Kanye West Suggests Slavery Was "A Choice" | The View

  • Published on May 2, 2018

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  • // nostromov
    // nostromov 7 hours ago

    Ah, Jesus Christ... Who's even going to read this comment, but HOW ignorant coming from a black person, Goldberg (what a choice, for a name, btw).
    "White folks got on board and said this is not ok"? Did she not set a foot in school, or something... The Union won the war, to get cheap labor for the Industrial Revolution and BY THE WAY those same black men were later sent on to WW1 to fight on the front lines. Like, get a clue, seriously. Aanyway.

    • // nostromov
      // nostromov 6 hours ago

      ^^ Not to mention the (well, obvious) shift of powers from the South, to the emerging industrial North - they needed soldiers for that war, as well and what better way than to free the slaves with "400 years" of pure hatred in 'em.

    • // nostromov
      // nostromov 7 hours ago

      *their kids were, anyway; they were no longer needed, the railroads had been built (and the Chinese worked harder, for less), steam machines and technology started to replace laborers... If you're trying to make a strong argument about something and you don't even consider the possibility of a another perspective - then, what exactly are you doing, blah

  • Anthony Fox
    Anthony Fox 3 days ago

    I wonder if his mother was alive whether he would've said that?

  • Sybil Acevedo
    Sybil Acevedo 5 days ago +1

    White people made blacks soft

    DENISE SCOTT 6 days ago


  • Salomon Navarrette
    Salomon Navarrette 9 days ago +2

    Oh history is going to be repeated,good luck to our future family.

  • Constance Dowdell
    Constance Dowdell 9 days ago


  • Kyle J. Rhines
    Kyle J. Rhines 10 days ago

    HAHAHAHAHA Megan is a political expert alright 👌🏻

  • Cheli S
    Cheli S 14 days ago

    So inmates are held in custody by choice? The numbers are on their side too but if they escape they will be Hunted down kind of like how slaves were hunted down to get abused and exploited 😑 if they ran away

  • Beverly Xuncax
    Beverly Xuncax 16 days ago +1

    lmao he still trying to be relevant 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Jessica Uyvette Thompson

    I pay attention to details. He didn’t actually say slavery WAS a choice. He said it SOUNDS like a choice (which I am not sure what he meant). But I think of elephants who are conditioned to stay in one place because a rope is attached to them while not realizing that elephant can break that rope! I THINK Kanye was trying to say we are like that elephant. I really think he is misunderstood. Maybe he’s better at writing lyrics instead of speaking live.

  • Kevina Santiago
    Kevina Santiago 19 days ago

    That's true this guy can't be well. He's definitely ill for sacrificing his own mother for fame, only liking light skinned or white women, seeing the fact his mom was dark skinned and black, and so on.

  • rainwolf034
    rainwolf034 19 days ago

    Man that guy on TMZ has never been oppressed, you guys still don’t get what Kanye is saying. He is saying that still thinking about Slavery to the point that no matter what changes your still enslaved today because of the mindset today.. he did not say slaves stayed on the plantation by Choice and that is not what he saying. The people on the view do not understand what a person is saying or meant. He is saying not to let slavery from 400 years ago hold down the black man today. But I’m not having this debate on here, because this is a liberal Television shows that in today’s society that is about victim mentality, will never advance until the old guard that remembers Civil Right, dies out.. I listen to my Son and his friends and they don’t see race at all. My Son is half Mexicans and Anglo, his friends range from African Americans, to Spanish to Native American.. and they don’t see race at all, and it fills me with hope that after all of us old people are dead, they will finally beat racism. I thought my generation would beat racism but it has yet to happen.. but I see it getting better and better as long as we stop letting the past hold us down. And Candace Owens is a highly intelligent woman who understands what the Democratic Party and their Presidents have done to the African American community, and I bet she feels said watching the people that host this show that had 4 intelligent and well meaning women that don’t get historical facts and policies.

  • Dominic Rincker
    Dominic Rincker 21 day ago

    watch woppi at 7:30 lol

  • Emrald's Phone
    Emrald's Phone 21 day ago

    He gets owned

  • Kathy Jeanmarie
    Kathy Jeanmarie 22 days ago

    Kanye 😎

  • Khadijah Muhammad
    Khadijah Muhammad 22 days ago

    He's right that we were mentally enslaved, but his wording literally couldn't have been worse.

  • TheLocaChica05
    TheLocaChica05 22 days ago

    So he’s just going to ignore the numerous slave revolts that there were? Okay Kanye. 🙄

  • Onyka Jallim
    Onyka Jallim 23 days ago

    kanye has sunk deeply kanye acts like his family controversy

  • imanasaurus rex
    imanasaurus rex 23 days ago

    Shuddap Meghan!

  • Zephnia Mukwa
    Zephnia Mukwa 23 days ago

    Kanye West is conforming to white demands on BLACKS to make his own life less stressful. It is clear that Kanye West might be RICH enough BUT is NOT educated enough to realise what he is saying is ACTUALLY condemning the WHOLE black race everywhere in this WORLD as USELESS human beings. DO YOU all realise this is exactly what DONALD TRUMP is saying.??

  • Xiao-fang Ruan
    Xiao-fang Ruan 24 days ago

    Kanye is living in a bubble. He forgot where he came from and all the people of color came from. Obviously he needs to read his history textbooks again.

  • PhyZeik
    PhyZeik 26 days ago

    If a TMZ employee calls you out then you truly are mentally ill 😷
    Then again he has to put up with the hoedashisns so he’s going crazy inside and outside

  • Patrice Dume
    Patrice Dume 26 days ago

    Joy is so woke, I love it

    YVETTE JACKSON 27 days ago

    Bless Kanye"s little heart! I just don't understand what is happening with him..

  • Amanda Mosher
    Amanda Mosher 27 days ago +1

    Kanye west is the Opposite of a genius..smh

  • Muktai Panchal
    Muktai Panchal 27 days ago

    For being addicted to opioids you get compassion, for even carrying a single joint of weed African Americans have served imprisonment for life. Nice!

  • arthur ejiofor
    arthur ejiofor 27 days ago

    McCain is my favorite host. She's a maverick like her papa.

  • Human Inc.
    Human Inc. 27 days ago

    Kanye is one stupit S.O.B! The dumbness I his statement is fkn NUMBING! I for one, think he is no where a genius nor an icon.

  • Veronica Cooper
    Veronica Cooper 28 days ago +4

    Megan irks my soul!! O have no compassion for Megan or Kanye or Trump

  • Moses Lopez
    Moses Lopez 29 days ago

    ever heard of the fugitive slave act?........

  • Tavon Fenwick
    Tavon Fenwick Month ago

    I, so glad Ms. Goldberg pointed that white ppl stood up for us to get us our rights! Black ppl very rarely do anything but play the pity party or make white ppl seem like our enemy

  • Tavon Fenwick
    Tavon Fenwick Month ago +1

    Kanye West is in no way a genius

  • runrockwater
    runrockwater Month ago

    I get his point u cld plan a civil war within the 400yrs vs just accept the situation. The Haitians managed to fight back n win. The Americans cld have dominated a state or two via civil war efforts. It’s def mental enslavement.

  • x
    x Month ago

    Kanye West could've elaborated better, but he means that the number of slaves outnumbered the owners. They could've taken over the plantation. Many Native Americans were able to rebel and kill Europeans, but I wondered why blacks couldn't do the same.

  • Jeannie Boivin
    Jeannie Boivin Month ago +1

    Lincoln freed the slaves :)

    • Jeannie Boivin
      Jeannie Boivin Month ago

      @x oh....🙈

    • x
      x Month ago

      He was forces to free the slaves due to his popularity. In the beginning, he wanted to keep the Union while keeping skavery legal.

  • Scott
    Scott Month ago

    Wait a minute ladies. Consider how the USA began of searching for better space/freedom. Yet, even over 400 years African or South Americans have and do brave the Oceans to find this Great place of Liberty that has really little flexibility in Liberty now, do to so many different States and Laws. Not to mention Mexico and others by lands. Some in Bonds and some free. There has always been economic setbacks that cause questions of fault or blame and tower that stop short of being built. We call the Trends, no?

  • Helping Hand Solutions

    I think Kanye West is so misunderstood! I think we as a people have become so brainwashed and enslaved in the mind that we don't fight enough for our rights! We have become so comfortable with going along instead of saying let's stand together in power! I think we have become so stuck on racism instead of getting back more freedom that is truly ours by birth right!

  • Bleepblopchu
    Bleepblopchu Month ago

    Blacks, specifically American ones in the current year, yea it's mental slavery.

  • curoseba
    curoseba Month ago

    Why did he call him a genius?
    He is a con...that's what all this "artists" are.

  • Kitty Kat Congregation

    Mexico is mentally enslaved. Kanye has a point.

  • dont be sad just hug a creeper creeper

    4:27 isnt that exactly what u r doing??

  • dont be sad just hug a creeper creeper

    Wait...but if our kids didnt know about the history of racism stuff and blacks are already treated equal in america i find it hard to believe it will repeat itself

  • dont be sad just hug a creeper creeper

    He is right tho..... In african villages, the leader of tribes sold its people to americans with gold and money....... Your ancestors had a choice to sell you out or not

  • Vickygarcia73
    Vickygarcia73 Month ago

    Stop calling Kanye “ a genius “ plssss

    MR. CLASSIC Month ago

    Slavery is a choice...who you think the europeans took, is the criminals of africa, is the african king sold them( the criminals), yall don't know history, just talking nonsense...people are so stupid, as hurtful as it sound,it's the truth...

  • Tom Brady
    Tom Brady Month ago +1

    No, kanye was right! No check necessary. Don’t hate Kanye for telling the truth! It is the ugly truth. SLAVERY WAS A CHOICE, AND YOU PEOPLE CHOSE IT. Kanye is the successful black man of the twenty first century. Y’all can hate if you want!
    Whoopi is an idiot! She needs to be shackled and put on a boat!💥

  • Tiara B
    Tiara B Month ago +1

    Im so over people lying to this man and calling him a Genius, he is NOT.

  • Evil Girl
    Evil Girl Month ago

    If slavery is not a choice, why are black Americans voting for Democrats for 5 Decades, the same people who enslaved them and crying over Hillary because white liberal masters said they should when her husband incarcerated them the most and she call them a predator. You mother fuckers are brain dead the only person calling a spade spade is Kanye and am sure Whoopi the prostitute, who think is okay for her friend to drug and rape a 12 year old will educate us like blacks didn’t sell themselves to slavery, ZOMBIES 🤷🏾‍♀️🇳🇬

    • YunTran
      YunTran Month ago

      They couldn't really break free when the law was against them, and the slave owners were the ones with the weapons. You're also generalizing, everyone is an individual meaning not all Democrats like Hillary. For a matter of fact I don't care for any of the politicians that've sold out to corporations, and that's the majority of Congress right now

  • J C
    J C Month ago +1

    Kuckye is trump's gay fish.

  • Albino Natividad
    Albino Natividad Month ago

    But why slavery reached 400 years? If people were really fighting it could have only reached 50 or 60 years. Blacks during that time was weak.

    • kk ok
      kk ok Month ago

      It's not about being weak..... If you tried to fight back you would be hanged on a tree or burned alive....
      It was truly impossible to escape..... There were white men riding horses everywhere patrolling

  • Rakheem Allah
    Rakheem Allah Month ago


    • Rakheem Allah
      Rakheem Allah Month ago

      @Jem - ...thanks for the clarity sweetheart. You're a real one for that (:

    • Jem -
      Jem - Month ago +1

      I thought that at first too. What she actually said is, she was 40, 10 years ago.

  • Audrey Gray
    Audrey Gray Month ago

    He was right if you was in slavery for 400 years. That's a choice because we in slavery now and still letting it goes on. Black hate to hear the truth. If black really have a problem with what he's saying. The laws now are against the black man. I don't see black kicking fighting to change anything. Only time black call out white are when a cop kill someone.

  • Amy News
    Amy News Month ago

    The funny thing is no one wants to admit pretty much EVERY movement against racist laws and practices from the ending of slavery to the civil rights movement and laws were headed up by Republicans. DEMOCRATS WERE THE SLAVE OWNERS, THE KKK (Sen. Robert C. Byrd pretty recently was the most powerful senator in the US, D-WV and the grand marshall of the KKK!). But for some strange reason people think things suddenly flipped. THINGS HAVENT CHANGED! DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH AND THINK FOR YOURSELF. Republicans still want things fair and equal and less division in the country while Dems are still embracing programs and policies that promote division and ultimately more problems for ALL races! Why is it so hard for so many people to see this? I challenge ANYONE who feels I'm incorrect to think of the top 3 ways anyone can be rascist or policies that could be considered rascist (particularly if you replace the color or whatever color its said to be helping with white, example affirmative action but for white people. White people can't preform on the level other races can so to make sure we're still hiring them we'll lower our standards. How would that be perceived? Not well! But it's ok to make that statement about black people? And the anti-affirmative action person is the rascist? By saying black people are capable of performing just as well as any white person so special treatment isn't needed? 🤔) then research those points in depth. Guaranteed 99%of the time the people you believe are rascist and the ones actually acting as if they are will surprise you! MAGA 2020!🇺🇸🗽☑

  • Candy Feyrer
    Candy Feyrer Month ago

    Kim k just trying to be a lawyer because their show is going down the tubes

  • Candy Feyrer
    Candy Feyrer Month ago +1

    Way does anyone listening 👂 to him he is sick anyone how married Kim k has to be sick there how family is sailing there body’s like sheep and he is a fat pig and a drug addiction sloppy joe

  • Candy Feyrer
    Candy Feyrer Month ago +1

    What he need to be in jail he is a stupid man

  • eva scharfe
    eva scharfe Month ago

    I think Kanye meant it was a choice because he would have fought back against the slave owners. Unfortunately, fighting back have almost positively gotten you beaten down and murdered.

  • Nyesha Brooks
    Nyesha Brooks Month ago

    Throw Kanye away

  • Sacred Waves
    Sacred Waves Month ago

    Hundreds of years of slavery?? Not in America. You need to brush up on both history, and current events. You continually complain about slavery in America, blame a white man, and it was a black man that petitioned to make it legal I'm America to begin with. Currently ..a full grown black man sells for an average of 500 dollars, in Lybia. Try fighting slavery that's happening...instead of virtue signalling about something you never lived....let alone commenting about it without any historical knowledge. Hundreds of years....lol. America is a bit over 200, and slaves have been free for over 150 of them. Ridiculous propaganda ...fake facts.

  • princepeterwolf
    princepeterwolf Month ago

    Yet how can people can adore this man baffles me

  • 007TBrooks
    007TBrooks Month ago

    He needs to travel to Sierra Leone, West Africa Bunce Island and then say it was a choice.... UNEDUCATED....MONEY CANT BY KNOWLEDGE!!

  • Dave Males
    Dave Males Month ago

    “Kanye needs help”,Yeah,put him in a cell with that criminal Trump in a high security jail,that’s the help they,& the planet needs.

  • Pat Russell
    Pat Russell Month ago

    That was one of the best answers I have heard anyone give to a stupid statement. You could hear the emotion in his voice, he truly spoke from his heart! Congratulations!

  • Master of Mashup
    Master of Mashup Month ago

    I didn't know Meghan was a "political analyst" and a "political expert" as well as a comedian. Wow she had my sides hurting by all the laughing I did when she made those claims.

  • S. B.
    S. B. Month ago

    He was right.

  • Zachary Klieman
    Zachary Klieman Month ago

    I think that conservative economic values, such as trickle-down economics, minimal government assistance, and not raising the minimum wage (and the "individualism" that Meghan McCain mentioned)- basically the idea of pulling oneself up by the bootstraps despite many not having boots to begin with- favor the rich to the detriment of the poor. Because race and class are so inextricably tied in this country, I think that conservative values do perpetuate racism, whether or not they are explicitly discriminatory. So, I think that McCain is totally inaccurate in deniying the connection of republican platforms and conservative values to Kanye West's comments, which may prompt racist historical revisionism in those that heed Kanye's words. I really hope that this message, if read, can be listened to openly instead of defensively.

    • Zachary Klieman
      Zachary Klieman Month ago

      I also don't think that McCain gets to talk about progress in terms of racial equality when her political views and actions as a conservative spokesperson actively work against equality on the basis of race.

  • Jemimah Ngu
    Jemimah Ngu Month ago

    Nasty nasty nasty

  • TaraChristine
    TaraChristine 2 months ago +3

    mccain calling herself a political analyst and expert had me ROLLING!!! half the time she proves she doesn't actually understand what she's talking about nor know the details. She doesn't research sonny schools here like....daily. i can't i just can't hahaha!!

  • Imma Claus
    Imma Claus 2 months ago

    He is wondering how he came from an ordinary black American to a Millionaire in his one life time.. And how the rest of slaves could not do that in 400 years.

  • Ayan
    Ayan 2 months ago +2

    I totally agree with Kenya! What he's trying to express and got it wrong. Is, that black people accepted to be slaved, rather than fighted. The Yankee , refused to be ruled by the English and revolted against them. Black people are smarter, stronger and more compassionate but the problem is we were never united and still aren't.! And that's simple becouse our poor mentality and inability to value ourselves and own people. That what he was referring to. It's not abuse happens is accepting it is the problem.

    MAGA HN 2 months ago

    That Stafford didn't s*** s*** you all over here demonizing Kanye slavery is a choice when you die free are you done running are you dying change 3 f****** choices right there one of those hoping Mastodon kill you or fail you just cuz he's in the f****** mood the other one means you got to take your own life if they f****** catch you or you find somebody who will hide you f*** everyone who's against Kanye

  • c g
    c g 2 months ago

    If you look passed the vomit of the mouth he always spouts out, I think he is actually passionate about the black community. As far as this comment, I think many black people in later generations sit back and see the oppression and get upset. Like ugh why couldn’t we have come together and done something sooner than 400 years! Clearly there were elaborate systems to keep black people enslaved not to mention the hatred and bigotry beating down their sense of self.
    I think Kanye just doesn’t know how to articulate his feelings well.
    Like when he blurted out “George Bush doesn’t like black people”
    Like that sounded so ridiculous and out of context. However when you think about it I think he was trying to say, look Bush could immediately pull resources together to help these people but he’s hesitating so I think he may not really care about helping all these poor black people.
    His PR team needs to help him, although he probably wouldn’t listen, he needs help getting his point across.

  • MartinHCollection
    MartinHCollection 2 months ago

    West is ill...

  • Side of Sause
    Side of Sause 2 months ago

    I forgot what it was exactly saying but slaves couldn't really overrule their owners because they had slave codes I think and that kind of prevented them from having a chance at taking them down. I'm not 100% sure that what I said was correct I'm going off of what I remember from social studies (I'm in 7th grade) but yea

  • Love love 822
    Love love 822 2 months ago

    N yet u will find/see many blacks supporting his music n buying his trainers...🤔🤔🤔

    • Arsene Wenger
      Arsene Wenger 2 months ago

      Because he says a lot of things that are true. 96 percent of black people vote democrat, sorry but that makes 0 sense and shows that slavery has never stopped. Btw tell me 1 republican that owned a slave? Democrats started slavery and the kkk. republicans ended slavery. Wake up!

  • Rosa Osorio
    Rosa Osorio 2 months ago +1

    Who ever thought that having darker skin meant you was less I will never understand

  • Sean J110
    Sean J110 2 months ago


  • agree to disagree
    agree to disagree 2 months ago

    Britney Spears shaved her hair because she needed to cover drug use. I forgot the drug but it stays in your system for a long time and she needed to do so, so she could see her kids.

  • Melissa Bee
    Melissa Bee 2 months ago +1

    Kanye is a fucking idiot

  • Ryan G
    Ryan G 2 months ago

    JOY! haha! The look on meghans face when joy joked bout Kelly Conway not making sense haha... and no meghan ur NO Expert. Your thick lol.

  • lily Tarticchio
    lily Tarticchio 2 months ago +1

    Even if they may have had numbers, white men and other slave owners had had advantages that slaves did not have. They had guns and other weapons that overpowered, let's say an African tribe's weapon source. Black slaves were not mentally enslaved if for years, many slaves died trying to escape and/or stand up for their rights. I would not call that a choice. It was a horrible thing forced upon many men and women

  • Chaquata Thomas
    Chaquata Thomas 2 months ago +3

    Thank you Joy....
    Once slavery was declared illegal, some states didn't even follow it....for one....then here comes the systematic plan that continued to keep us mentally enslaved....
    See the state of the chains just changed, not the symbolism!

  • Ronie Pryor
    Ronie Pryor 2 months ago

    I literally wanted to hug Van for having the heart to speak up to him. I actually teared up because I've had to relay the same sentiment to both people of color and white people alike. I honestly had no idea that he was so in touch with the real struggle of POC because from where I stand, a lot of our men are so distracted by fads and the so-called culture that was left to us by the very society who enslaved us. Pleasantly surprised.

  • Chelsea Daniel
    Chelsea Daniel 2 months ago

    His clarification is actually a good point I don’t use Twitter so I only knew he said the choice thing so I was really angry but his tweet speaks to HOW we were oppressed for so long and possibly to how we still are in ways today

  • Siyathokoza Zulu
    Siyathokoza Zulu 2 months ago

    she was born in 68?! what?!

  • Elijah 314
    Elijah 314 2 months ago

    Ultimatum...it was an ultimatum...not a choice

  • Guccikage
    Guccikage 2 months ago

    Kanye is basically saying black people like being slaves and being whipped everyday he's also saying that being separated from your family and working 24 hrs is a choice. How is he a genius

  • Scott
    Scott 2 months ago

    Open your eyes and ears. Does not the desert thrust out life or consume such? It would seem only a fool would not devise a way to sell his brothers to a richer lot of life and able to shackle his brother by his tongue. Made a few rich and insured a voice they did not have way back when. Yet, what have they learned?.. to not care for their Native lands cries? So, they continue there pilgrimage with no plan of return. :( Unprofitable children it would seem.? :( Mexico got it figured out thou. :0 > So, it should be no surprise that the limit of plantations of a Great Nation. Shall be reduced if over its minority allowance. Interesting judgement of the Wedding. :)
    What Prisoner would not rather build a pipeline rather than, be caught in it?.. No, idea how she misunderstood the term/slang>stunting as anything less then practicing lyrics>generation gap communication issue. :)

  • rogerio maria
    rogerio maria 2 months ago

    K💩w .. yo bro at what time we start the slavery work today?? At 10 o’clock ok I will be there in a 5 it’s ok ..

  • Taj Rice
    Taj Rice 2 months ago

    I can see how Kanye was thinking at the time, but still that comment was COMPLETELY ridiculous.

  • Emilia Aguele
    Emilia Aguele 2 months ago

    Kanye is an ignorant mofo

  • caramelbilquees
    caramelbilquees 3 months ago +1

    You know Black were threatened by GUNS?????

  • Strapgod 30
    Strapgod 30 3 months ago

    His name is van

  • Abigail Goodin
    Abigail Goodin 3 months ago

    Meghan McCain: “i’M a PoLiTiCaL aNaLySt”.... “i’M aN eXpErT”

  • Pookie D.
    Pookie D. 3 months ago

    Kanye West is a moron. He doesn't have the sense God gave a fuckin rock.

  • michelle ragland
    michelle ragland 3 months ago

    Kanye isn't intellectually sound

  • RockWell Kay1
    RockWell Kay1 3 months ago

    10 months later March 2019 Kanye West still in the sunken Place y'all, let's keep praying for the man.🙏🙏❤❤

  • Novascotia Skater
    Novascotia Skater 3 months ago

    Sorry...what? Is that Meghan McCain suggesting that someone who wants to discuss their evolving political views sit down for a calm conversation about their ideology in a way that is easily accessible for all of us to understand?

  • chip killa
    chip killa 3 months ago

    Why do people not understand already? Take this man’s word with a grain of salt.

  • klimber10001
    klimber10001 3 months ago

    A genius? Get real... genius he says, haaaa