10 Things NOT TO DO in 2019 | Tamil | Madan Gowri | MG

  • Published on Jan 1, 2019
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  • Madan Gowri
    Madan Gowri  4 months ago +371

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    • Visithra G
      Visithra G 4 months ago

      +தமிழ் அழகி vzz

    • # கிச்சுகீச்
      # கிச்சுகீச் 4 months ago

      Wowwww super motivational speech and very helpful tips for better life thank you Sooo much madan wish you very very happy new year 👍

    • San Thosh
      San Thosh 4 months ago

      Already I followed 1st goal bro ..;

      KOTHALAMUTHU MADASAMY 4 months ago

      Happy new year n.a... stay more healthy more strong.. rock more.. may god bless u.. apart from making videos rocking world.. staying healthy is more important so take enough intake na.. take care of ur health..

    • TBlaze
      TBlaze 4 months ago

      Please make a video regarding Convincing my gf parents for marriage.. We love each other fr 5 yrs n want to be my forever. She loves me but family is only thing stopping her.

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  • Krish Dayal
    Krish Dayal 2 months ago

    Wow Thank you so much for your motivation video bro really superb video nee sonnathula secret maintain, weakness, fairness, itha mathum ennaikku naa share pannathula aana mathathu share pannirukkan ithuku mella panna maathan Thank you so much bro

  • Navila Navila
    Navila Navila 2 months ago

    Hi bro, the 1st and 10th one I am following in my life.

  • learn maths
    learn maths 2 months ago

    Anna no.7 mass na
    Yannayum oruthan yemathithan

  • Meghala K
    Meghala K 3 months ago

    I will follow all the 10 things Anna...

  • Mohammed Ameen
    Mohammed Ameen 3 months ago +1

    Intha 10 tips life ko romba romba useful and 100% correct also super duper bro

  • ferdinand gold
    ferdinand gold 3 months ago

    Really a valuable thought great madan👍☺️

  • chemistry tamil
    chemistry tamil 3 months ago

    Intha 10 mai na follow pandran anna

    POORNIMA D 3 months ago

    good one

  • Benny Constantine
    Benny Constantine 3 months ago

    Alone make legend atha pathi pesunga bro

  • Otthisaivu Kazham
    Otthisaivu Kazham 3 months ago

    most worth valuable video

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    nagaraj d 3 months ago

    Thanks bro it will help me a lot

  • Yj prakash
    Yj prakash 3 months ago

    Bro gym poga mind set aka mattiku

  • Alan Jose
    Alan Jose 3 months ago

    Bro Robert Downey Jr Pathi podunga bro plz🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Ne on
    Ne on 3 months ago

    Your videos are always thought provoking... I will follow all..☺️

  • Vijay 270701
    Vijay 270701 3 months ago

    Bro gym Ku pona height aagha maatama
    I'm 17 years old

    Please reply me

  • Nura Hanise
    Nura Hanise 3 months ago

    Personal is important

  • Jaffrulla 06
    Jaffrulla 06 3 months ago

    Best of Best's ❤❤❤❤

  • Music 4lyf
    Music 4lyf 3 months ago

    Romba crrct bro goals Sola maaten Inimael....

  • Usha suresh
    Usha suresh 3 months ago

    Don't tell Ur weakness and fear

  • Asha Asha
    Asha Asha 4 months ago

    Edhula neraya na following dha na ,ni sonndhukku aprondha yenaku na b edhella pandre nu theridhu Tq na

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    Nivi's craftsss 4 months ago

    Anna na kandipa idha follow panren👍
    Super video anna

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    thala Azeez 4 months ago

    7 la eruikka tha na all ready follow panra MG

  • Havoc Love
    Havoc Love 4 months ago

    Broo CRISPR genetic engineering explain pannunga broo.........

  • Hajara Fahmitha
    Hajara Fahmitha 4 months ago

    Happy pongal bro

  • Hajara Fahmitha
    Hajara Fahmitha 4 months ago

    Happy new year anna ...sorry later wishses

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    Ajith Kumar 4 months ago

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    Arun Kumar 4 months ago

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    Kokila A 4 months ago

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    aswin crazy 4 months ago

    Konjam slow va pesunga anna

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    Semma thalaiva

  • sree murugan
    sree murugan 4 months ago

    Personal ah nadantha tha solla koodathu na
    Epdi depression kammi aaagum🙄😫😥
    ATHUM cls frd kitta?

  • Vignesh 93
    Vignesh 93 4 months ago

    I feel like this is one among your best video bro

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    Sumathi Sumathi 4 months ago

    semaya irunthuthu anna

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    Nice sir 👌

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    Dream Life 4 months ago

    Unga Ted talk video upload pannuga

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    m d 4 months ago

    Anna,already i followed this, 10

  • Logu R7
    Logu R7 4 months ago

    Neenga sona 1st thing en vazkayela nadanthuduthu neenga sona 10thing is may be correct

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    Mubarak j 4 months ago +2

    Happy Newyear Anna

  • Shilpa Ganesh
    Shilpa Ganesh 4 months ago

    அனைவருக்கும் பொங்கல் வாழ்த்துக்கள்

  • A surya
    A surya 4 months ago

    I don't share my family weakness to everyone drrrr....

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    Nisha n 4 months ago

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  • Nisha n
    Nisha n 4 months ago

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    afrin s 4 months ago

    Most awesome nd useful video👌👌

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    Deeban 360 4 months ago

    Yes bro 😎😎😎 know only now all the fact is right

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    Keerthi Lakshmi 4 months ago +1

    Tnpsc exam epdi clear pandrathu atha pathi sollunga

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    Rajeev Raj 4 months ago

    Thank you**

  • Vijia Lakshmi
    Vijia Lakshmi 4 months ago

    Amirtha devi the chipko movement pathi pesunga bro. 363 people's were killed for trees

  • ammu arthi
    ammu arthi 4 months ago

    Am gonna follow all those things. Grt😊

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    kk pk 4 months ago

    Thumbnail image is looking nice bro

  • Harikrishanan Elumalai
    Harikrishanan Elumalai 4 months ago

    explain mystery in ss ourang medan

    RAJA RAJAN 4 months ago

    Super thalaiva

    VIGNESH S 4 months ago

    No weakness to others

  • Thenmozhi Nagaraj
    Thenmozhi Nagaraj 4 months ago

    Early morning innum maintain panrempaa...then one tym sonninga promise is promise...adhayum follow panre...enoda second ppt successful ah pochu .....tqqqqqq so much

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    Jayaprakash Arumugam 4 months ago

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    Abdul Rahman 4 months ago

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    jai vishwa 4 months ago

    Talk about 3 eyed baby in germany

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    madhina begam 4 months ago

    It resembles my thoughts

  • bala murugan
    bala murugan 4 months ago

    And important thing is u must live for urself,do not change even for ur parents and frnds and other's opinion

  • Aditya 17198
    Aditya 17198 4 months ago

    Thank you so much
    Na edha thedunano ada solitanga 🙂🙃

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    Sheik Sheik 4 months ago

    Naan..Nammalta Ulla Talent ahh..Surprise Vachikirthu pidikum...Bcoz..Naan Antha Maari pannirkken broo...

  • Jeyanthi Bal sundari
    Jeyanthi Bal sundari 4 months ago

    Gave a real a mind opening I will not share my personal life talks with anyone

  • Mohideen Zafraan
    Mohideen Zafraan 4 months ago

    Bro next time talk about MESSI(soccer)

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    anub lavi 4 months ago

    Eppadi bro ippidii Ella yosikirenga.
    Vara level bro neenga

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    poon guzhali 4 months ago

    Wish you and family a happy new year brother 💐

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    I will try ..... Bro

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    mari prince 4 months ago

    Migraine headache pathi pesunga

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    Tamil boys Gret boys 4 months ago

    secret na

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    kavin kumar 4 months ago

    About project orion plz

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    Sha Prawin 4 months ago

    5.08 sec my personal life la ula experience la soluren ..silver spoon golden spoon status oda nama childhood ilana kuda ..in furture la neinga nall ah neilamaila eruinthalaum .. don’t share u r past life to anybody even wife kita kuda ..athuku apurem than yen da nama eallm uiroda erukanumea thona vaipanga.

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    revathi nila Sri 4 months ago

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    Kalaivani Anbarasan 4 months ago

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    Yuvraj yuvi 4 months ago

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  • Venkataramanan B V
    Venkataramanan B V 4 months ago

    I will definitely follow all the 10 things which you have discussed here . I will not releave the comments regarding what I am following now and what I will follow here after. But after this 2019(i.e on December 31, 2019) I will definitely share my video and will explain in detail on December 31 2019 the things I followed and what output I got. Any ways thank you for your videos and I became a huge fan of you since December 2018 and lot of things, information I got from you. Keep posting these type of useful video. All the best and happy new year

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    james santhosh 4 months ago

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    Vetri Mdu 4 months ago

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    mythili mythili 4 months ago

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  • mythili mythili
    mythili mythili 4 months ago

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  • mythili mythili
    mythili mythili 4 months ago

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    vajith ikram 4 months ago

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