I'm Switching To The Samsung Galaxy S9


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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  10 months ago +3201

    If you could switch to any other smartphone right now, which would you switch to?

  • FirstName LastName

    we have a *H E A D P H O N E*
    _J A C K_

  • Anthony Payne
    Anthony Payne Day ago

    Can u stop sounding like a straight BITCH 🤢!

  • Martin
    Martin 3 days ago +3

    *I can't record in 4k after one ui???!!*

  • The D35[ALT] Man
    The D35[ALT] Man 3 days ago

    iPhone SE

  • Joe Costigan
    Joe Costigan 3 days ago

    If I'm honest dude your annoying, sorry.

  • L
    L 3 days ago

    Im sorry the google pixel is the best android. Samsung is a runner up.. Put yo sim back lol..

    ARMADA TV 4 days ago

    s9 plus супер клась

  • Joyce Jose
    Joyce Jose 4 days ago

    Wat wud be like a big difference btwn s9 n s9+??
    Looking for a compact thing

  • Eyez On Me
    Eyez On Me 4 days ago

    Fucking GARBAGE! Didn't say a fucking thing worth my time! Bitch!

  • Sgt. Shrek
    Sgt. Shrek 5 days ago

    This video was a well made 2-way street porn flick. Porn for the fan base getting a watered down update on a great phone; porn for the creator sharing his sponsors. Thanks

  • David Cosloff
    David Cosloff 6 days ago

    I am definitely switching to the S9+ after the s10 models come out to get the deal with the T Mobile ONE plan. I love the S9+. I recommend it to all Android fans.

  • SuperKiko112
    SuperKiko112 7 days ago

    Got my s9 today for 350 dollar new sealed in box plus a mew uag case. Ebay sometimes has good deals

  • Kusi Dwaase
    Kusi Dwaase 8 days ago


  • Jacob Peterson
    Jacob Peterson 8 days ago

    You should look into Mous cases, slim phone case has a leather option, and people drop these things out of helicopters onto cement pads, and not a scratch

    JAN JAN 9 days ago

    Damn I'm still using my galaxy. S5 sad😂

  • handrick hong
    handrick hong 9 days ago

    Hey Guys I finanally got it in my hand!

  • EzECr1s 305
    EzECr1s 305 10 days ago

    My Galaxy s9 is the best phone I've ever had. Absolutely better than any trash made by Apple

  • Ahmed Ali
    Ahmed Ali 11 days ago

    If you are looking to buy a Samsung S9 from Samsung website, i have a discount offer. Reply if you are interested.

  • Ronish Raj Shrestha
    Ronish Raj Shrestha 11 days ago

    its s9 +

    MOON LIGHT 11 days ago

    Give me your another phone😅😅😅

  • Daniella
    Daniella 11 days ago

    50% rambling

  • Angry Face Reaction
    Angry Face Reaction 11 days ago +2

    What was the point of this review if it's not even a decent review.

  • JV2K19
    JV2K19 11 days ago

    S9 9 months ago.

  • Fahim Muguluma
    Fahim Muguluma 12 days ago

    new glasses hu hu hu hu

  • Ionescu Stefan-Adrian
    Ionescu Stefan-Adrian 12 days ago

    Ugly smartphone !

  • o_Mild
    o_Mild 12 days ago

    im switching to your mom

  • Danny Phantom
    Danny Phantom 12 days ago

    Probably because he wants the fortnite skin

  • KingCalamity
    KingCalamity 12 days ago

    How good is the camera

  • Not Sure
    Not Sure 12 days ago

    My headphones aren’t functioning properly after one month. I was disappointed, really enjoyed the quality up until then...

  • Anthony Tromp
    Anthony Tromp 13 days ago

    Notch city 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Pubg king Arkans Z
    Pubg king Arkans Z 13 days ago

    So beautiful with Samsung

  • itz duale
    itz duale 13 days ago

    Am I only one who's watching on my s9+

  • atedra elliton
    atedra elliton 14 days ago

    I love my S9 lol

  • Theo Sullivan
    Theo Sullivan 15 days ago

    iPhone for life bro
    Lol jk Samsung is the best

  • Bio Bests
    Bio Bests 16 days ago

    These videos keep on Tricking me. I want s9 not s9+

  • sherin raj
    sherin raj 16 days ago

    Is curved edge is a headache ?

  • lopez lopez
    lopez lopez 17 days ago

    I hate that when I send or receive videos through text they are always super blurry smh I miss my iphone

  • Heavy Hitters
    Heavy Hitters 17 days ago

    Yea but the headphones are meh at best for the price in my opinion

  • I miss NJSPRP
    I miss NJSPRP 18 days ago

    NeW gLaSSeS

  • Marc Guillemette
    Marc Guillemette 18 days ago

    WHY are you not on national television! You are pure entertainment and your lack of bias makes you an essential go-to guy for shoppers. CBC, NBC, AMAZON .... They need you now.

  • QaaimsdaBoss 110
    QaaimsdaBoss 110 19 days ago

    Y do u look sad when u said u were changing phone in the thumbnail

  • Bmbgbankroll _
    Bmbgbankroll _ 19 days ago

    Old school runescape is great

  • Stefan Kovacs
    Stefan Kovacs 20 days ago

    Moto G6

  • SunKissed Melanin
    SunKissed Melanin 20 days ago

    If Android and Ios collab 😵😵 *I'd be shook*

  • CJ Walters
    CJ Walters 20 days ago

    Can you buy a phone on contract anymore?

  • Daniel V.
    Daniel V. 21 day ago

    you're unbelievably annoying

  • DauntingKitty
    DauntingKitty 21 day ago

    I do not recommend this phone. It isn't bad it works completely fine it's just that the differences between the S9 and S8 are so miniscule that buying the S9 is pointless.

  • Chad
    Chad 21 day ago

    Im going to switch to Android

  • kaczan3
    kaczan3 21 day ago

    Sorry what is this music? Link or artist name?

  • Violet Sickness
    Violet Sickness 22 days ago

    Please make your own leather case! I will buy it!

  • Jack Marchant
    Jack Marchant 23 days ago

    Can som1 put a link for that charger so i can get one thx

  • tomcronininc
    tomcronininc 24 days ago

    So I can buy an unlocked s9+ straight from Samsung and just pop in my SIM card from VZW and be in business?

  • Wily Chandra Diputra
    Wily Chandra Diputra 25 days ago

    I don't like this video but i watch this till the end

  • X1SoccerGamer
    X1SoccerGamer 25 days ago

    Samsung boiiiii

  • Adith21
    Adith21 26 days ago

    Why does he always look so dissapoonted when he switches?


    It protecc
    _it attack_
    But most importantly:
    *it has headphone jack*

  • Sasquatch truth , BDRP North Texas Field Researcher

    Well done, it might be nice to have a link. Great job , some things I didn’t know. iOS SUCKS

  • DachiiXO
    DachiiXO 27 days ago

    Best choice you've made in your career so far

  • Film
    Film 28 days ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • scavenger117
    scavenger117 28 days ago

    I have never heard an apple user say android. At school everyone has an iphone. I have a galaxy s7. And even other kids who have android not a Samsung device they call it samsung. EWW YOU HAVE A SAMSUNG.

  • naresh kumar
    naresh kumar 28 days ago

    You have also the variable aperture
    This is insane for a smartphone

    Bit of gimmik ahhh possibly lol😂😂😂😂

  • Xxes alt
    Xxes alt 28 days ago


  • Iams Box
    Iams Box 29 days ago

    Too much of an annoying personality to watch all the way through

  • Jack ino
    Jack ino 29 days ago

    I think I might switch to Samsung

  • Sebastian Rogers
    Sebastian Rogers Month ago

    Which phone would you get s9 or s9+?

  • RickOShay
    RickOShay Month ago +38

    Bought an iphonex - first iphone I've had.
    Wanted to customize it - sorry you're not allowed to do that. But I just spent a ridiculous amount of money on the damn thing surely I should be allowed to personalise the heck out of it.
    It was my fault for falling for the Apple marketing crap and not doing my home work before buying it.
    Anyway then there's the dreaded iTunes - what a laughable nightmare. Such restrictive arrogance on Apple's part.
    Sold phone within a week - bought the S9+ completely blows the iphonex away.
    Apart from s9+ being a better phone - the Android OS is vastly superior and more flexible - allows complete customization and personalization.
    One thing I couldn't stomach on the iPhone was all those ugly icons stacked on top of each other. So much clutter. Very unattractive.
    Apple over priced, pretentious, underwhelming and highly restrictive.
    Won't make that mistake again!

  • Developer [HT]
    Developer [HT] Month ago

    Samsung is the best.

  • Robert James
    Robert James Month ago +1

    Hey bro just wanted to say I got the s9+ cause u sold me on this vid. And also just subscribed to the channel. Keep up the good work

  • Hannah Banana
    Hannah Banana Month ago +1

    Android is multiplatform. It's like how loads of computers run on Windows or Linux.
    It's an awesome all around operating system.
    So basically when your phones runs on Android, your buying different brand phones, just gets your different hardware.
    I personally dig Alcatel phones. Dirt cheap, under $100. Sturdy af.
    They're not flashy, but they get the job done.
    Plus Alcatel's parent company is Nokia. Who doesn't love Nokia?

  • Chris Santiago Perez

    iPhone x

  • XDxrkX VxibszX
    XDxrkX VxibszX Month ago

    The last time I used Samsung it was really laggy and stuff so I switched to apple I had no problems

  • Today4 Real
    Today4 Real Month ago

    Android be killint it these days

  • blackbusiness7
    blackbusiness7 Month ago

    It usually means you're less likely to be critical if you put your money where your mouth is, because you are invested in it. Theoretically, your independence and impartiality is compromised.

  • dyllen1907
    dyllen1907 Month ago

    You've made the right choice going with the Galaxy S9. Enjoy! 👍

  • Safwaan Amin
    Safwaan Amin Month ago

    Samsung S9 Plud

  • king nanosh
    king nanosh Month ago

    Im switching to Samsung s9

  • Braden Woolley
    Braden Woolley Month ago

    If I had the chance to upgrade to any smartphone, I would want to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S9+.

  • Yarely957 _
    Yarely957 _ Month ago

    Oki this might weird but I just thought of it... What if Samsung and apple do a collab?? Idk if it made Sense😕

  • raju saraf
    raju saraf Month ago

    UNBOX 10

  • Lund C
    Lund C Month ago

    I love my S9. When are you unboxing ghe S10?

  • Bimo A.
    Bimo A. Month ago

    OMG thats good choice! Congratulations

  • Adrian Santino
    Adrian Santino Month ago

    What do you prefer S9 or S9+?

  • Sayedkhusrow Qane
    Sayedkhusrow Qane Month ago

    Selfie camera is not good

  • russmaleartist
    russmaleartist Month ago

    I appreciate the heads-up on Upsie . . . I do my homework, but if I would not have watched your video, I would have never learned of Upsie -- thank you! For those of us on a budget, every little bit saved . . . helps! Best wishes for your continued success -- really enjoy your channel!

  • ForRealz ?
    ForRealz ? Month ago

    Anyone else watching on their s9?

  • CoversByMirena
    CoversByMirena Month ago

    I am only an apple fan because of slow-mo. But really... TEAM SAMSUNG DESERVES A ROUND OF A PLUASE.

  • minimum_wage mahal
    minimum_wage mahal Month ago


  • Shahrokh Z
    Shahrokh Z Month ago +3

    Samsung is The Kings Of The All Smart Phones

  • jesse zuniga
    jesse zuniga Month ago

    Trying to convince fam to ditch the iPhones and come over to the galaxy side!

  • gomash gomash
    gomash gomash Month ago

    Watching on my s8+

  • Living WithArt
    Living WithArt Month ago

    I'm using Xiaomi Note 4, Should I change it to S8+ at the mid of 2019??

  • Cris Rodriguez
    Cris Rodriguez Month ago

    can't wait for mine s9 galaxy 6 more days

  • JHB Justin
    JHB Justin Month ago +36

    Cant believe how American people are biased of iPhones. I've compared every single specs between iPhones and Galaxy. Galaxy has better specs. You guys can compare them. They like iPhones cause everyone are using it😂 I use to be an iPhone user(iPhone 6S)then switched to S7 edge. Still using it and you guys should know Apple slows down the iOS systems everytime a brand new phone comes out. iPhones are unreliable and expensive piece of junk. I swear iPhone users will LOVE Samsung galaxy when they use it. BETTER Battery and Camara and display, and etc. SAMSUNG IS THE BEST.

    • JHB Justin
      JHB Justin 5 days ago

      +OhSweetRisk yes, i know. Never said Unbox Therapy was biased. Just in general my high school mates are really biased.

    • OhSweetRisk
      OhSweetRisk 6 days ago

      JHB Justin Andy Rubin invented android he’s also an American computer scientist don’t see what your getting at

    • OhSweetRisk
      OhSweetRisk 6 days ago +2

      Android was developed by google an American company same with USclip its an American company I’m on a S9 right now don’t be that guy that just hates on Americans but uses American technology every day your aware he’s Canadian not American right ? Yes  is an American company but so is google and Instagram Snapchat twitter Facebook Apple Microsoft etc I just want to help you not sound so ignorant because slapping a label on 325 million people is ignorant

    • scavenger117
      scavenger117 28 days ago +1

      Yah I tell my friends that I'm upgrading to a new Galaxy and they say eww get and Iphone. iPhones are to expensive for what it is.

  • kmking1986
    kmking1986 Month ago

    I paid a 1000 bucks for my note 9 and it is definitely better than my mom's S9

  • Tim Halfhide
    Tim Halfhide Month ago

    Wireless charging puts out a rather disturbing sound if you are in a quiet surrounding. I’m an old musician so my hearing kinda sucks & I can still hear the noise. Worse when battery is real dead.

  • A Oh
    A Oh Month ago +20

    Man if everyone from America changes to Samsung over Apple it's complete domination. Samsung already leads in sales globally by a mile and even a Chinese company took over Apple in sales as #2.. Apple is slowly burning and going down..

  • CDX
    CDX Month ago +5

    Just how rich is this guy???

  • Maximilian PS
    Maximilian PS Month ago

    Samsung Hardware is fine, the issue is his BLOATWARE!
    I switched from S8+ to Mate 20 PRO ! Huhuhu!
    Nice new glasses :D

  • Mubashir Ahmad
    Mubashir Ahmad Month ago

    watching on my s9 plus BEAST