Film Theory: Is Thor STRONGER Than The Hulk? (Thor: Ragnarok)

  • Published on Nov 2, 2017
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    THOR: RAGNAROK is hitting theaters, giving us another epic Marvel movie that features our favorite heroes: The Avengers. This means The Hulk and Thor will yet again be featured in the same movie, giving us another chance to watch in awe as they enact astounding feats of strength. So far, Marvel hasn’t given a straight answer as to which one of these ultra-powerful heroes has the most brawn, even though they’ve gone head-to-head multiple times in the movies and comics. But that ends today, Loyal Theorists! With the power of math, science, and research, I will reveal which Avenger is strongest!
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Comments • 28 706

  • Introverted KitKat
    Introverted KitKat Year ago +9265

    6:50 I DIED!!! (My fat cats name is Gandalf, we tried to put him on a diet but in revenge he pooped on our pillows)

  • Levi Ackerman
    Levi Ackerman 5 hours ago

    Well hulk may be stronger but thor is obviously more powerful

  • WeirdTheaterGirl
    WeirdTheaterGirl 6 hours ago

    R.I.P Stan Lee :(

  • Angel Bloode
    Angel Bloode 6 hours ago

    But you said that Thor is stornger then hulk in the comics

  • super beyblades
    super beyblades 10 hours ago

    Did you watch the movie

  • shriram
    shriram 12 hours ago


  • NYRIXZ39
    NYRIXZ39 13 hours ago

    Of course, Thor could critically injure Thanos, but Hulk, ehh.....he need to have his World War Hulk mode activated first

  • Goku Guadarrama
    Goku Guadarrama 14 hours ago

    thor will win

  • Fatpopcorn !
    Fatpopcorn ! 19 hours ago

    Get death battle to do it

  • TakenKaos
    TakenKaos 22 hours ago

    To bad pure strength won’t win a fight against thor with his lightning powers

  • DefaultyPlayz YT
    DefaultyPlayz YT 23 hours ago

    When you say some one is stronger than someone but then in the next movie Thor easily could’ve beaten the hulk

  • DefaultyPlayz YT
    DefaultyPlayz YT 23 hours ago

    So in ragnarock Thor smacks around the hulk but is tased how’s that for evidence

  • Pop Martinez
    Pop Martinez Day ago

    At 10:47 he couldn’t break the ground because he didn’t have his powers matpat I may sound like a hater but I love his videos

  • xX 503 ESA 503 Xx
    xX 503 ESA 503 Xx Day ago +1

    R.I.P stan lee

  • G W
    G W Day ago

    The serpents name is pronounced yo-man-gan-der just so you know

  • Dodothegamingbro

    Hulk will probably never in any moment be stronger than Thor but it is possible because Hulks strength just keeps building the angrier he gets with no cap to the amount of strength he can build. Conclusion. Hulk never has been stronger than Thor but could be if he got angry enough.

  • Ruan Annandale
    Ruan Annandale Day ago

    What your saying is that Thor’s grip strength is equivalent to that of hulks max deadlift

  • [WASP] Shadows
    [WASP] Shadows Day ago

    If Thor used both hands he would have had 6,900,000 pounds of pressure it’s only fair hulk used 2 feet

  • Miles Harrison
    Miles Harrison Day ago

    If Stan Lee says Thor is stronger it's true u can't argue

  • rahiella nanhekhan

    Hold on hulk is imortal if you stab him in the head and goes through he still live and he can heal his wounds in like 10 minutes

  • Angel Ling
    Angel Ling Day ago

    R.I.P Stan lee


    Thor: I’m the strongest avenger
    Captain Marvel: hold my beer

  • Lord Beerus
    Lord Beerus Day ago

    6:38 hey where’s me?

  • Dillan Lindsay
    Dillan Lindsay Day ago

    he is not the fucking strongest and would not win a fight

  • Lil -Willy
    Lil -Willy Day ago

    Hulk wasn’t even angry at thanos and thanos was caught of guard by Thor he was just getting to learn to use the six stones together and hulk is unlimitedly strong depending on how angry he is. He has literally destroyed planets with single punches.

  • Pinhead Larry
    Pinhead Larry Day ago

    I’m sorry but it’s factually true that hulk is stronger then Thor. In the mcu at less least. There’s so much evidence that proves it. One example is in the first Avengers movie where Thor hits captain America’s shield. Even with his hammer, Thor didn’t even make a dent. The hulk however has made a huge fist sized dent in a vibranium (the same metal as caps shield) covered room designed by Bruce banner in agents of shield. Another example is how hulk was actually beating Thor in a one on one physical fight until thor used all his lighting power. Hulk was actually ready for round 2 until the grandmaster interfered. There are a few more examples but this paragraph is getting pretty long so I’ll leave it at that.

  • Team Terra 000
    Team Terra 000 Day ago

    Wait stormbreaker

    • Team Terra 000
      Team Terra 000 Day ago

      He was the only person to even come close to killing thanos with all the infinity stones yet the hulk was beaten with out any stones also he did it in one shot

  • King Silver
    King Silver Day ago

    You know, i didnt know that was Deadpool in Wolverine Origin movie. I didnt make that connection at all! Im bad i remembering names when watching movies, but I thought he just played in a Marvel movie as someone idk.

  • michael graf
    michael graf Day ago

    Thor is actually the strongest because thought I didn't have His hammer and that was his power but the hawk had his power so if hocks and folder back into human thought would win because Thor is very buff

  • Matthew Kennedy
    Matthew Kennedy Day ago

    Liar many other people can lift the hammer

  • Marvel Nerd
    Marvel Nerd Day ago +1

    When thor tries to pick up his hammer his power is lost so he doesn't have his strength while the hulk did

  • Just1dude YT
    Just1dude YT Day ago

    Wait!! If the mcu version of Thor's hammer measures in worthyness doesn't that the earth is worthy?

  • Greninjamaster
    Greninjamaster Day ago +1

    Aren’t legs or feet stronger than hands and arms

  • Iron banner Cod
    Iron banner Cod 2 days ago

    Your wrong in ragnarock Thor and hulk fight and Thor is going to win before hulk gets help by others

  • Caillou Wilson
    Caillou Wilson 2 days ago

    The MCU didn’t even show all of hulks power 💥 he’s way stronger 💪 than they show that’s why I feel like they make Thor over powered against hulk

  • Aeixle Ged Olores
    Aeixle Ged Olores 2 days ago

    Without Thor's mjolnir he can't defeat hulk and without banner's power he can't defeat hulk
    Thor must use stormbreaker

  • Shaky Knuckle
    Shaky Knuckle 2 days ago

    Now with Stan Lee dead this is video seems rude correcting a dead guy.
    But Stan Lee wasn’t dead at the time of this video so who am I to hate

  • Elizabeth Pillsworth

    Me hart yore jokes

  • Blobslimeplayz
    Blobslimeplayz 2 days ago

    Theres a difference between wield and lift

  • Alien Games Roblox etc.

    thor in infinity is twice the strenght of hulk or 5x

  • Free Bee
    Free Bee 2 days ago

    MCU or Earth-199999

  • The goat gamers
    The goat gamers 2 days ago

    But matpat,when Thor crushed the suit he wasn’t even trying so,Thor would win

  • troll master
    troll master 2 days ago

    Now after infinity war he withstood the force of an entire star

  • BEYBLADE Awards
    BEYBLADE Awards 2 days ago

    Dood your wrong about all of this Thor is more powerful did you even see Thor ragnorock he dose ent use his hammer it comes with in him and he beat Thor in that movie

  • BEYBLADE Awards
    BEYBLADE Awards 2 days ago

    Thor lost his powers in the first movie that why he wasn’t as strong come on man every body noise this

  • BEYBLADE Awards
    BEYBLADE Awards 2 days ago

    Didn’t Even watch the video but Thor is hands down stronger

    CAMRON RAMSEY 2 days ago

    Rip Stan Lee 😢

  • adrian baxter
    adrian baxter 3 days ago

    Thor did what and bombed who now? This is why loki is the best character in the MCU

  • Dhian7
    Dhian7 3 days ago

    But feet and arms are different muscles and legs are typically stronger

  • Marvin Künzli
    Marvin Künzli 3 days ago

    Peoples don't remebers that thonas kicks hulks asss and thor should have gone for the heaad😌
    But not us

    NOT US
    I know that hulk will lose against Thor, Thor will be the strongest Avenger WAHTEVER IT TAKES!!!!

  • Simply Rihoo
    Simply Rihoo 3 days ago +1

    But Thor didn’t have his power when trying to get his hammer

  • Zach Joyce
    Zach Joyce 3 days ago +1

    He was not at full power yet because in ragnarock he does achieve full power

  • Quz Quz
    Quz Quz 3 days ago +9

    In Thor ragnarok Thor was just a step close to beat hulk if grandmaster didn't use the shocker Thor willable to beat hulk

  • The BatGamer
    The BatGamer 3 days ago +5

    Avengers infinity war, now stan lee's right R.I.P

  • TRP Leopard
    TRP Leopard 3 days ago

    You forgot that hulk was trying really hard to pick it up. Thor wasn’t trying really hard because he normally wouldn’t have to

  • Kim Gyeol
    Kim Gyeol 3 days ago

    Like thor reply hulk

  • Spencer Brady
    Spencer Brady 4 days ago


  • IDK Video games
    IDK Video games 4 days ago

    He might be be the strongest but he is not the sharpest tool in the shed . Since Hulk is dumb and Thor is smarter he will probably win like he does in the movie

  • Kristy BOII
    Kristy BOII 4 days ago

    This is hilariously wrong

  • Da Slim boi Jim
    Da Slim boi Jim 4 days ago

    Yea but... Odin says the mjlonir was for thor to control his power in mjlonir. Pre-raganarok = Hulk win
    Post-Ragnarok = Thor absolutely kicking hulks green butt.

    • Varcas
      Varcas 4 days ago

      Not only that but (as I'm sure you read multiple times in the comments) the comparison at the end isn't quite fair. A mere grip against full body strength? If anything this is proof that Thor was stronger all along. (Oh and I heard Thor lifted the weight of 14 planets (compared to earth) with one arm in the comics, don't quote me on that tho.)

  • Dexter Moon
    Dexter Moon 4 days ago


  • doom 2790
    doom 2790 4 days ago

    Diedie diedie I hate you

  • Dakotah Saulsbury
    Dakotah Saulsbury 4 days ago

    616... C137...

  • A Thomas
    A Thomas 4 days ago +1

    This was a bad evaluation

  • TRU God Whisper
    TRU God Whisper 4 days ago

    bro one line Rune King Thor :D

  • George Day
    George Day 4 days ago

    Sextillion 😏

  • Tfu e
    Tfu e 4 days ago

    Even without the hammer Thor is more powerful than hulk because back then Thor needed his hammer for lightning now he can just do it himself and in the fight Thor ragnarok thor was gonna win against hulk until he got hit with a trancilicer so in his old fights he didn’t have his full power because he didn’t unlock it so now if Thor was against tony he would win by overpowering the suit

  • Wesley Johnson
    Wesley Johnson 4 days ago

    who would win in a fight and stregth are too different things hulk is stronger but thor is a bit more strategic

  • XxDarkElixirYTxX
    XxDarkElixirYTxX 4 days ago +1

    Doode ur wrong!THOR is strongest!He is a gondamn god!Dont always refer to comix,refer to their past fight in the movie.I disagree with u

  • I’m chicy Chic
    I’m chicy Chic 4 days ago +1

    In the Norse myths they said jormungundar is IMPOSSIBLE TO LIFT

  • Aizah Kamal
    Aizah Kamal 4 days ago

    what about the weight I mean Hulk is just fat

  • Fedora5
    Fedora5 4 days ago +1

    I love villains who want to destroy the earth

    Um boi were you gonna live after you nuked earth

  • Jurassicgamer 80
    Jurassicgamer 80 5 days ago

    Rip Stan Lee

  • shining Mega requaza
    shining Mega requaza 5 days ago +4

    Lol you think hulk is stronger than Thor 😂😂😂

  • Lilboss
    Lilboss 5 days ago +1

    Thor was never at his full potential at the time'

  • Lilboss
    Lilboss 5 days ago


  • BrodyThe HappyHoneyBadger

    That was one hand and hulk did to feet so Thor is stronger than hulk

  • Boys from the lane
    Boys from the lane 5 days ago

    does thors hammer cause damage to buildings or pedestrians when he summons it??

  • Comet XTC Maln
    Comet XTC Maln 5 days ago

    Hey retard he was a human at the time lifting the hammer

  • Dead Army
    Dead Army 5 days ago

    i just unsubed i used to be a fan but know im getting your ip

  • Ikea Lamp
    Ikea Lamp 5 days ago +5

    Stan lee says thor would win, welp video over

  • Hedgehog Jedi
    Hedgehog Jedi 5 days ago +1

    According to Norse Mythology, Loki accepted the changed of eating faster, Thor's friend was challenged to speed and Thor was challenged to lift the cat.

  • Anthony Davison
    Anthony Davison 5 days ago

    i know this is just your put on it but you also have to take into account how long the battle goes on for as the hulk gets stronger the angrier he get and thor gets tired. the hulk is only as strong as his rage so he has the potential to be ultimately the strongest creature in the universe

  • Xerafi
    Xerafi 5 days ago +1

    You have to take into account though that the Hulk used his whole body to try and lift Mjölnir and failed when in comparison Thor exerted almost the same power with only one hand. I don't know how much of a testimony that is to Hulk's strength.

  • Syed Hilal
    Syed Hilal 5 days ago +1

    This video makes sense but movies are not following the story line of comics and in ragnarok they even changes the story of world war hulk !let's c what happens in A4 !

  • therandomguywholikes anime

    Don't also forget that hulk has potentially limitless strength due to his hammer. If anything, he should be considered the God.

  • mark lao
    mark lao 5 days ago +1

    Whoa whoa whoa. Hulk used his entire body for that where as thor only used the muscle on his hands and fore arms.

  • Ruchil Jain
    Ruchil Jain 5 days ago +1

    thor can use lightning smarty pants

  • Tuffnerd 160
    Tuffnerd 160 6 days ago

    0:17 This made the entire video so much better. Not that it needed it.

  • Lalaboompoo
    Lalaboompoo 6 days ago +1

    The thing is stanley was including the god of lightings ability to control lightning in his answer, their strength is relatively the same so the ability to control lightning would clench the match for him.

  • Jakob Lowther
    Jakob Lowther 6 days ago +1

    R.I.P Stan one like = one respect point

  • Kenny Simpson
    Kenny Simpson 6 days ago

    The comics say it best there equally matched ...... tho as far as physical strength hulk will win every time cause his strength is limitless and thors is not Strength hulk wins fighting abilities there equals and powers and shit thor wins .....

  • Julian Pupo
    Julian Pupo 6 days ago

    Rip ❤️🙏

  • Samarth Katyiar
    Samarth Katyiar 6 days ago

    What about the fact that thor almost defeated hulk but lost because the grandmaster stepped in, it was easily a win for thor

  • Main Gamer
    Main Gamer 6 days ago

    You wrong

  • Daniel Kjellgren
    Daniel Kjellgren 6 days ago

    And actualy asa mythilogy has a flat earth belif whith the yggdrasil tree in the middle suronding that is asgård Midgård and the place the giants live in and if i remember correctly the serpant was one of lokes children But i might be getting confused since hes the father of bacicly every abonimation in the world hel and Odens horse tex

  • Daniel Kjellgren
    Daniel Kjellgren 6 days ago +1

    *NORSE GODS??? They should be called the asa gods Thats what we In sweden call them after asgård and also it's Loke Tor mjölner rangnarök hel oh and during rangnarök tor dies the only survivor is Balder who actualy revives from the dead

  • Paul Bennett
    Paul Bennett 7 days ago

    Jormamgandr is fated to destroy Thor not destroy the world

  • Paul Bennett
    Paul Bennett 7 days ago

    It’s Thor he is a god

  • loganator 2000
    loganator 2000 7 days ago

    Take into consideration that feet are stronger than hands