Exercise Ball (FULL OF WATER) 45m Drop Test! | How Ridiculous

  • Published on Nov 10, 2016
  • Why not fill an exercise ball with water and throw it off a 45m tower?!
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    This was filmed using various cameras and frame rates including a Phantom Flex at 1000fps.
    Thanks heaps to Gravity Discovery Centre at Gingin for letting us use the leaning tower again.
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Comments • 1 577

  • Tom Castonguay
    Tom Castonguay 20 hours ago

    May be silly but do that again with rings of action figures around the impact point might be ammusing.peace love & jello

  • John Wilson
    John Wilson 17 days ago

    Mates! Short, sweet, and ridiculous! 😉😉👍 Keep it going boys!

  • CoolKitty Gamer
    CoolKitty Gamer Month ago

    Fortnite is dead
    Roblox lost Tix
    The moment you're waiting for
    Is at 1:46

  • Jiggly j200pd
    Jiggly j200pd Month ago

    Plz drop from 250m or 300m

  • ScalierTrout868
    ScalierTrout868 Month ago

    You didnt say get the bell on

  • Perdita Palazzo
    Perdita Palazzo 2 months ago

    can you drop the anvil on 100 bowling balls off of the dam plz

  • Diddy Donkey
    Diddy Donkey 2 months ago +1

    Anyone in 2019

  • bloggerj
    bloggerj 4 months ago

    Drop the Atlasstone on a waterfilled exercise ball from 45m

  • Comrade Skywalker
    Comrade Skywalker 4 months ago

    2019 anyone

  • Tiff SCHLOSS
    Tiff SCHLOSS 4 months ago

    Gym Ball didn't stick the landing (45m)

  • Chailey Stowe
    Chailey Stowe 4 months ago

    derek.... ;) xx

  • Seth Bryant
    Seth Bryant 4 months ago

    0:10 I call it a yoga ball

  • Sam Carr
    Sam Carr 4 months ago

    You guys should collaborate with the slo mo guys

  • Michael Rapko
    Michael Rapko 5 months ago

    thumbnail looks like a freshly circumcised doo-dad

  • Adam Glaser
    Adam Glaser 6 months ago


  • Xenith Xenaku
    Xenith Xenaku 6 months ago

    Western frickin' Australia, huh? I'm a Queenslander!

  • Gaming With Sebastian
    Gaming With Sebastian 7 months ago

    Scott all the way

    MIKELOBÃO 8 months ago

    Só eu que sou Br aqui po

  • Wendi Arnold
    Wendi Arnold 8 months ago

    u the best

  • Sonicgott
    Sonicgott 8 months ago

    Totally worth it. :)

  • Jaymes Wolfe
    Jaymes Wolfe 8 months ago

    Hey dudes , somewhat new here but what’s the conversation for meters to feet ? From the “good ol u.s of A” and the metric system was not on the test lol

  • Joseph Cosentino
    Joseph Cosentino 9 months ago

    I have been to that tower

  • Prosper Maez
    Prosper Maez 9 months ago

    Put flex seal on a yoga ball that alrAlready has water in it and drop it from 45 m down

  • Chevaughn Acutt
    Chevaughn Acutt 9 months ago

    Why didnt you just use a wheelbarrow??!!??

  • Marc Kenner
    Marc Kenner 9 months ago

    I didn't realise the tower leans over...that is effing terrifying.

  • Ben Chizmadia
    Ben Chizmadia 9 months ago

    Line X RC car racing

  • tajan pollock
    tajan pollock 9 months ago

    LineX water balloon

  • Arlecchino Gatto
    Arlecchino Gatto 9 months ago

    When you say 222 steps, is that using the metric system? Or imperial?

  • Anay Patel
    Anay Patel 9 months ago

    T H A T S A L O T O F D A M A G E

  • Derek L
    Derek L 9 months ago

    Now find a way to fill it with ooblek!

  • Golfing4Life29 ON Instagram

    2:47 is thumbnail

  • Mr Sealio
    Mr Sealio 9 months ago

    2:48 Watch the GoPro just get swallowed by the wave 😜

  • Richard Duffey
    Richard Duffey 9 months ago

    To get it up they could have used a wagon and strapped it on, then get a price of plywood for the stairs. have 1 person pull the wagon, one person push the eagan and one person move the wood after each staircase

  • Robin
    Robin 9 months ago

    No, the drop is at 2:41. Like all their vids, the rest of the clip isn't worth watching.

  • Green Bill
    Green Bill 9 months ago


  • relaxarea obligatorie
    relaxarea obligatorie 9 months ago

    Pin me

  • Can we get 1000 subcribers with1 video?

    Make video about dropping atomic bomb from 100 meter.

  • DatPorscheGuy911
    DatPorscheGuy911 10 months ago


  • ronnie millsap
    ronnie millsap 10 months ago

    I subbed because you asked so nicely

  • 8-BitTommy
    8-BitTommy 10 months ago

    That was freakin' cool!

  • dan filippe
    dan filippe 10 months ago

    Why so many dislikes on vid?
    Like if you agree

  • Alice Grizzle
    Alice Grizzle 10 months ago

    it called a yoga ball

  • dennis nilsson
    dennis nilsson 10 months ago

    you should do this again but will it with oblek :D

  • dion van der velde
    dion van der velde 10 months ago

    titel is dutch for me did you guys do this or is my youtube being a daft cunt?

  • yolodragonmaster
    yolodragonmaster 10 months ago

    Gym ball full of water of of a dame (for water)

  • Callum Tidswell
    Callum Tidswell 10 months ago

    If they dropped it on the way up though.

  • Greg Dennison
    Greg Dennison 10 months ago

    No capes!

  • Lil Vegey
    Lil Vegey 10 months ago

    That was the insane it was like a bottle with powder in it getting hit with a baseball

  • that fit Asian
    that fit Asian 10 months ago

    1:40 ur welcome

  • Cartoon Raccoon
    Cartoon Raccoon 10 months ago

    I love the funky tunes you lads use for your slow mo stuff. Very nice! #44

  • Scott Retford
    Scott Retford 10 months ago

    Gotta say: I just watched a dude punch a kangaroo in the face (because it was about to hurt his dog). Made me want to watch you guys drop crap off the tower.

  • Daven Hallows
    Daven Hallows 11 months ago


  • JD Kreeper
    JD Kreeper 11 months ago

    You came for 2:10. Dont bother thanking me.

  • firghty robloxian rpg
    firghty robloxian rpg 11 months ago

    + 45 cm dosent exist in indonesia

  • firghty robloxian rpg
    firghty robloxian rpg 11 months ago

    Do 55 cm

  • Jacob Milam
    Jacob Milam 11 months ago

    Fill it with obleck and do it would it explode or just hit solid?

  • Leisha Andersen
    Leisha Andersen 11 months ago

    You should go live

  • Milo Mcmanus
    Milo Mcmanus 11 months ago

    U should drop oobleck from the top

  • Jsweizston
    Jsweizston 11 months ago

    2:59 you can see the plug that kept the water in fly out during this moment.

  • Dan Hiteshew
    Dan Hiteshew 11 months ago

    You guys must have quads of steel after all the trips up that tower. Lol

  • Cyramor11
    Cyramor11 11 months ago

    2:12 this is what you want

  • KBrogger
    KBrogger Year ago

    you need to find out how much water you can put into something like a condom before it breaks. It'd be pretty cool to see something filled with water hit the ground, but not break

  • NJ AC
    NJ AC Year ago


  • motoquasi
    motoquasi Year ago

    I love watching your channel. You truly embrace your ignorance.

  • Dolphinman 980
    Dolphinman 980 Year ago

    USclip was originally a dating website

  • Jack -
    Jack - Year ago

    why didn't you fill the ball at the topper is there no water tube near?

  • Sean Moore
    Sean Moore Year ago

    IT'S A GIANT PINKY! KIIIiiii-(SPLASH) ... Well, that was... that was NOT a Pinky! And now I am soaked... (Derp)

  • Erik Back
    Erik Back Year ago

    you should do this again, but with a basketball hoop at the bottom you're aiming for ... incorporate some of your classic shtick.

  • FilthyManatee
    FilthyManatee Year ago

    Not sure if anyone calculated it yet, but I got
    35cm swiss ball volume = 0.35^3 * PI * 4/3 = 0.180 meters cubed = 180 liters
    180 liters of water = 180 kg
    45m drop time without calculating air resistance = sqrt(2 * 45 / 9.8) = 3.03 s
    impact velocity = 3.03 * 9.8 = 29.694 m/s
    9.8 * 45 * 180 = 79,380 joules

  • Trey Simmons
    Trey Simmons Year ago

    Am I the only one who gets nervous when they lift heavy stuff over the rail??

  • carpii
    carpii Year ago

    you didn’t do a ‘we’ll pin yaaa challenge’ 😢
    Im going to assume you forgot, and the question was how much water you needed to fill the ball.
    I estimate roughly 115 litres.

  • lance doe
    lance doe Year ago

    2:45 for the slomo money shot.

  • u g l y s t a c k s

    You should just fill it u po at the top of the tower