Are You Fooled By These Audio Illusions?


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  • Meme Boi
    Meme Boi 6 hours ago

    I heard windmill

  • Tristan Tipton vlogs
    Tristan Tipton vlogs 12 hours ago

    I heard noel

  • your dad
    your dad 12 hours ago

    I heard I know in the first one

  • Emilio
    Emilio 13 hours ago

    I heard "nowhere"

  • lenni
    lenni 19 hours ago

    I heard venom

  • Flower Owl9
    Flower Owl9 20 hours ago

    My iPad has speakers on both sides so on the last one I didn’t use headphones

  • Mindy Freeman
    Mindy Freeman 23 hours ago

    Row boat

  • Damon Mckinley
    Damon Mckinley Day ago

    Way know

  • Mackynze
    Mackynze Day ago

    Left and right for the first one

  • LordGamerWolf
    LordGamerWolf Day ago

    I heard woah

  • Rocketroost
    Rocketroost Day ago

    I heard "nowhere" with an accent

  • LPSBlueKnees
    LPSBlueKnees Day ago

    i heard "No Rhett" on the first one

  • Sandra Espino
    Sandra Espino Day ago

    I heard norain

  • Sixto Yanes
    Sixto Yanes 2 days ago

    no win

  • Senpai episodes
    Senpai episodes 2 days ago

    I heard nowhere and bueno

  • Tamjid Ahmed
    Tamjid Ahmed 2 days ago

    3:46 no change

  • usagi
    usagi 2 days ago

    i hear 'milk' in the first one

  • Heaven Girdler
    Heaven Girdler 2 days ago

    No whear

  • MayTheGameBeWithYou Always

    I heard random. Am I the only one?😞

  • Mia Pontjoredjo
    Mia Pontjoredjo 3 days ago

    Well it's actually now people called it ASMR :v

  • Andrew S Park
    Andrew S Park 3 days ago

    I heard no & continuously changing grow to play over & over on 1/4 the normal speed, heard no & groom on 1/2 of the normal speed, heard the same thing on 3/4 of the normal speed as 1/2 of the normal speed except the groom was continuously changing, on the normal speed I heard no grom, no groom and random sounds continuously, on 1 1/4 the normal speed I heard random sounds but I heard no grom & no groom.

  • Andrew S Park
    Andrew S Park 3 days ago


  • Andrew S Park
    Andrew S Park 3 days ago

    What if you slow the first audio in your video

  • Subpar Monkey
    Subpar Monkey 3 days ago

    I heard “how could u do that u idiot ur adopted ur parents don’t love you...” followed by what sounded like a belt and the snickering of internet trolls

    Just realized my speakers weren’t hooked up...

  • KungFu Spider
    KungFu Spider 4 days ago

    at the first one, first I heard nowhere, then a few sec later "owen" or "o, gwen" then listening to it the 3rd time and thinking of "love me" "window" "run away" and everything, then I stopped thinking and heard "random"

  • F B I
    F B I 4 days ago +1

    I Heard Nope Nope Nope -> No Way

  • Violet Vamp
    Violet Vamp 4 days ago

    I heard no way on the first.

  • Kasey Blanchard
    Kasey Blanchard 5 days ago

    I heard no where

  • Gabb Lesperance
    Gabb Lesperance 5 days ago

    I heard go away

  • Fancy Potato9
    Fancy Potato9 5 days ago

    I heard we do we do we do on the first one

  • Unhhh Gamer
    Unhhh Gamer 5 days ago

    I did not hear a song 😭

  • Unhhh Gamer
    Unhhh Gamer 5 days ago

    I only heard no way

  • RedDenzTNT Zapanta
    RedDenzTNT Zapanta 6 days ago

    I'm in confusion

  • Incredible Mine
    Incredible Mine 6 days ago

    i heard way

  • Stoned AF
    Stoned AF 6 days ago

    It was "doe" all the way through

  • HyrulianLegend
    HyrulianLegend 6 days ago

    Link’s voice is the only ASMR I need

  • Zero
    Zero 6 days ago


  • Ellie Louise
    Ellie Louise 7 days ago

    Uhh his face at the start

  • noah rondon
    noah rondon 7 days ago +2

    My name is Noah and the first one really freaked me out.

  • Michael Shepard
    Michael Shepard 7 days ago

    I heard round

  • Medaflash21 Dawn
    Medaflash21 Dawn 7 days ago

    Went well is what I heard

  • tibo melis
    tibo melis 7 days ago

    2:00 if you set the speed of the vid on 0.5 you hear no way

  • Skippy Bean
    Skippy Bean 7 days ago

    The kissing one is pure TURTURE. ○~○

  • Mario wijaya
    Mario wijaya 7 days ago

    i heard rainbow ._.
    is something wrong with my ear

  • Website User000
    Website User000 8 days ago

    Why do I not always find words? (Mew-ah, Joh-t, Right)

  • creepy creeperr
    creepy creeperr 8 days ago

    1. I hear "No way" then "Nowhere"
    2. ''No chin'' then ''notchy'' then ''mochi''
    3. ''riasis'' ''trayiasis'' ''rice 'n' sis''

    LANZE PLAYZ 8 days ago

    The 3d sound tickles my spine

    LANZE PLAYZ 8 days ago

    Nowhere then whereno

  • Amber Goode
    Amber Goode 8 days ago

    Amber? Me, I hope I don't sound like that,
    *continues to listen* OH HEECCKKKK NO

  • amanda ray
    amanda ray 8 days ago

    Light bulb
    Nowhere .... umm I’m crazy 😂

  • R Alexandra
    R Alexandra 8 days ago

    Listening to these make me feel nauseous?

  • Brandon Winter
    Brandon Winter 8 days ago

    During that first thing, is it weird that I heard railway? I also heard nochi, sakurai,

  • storm zatschkowitsch

    I heard no way and Random

  • Xander And Cassie
    Xander And Cassie 8 days ago

    I heard
    No chin

  • simwm
    simwm 9 days ago

    I heard no way but in the background I heard

  • angus prosser
    angus prosser 9 days ago

    for the 1st one I heard well done

  • Sara Sliger
    Sara Sliger 9 days ago

    Omg that haircut one made me cringe so hard and I gagged

  • how to it all
    how to it all 9 days ago

    I heard well at first tthen I heard rope for the first one

  • Bio Fuel
    Bio Fuel 9 days ago

    The second one sounded like milkshake

  • Amanda Martinez
    Amanda Martinez 9 days ago

    I heard 1. Railroad 2. Chino 3. Psoriasis.

  • Ro B
    Ro B 9 days ago +1

    "you see a firetruck but i see demi lavato"

  • Esther
    Esther 10 days ago

    I heard wano wano wano wano , no chin, and sensorises XD

  • Jeanette Jacobs
    Jeanette Jacobs 10 days ago

    That song one is so underwhelming

  • Oren Shababo
    Oren Shababo 10 days ago

    I can say "wait no" really fast but when I do it sounds like "way-no"

  • Oren Shababo
    Oren Shababo 10 days ago

    For the first one I wasn't wearing headphones but I heard
    "Well well well rell row row row"

  • OutlanderForge
    OutlanderForge 10 days ago

    I heard rainbow

  • Kendra Cave-Revere
    Kendra Cave-Revere 10 days ago

    I herd nowhere

  • veronica haas
    veronica haas 10 days ago

    1) ling ling
    #3 literally brought me back to what it felt like getting my head shaved. I got chills, I love this. The second part though made me severely cringe.

  • M K
    M K 10 days ago

    For some reason I heard railroad

  • K0PSTL
    K0PSTL 10 days ago

    I heard row row row row

  • Zena Moon
    Zena Moon 10 days ago

    3:15 i herd rope

  • themiddleones
    themiddleones 10 days ago

    Window and no way

  • Ben H2O
    Ben H2O 10 days ago

    I heard *this ain’t it chief*

  • wolfgirl 15
    wolfgirl 15 10 days ago

    The first I herd realm

  • - -
    - - 11 days ago

    I heard nothing in the first one... just a bunch of sounds to me!

  • Juan Carlose
    Juan Carlose 11 days ago

    I heard railroad lol

  • Nate Bradley
    Nate Bradley 11 days ago

    2 No chin

  • Nate Bradley
    Nate Bradley 11 days ago

    #1 nowere

  • caleb baxter
    caleb baxter 11 days ago

    I heard were go

  • Ivy Kuchera
    Ivy Kuchera 11 days ago

    Oh well, rainbow and railroad are what I heard in the first one. The second one I heard no joke, the slow version is no chin.

  • Xander Mack
    Xander Mack 11 days ago

    The first illusion I heard rouge then it shifted to robe

  • jessica Gilbreath
    jessica Gilbreath 11 days ago

    I think my headphones are backwards

  • jessica Gilbreath
    jessica Gilbreath 11 days ago

    I heard for the first one no way then no wah

  • jessica Gilbreath
    jessica Gilbreath 11 days ago

    Oof that intro

  • Adrian Caro
    Adrian Caro 11 days ago

    On the first I heard bueno on the second exetera

  • Valerio Kim
    Valerio Kim 12 days ago


  • JackSquashedYou
    JackSquashedYou 12 days ago

    The first one says Norway.

  • Abhi Gamer
    Abhi Gamer 12 days ago +1


  • TheChoclo234 More
    TheChoclo234 More 12 days ago

    1# i heard nowhere

  • Zack Dawson
    Zack Dawson 13 days ago

    11:41 you can see the moment in rhetts face when link ruins the memory for him

  • I Do Stuff
    I Do Stuff 13 days ago +1

    I heard round rump.

  • Alivia Jerez
    Alivia Jerez 13 days ago


  • Leta gamerz
    Leta gamerz 13 days ago +1

    I heard no way a bueno XD

  • Kyle Davisson
    Kyle Davisson 13 days ago

    No were

  • Puppy Princess
    Puppy Princess 13 days ago

    1 I heard wanna then window

    RELEASEtheRHYS , 13 days ago

    I hear yanny...

  • Gabe Longhurst
    Gabe Longhurst 14 days ago

    no chin

  • Gabe Longhurst
    Gabe Longhurst 14 days ago

    rando, rainbow, and no way

  • Tragic
    Tragic 14 days ago

    I heard wrong way

  • Aislin Rodriguez
    Aislin Rodriguez 14 days ago

    is it me or does the picture frame in the back round change every episode????