Spoiled Billionaire Responded To Me


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  • SilverCrest01 teeth
    SilverCrest01 teeth 9 minutes ago

    Pyro is the only youtuber I know who’s never cringy and often funny.

  • Hideri Is Cool
    Hideri Is Cool 21 minute ago

    I got threatened a copy strike because of a default dance

  • Sa-d B-oy
    Sa-d B-oy 23 minutes ago

    Just a child in a mans body who thinks he's the main character in a show called life

  • Tuckers Shitpost Hub
    Tuckers Shitpost Hub 23 minutes ago

    make your pfp big chungus you coward

  • Dank Butters
    Dank Butters 33 minutes ago

    please come back fat hat stach pyro and make petscop 2

  • Raphael Chaia
    Raphael Chaia 43 minutes ago

    Never heard of him.

  • Enter Username Here
    Enter Username Here 45 minutes ago

    Where's petscop 2

  • Cole Coppess
    Cole Coppess 54 minutes ago

    What software do you use to animate your videos?

  • VTM BillyBlox
    VTM BillyBlox 57 minutes ago

    My wife is you mother ♿♿♿ xD I'm not retarded please dont bully me

  • RussianPepe
    RussianPepe Hour ago

    Where's petscop 2

  • ales nbees
    ales nbees Hour ago

    pyro is amazing

  • Ashbrowny aze
    Ashbrowny aze Hour ago

    Brexit pewdiepie, we are lost...

  • Mike
    Mike Hour ago

    7:24 Vordt music from Dark Souls 3?

  • Member of the USSR No GERMANZ

    12:36 ... pause at

    Ladys and gentlemen, we got ourselves a furry...

  • Amscarpi
    Amscarpi Hour ago

    I don’t miss commentary Pyro, I miss the one that PLAYED DARK SOULS III

  • pirate _flop
    pirate _flop Hour ago

    1mil sub special

  • Bats
    Bats Hour ago

    Niall did you just broke up with Hyojin?!

  • RaccoonEggs Van Der Linde

    Petscop 2 or be gone

  • TR/ Tech Review
    TR/ Tech Review Hour ago


  • ShatOnYourSteak
    ShatOnYourSteak Hour ago +1

    Petscop 2

  • Citrus Fruit
    Citrus Fruit 2 hours ago

    memeulous the midget

  • Dancing Parrot
    Dancing Parrot 2 hours ago

    Good stuff
    Good stuff
    And i can wait for petscop 2

  • YoungExvy
    YoungExvy 2 hours ago

    >rich kid gets born
    >makes a small video about his life and wealth
    >public hates him
    >responds about the attention
    >rich = bad

    envy "satire" videos

  • Zaot1c 1
    Zaot1c 1 2 hours ago

    So guys we did it

  • TheNeonGuy
    TheNeonGuy 2 hours ago

    why the fuck are his eyes so sunken into his head holy shit

  • Corsair logo
    Corsair logo 2 hours ago

    Copy PewDiePie harder

  • Ellis West
    Ellis West 2 hours ago

    3:00 song?

    KILLER CUM STAR 2 hours ago

    Your videos are the only thing that are actually entertaining on this garbage site

  • solid gamers
    solid gamers 2 hours ago

    I wished I had divorced parents damn what a good flex

  • zinkpieco
    zinkpieco 2 hours ago

    Bet the fuckin hiatus is because he is growing his hair to fix it

  • McKay
    McKay 2 hours ago +1

    Petscop 2 pls :)

  • Andy Salas
    Andy Salas 2 hours ago

    I am 7 plus 7 BONUS YEARS

  • Leif Dude
    Leif Dude 2 hours ago +1

    I'm Sorry I dont speek B R O K E

  • Mosieur Pepe
    Mosieur Pepe 3 hours ago +1


  • IfhyJay
    IfhyJay 3 hours ago

    Make petscop 2

  • parker munsil
    parker munsil 3 hours ago


  • nat sauce
    nat sauce 3 hours ago

    Where is petscop 2 WHERRRRW

  • Joshieluvspanda B
    Joshieluvspanda B 3 hours ago

    Wheres petscop 2?

  • Spooder Man
    Spooder Man 3 hours ago

    Shreck has swag 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pls

  • CatsRCool
    CatsRCool 3 hours ago +1

    If you won't give us Petscop 2, at least give us a video on your weight loss.

  • Purple Doggo
    Purple Doggo 3 hours ago


  • Beep Beep Lettuce
    Beep Beep Lettuce 3 hours ago

    postcep 2 plos she took the kids

  • Garrett David
    Garrett David 4 hours ago

    He worked for a year!!

  • Will Mathis
    Will Mathis 4 hours ago

    This is in his liked videos lol

  • JoeBob
    JoeBob 4 hours ago

    U r videos a're epic

  • Wander&Ponder
    Wander&Ponder 4 hours ago


  • messy . wav
    messy . wav 4 hours ago

    i too buy all my clothes from mark's prime

  • Morgan Witham
    Morgan Witham 4 hours ago


  • Joseph Bournes
    Joseph Bournes 4 hours ago

    Pyro said the n word in the worlds most important videos playlist

  • DogeKitten Studios
    DogeKitten Studios 4 hours ago

    If pyro pins this people have to stop asking for petscop 2 in any form what so ever.

  • RahulR
    RahulR 4 hours ago

    when matpat uploads a new petscop video before pyro

  • Kripas Fluid
    Kripas Fluid 4 hours ago

    Pyro you think you are slick I see you, you just put the new stuff today

  • Johan Graf
    Johan Graf 4 hours ago

    If this is what you do in your free time, commenting on videos- shit that’s what I do

  • buttery haggiz
    buttery haggiz 5 hours ago

    The provocotive truth is that if you dont upload petscop 2 then i recrrate darude sandstorm using ur laughs

  • gregory ansestor
    gregory ansestor 5 hours ago +1

    Where is pet scop2

  • OriginalTheUsername
    OriginalTheUsername 5 hours ago

    Jokes on you, I don't HAVE a wife

  • Un-known person
    Un-known person 5 hours ago

    He worked for a full year, hes a goddamn hero.

  • Comment Cop
    Comment Cop 5 hours ago +1

    In an alternate reality Pyro is rich and made Petscop 5. This saddens me.

  • Niko Te Rangiita
    Niko Te Rangiita 5 hours ago

    Your head is a stop sign, also my side mirror is gone.

  • עדן רביצקי
    עדן רביצקי 6 hours ago

    He hasn't posted in a week lads, you know what that means

  • Alastair Nattress
    Alastair Nattress 6 hours ago +1

    You would also get 11111111 mil views with Petscop 2

  • Alastair Nattress
    Alastair Nattress 6 hours ago +1

    Petscop 2 plz you would make so much money and people would enjoy it so plz make Petscop 2

  • DeadMeme
    DeadMeme 6 hours ago

    Northern Retard and Midget

  • Lukas T
    Lukas T 6 hours ago

    Jake shorts are gone hellp

  • skid
    skid 7 hours ago

    If he billionaire why he not have iphone x?

  • dm slider
    dm slider 7 hours ago

    at 8:00 when ‘tory prick’ popped up i absolutely lost it

  • MW and his umbrella
    MW and his umbrella 7 hours ago +1

    t H e P r O v O c A t I v E t R u T h

  • Mr. O
    Mr. O 7 hours ago

    I buy my clothing from the nearest hobo downtown.

  • T 88-400 juice
    T 88-400 juice 7 hours ago

    forget petscop 2...
    POSTAL 2, the good old days

  • TwisterTGM
    TwisterTGM 8 hours ago

    usclip.net/video/dQ_BPzOGIL0/video.html Not Petscop 2 but pyro isnt gonna make it so this will do

    • TwisterTGM
      TwisterTGM 8 hours ago

      Not really where is Petscop 2 pyro?

  • Gen Ohmni
    Gen Ohmni 8 hours ago

    The only thing that annoys me was the hate comments bit. Why? It's just so fucking corporate by this point of insert present year argumentation.

  • Francisco Moreira
    Francisco Moreira 8 hours ago +1

    Imagine flexing with money thats not even yours

    oh just remebered a major part of this platform is like that at least flex with pyrocynical merch

  • chocoboasylum
    chocoboasylum 8 hours ago

    Hey Pyro, ShoeNice is calling bigger UScliprs out whom have ever gotten views and subscribers off of him in some way. Apparently he lost his old channel and all his subs. Maybe time for an update? Thought you might like to know :)
    See his video 'USclipr's 50th Birthday wish 100,000 subs - need help QuackityHQ - h3h3 - pyrocynical'

  • Kaga san
    Kaga san 8 hours ago +1

    Now Im Imagining A Lara Croft Suit Worn By Nicholas Cage :)

  • Femmemarvel
    Femmemarvel 9 hours ago

    His stupid ass american accent even though he is clearly aussie makes me want to gouge my fucking eyes out

  • Duck
    Duck 9 hours ago +1

    Was the spoiled billionaire who responded to you Dolan Dark.

  • Sword Addict
    Sword Addict 9 hours ago

    Fucks sake man you clickbaited me for the last time

  • Rusty Brown
    Rusty Brown 9 hours ago

    Where petscop 2?

  • UeUeUdk
    UeUeUdk 9 hours ago

    my wife is my dads friend

  • Joshua Brownlee
    Joshua Brownlee 9 hours ago

    I used to abs love your vids, till youve stuck 4 ads in and now i cant even watch a quarter of it, without fucking raging

  • Robert Mihai
    Robert Mihai 9 hours ago

    Jynx reaction is back make a video on him

  • blooddragon265
    blooddragon265 9 hours ago

    this it is not petscop 2, who care

  • ass eater1999
    ass eater1999 9 hours ago

    pyro follow me on twitter or i will game end my self

  • PistolRaids
    PistolRaids 10 hours ago

    So guys, we did it

  • 4rchie_Bail3y
    4rchie_Bail3y 10 hours ago

    R u dead lol

  • Sardonic Jester - Family Friendly Content

    I'm outta prison amd Ima kill you for bad mouthing me

  • bea bea
    bea bea 11 hours ago

    Petscop 2 please
    Job well done

  • BlueCommunist
    BlueCommunist 11 hours ago

    Look at them midroll ads damm

  • Sam Clore
    Sam Clore 11 hours ago

    God damnit man ya fuckin' click baited it.

  • Marcus A.H.
    Marcus A.H. 11 hours ago

    Fucking upload more often.
    what even is ad revenue?

  • D3fault
    D3fault 11 hours ago

    my art project quote is "so guys we did it we reached a quarter of a million subscribers " do i have your consent?

  • Forkinthemud
    Forkinthemud 13 hours ago

    On every cut, do you comb your hair?

  • Tring Tring
    Tring Tring 13 hours ago

    2:24 if you bully children then why censor that asshole's name and profile pic? I wouldn't do that if i were you.

  • Einstein's smexy Hands
    Einstein's smexy Hands 13 hours ago

    He literally thinked he is the next biggest famous star, but then he probably going to be ended up irrelevant.. let's just hope he doesnt become like Logan Paul

  • Dit Dit Lord
    Dit Dit Lord 13 hours ago +1


  • Sentel
    Sentel 14 hours ago

    we need fortnite chess

  • twotuber
    twotuber 15 hours ago

    First to reply is gao!

  • ethan harkin
    ethan harkin 16 hours ago

    The fuck you just say about my memeleous