A Diehard iPhone User Switches To The Google Pixel 3 XL

  • Published on Dec 9, 2018
  • After using iPhones for 6 years, this diehard Apple fan switched from the iPhone XS Max to the Google Pixel 3 XL to see what Android has to offer. We followed her throughout the process of leaving iMessage, navigating Android, and trying out the Pixel 3's amazing camera.
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    A Diehard iPhone User Switches To The Google Pixel 3 XL
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  • Booty Gangsta
    Booty Gangsta 3 hours ago

    Its funny how ignorant iPhone users are. The bubble comes out green because the text doesn't come from iMessage, not because its Android. You could use a third party texting app on an iPhone and the bubble will still come out green. Just shows you how mindless isheeps are.

  • Anime Boi
    Anime Boi 3 hours ago

    I have the 3A

  • Magdeline Adler
    Magdeline Adler 6 hours ago

    When trying my friend's iPhone I was so frustrated with the fact that I can't move the apps out of my way. She said "just put them all into one folder". Why not just have an app drawer so I can see my wallpaper?

  • Mina Rouleau
    Mina Rouleau 10 hours ago

    "It basically babies us"
    Basically saying your too stupid to try and understand complex things???
    Yikes 😬


    Use the oneplus 7 pro

  • I'm ST
    I'm ST Day ago

    as an android user i feel like I never see my lock screen as unlocking it is so fast witch means my home screen has turned into my clean appless area

  • Ateee Layyy
    Ateee Layyy Day ago

    3:53 she’s a Christian she has the holy bible app the same one I have the same one 😊

  • TheByteable
    TheByteable Day ago

    Lol i always own iphones but didn’t know thd iMessage blue bubble is a thing 😂😂😂

  • anime go
    anime go Day ago

    I have a Android phone and she should be way more open minded and her friends suck #androidforever

  • JamieGames
    JamieGames Day ago

    "Android users are serious and know there stuff"
    Yes, because we are smart, and buy the clearly better phone

  • michael johansson

    Your friends want text you because of green bubbles? The difference between iPhone and Android is that om Android..you can costimze everything..its not locked and boring like iPhone ...thats after like 12 or 13 iPhones looks EXACT the same as the first one..

  • Tessa Yup
    Tessa Yup Day ago

    My friend has a google pixel 2 and when I call him his phone quality sucks real bad

  • Ian Timothy
    Ian Timothy Day ago

    So iPhones are for stupid & lazy people. Android are for geeks who wants to learn and know what to do with their phones.

  • skeleb0ne
    skeleb0ne 2 days ago

    So android users are smarter? #pixel4life

  • 515ventures
    515ventures 2 days ago +1

    I could hear a nerd saying: “Oh I just built my own android.” Lol

  • Geek or Gaming
    Geek or Gaming 2 days ago

    I'm an iPhone user & She clearly a Dumbo. Please don't judge the iPhone users by looking at her.

  • Brandon Seaton
    Brandon Seaton 2 days ago

    Trick is that you have to use 301 rather than 240 in Maryland state.

  • Brandon Seaton
    Brandon Seaton 2 days ago

    A real purpose of the green message is that you cannot send picture mms due to the green color message. If you have blue message bubble then you can send by use mms (multimedia message).

  • Brandon Seaton
    Brandon Seaton 2 days ago

    Well, I am prefer Apple because I believe security is important in my life. Samsung is good but often vulnerable to the wireless, and other issues. I have Samsung or Android phones for over five years. I have also Apple iPhone for over five years too.

  • Take Flight
    Take Flight 2 days ago

    The galaxy 10 is much better than both

  • Krysuna
    Krysuna 3 days ago +1

    Dear Android,
    Thank you for taking this girl for a week, but please take her back, we do not want her.
    Your top competitor, Apple.

    Dear Apple,
    Hell no.
    Your top competitor, Android.

    BlackBerry: I want her

  • Julian Potter Music
    Julian Potter Music 3 days ago

    So iPhone users really are dumbasses huh

  • Iran Dude
    Iran Dude 3 days ago

    Proof that some Asians are just SO DUMB. Look at this girl.

  • Iran Dude
    Iran Dude 3 days ago

    You know that dumb Asian girl look? Yeah? That’s what you look like. It’s just a phone. Use what little IQ you have left.

  • Marbella Gomez
    Marbella Gomez 3 days ago

    Also at 3:45 what the hell is she saying?!?!?

  • Marbella Gomez
    Marbella Gomez 3 days ago

    At 1:27 wtf is her problem that's literally stereotyping when android users dont even say that.

  • riley busse
    riley busse 3 days ago

    She said it once and I said it once but I'm going to say it once again even the original pixel had shity battery life so it really doesn't surprise me that the pixel 3 still has 3 hours about screen time what a joke Google get your Shit together

    DOOM SLAYER 3 days ago

    Her IQ is probably killing pros

  • Lords Follower
    Lords Follower 3 days ago

    The thing she didn't understand is how to fully customize the android to what she likes and what fits her. Android has 1000s of home launchers. And 1000s of other customizing apps. And once you customize your Android to what you prefer? Then you have such a smooth opperating experience. With iPhone you just can not customize the os as much as you can with Android! That's one the main reason I'm an android fan. I did what she did before. I switched from android to an iPhone 6s. I did not like it. So I went back to android. And here I will stay!

  • The RC Workshop
    The RC Workshop 4 days ago

    iPhone is like the toy grade rc car while android is like a hobby grade rc not everyone know to use an android to it full potential but hey it just a phone

  • George Russell
    George Russell 4 days ago

    iPhones get misjudged of how good they are from the 5 and 6 but there new phones are insanely good

  • Roblox YT
    Roblox YT 4 days ago


  • Mj FletterYT
    Mj FletterYT 4 days ago

    Ive been a apple user since 2013. And i still loved android! I have a ios gadget but its good but i still more like android

  • Isha Agrawal
    Isha Agrawal 4 days ago


  • Officer Onduty
    Officer Onduty 4 days ago

    I use both apple and android and even i think shes ultra biased with android to the point that she made herself look dumb for to be hosting for "tech" insider.

  • Lance
    Lance 4 days ago

    i thought we entered the golden age where crime rates are low and everyone is living in peace, then you see what kind of people are bred, during peace time, make me wish I can go back

  • Thabo Qwabe
    Thabo Qwabe 5 days ago

    Androids offer a wider range of features and are overall better than the iPhone and don't even get me started on iOS

  • Sanskari Gamer
    Sanskari Gamer 5 days ago

    Lolz yeaa she's gonna use iphn coz her friends don't want her around coz she's using Android . Lolz

  • Elisabeth Carlsson
    Elisabeth Carlsson 5 days ago

    She didn't like it because she was too used to the iPhone. She should have stick with the Pixel for longer.

  • Irteza Rahman
    Irteza Rahman 5 days ago

    Lol. 11k like with 11k dislike.

  • Terry King
    Terry King 5 days ago +4

    I can't believe I actually watched this nine minute rant.

  • Erick Hernandez
    Erick Hernandez 5 days ago

    Sorry I couldn't take the whole video of this little isheep👎👎

  • Stig
    Stig 5 days ago

    11k likes vs 11k dislikes🤣

  • BestHacker!!
    BestHacker!! 5 days ago

    Do we care if you switch phones ?
    Your so cringe

  • Daniel Acosta
    Daniel Acosta 6 days ago

    Ight everyone saying android is better or iPhone is better relax fuckers it’s her opinion lmao

  • Geneva boss
    Geneva boss 6 days ago

    Wow the like to dislike ratio is the same. Also she should try the Samsung Galaxy s10e or s10 plus my fave s10 is the smallest s10

  • Rohit Sharma
    Rohit Sharma 6 days ago +2

    I watched this video 3 times. Idk why I watch this silly girl (isheep) , especially her affection for iPhone I feel very frustrated .😡😡

  • Gabrilla Tsarwaty
    Gabrilla Tsarwaty 6 days ago

    if you called 6years and its diehard.... well there's something wrong with you lol.

  • Rain Scalleia
    Rain Scalleia 6 days ago

    People are srsly fighting over which one is better calm down everyone no one forces you to switch from ios to android nor vice versa

  • Yiannis Gaming
    Yiannis Gaming 6 days ago

    Nice friends

  • Gaming Hacks
    Gaming Hacks 7 days ago +2

    And if you want to keep spending a months worth of a rent on a crappy phone

  • Muhammad Siddiqui
    Muhammad Siddiqui 8 days ago

    iPhone is for Mama's kids n Android is for mature adults

  • Ayesha Saddiqua
    Ayesha Saddiqua 8 days ago

    The likes and dislikes are in equilibrium atm

  • Ayesha Saddiqua
    Ayesha Saddiqua 8 days ago

    I felt like she was indirectly complimenting pixel the whole time

  • fendiofnight
    fendiofnight 8 days ago

    Hopefully not all iPhone users are this stupid

  • Moonlight Blake
    Moonlight Blake 8 days ago

    I Like Android more even I have iPhone 😂👌

  • Itu Mugur
    Itu Mugur 8 days ago +4

    IPhone...for stupid people who need to be spoon-fed?!? (According to the iPhone user from the video)

  • jeovanny Garcia
    jeovanny Garcia 8 days ago

    The circus in town🤡🤡🤡

  • Gorun Jinian
    Gorun Jinian 9 days ago +1

    I still didn't get why you didn't like Android. This video is trash...

  • scourned7
    scourned7 9 days ago

    Why did they get a high school senior to do this comparison? I am surprised she was even able to turn on the phone without asking for help. Also knowing that this knobhead spends six hours a DAY on her phone doesn’t surprise me one bit.

  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    You sound like the kind of person who forgets how to breath, and needs to be told how to. This video was painful. Apple users in a nutshell.

  • Kuntal Mondal
    Kuntal Mondal 9 days ago

    Ha ha ha she didn't like android because it can not be customised. Best joke of the decade.

  • Subhankar Bhattacharya

    You pretty much made up your mind, even before temporarily switching to Pixel 3XL. These reviews are just hopeless and makes no sense at all....

    PIP POP 9 days ago

    She like to put all applications on home screen because ios don't have app draw

    PIP POP 9 days ago

    This girl is trying to blame android

  • ali mohammad kebriadar

    You should experience android with Samsung S10+ i think it must better

  • Logan Collins
    Logan Collins 10 days ago

    If you're a useless hack and don't like personalizing your phone, iPhone is the phone for you.

  • Dylan murzello
    Dylan murzello 10 days ago +1

    I hate this Asian 😠

  • UniJoy
    UniJoy 10 days ago +4

    ahah! i loveee how the likes are 11K and so are the dislikes. ahah wauw.


    *Pixel is still better.. coughcoughcoughapplewannabescoughcough*

    • rat rat
      rat rat 3 days ago +1


  • Ritwik Rakshit
    Ritwik Rakshit 11 days ago +2

    You like "Babying".. yeah I was done there..

  • Cara Bech Næsheim
    Cara Bech Næsheim 11 days ago

    Why is she whiter than a white girl? 😌

  • Ritwik Rakshit
    Ritwik Rakshit 11 days ago

    Android is for Power users.. people who knows their stuffs.. iPhone is just for show off and honestly too much girly..

  • Frog Dog955
    Frog Dog955 11 days ago +1

    Just lost some brain cells

  • Frog Dog955
    Frog Dog955 11 days ago +1

    Why hate on the green bubble its the exact same thing. Those are some *cough cough*..fake friends

  • PopchileTv
    PopchileTv 11 days ago

    "were not texting you"

  • Kaori Kasumi
    Kaori Kasumi 11 days ago

    Well I'm both android and apple userr

  • scape211
    scape211 11 days ago

    Ive been considering a switch to a pixel for some time after using an iphone for quite a few years. I wouldnt consider myself diehard, but deeply entrenched. This video just pushes me further towards the pixel. I know she only mentioned the camera being better, but its a massive difference. All other things considered being very similar and just getting used to a new interface, Pixel has way more to offer from what I've seen. Gonna be hard for me to switch but it seems like the right time to take the plunge.

    And side note: I understand that you cant do it for forever, but giving a new interface a week when youve used the other for years hardly seems fair. Ive heard from other diehard iphone users who switched that it took them somewhere between 1 to 2 weeks to get used to the pixel. Once they did though, they were sold on it easily.

  • La Croix
    La Croix 11 days ago

    I wish I had an iPhone xs max rip

  • Alejandro Saldana
    Alejandro Saldana 11 days ago

    Lol my friends don't want to text me because of the green bubble lol back in the day before smartphones we used to call each other my friends didn't care what phone i used to call them they just wanted to see me i like both Android and Apple one year i use iPhone and another year Android for me it's not hard to switch i sold my iPhone X's Max for the One Plus 7 pro and I'm loving it i don't even missed my iPhone specifically with that big disappointment that was iOS 13

  • Gamer Unboxer
    Gamer Unboxer 11 days ago

    I hate the face of this women a lot

  • Cormsy
    Cormsy 11 days ago

    "Durrrrrr my brain" -This chick

  • Hell broke Luce
    Hell broke Luce 11 days ago +1

    The point at which you ask , " Why is there so much dead space here " establishes your intellectual maturity. You need everything managed for you and individuality or making your device a tad more personal by customisation are concepts alien to you.
    Android is definitely beyond your cognitive capabilities. Stick with iphones.

    • Dantoo
      Dantoo 11 days ago

      Damn dude. That's some good shit right there.

  • Siddharth Nair
    Siddharth Nair 12 days ago +1

    Wut??? Iphone user admits that android is way advanced than ios. 😂😂😂😂

    • Siddharth Nair
      Siddharth Nair 11 days ago

      @Malachi Taylor 😂😂😂

    • Malachi Taylor
      Malachi Taylor 11 days ago

      If she really want she can get ios launcher from play store (not sure why anyone would do that but hey)

  • Raisen1920
    Raisen1920 12 days ago +1

    You should let her try other phones, and not the Pixel one :/

  • Spongetastic Minecraft And More

    Android is trash

  • Skunky Stinkerson
    Skunky Stinkerson 13 days ago +1

    omg it doesn't really take much time at all to learn how to use one. i used an 1phone once i figured out everything quickly.

  • Jonathan Torres
    Jonathan Torres 13 days ago

    I love both Apple and Samsung, not so much for the Pixel products though... I still don’t know why everybody tries to hate on Apple though.

    • Jonathan Torres
      Jonathan Torres 11 days ago

      Malachi Taylor nope, it’s on apple. All these people that hate on apple say their OS sucks in comparison to Android and whatnot. They hate on apple for their prices, they hate on apple for their camera quality, they hate on apple for their storage capacity, they just hate on apple for every little thing that they do. Clearly it’s just a biased view of Android fans...

    • Malachi Taylor
      Malachi Taylor 11 days ago

      is not apple is the people who use them. most of them think since is apple they think they are superior

  • Jonathan Torres
    Jonathan Torres 13 days ago

    Everyone has their own views. If she likes IOS then that’s good for her, you can’t force her to like something she doesn’t.
    Aside from the Google Pixel is not the best phone I rather get the Note 10.

  • Jimmy Fudge Nugget
    Jimmy Fudge Nugget 13 days ago +3

    why so bad like to dislike ratio..

    edit: now ik

  • Erick H
    Erick H 13 days ago

    This is exactly what i've experienced using android, after years using iphone. The os that keep me still using iphone, otherwise probably just use some android phone.

  • Anthony Thompson
    Anthony Thompson 14 days ago

    i pretty funny that even she knows that iphone users are stupid lol

  • Gabriela Granados
    Gabriela Granados 14 days ago

    That is litteraly the opposite

  • Violet Huang
    Violet Huang 14 days ago

    Ok come on the Mac books are kinda rly over rated like no one that needs a rly good computer for processing speed or storage etc uses a macbook

  • Jerimaiah King
    Jerimaiah King 14 days ago +1

    Not one mention of the Google Assistant compared to Siri 😂

  • Zubair Amini
    Zubair Amini 14 days ago +1

    Can't believe that people get so mad when the bubble is green vs blue like it's just colour

    • Malachi Taylor
      Malachi Taylor 11 days ago

      yep at the end of the day the message came through . the whole blue/ green bubble need to stop , i mean there are people that are dying

  • Sanjay Ramachandra
    Sanjay Ramachandra 14 days ago

    Android is for the have nots. Their apps crash , all their pages are filmsy and its worth next to rubbish after a year.

  • Teodor Kuběna
    Teodor Kuběna 14 days ago

    I mean she's right. Apple is for people who don't care nor want to be bothered with anything. They don't care about the price, they want to change things or customize, because they are to dumb for that. They want already set path and they will just blindly follow that path, they don't want to think about what they buy.

  • valentine james
    valentine james 14 days ago

    Beautiful looking phone?

  • Rinki Gamer834
    Rinki Gamer834 14 days ago


  • Rinki Gamer834
    Rinki Gamer834 14 days ago

    iPhone 3GS, 6, 6S, X, XS Max, iPad Mini, iPad Pro, Airpods, Watch Series 3, Macbook Pro.
    Ive invested about $6000 in apple products. I love . They gotta have their own  emojis.