i only ate LUNCHABLES for 24 hours

  • Published on Feb 8, 2018
  • so i decided to only eat lunchables snacks for a whole day. lunchables pizza, chicken nuggets, cheesy nachos, cinnamon buns, candy pizza and so much more. i hope you like, don't forget to subscribe
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  • Abuzer Sattar
    Abuzer Sattar Year ago +6877

    You should do 24h of camping food

  • Irene Ponce
    Irene Ponce Day ago

    You’re making me hungry

  • D Malabongs
    D Malabongs Day ago


  • Basia Basia
    Basia Basia Day ago

    Damn. You Put No Effort Into ANYTHING. In All Of These Videos

  • My love YOONGIII
    My love YOONGIII 2 days ago +1

    Can i ask? Where you find it?😅 Because I can't find one around

  • My love YOONGIII
    My love YOONGIII 2 days ago +2

    5:12 it is me when i broked the moms vase 😅

  • Thug Llama Gaming
    Thug Llama Gaming 3 days ago +6

    Who here is watching late at night going to get a midnight snack ??

  • Uprizing-_Havic
    Uprizing-_Havic 3 days ago +2

    I dont trust your judgment

  • Prize Songs
    Prize Songs 3 days ago +1

    The chocolate chips are M&Ms

    BTSLOVER123 BTS 4 days ago +9

    Love your videos SOOO MUCH

  • Demon Berzerker
    Demon Berzerker 5 days ago +7

    Are you left handed????

  • Melanie de Winter
    Melanie de Winter 6 days ago +4

    Why do people this.??? I dont think.we have lunchables in The Netherlands.

    • Melanie de Winter
      Melanie de Winter 4 days ago +1

      +Jsjdjdhbjwj Jj ja ik woon in de buurt van Rotterdam

    • Jsjdjdhbjwj Jj
      Jsjdjdhbjwj Jj 4 days ago +1

      Melanie de Winter hoi kom jij ook uit Nederland

  • Kim Michael Garcia
    Kim Michael Garcia 7 days ago +6

    Your kids be like
    Me :dad i want some pizza
    Dad:here take lunchables

    Me:what tge heck

  • King Slasher Dey
    King Slasher Dey 7 days ago +2

    Do a video on eating only chocolates for 24hours

  • King Slasher Dey
    King Slasher Dey 7 days ago +1

    Yeah do the toys video

  • shau yi paul
    shau yi paul 7 days ago +2

    24 hours about taco bell

  • Akira Pearse
    Akira Pearse 8 days ago +2

    Where are these in Canada I think we got jipped

  • Xander Dakis
    Xander Dakis 9 days ago +7

    Roses are red violets are blue if you love RG make the like botton blue

  • Zelda_marie Lol
    Zelda_marie Lol 9 days ago +1

    U forgot the hot dog one

  • This is Wolf
    This is Wolf 10 days ago +2

    It's not coming in the future they're called M & M

  • Mrs UniTato
    Mrs UniTato 10 days ago +3

    U should cook the pizza my mom doesnt let me eat it just frozen

  • Wifey Ally : Jiminjiminout

    Sadly I've never heard of the Cinnabon one :( don't have it where I live

  • Hary Jegan
    Hary Jegan 12 days ago +4

    Try melting a lunchables cheese slice mate, i promise you wont have a good time ;-;

  • Nadja Rodriguez
    Nadja Rodriguez 12 days ago +3

    How did the Hershey's kiss roll under your couch?

  • Pokémon Master
    Pokémon Master 13 days ago +1

    Is ham good?

  • Dayda De La Cruz
    Dayda De La Cruz 14 days ago +17

    Never tried a lunchable in my entire life. Dont have that in my country .

  • Haley Goodwin
    Haley Goodwin 14 days ago +3

    I am American 🇺🇸, & I don't drink Kool-Aid, or Even Soda Pop 🥃🥤, I drink Other Things, that I like. To be honest, I think that Capri-Sun is a Whole heck of A Lot Better.

  • Haley Goodwin
    Haley Goodwin 14 days ago +4

    Lunchables are soooooooo cool. Lunchables are Not just for Children, they are for Anyone Who wishes to eat them. I for one, Actually love Lunchables.

  • Haley Goodwin
    Haley Goodwin 14 days ago +5

    I love😍😘😻💘❤💓💕💖💗💙💚💛🧡💜💝💞💟❣Lunchables.

  • Rice Lee
    Rice Lee 15 days ago +4

    Your so lucky I have never had kool aid before and I live in America

    • Haley Goodwin
      Haley Goodwin 14 days ago +2

      What 😲😱🙀?! You, my friend Do Not know What you're missing.

  • Kaitlyn McAllister
    Kaitlyn McAllister 17 days ago +5

    Both the caprisun and koolaid are popular here in the us soooo

    • Kaitlyn McAllister
      Kaitlyn McAllister 14 days ago

      +Haley Goodwin yeah understandable. I hate artificial cherry now plain cherries you get in stores that come in the cartons are good to an extent

    • Haley Goodwin
      Haley Goodwin 14 days ago +1

      I agree. I like Capri Sun, just Not Cherry🍒 Flavored. I hate Cherries 🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒 & Cherry🍒 Flavored Stuff.

  • sandy shores
    sandy shores 17 days ago +3

    Who also thought you should try and microwave the pizza

  • HCStudios 2010
    HCStudios 2010 17 days ago +10

    Seven day vegan challenge, solves all your problems

  • Sidney Tienso
    Sidney Tienso 17 days ago +5

    I love how you honestly rate the foods and your opinions are so accurate.👏💖

    • Sheik
      Sheik 11 days ago

      HCStudios 2010 What does him being European have to do with this

    • HCStudios 2010
      HCStudios 2010 17 days ago +1

      He’s European tho lmao but he has a great description

  • Teresa Jane
    Teresa Jane 17 days ago +3

    hey i love the lunchbles chicken nuggets too but i haven't heard of the candy pizza or the cinnamon buns

  • Bethan Lewis
    Bethan Lewis 17 days ago +5

    *Who loves Oreos*
    *I do*

  • Anjana R
    Anjana R 18 days ago +2

    You should cook that

  • gljtched RBX
    gljtched RBX 18 days ago +8

    If the lunchables made you hungry your a kid.

  • Michelle Li
    Michelle Li 18 days ago

    I ate a Lunchables and I didn't like it why?

    LISA'S CORNER 18 days ago +5

    I love your eating videos....there....satifying......

  • David’s Weird
    David’s Weird 18 days ago +2

    Idk what you mean by flavorful but I know for a fact that lunchables have no flavor

  • Conner Permaloff
    Conner Permaloff 18 days ago +1

    Redo this video, there are now breakfast Lunchables called Brunchales.

  • Sophie Thomson Jacobs
    Sophie Thomson Jacobs 18 days ago +2

    I live in America and the cheese sucks my sister was born in Switzerland and American food compared to Swiss food Is discuting

  • sandy 2006
    sandy 2006 18 days ago +2

    You got the 20k of likes.... Where is the toy's video??? (Jk ly❤️)

  • florence Akanimo
    florence Akanimo 18 days ago

    Dude stop doing wasting your money seriously 😒😒🙄🙄👎

  • Matija Modrić
    Matija Modrić 18 days ago

    I eating my tounge while watching this

    • Elementz.
      Elementz. 18 days ago

      Matija Modrić wtf I’m doing that to...

  • Kazoo
    Kazoo 18 days ago +5

    Very impressive, but can you eat air for 24h?

  • claudia roman
    claudia roman 19 days ago +2

    I like ham and cheddar😁

  • Simarprit Bhogal - Shaw PS (1489)

    When he eats, it looks like he hasn’t eatin in years because he shoves it in his mouth .w.

  • JellyJelly
    JellyJelly 20 days ago +3

    its odd
    i see Americans review lunchables and they all say it sucks and there is no flaver
    then this euro reviews it and says it has lots of flaver and it tastes great

    • The One and only Hahaha
      The One and only Hahaha 19 days ago

      The dairylea ones in the uk are literal garbage, the cheese is always stuck together and they taste of rubber, people in Europe have no taste trust me.

  • Nikki 2 Thiccy
    Nikki 2 Thiccy 21 day ago +2

    Did anybody else see him spit

  • Misskywalker X3
    Misskywalker X3 21 day ago +1

    I’m not mean but you eat messy and I love your videos

    • Ha Ha
      Ha Ha 21 day ago

      Misskywalker X3 Don't be so mean.

  • Mia D
    Mia D 21 day ago +1

    3:40 ok like honestly this is soo annoying bc I see ppl stereotype this all the time like I’m American and junk food is also just a sometimes special lazy meal like the rest of the world so kinda annoying that every food vid has some rude American stereotype bc u only see what they say online and that isn’t real life for over half of Americans so

    • sweatysis
      sweatysis 18 days ago

      .. obesity rates are high in America. They’re food servings are big as well and i’ve been there. You just don’t know anything to compare with *that*

    • Flight experience
      Flight experience 20 days ago

      What did he say thats rude?

  • JustAnAnimatingAsian Animates

    So 24 hours of eating school food

  • SG Youtube
    SG Youtube 22 days ago +2

    he is a beautiful man

  • SG Youtube
    SG Youtube 22 days ago +2

    he is a beautiful man

  • Rose Schoneberg
    Rose Schoneberg 22 days ago

    Poor you, you're torturing yourself lol

  • Hhbggb Gvvggv
    Hhbggb Gvvggv 22 days ago +2

    Every parent gets lunchables for their kids

  • Hhbggb Gvvggv
    Hhbggb Gvvggv 22 days ago +1

    Raphael: Isn't this for people who is cool?
    Me: U said that in a weird way so ur trying to be cool 😐
    Raphael: oh wait why am I eating this 😮

    • Ha Ha
      Ha Ha 21 day ago

      Hhbggb Gvvggv no u

  • TTH Galaxy
    TTH Galaxy 22 days ago +3

    24 Hours Vegan

  • Alberto Rmirez
    Alberto Rmirez 22 days ago

    You should taste the golden pizza ever

  • hannah montannah
    hannah montannah 24 days ago +3

    raphael:chocolate chips where have you been in my whole life
    me:you can find a bag of it in the bakeshop

  • shawna brown
    shawna brown 24 days ago +3


  • Junko sora Shiozaki
    Junko sora Shiozaki 25 days ago +2

    I don’t drink koolaid

  • mos music
    mos music 25 days ago +5

    Eating pizza 🍕 for 24 hours

  • GOJIFAN 64
    GOJIFAN 64 25 days ago +4

    My two fav lunchables is turkey and cheese pizza

    • GOJIFAN 64
      GOJIFAN 64 21 day ago

      +CruzV Nenadich nice

    • CruzV Nenadich
      CruzV Nenadich 22 days ago +1

      Mine are the chicken nuggets pizza and extra cheese pizza

  • Amv Lord
    Amv Lord 25 days ago

    It’s made the same the juice

  • Hover_ Things
    Hover_ Things 25 days ago +7

    I ate lunchables for 24 hour and it gave me ligma

  • Antonio Ledesma
    Antonio Ledesma 25 days ago +4

    Pringles for 24 hours

  • Jax playz
    Jax playz 25 days ago +2

    Where is his parents LOL

  • minecraft fan
    minecraft fan 25 days ago +1

    This is my freaking life

  • Boxermine 101
    Boxermine 101 26 days ago +7

    11:22 you live under a rock

  • Jon Axl Gondraneos
    Jon Axl Gondraneos 26 days ago

    I hate mayo and catsup

  • Ethan Hammonds
    Ethan Hammonds 26 days ago +1

    Do eating soup for 24 hours

  • Lilia Triana
    Lilia Triana 26 days ago

    Its not chiken stoopid

    • Mak ia
      Mak ia 22 days ago +1

      You calling Raphael stupid when you can't even spell 😐😑

    • Doesn't Matter
      Doesn't Matter 25 days ago +1

      You spelled stupid wrong stupid

    • AlexTheMaster Disc
      AlexTheMaster Disc 26 days ago +2

      Lilia Triana you the one is stupid and watch your spelling dude!!

    • AnAcquatic Army
      AnAcquatic Army 26 days ago +2

      it's chicken stupid

  • Neas Art
    Neas Art 26 days ago +1

    You are so cute❤️💕

  • Gamestationelite
    Gamestationelite 26 days ago +1

    Why am i here 🤔

  • cringey waifu
    cringey waifu 27 days ago +1

    Pabebe ampota

  • Arwa Gouda
    Arwa Gouda 27 days ago

    Whaaaaaaaaaat is lunch ables

  • Rxckless _
    Rxckless _ 27 days ago +5

    I've never seen a man enjoy lunchables that much

  • kawaii robin fairy tales
    kawaii robin fairy tales 27 days ago +2

    Usaly u put the chicken and pizza in microwave

  • Pig Squad - News and more Mod

    You got me back to eating pizza lunchables

  • Andrew Baldwin
    Andrew Baldwin 27 days ago +2

    He would die from all that salt

  • kamel Sawalha
    kamel Sawalha 27 days ago +2

    I meant I really like your videos and I subscribe to your videos and like your videos and I really think you should eat salt for 24 hour video

    • Sara Noar
      Sara Noar 26 days ago

      You know that humans can die if they eat more than 3 Tabelspoons of Salt at once ?

  • Liana Nguyen
    Liana Nguyen 27 days ago +3

    All of the six year olds Are triggered

  • Liana Nguyen
    Liana Nguyen 27 days ago +3

    All of the six year olds Are triggered

  • Michael Yetter
    Michael Yetter 27 days ago +3

    3:12 he is such a hog

  • 10k sub Challenge With no videos


    CRYSTAL KELLEY 27 days ago +2

    The lunchables here r boring

  • Parker Lindsay
    Parker Lindsay 28 days ago +1

    6:45 you should have warmed it up

    • Denise Clark
      Denise Clark 23 days ago

      +Parker Lindsay then can to fat ass use one?

    • Parker Lindsay
      Parker Lindsay 24 days ago +1

      I have 4 microwaves at my school

    • Drew Mah
      Drew Mah 26 days ago +1

      Helena The Lil Gacha I actually have three microwaves in the vicinity of my classroom

    • Helena The Lil Gacha
      Helena The Lil Gacha 27 days ago +1

      But when you eat it as a lunch in school do you have a microwave?

  • Soma Alabsi
    Soma Alabsi 28 days ago


  • Coolcatgothacked
    Coolcatgothacked 28 days ago +4

    I have a weird memory with lunchables ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    (≧∀≦) when I was little for some damn reason I begged my mum to cook me the pizza lunchables in the oven. Apparently it was possible and we didn’t burn the house down ✌︎('ω'✌︎ )

  • Amy C
    Amy C 28 days ago

    i dont drink kool-aid everyday like almost once in my life.

  • Gost Murray
    Gost Murray 28 days ago +1

    In the US we don't have breakfast Lunchables

  • C4ZINCXx
    C4ZINCXx 28 days ago +3

    Then “The Eh Bee Family” comes in the comments and writes “YOU LAZY PEOPLE”

  • Ha To
    Ha To 28 days ago

    Sonic exe was the titanic and casino game I had to a turkey

  • Isobel Belenger
    Isobel Belenger 28 days ago +1

    I have lunchables for lunch every day I love them I don't have them every day but ya

  • Cayla Wagner
    Cayla Wagner 28 days ago +1

    This is basically just a Mukbang 😂🍫🍜

  • Elugba Wanogho
    Elugba Wanogho 29 days ago +2

    sup raph, i dare you to do a dare video

  • Kevin Cole
    Kevin Cole 29 days ago +2

    Say caprice sun right