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  • Chris M
    Chris M Day ago +1

    I'm NO Kanye West fan but I give him SO much CREDIT for making this comment!!! Hes SO CORRECT, rape my woman n BEAT n KILL my CHILDREN n if I CHOOSE to NOT act IRREGARDLESS of the outcome, MOST CERTAINLY MAKES IT A CHOICE!!!! JUST AS TODAY, we CHOOSE EVERYDAY to REMAIN COMMON DAY SLAVES!!!!!! WAKE THE FK UP U FKIN MORONS!!!!!!

  • destini miss
    destini miss 5 days ago

    I watched keeping up with the kardashians when kanye went to tmz and kim said that she was aware of what he was doing and telling so to me,and with evidences, he did it for selling albums,to make some noises and it's really pathetic.This is disgusting

  • Uranium4ever
    Uranium4ever 8 days ago

    But... slavery, like everything else... was a choice. (A choice of inaction against it)

  • shaquille mccray
    shaquille mccray 12 days ago

    Kardashian Curse is REAL!!!!!!!!!!

  • unhappiness
    unhappiness 13 days ago

    maybe it wasn't that bad.
    maybe today's video will be editted to show how terrible life is in the past.
    to show...technology wins.

  • unhappiness
    unhappiness 13 days ago

    stick to your musics boy.

  • Cliffracer
    Cliffracer 13 days ago

    Americans are dumb

  • reegan domangue
    reegan domangue 13 days ago +1

    Kanye doesn’t know history - Slaves revolted multiple times in different numbers big and small. Not only that but they tried to escape individually and in small groups throughout as well. There were some successes and some failures. There’s always been pushback.

  • Tea Kea
    Tea Kea 16 days ago

    Megan..you think you're an "Expert" on many things political...uhhhmmm no...guess what..You're an expert on.... nothing.

  • Tamerra T
    Tamerra T 18 days ago

    How come Joy knows more about slavery than Kanye? 😂

  • Tamerra T
    Tamerra T 18 days ago

    It’s called cognitive dissonance Kanye 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Brittany Robinson
    Brittany Robinson 19 days ago


  • Isaac Dave
    Isaac Dave 21 day ago

    Kanye is a GLOBAL Fucktard

  • The GTC
    The GTC 28 days ago +1

    What people don't understand is that what he meant by saying 400 years instead of 200 years of slavery is that he meant that black people are enslaved by the media, being told how and what to think, and act as if we are eternally victimised from something that NEVER happened to us, by the way.
    P.S: if you know the different parts of slavery throughout history, you would know about the Arab slave trade, one of the many times white people where put in a slavery positions. But don't see any "Arab guilt" anywhere, hmm?

  • A1 AB
    A1 AB 28 days ago

    Slavery was a choice. You decide in your mind that you are a slave. I'm happy Kanye said what he said !! Provoke thought & hold white people accountable for what they've done

  • Hope Sorrowgrave, The Outcast

    "Mentally enslaved"

  • jole' Mays
    jole' Mays Month ago +3

    You don't hear Jews saying the Holocaust was a choice

  • herodog1
    herodog1 Month ago

    If a non African-American would have said that they wouldn't be so gentle with Kanye.

  • L G
    L G Month ago

    Kanye is talking about people being mentally enslaved..when he is the biggest puppet

  • L G
    L G Month ago +1

    Kanye West is done, “mental slavery was a choice”? Well then shall we say your mental health problems are a choice too? See how stupid that sounds.

  • callie ford
    callie ford Month ago +1

    Ignorance at its finest!🤨

  • Native Pride
    Native Pride Month ago


  • Serenity Now
    Serenity Now Month ago

    Can’t help but agree that Slavery was a choice and is still a choice to this modern day. Accept it whether you like it or not.

  • NeighborhoodTolerance

    Every time Megan McCain talks , i want to pull out the worlds smallest violin and play the absolute most depressing fucking song that ever existed. She always sounds like she’s on the brink of tears.

  • Jacqueline Perry
    Jacqueline Perry Month ago

    Working and paying taxes and still being treated like a slave is not a choice cause I still gotta eat.and feed my kids.

  • Ms Sagittarius
    Ms Sagittarius Month ago

    So true only the sleep will disagree look at the world everyone is mentally slaves

  • Robert Rose
    Robert Rose Month ago +1

    "I've gotten a lot more conservative in my politics as I got older". I think that's the opposite of evolving Meghan.

  • smilelastawhile
    smilelastawhile Month ago +1


  • Sydney foote
    Sydney foote 2 months ago

    Laws do not change mentality;laws did not change daniel in the lion"s den

  • Elizabeth Schokman
    Elizabeth Schokman 2 months ago +1

    Nobody's born as a Slave. Mankind ruled treat Human as Slave. We all are Servants of God.

    • Le Colosse
      Le Colosse 13 days ago

      +luna byers why wouldn't you want to be a servant of God? he promises to bless while slavery promises were to submit or death!

    • luna byers
      luna byers 2 months ago +1

      Do we have a choice to be a servant of god

  • Rikane Jose
    Rikane Jose 2 months ago

    I got his point though. He just didn't express himself correctly. He meant to say all of the slaves should have retaliated and seek revenge and there was enough to bring these white people down. Maybe now we might think of the possible solution because of our freedom today but then it they didn't have a choice. Look at Haiti 🇭🇹, the Haitians all relaliated and united to fight against it and we won, while black Americans just sat there and took it.

  • Eric LaDay Jr.
    Eric LaDay Jr. 2 months ago +1

    Kanye is right About us Having a Choice in Slavery. We need to Break our chains from the white suppressors and get back together.

  • Truth be Told
    Truth be Told 2 months ago

    Black ppl care to much to be apart of a white ppl world when we says it's not made for us.. So why try so hard to be apart of it! Smfh Kanye was right about us staying this way and we have the numbers #WakeUp

  • S cell
    S cell 2 months ago

    It was a choice. May have been a horrible one, but it was choice.

  • Carly Schuhsler
    Carly Schuhsler 2 months ago

    I swear I don't love the drama- it loves me!!
    Yo, where my Swiftie squad at?

  • Bonnie Robinson
    Bonnie Robinson 2 months ago

    No fence sitting on this issue. There was no choice. It was wrong.

  • Brad Crompton
    Brad Crompton 2 months ago

    Does Maybe sniff glue? Kanye is not running on 8 cylinders. I never thought some rich black guy would So out of touch that slavery was optional. Imagine if Whitney said that?

  • Brad Crompton
    Brad Crompton 2 months ago +1

    When Kanye said it was a choice reminded me of a mental patient being visited by hisdad. A gun can keep some folks in slavery.

  • hmrhuang
    hmrhuang 2 months ago

    Kanye West is an idiot. Period.

  • Oliver Naquin,3rd
    Oliver Naquin,3rd 2 months ago

    Slavery was a choice. It just wasn't ours, it was the white people's choice

  • Malo Perverso
    Malo Perverso 2 months ago +1

    Getting AIDS is a Choice, Slavery is/was NOT......

    • luna byers
      luna byers 2 months ago +1

      Getting aids isn't often a choice people lie and don't get checked all the time 1 in 2 americans have herpes apparently

    • Diznee CynDi
      Diznee CynDi 2 months ago +1

      Getting AIDS is a choice? Please explain.

  • Mary Ann M
    Mary Ann M 2 months ago

    400 years was the same time frame when Joseph and the Israelites were slaves in Egypt before the Exodus

  • Niki91-HR
    Niki91-HR 2 months ago

    Every nation on this planet who faced slavery surely didn't choose it. Even today....no one chooses it. That is a stupid thing to say.

  • Brian Keating
    Brian Keating 2 months ago

    Woopie What have you done for you community

  • Brian Keating
    Brian Keating 2 months ago

    Black people don't support each other. They don't raise their communities

  • A. Jahtu
    A. Jahtu 2 months ago

    Why would anyone listen to Coonaye?

  • Noelia  Gonzalez
    Noelia Gonzalez 2 months ago

    Kanye has Mental illness and I am sad for him.

  • Carlos Morgado
    Carlos Morgado 2 months ago

    Kanye West and the Kardashians represent and personify the image that the rest of the world has about americans: they are ignorant, futile and materialistic to an abhorrent level! You should get rid of people like these. They should be irrelevant as they are in fact

  • Gigi Osme
    Gigi Osme 2 months ago

    The man has mental issue, dumb is the first illness

  • chris ammons
    chris ammons 2 months ago

    Lmao, what is this institutional racism, really. Please keep in mind it was Republicans that fought for and won the civil rights movement. Since then there is no law the prohibits opportunity to anyone based on race. There are racists in the country for sure. But there is no such thing as institutional racism.... Facts. Debate me.

  • Kyle Crane
    Kyle Crane 2 months ago

    People have been enslaved for thousands of years-about half the Roman Empire consisted of slaves, and I'm pretty none of them volunteered for the position...when you take people'"s power from them absolutely, they become absolutely powerless...

  • Supreme Bape
    Supreme Bape 2 months ago +1

    it was a choice. I rather fight back and die then be someones slave for life

  • Jesus flower child
    Jesus flower child 2 months ago

    I agree with whoopi

  • Bethany Dewis
    Bethany Dewis 2 months ago

    He needs to read a book the Haitian revolution so many other examples what a fool

  • Larry Paul
    Larry Paul 3 months ago

    First of all he’s not a genius

  • Agnes Fox
    Agnes Fox 3 months ago

    It was a choice by black African tribal slave traders who sold off their own people to slave owners around the world.

  • dadada486
    dadada486 3 months ago

    When Whoopi says we are back to square one that is because all of sudden we are starting to listen to celebrities like they know what they are talking about. Like they help us understand issues of history, politics and science. How about we get these crazy celebrities out of politics. I don't know what makes them think they are qualified to redefine the world for us. Can we get back to the world where money and fame does not equate to political representation?

  • Edruezzi
    Edruezzi 3 months ago +1

    There were more reporters and cameras in that meeting than if the president were meeting Angela Merkel or Justin Trudeau. This is a rapper.

  • James Brown
    James Brown 3 months ago

    #BlackReparation Movements.

  • Anton Chigurh
    Anton Chigurh 3 months ago

    I never seen people that enjoyed being oppressed more than the current left.

  • terrys049
    terrys049 3 months ago

    Let me brake it down for Kyanne. Slavery was never abolished according the 13th amendment. The choice is to do away with it. So choose or do you want to sit there like the rest of them slaves and act like you afraid to fight for freedom. My grandparents owned and I lived on a plantation in LIL Rock. I can tell you this. Many slaves didn't want to leave the plantation cause they had nowhere to go and no food to eat. So stayin was a choice between livin and starvin. Today we have option but to not choose is yo choice for all of the brothers and sisters still bound by the law. Remember slavery is a choice.

  • Marco Lopez
    Marco Lopez 3 months ago

    Well technically you have a choice either be a slave or die maybe not the choice you want but it is a choice. I bet a lot of slaves choose to die than be a slave

  • Marco Martinez
    Marco Martinez 3 months ago

    Lets vote

  • Marco Martinez
    Marco Martinez 3 months ago

    Kanye got schooled

  • Vegito Bruu
    Vegito Bruu 3 months ago

    He meant slavery was a choice as in either you could be a slave or kill yourself

    • Le Colosse
      Le Colosse 13 days ago

      then was it our Ancestors fault to choose to live now? always blame the black man for making bad decisions. smh

  • Linda Hollingsworth
    Linda Hollingsworth 3 months ago

    Whoopi is great the way she puts these things in perspective. Love her, love the show.

  • Linda Hollingsworth
    Linda Hollingsworth 3 months ago

    I am a woman, a Democrat and have been my entire adult life. With that said I very much appreciate, like and respect Meghan McCain. She is absolutely right about Kanye. It is obvious he is mentally ill and growing up with a Bi-polar parent it is hard to see and watch when another displays the same. Too much attention is given to this man with his bizarre comments and conversations. However, I do understand the discussion because Kanye has influence with his fans and of course the media covers it over and over again. This is what I like about The View. They take these situations and try to make sense of it. With Kanye there is no making sense of his comments because he isn't coming from a place of knowledge or experience. Mental illness is a serious problem and must be talked about and I appreciate Meghan for her insight and speaking about it. Thank you Meghan. Kanye clearly needs help.

  • Entertainment For All Network

    slavery would have ended sooner if the Republicans didn't have to fight the Democrats. All the Democrats fought Abrhama Lincoln. Democrats keep tensions high and screws a lot of different races.

  • TR33 HOUS3 PARTY83
    TR33 HOUS3 PARTY83 3 months ago


  • Luca Matoke
    Luca Matoke 3 months ago

    Slavery was an evil which some people willingly forced on innocent people. Gladly, slavery is no more. Now slavery had a twin called racism which we have to all stand up and fight. Kanye said something very disturbing.

  • Charles Klempner
    Charles Klempner 3 months ago

    Look at the Biblical story Exodus. It speaks of the Jews and their slave mentality. Kanye said only Truth and it was not politically correct so of course this is the Mainstream response.

    • Serial lova/MARCL
      Serial lova/MARCL 2 months ago

      Egypt had the Jews in capivity & now it's a even game.So let's have a nuclear war in the eyes of the brotherhood!

  • vah27nb27
    vah27nb27 3 months ago

    I miss Sara's inputs for the discussion. always eloquently to the point.

  • mr555harv
    mr555harv 3 months ago

    Whoopie has no thought or in depth understanding. Black folks sold other black folks into slavery in Africa. Kanye's point is much more deep: Iron Bars do not a prison make. It is the prison of the mind that is even stronger than the legal slavery. These commentators are still going back to slavery and making excuses. Kanye says get over it and move forward.

  • Yup Yuppers
    Yup Yuppers 3 months ago

    This might actually be the most agreeing group of UScliprs ever.

  • Monkey Mutant Boss
    Monkey Mutant Boss 3 months ago

    Be a slave or be brutally murdered by people much better armed and prepared than you. Failing to see where choice comes into play here.

    • Ryan
      Ryan 3 months ago

      Kanye meant mental slavery to the liberals. Which blacks LET themselves be enslaved by them, working for them.

  • Laura Elizabeth
    Laura Elizabeth 3 months ago +1

    Kanye needs to listen to Whoopie! She's right

  • polite critique
    polite critique 4 months ago

    He said it vos he's a failing celebs so he's trying to get attention by barking crap on purpose

  • Abby Lena
    Abby Lena 4 months ago

    I’m not black and I even cringed so hard at that comment. I just face palmed, wow so so cringeworthy!

    • Ryan
      Ryan 3 months ago +1

      Then you have no idea what he meant.

  • CamillaSLLatham
    CamillaSLLatham 4 months ago

    He likes Donald Trump, and he’s married to famous family who are famous for a leaked sex tape. He should have known better. Slavery wasn’t a choice even if he did tweet after the incident. Slavery was a horrible time. It was sickening and hurtful. I learnt about it at school. And it literally made me feel sick. All humans doesn’t matter colour of skin we all should respect each other.

    • Ryan
      Ryan 3 months ago

      Black folks sold other black folks in Africa. Slavery was a horrible time, but it's NOT solely blacks who got punished by it.

  • William Ayers
    William Ayers 4 months ago +1

    Kanye West is NOT a genius.He's talented but not a genius.

  • Trent Lewis
    Trent Lewis 4 months ago

    The funny part is that people seem to have forgot how exactly America came to be. And isn't everyone equal? And if everyone is equal couldn't the slaves have done what the colonist did? Rise up against there opressors and take the power for themselves,or establish there sovereign nation. No instead you waited until the white man came around and decided to help you out. It's funny that Kanye was actually making a point about how black people should have been more empowered and done things themselves but let's just sweep that under the rug...
    Side note
    Is this really the craziest thing Kanye said, like come on now...

  • dill papa
    dill papa 4 months ago

    HAHAH! She works for the slavers right now, the importance necessity of voting is an illusion trick, in this country elections are not REAL !

  • Jen Hildreth
    Jen Hildreth 4 months ago

    Whoopi uses the word "WE" to explain the past like she was there and it happened to her personally. Whoopi you were never a slave, you're a rich black woman remember????

  • Sandyat Thebeach
    Sandyat Thebeach 4 months ago

    That TMZ employee was out of line. Oh poor poor TMZ Black guy... Blacks have GOT to MOVE ON... Do you understand. You are in the 21st century EXCEPT for moving on. REMEMBER THE VERY 1ST SLAVE OWNER WAS A BLACK MAN!!!!!!!!!!

  • Garrett Bailey
    Garrett Bailey 4 months ago +2

    Kanye West is the dumbest moron alive, endorsing Trump is one thing, saying slavery was a choice was a step too far. Kanye, if you're running for President, you might wanna suspend your campaign.

  • Traci Durant
    Traci Durant 4 months ago +1

    Kanye is an idiot

  • David Williamson
    David Williamson 4 months ago

    Sad liberals can't take losing, Trump 2020

  • David Williamson
    David Williamson 4 months ago

    That Tmz staffer needs to stop riding on the back of his ancestors, stop pooping on the graves of Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, fix your neighborhoods and encourage education it's the only cure for ignorance

  • Brianna Hudson
    Brianna Hudson 4 months ago

    Wenzel McCain co-host said she couldn't understand a word he was saying I agree with her completely you want to want to know why Kanye West tends to say things to make himself sound more intelligent than he actually is he's not very good at articulating himself the old Kanye West was this Kanye West I do not know him he's not even Kanye West he's mr. Kardashian

  • Safuwan Fauzi
    Safuwan Fauzi 4 months ago

    Kanye West Africa brought to America

  • Romy Gonzalez
    Romy Gonzalez 4 months ago

    Why do you people keep losing your breath over someone like Kanye West?!

  • DarkAdept1
    DarkAdept1 4 months ago

    Kanye is right.

  • mike
    mike 4 months ago

    Kanye is an rich artist, and with all those zero's and commas in his bank account usually makes them go a little crazy and say some really stupid stuff. Happens to all of them.

  • Nick Harley
    Nick Harley 4 months ago

    Getting raped is a choice

  • Karen Burke
    Karen Burke 4 months ago

    He's a white-washed fool. No common sense.

  • Joseph Renda
    Joseph Renda 4 months ago

    It was a choice, don’t @me niggas

  • ann hanna
    ann hanna 4 months ago

    For once, totally agree. Well said

  • Charlotte Katakuri
    Charlotte Katakuri 4 months ago

    It was a choice. Harruet chose to be free, she said she could have freed other slaves if they only knew if they were slavss. Sounds like a choice to me.

  • Ashley Tezeno
    Ashley Tezeno 4 months ago