All-Star Weekend in New Orleans - NBA 2KTV S3. Ep.24


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  • The Watermelon Man
    The Watermelon Man Year ago +1

    Rachel sexy af

  • FAMILY_ G911
    FAMILY_ G911 Year ago

    Hey man how are you doing.

  • Stephen Curry
    Stephen Curry Year ago +1

    Yall niggas hype her up so FUCKING much she probably thinks she's too good for any man on this planet. Learn how the game works foh

  • ZionGuy
    ZionGuy Year ago

    Derozan now 89!? This cannot be. #Degod #DeMidrange

  • Chase Fuqua
    Chase Fuqua Year ago

    can you please put Android on NBA 17 seventeen 70 xvii

  • Chase Fuqua
    Chase Fuqua Year ago

    can you Android NBA 2k17 mobile

  • Shia Le'Beouf
    Shia Le'Beouf Year ago +1

    Fck you 2k your servers are fcking trash asf

    MURPHYLAW 2 Year ago +1

    FUCK 2K

  • Tina Ison
    Tina Ison Year ago +1

    Servers are fucking trash

  • SlasherX24
    SlasherX24 Year ago +1

    learn how to make a game seriously wtf its so easy to make it if you have internet problems to have it say seriously wtf

  • GI O
    GI O Year ago +1


  • JoshuaTooDrippy
    JoshuaTooDrippy Year ago +2

    anyone else notice his hairline at 9:19

  • Steven Wroblewski
    Steven Wroblewski Year ago +2

    2k sucks u guys screwed me and i did not get my reward

  • Ben Vlogs
    Ben Vlogs Year ago


  • Moe Money
    Moe Money Year ago

    Don't forget Stephen curry went 0 for 11. Just saying.

  • Ty
    Ty Year ago

    for all the hornies 10:14 look at her shirt😂😂😂

  • Ty
    Ty Year ago

    bruh im new to ps4 anyone who is decent and plays 2k and is above a 85 overall trying to hoop on park my name is YrnTyrin23_6ix im a 85

    • Ty
      Ty Year ago

      +KingGamerJC Channel alright i got you when i get out of high school

    • JoshuaTooDrippy
      JoshuaTooDrippy Year ago

      YrnTyrin 6ix my name freshgangsterJC

    • JoshuaTooDrippy
      JoshuaTooDrippy Year ago

      YrnTyrin 6ix 3

    • JoshuaTooDrippy
      JoshuaTooDrippy Year ago

      YrnTyrin 6ix add me bruh ima 90 sharpshooter all shooting badges on gold got my grand badge and ima All-star e

  • Shane Paolozzi
    Shane Paolozzi Year ago +2

    2k is broke. I lost everything tryna do shit just because your game took 12 hours to load

  • chase the trap star
    chase the trap star Year ago +3


  • Swaaaggy B
    Swaaaggy B Year ago +1


  • 2k god
    2k god Year ago


  • MTYT Mixes
    MTYT Mixes Year ago


  • 721MiamiHeatGang
    721MiamiHeatGang Year ago +27

    Who else watches this just for Rachel?

  • Christopher Vasquez
    Christopher Vasquez Year ago +1

    Hey I am a HUGE fan of 2k. I have a question can you plss add the trophy when you win the skills challenge, three point contents, dunk contest, and the all-star game. 😎😎😎😎😎🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

  • Shroom Broom
    Shroom Broom Year ago


  • E
    E Year ago +1

    When is this rival day shit gonna end? we need a new park, last year we got that shit feb 4th, park dead af rn

  • Jake Cook
    Jake Cook Year ago +4

    Hey, Rachel, where in this video are the highlights of you playing in the Celebrity Game? I know it's a 2K17 video, but still!

  • XxSpiN360xX
    XxSpiN360xX Year ago +1

    tic asf😍😍😍

  • Jajajajaj amigo
    Jajajajaj amigo Year ago +2

    Anal girl?

    I GREENFOR FUN Year ago

    keep up the good work

  • JamesBanco
    JamesBanco Year ago

    Soooo, wtf is the part event this weekend?!

  • Scanzz
    Scanzz Year ago

    Unban me ffs

  • kleedproductions
    kleedproductions Year ago +6

    fix the double teal cheese

  • RajOfColumbus
    RajOfColumbus Year ago

    more shoes dammit

  • Ninja
    Ninja Year ago +2

    Fix ur servers

  • Isaiah Jordan
    Isaiah Jordan Year ago

    all star weekend been ova and mardi gras

  • Blair Sutton
    Blair Sutton Year ago +11

    Anyone else watching to see Rachel?

  • Isaiah Jordan
    Isaiah Jordan Year ago +1

    2k so late

  • division100
    division100 Year ago +4

    2K17 was all hype

  • wierd flex but ok
    wierd flex but ok Year ago +6

    Where is the yeezys and the new park? by the way can u release all the dlc stuff like haloween and christmas stuff at one time.

    • LIKELY 2K
      LIKELY 2K Year ago +2

      Dr Ham right 2k is trash this year

  • bigandbeautiful4
    bigandbeautiful4 Year ago +1


  • Sneaker Head
    Sneaker Head Year ago +40

    1 Like =Punch Ronnie and fuck Rachel

  • ImDavisss
    ImDavisss Year ago +98

    Like if 2k17 is trash.

    • tyfly312
      tyfly312 Year ago

      ImDavisss you back at it again? so again, I bet you was one of the trash ass players who bought NBA Live back then n said it was a good game

    • Manee Maine
    • tyfly312
      tyfly312 Year ago

      ImDavisss I bet u bought NBA Live back in the day and said it was good.

    • Sneaker Head
      Sneaker Head Year ago

      TyFly312 Lmao nah

    • ody willi
      ody willi Year ago +1

      ImDavisss learn to dribble first lmao