic of earth into this blackhole😛

  • Andrei Karlm
    Andrei Karlm 15 hours ago

    vy canis majoris: hey look i got a small star ima eat
    uy scuti: dude that thing is curse
    vy canis majoris: pfft what do you mean
    rogue black hole: WHO SUMMONED ME
    vy canis and uy scuti: AAAAAAHHHHH

  • Otis peacher 3
    Otis peacher 3 Day ago

    Does anyone know that there are tiny microscopic black holes that are all over our earth?

    (Dont worry, these black holes are harmless)

  • Fred Flynstone
    Fred Flynstone Day ago

    if two black holes devoured eachother it would create a singularity, the event horizon would expand at super mega light speed and eventually eat entire galaxies and BLAMO! a big bang. Stop being stupid.

  • Widdburd
    Widdburd Day ago

    All you gotta do is use flex tape to cover the black holes, problem solved.

  • Bonnie x toy chica
    Bonnie x toy chica 2 days ago

    UY SCUTI is bigger than Sagittarius A* and Andromeda's center

  • Cristian Angheluta
    Cristian Angheluta 2 days ago

    air for other planets ty

  • Love JD
    Love JD 2 days ago

    God I hate these long intros

  • Amanda Wilson
    Amanda Wilson 3 days ago

    So black holes are space canos

  • Michael Balke
    Michael Balke 3 days ago

    Well done

  • Henk Hofman
    Henk Hofman 3 days ago +1

    u know we are already colliding with andromeda,the outher rims of both galaxy`s are alrdy toching each other

  • ruudygh
    ruudygh 3 days ago

    when u go into blackhole, the god is there waiting for you

  • Jazz Sanchez
    Jazz Sanchez 4 days ago +3

    What if all the black holes collide?
    Answer:It will turn into a bigger black hole
    (Yes I liked my own comment)

  • Pyaso Loco
    Pyaso Loco 4 days ago

    Do path inside black holes lead us out through a white hole or take us through a wormhole to another black hole billions of lightyear far

  • 10 ka thoughts
    10 ka thoughts 4 days ago

    Black holes are known to suck things. But do they really release something?

  • xD3bdullahxD
    xD3bdullahxD 4 days ago

    You're Racist

  • Dragan Todic
    Dragan Todic 5 days ago

    Soon another galaxy will collide with our galaxy but earth will survive

  • Spacekid
    Spacekid 5 days ago

    I wonder if Sagittarius A can show me any of its weight gain tips
    Lol do u like my joke? Because my weight is currently in a critical state. One kilo lost and I die

  • James Winchester
    James Winchester 5 days ago

    In 3.75 billion years our species will be dead. Without question.

  • James Winchester
    James Winchester 5 days ago

    There is no such thing as definite points in space, everything is always moving.

  • Lucas Manuel
    Lucas Manuel 6 days ago

    2:42 watch did u see that face

  • Thomas Jackson
    Thomas Jackson 6 days ago

    We can't see them; before 2019!

  • Kai Rodolfo-Marcelo
    Kai Rodolfo-Marcelo 6 days ago

    i swear if this happend the milky way galaxy and the androidima galaxy will colide and gonna 1v1 big black hole boi

  • Marilyn
    Marilyn 7 days ago

    Good way to scare people. I fucking hate videos like this

  • The terificjump
    The terificjump 9 days ago

    Uh , save us jesus

  • Dragon Slayer1686
    Dragon Slayer1686 10 days ago

    They suck and I wish they never existed in the universe

  • Trend Hat
    Trend Hat 10 days ago

    What if black holes were white coloured and called white holes? 😂😂

  • Tsurara Kun
    Tsurara Kun 10 days ago +1

    If the black holes colided each other, then we all DIE and live on heaven/hell. Or god might fix that uwu

  • Hazardous Levels55
    Hazardous Levels55 10 days ago

    We would die if it got the sun smart alitc

  • Katerina Isabel Garde
    Katerina Isabel Garde 11 days ago

    This is scaring meh hahah

  • Louis-Philippe Lavoie
    Louis-Philippe Lavoie 11 days ago

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  • ManofChrist101
    ManofChrist101 12 days ago

    This is the typical atheist fear mongering because they rejected God and need something omnipotent in His place.

  • Snowie fox
    Snowie fox 12 days ago

    Blackholes are bisexual i think...because THEY SUCK EVERYTHING XD

  • Snowie fox
    Snowie fox 12 days ago

    THIS VIDEO MADE ME SO SCARED AAAAAHHHH what if the moving blackhole SUDDENLY crashes into Earth AnD SUCKS US IN?! HUMANS WILL GO EXTINCT 😲😱

  • sky2017 garcia
    sky2017 garcia 12 days ago

    What if there was never black holes and black holes never existed

  • Crisosiris
    Crisosiris 13 days ago

    It will fix and end all of our problems

  • Renan Eaton
    Renan Eaton 14 days ago

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  • Ali Nouman
    Ali Nouman 14 days ago

    All credits goes to Albert Einstein which changes classic physics into modern physics so the discovery of blackhole will be possible.

  • John
    John 14 days ago

    What if a black hole sucked in another black hole

  • Mikey Kiel
    Mikey Kiel 14 days ago

    Lol...1 when suns collide they don't form more black holes, for black holes to be created it takes 1 star so big that it would implode past the white dwarf stage, and 2, when Galaxy's collide, almost nothing happens due to the ratio of empty space to matter. Both Galaxy's would remain almost untouched and both keep going as normal so this whole video is pretty much bs...lol

  • xXkendra_madisonXx ._.

    When you said it could possibly suck in the entire universe,honestly from my perspective that wouldn't be possible because we only really know and understand what is in our own galaxy and what is right outside of it and with 8 different telescopes around the world just to see a black hole 🤔I don't think that's even close to being possible

  • Lisa Davis
    Lisa Davis 15 days ago +6

    Earth: *exists*
    Black holes:* imma getcha*

  • chrstxnerr
    chrstxnerr 15 days ago +1

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  • Gucci_ Grayson
    Gucci_ Grayson 16 days ago +1

    I’m scared I don’t want to die ;(

  • Reserved Khan
    Reserved Khan 16 days ago

    Oh people who are watching this! Believe in and Submit to your Lord who Created all that Exists before the Torment of a Tremendous Day. Do you think that the Heavens and the Earth and all that is between them came out of no where, and that after death you will not be restructured? Read the Noble Qur'an!

  • hani hani
    hani hani 16 days ago

    Why u make us as mad; by talking about black hole? We just want take little whisky and sleep

  • Clash Boy
    Clash Boy 16 days ago

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  • Jared Aaron Alciso
    Jared Aaron Alciso 16 days ago +1

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    what would happen?
    is it
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    Jailbreak Player 17 days ago


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  • Adolfo Olivas
    Adolfo Olivas 17 days ago

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  • nothing 69
    nothing 69 17 days ago

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  • DonEstonactoc Lets play

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    Barrett Briggs 18 days ago

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  • xSilver
    xSilver 18 days ago

    black holes can be inactive, you even said that in the video so why did you say that they devour everything that passes its event horizon? lol

  • wiener da memer autism

    now, 2019 btw we have pictures to prove black holes existence

  • Jaqueline Gomes
    Jaqueline Gomes 18 days ago

    My mouth has a gravity stronger than any black hole in the universe

    • thejimyyy
      thejimyyy 16 days ago

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  • MrTop5 Nic
    MrTop5 Nic 18 days ago

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  • Jessicabella Randles
    Jessicabella Randles 18 days ago

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  • Arthur Zettel
    Arthur Zettel 19 days ago

    What happens when you put a wrench across the battery posts?
    ANSWER = EXPLOSION.! That is what would happen if two Blackholes Collided. It would make a Super Nova explosion look like a popcorn fart...
    *The Question Is Now = What Happens After Two Blackholes Explode? What Does It Turn Into?*


    Live in a black hole amazing make a helmet which as a tree are plant we can breathe and air is infinity

  • zexur💯💧
    zexur💯💧 20 days ago +25

    what if the “universe” as we know it is in a black hole?

    • siemniak
      siemniak 2 days ago

      plus The world started with a great bang, and that is exactly what is accompaning the rise of a black hole :)

    • siemniak
      siemniak 2 days ago

      actually that's my first thought when i first heard about black holes. Besides they're saying there are many universes so that may be the case :)

    • snoop furlow
      snoop furlow 2 days ago

      +MINI RAGE BRO’S the Galaxy,our planets,stars.we are located on the outside in a way far back safe zone..black holes ain't nothing but a dark, swirling death portal ,..that was never ment to be tampered with..space is a very unforgiving place.

      MINI RAGE BRO’S 8 days ago

      zexur💯💧 lol

    • Madeline Stevens
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  • Personal Sock
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    What if black holes save us from the very end of time, and every time we go into one it starts a new universe and we redo everything, each time we redo we get more advanced everyday then we were before and then one of these many universes we figure out how to go to space and stop the end of everything.

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    UNKNOWN 22 days ago

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    Iqbal Haikal 23 days ago

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  • S.E. Sander
    S.E. Sander 24 days ago +4

    According to the Event Horizon Telescope team, in April 2019, black holes are in fact, CONFIRMED! Albert Einstein can finally stop rolling around in his grave.

  • Cody Cooper
    Cody Cooper 24 days ago

    This just gets ridiculous

  • Mart The Roblox Gamer
    Mart The Roblox Gamer 24 days ago

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    *S U C C*

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    Milky Way 29 days ago

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  • DeLora Kauffman
    DeLora Kauffman 29 days ago

    Narrator: we can’t see them

    • RSQ le patriote Français
      RSQ le patriote Français 27 days ago

      DeLora Kauffman nasa didn’t take a picture of the black hole the one who make the picture was a project called the event horizon telescope

  • Yuka Ito
    Yuka Ito 29 days ago +4

    "Some say they may not even exists"
    Me: wuuut they just got the image of a backhole
    *years later I figure out this video was posted before that*

    • Yuka Ito
      Yuka Ito 28 days ago +1

      +GREEN the pokemon trainer true :p

    • GREEN the pokemon trainer
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    This is one way to scare someone.

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    He didn't answer the question of the title of the video. My time has been wasted

    • H1N1
      H1N1 27 days ago

      He did

  • Freddie Jones
    Freddie Jones Month ago

    What if black holes actually existed? The earth is flat and space is imaginary. The reason the flat earth topic gets people upset is because deep down they know it’s true but they are in love with the idea of space and all of the impossible lies that it is made up of. Science fiction.

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