Homeopathy Explained - Gentle Healing or Reckless Fraud?

  • Published on Feb 22, 2018
  • What are the principles behind Homeopathy and does it work?
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    We would like to thank Dr. Natalie Grams, Dr.-Ing. Norbert Aust and Udo Endruscheit as well as Dr. Robin Fears and Professor Paul Glasziou for supporting us with our research.
    Main principles of homeopathy:
    Information Network Homeopathy Germany:
    Homeopedia - German Online Encyclopedia:
    List of homeopathic remedies:
    Information regarding different homeopathic potencies:

    Physical examination of dilution

    Hahnemanns explanation for the efficacy of homeopathy despite dilution:
    § 270 Sixth edition
    18th century medicine
    Hahnemanns rules for taking homeopathic remedies, Organon of medicine §260 Sixth edition:
    Studies about the lacking efficacy of homeopathic products:
    Statement of the European Academies Science Advisory Council September 2017:
    Australian Study from the National and Medical Health Council, 2015:
    Systematic reviews from Mathie et al, employees of the Homeopathy Research Institutebit.ly/2GaWI7x
    Statement from the FDA demanding homeopathic companies must prove efficacy of their products:
    Statement from the FDA regarding their approach towards homeopathic remedies
    Quote: There are no drug products labeled as homeopathic that are approved by FDA.
    The Placebo and Nocebo Phenomena: Their Clinical Management and Impact on Treatment Outcomes
    Placebo interventions for all clinical conditions
    Components of placebo effect: randomised controlled trial in patients with irritable bowel syndrome
    Placeboeffect on children and animals
    Caregiver placebo effect in analgesic clinical trials for cats with naturally occurring degenerative joint disease-associated pain.
    Homeopathy is big pharma:
    Homeopathic anamnesis/ initial interview:
    Exemplary questionnaire for initial interview:
    Marketshare and market development for homeopathy
    Further reading:
    Blog beweisaufnahme-homoeopathie.de (German, some articles in English)
    ORGANON OF MEDICINE by Hahnemann Samuel (Original text)
    Free ebooks on „Materiae Medicae” (German and English)bit.ly/2DtjNQW
    Deutsches Informationsnetzwerk Homöopathie
    (Short english version)
    US Department of Health: Information overview about homeopathy
    Homepathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States
    (Official Compendium of Homeopathic ingredients)
    List of over 5000 homeopathic ingredients A-Z
    FDA warns against the use of homeopathic teething tablets and gels
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  • Mara Bordea
    Mara Bordea 3 hours ago

    Homeopathy helped with my anxiety better than any other medicine and it’s something that works in time.Ofc if you take this for three days you won’t be cured it will take like one or two months to see a difference but at least I do not stuff my mouth with farmaceuticals that made me absent minded.

  • Zulfahmi Othman
    Zulfahmi Othman 4 hours ago

    "Homeopath IS big pharma"


  • Deepa Ambalkar
    Deepa Ambalkar 6 hours ago

    Ppl who are calling it water are really illiterate 😂 take the degree and then make fun of it ! U have no idea it works like magic ppl prefer homeopathy than allopathy

  • MSPaintMemes
    MSPaintMemes 8 hours ago

    5:36 (internal screaming)

  • OswaldsNightingale
    OswaldsNightingale 9 hours ago

    "Fish... fuck in it." *dies*

  • Wot Wot
    Wot Wot 9 hours ago

    Time for video for blockchains. 17 billion dollars is just change.

  • Christina O'connor
    Christina O'connor 10 hours ago

    This isn't homeopathy. 1st not all homeopathic medicines are poisons. 2nd an herb dissolved into alcohol is not a homeopathic medicine that's a tincture. 3rd an essence is not a tincture dilluted with water idk why anyone would do that? haha this is BS there are so many more steps to creating a homeopathic remedy.

  • Smruti Dash
    Smruti Dash 10 hours ago

    See humans not numbers

  • ramensamosa
    ramensamosa 11 hours ago

    5:37 no one's gonna talk about the DHMIS reference?

  • Ban Gx
    Ban Gx 13 hours ago

    Why don't I trust this clock 5:37

  • world is doomed
    world is doomed 15 hours ago

    Fight fire with watered down gasoline

  • My Sunglasses
    My Sunglasses 17 hours ago

    5:39 Time is a tool you put on a wall or wear it on your rizd.

  • Dr.Tabassum farooqui
    Dr.Tabassum farooqui 22 hours ago

    I don't know what made you think the way you do. Actually you better work in homoeopathic clinic for some time if you are docter if not. Go and search innumerable cure and prevention done by homoeopathy. I was also same before I know what homoeopathy is.

  • Vivek Joshi
    Vivek Joshi Day ago

    Please also make video on allopathy and its principles and how allopathy work

  • 夢の人々RainbowKitty -


  • William Gilliam
    William Gilliam Day ago

    3,000 people will die from an easily curable disease.

  • Jonas Felix
    Jonas Felix Day ago +1

    Homeopathy - cause doing nothing is actually often the best choice.

  • Klipxgate
    Klipxgate Day ago +1

    If it worked it would be called medicine and not homeopathy

  • Boom Killer
    Boom Killer Day ago

    the reason he put so many restrictions was that he knew no one would be able to follow it and then blame them for it not working.... SMART

  • Jimmy Jewtron
    Jimmy Jewtron Day ago

    Teh plmicibmononomo effect is weird

  • Shaun Dreclin
    Shaun Dreclin Day ago

    Alternative medicine that works is called medicine.

  • UglyApprentice
    UglyApprentice Day ago

    What even is homeopathy

  • Banter Ator
    Banter Ator Day ago +1

    I didn't think I would ever hear the word "masturbation" in a Kurzgesagt video.

  • Nicolas Cardenas

    I have 2 cousins their mother does homeopathy to them,
    They have been sick since last *year* i told them that homeopathy does not work that they nwed real medicine, they get angered with me
    What i can do to make someone belive homeopathy does not work if they think instant ramen is made of petroleum how do i make them reason

  • Sanvi Jain
    Sanvi Jain Day ago

    I have used homeopathy my entire life......


  • Green Eyes Red Glasses

    I do understand the placebo effect and the fact that many illnesses go away on their own. I have taken homeopathic remedies a while back for an antibiotic-resistant illness and I also had the very strict rules. I must have gone 2 or 3 years without chocolate, black tea, coffee, mint, some types of cheeses etc. I was very dead set on overcoming this illness and it did go away. I think this video made me curious enough to have it checked out again in case it went dormant; at this point in time, I can't tell if it's the homeopathy or the power of my will, in which case both seem very laughable.

  • Cat S
    Cat S 2 days ago

    What a fucking joke. I'll just take my real meds and actually get better.

  • Lakshan Perera
    Lakshan Perera 2 days ago

    your content are amazing

  • To be Doctor
    To be Doctor 2 days ago +1

    When medical system was so very crude in 1800 period's
    Dr. Hahnemann found homoepathy it is all clinically proven
    Medicine are governed based on the symptoms of the patients
    It is 100% true medicine

  • Leo Bustamante
    Leo Bustamante 2 days ago

    Lol why is 911 calling you?

  • The Grape Eater
    The Grape Eater 3 days ago

    Wait... Was that Tony the clock from don't hug me I'm scared...?

  • o gustavo tutoriais
    o gustavo tutoriais 3 days ago

    Esse era o comentario em portgues q vc procurava?

  • theunstopablebullet
    theunstopablebullet 3 days ago

    What about acupuncture and chiropractice?
    I've had chiropractice done for sprains and injuries and it's helped a lot.

    • Hm Grraarrpffrzz
      Hm Grraarrpffrzz Day ago

      They made experiments with acupuncture, for example by puncturing random areas instead of those connected by those energy-lines or whatnot. The result was exactly the same.

    • Safir
      Safir 3 days ago

      Both the same as homeopathy. Placebo

  • angelusignis16
    angelusignis16 4 days ago

    Great video, it would be great a video on how vitamin c helps the imune system.

  • kim davBG
    kim davBG 4 days ago

    I'm blaming the sky rocketing cost of drugs for this rise in homeopathic Rx.

  • CorgiLover 162
    CorgiLover 162 4 days ago +1

    Me: *reads title*
    Also me: *Sees thumbnail*

    Addiction to cereal?

  • Dor Amram
    Dor Amram 4 days ago

    One of the most important videos I've seen of late

  • Yvonne FIRTH
    Yvonne FIRTH 4 days ago


  • Paula Mays
    Paula Mays 5 days ago

    How can you say without a shadow of a doubt they don't work when right before that, you say their hasn't been enough studies on it... and why hasn't there been just as many studies on it as modern medicine? It doesn't make sense to me.. wouldn't you want to try and study all of the free options before making pills and such.

    • Paula Mays
      Paula Mays Day ago

      +Hm Grraarrpffrzz How is it not free when it comes from the earth.. If i wanted to do it myself and was growing it myself, it would be kind of free... and then lots of modern day medicine uses the same tactic with vaccines for examples by dosing you with what they are trying to prevent from happening. I don't think that scientists have really attempted to prove natural methods of healing to be true because so there is so little studies on it or at least it seems that way. It's kind of like they cant prove it works because they haven't tried to..

    • Hm Grraarrpffrzz
      Hm Grraarrpffrzz Day ago

      1) Homeopathy is not free.
      2) According to all studies and information that is available, homeopathy does not work. In experiments it didn't work better than any other placebo, nobody has any evidence that it works better than a placebo, and nobody can rationally explain how it could work.

  • Ardhendu Sekhar Chatterjee

    Practical Demonstration Of
    The Case History

    Case No.- B/D /601,
    married female., aged about 40 came on 04. 04.09. for treatment of her
    diagnosed Hepatitis ‘E’ with extreme fear of death and melancholia. She is
    still our treatment and observation, her bilirubin not detoriated, weight
    increased, ( from
    49 --56 Kg.) sometime laughs also. The details of case
    history is narrated below.

    Present Complaints ( as on

    Dry cough , single
    paroxysmal , tendency to hawk, aggravation lying on back amelioration lying on
    either side.

    Abdominal pain
    aggravates after eating, better on bending forward.

    sleepy, during sleep, tendency to lie on left side, dreams of

    Headache with
    nausea = aggravates on sun heat, fair as exposed during cooking.

    Menstruation =
    Scanty, persist for only day, LMD = date forgotten.

    Leucorrhea =
    occasional, bland discharge.

    Family, Past Occupational history:-

    Five brother and

    (2) Marriage, two
    issue, son, 18 and 16.

    contraceptive tablets.

    H/O jaundice,
    sudden anorexia vomiting, nausea to see or thinking about food, used to lie on left side ,was
    hospitalized and diagnosed the case.

    Occupation:- Bidi (
    country cigarette) labor.

    Generalities :-

    Thirst less , now drinks forcefully.

    Appetite = normal.

    Stool = clean.

    Urine = hot.

    Sweat = Profuse, offensive.

    Hot = Prefers winter season.

    Food desire for warm, chili, sour, row onion, Aversion for sweet bitter.

    Fear of lightning, forgetful.

    On Examination:-

    Thin body, short,

    Anemia ,

    icterus conjunctiva

    Yellowish white
    tongue rough.

    HEV Ab Total ( 1gM + 1gG) anti body detected
    against HEV 0.971 ( ref = 0.720) Interpretation = Positive

    Hep. B - Surface
    Antigen 0.137==Non reactive.

    Ab Total ( IgM+IgG) antibody
    detected against HAV. Serum
    by ELA 0.017
    Interpretation =Neg. ( 26
    July, 08)

    Inv. Of 19 -07-08
    Total bilirubin 5.1 mg/dl
    Bili. Cong. - 3.3;
    Bili, Unconj. - 1.8
    mg /dl. SGPO(ALT )=982.7 ( normal range male
    upto 41 U/L; Female
    - upto 31 U/l
    ;Alk.phos- 173.5 U/L ( Adult 65-645)

    Facies =
    extremely sad, not answering properly as
    reflecting in the case history.

    Heart- rhythmic, Lung - free,
    Abd. - soft, no hardness


    04.04.09 = R, THUJA 200, two
    doses with successive strokes.

    Basis of
    Selection of Medicine
    and Potency (B.SMP.) =

    THUJA the chilly king
    of anti-sycotic being choose in
    this syphilitic hot case because of presence
    of strong sycotic features
    as =

    (i) No family and past history
    present .here, that may be
    due to the habit of hiding.

    (ii) Presence of mole, warts.

    (iii) I
    Hepatitis a long lasting inflammatory process
    continuing which is
    basically a sycotic symptoms , where
    the rate of
    degeneration is slow (
    rapid = syphilitic)

    (iv) Food desire for row

    (v) Aversion to bitter which is
    contradictory to NAT. SULPH.

    (vi) Thirstlessness i.e. contradictory to

    All this classification I
    followed according to
    the formula present
    in different books
    , more particularly
    of Dr J T Kent
    . Centesimal two hundred
    two doses applied
    , because of the
    medicine was selected
    according to the
    conception of the
    miasmatic .analysis that founded
    its strong basis
    but not on
    the totally symptomatic
    one. ( The Organon AP. 153,
    213 -246 ).

    Follow Up Of
    The Case History.

    11.04.09. = LMD
    06.04.09. continued one
    day. B.P. = 130/80, eye clean,
    heart rhythmic, pulse =72 pm, sad = ? due to
    the anxiety for

    R/ ARS. ALB, 0/1,0/3, 16+16 doses
    twice daily. One globules of no 10, mixed in 120 ml. of distilled water, added 20 drop of rectified
    spirit and divided in 16 doses. Every dose of
    medicine to be mixed with 60 to 80
    ml. of clean water, and
    one little spoon
    ( 5 ml.
    ) to be
    taken at 6
    am. and 6
    pm respectively. 10
    downward strong stroke
    has to be
    given on the bottle
    , every time before
    taken of medicine.

    B.S.M.P = ARS.ALB.
    being selected, in
    considering the anxiety
    for disease, persisting
    sadness which may
    developed due to
    fear of death
    as she already
    heard that the disease
    is incurable as
    she told.

    21.04.09. = Now better, wt. = 50.5 kg. , Pulse = 80 PM. , B.P.=
    130/80, pain of stitches part of cesarean
    abd, today talking more , weeping , telling her
    grief that nobody
    looking to her,
    all that her
    previous doctors were
    very good ,
    merciful ( except I (cte) )

    R/ CALC.
    SULPH 200, two
    doses. with repeated strokes\.

    B.S.M.P. = CALC. SULPH
    being selected according
    to the symptoms
    of hepatitis -lie on
    left side that
    definitely gives relief,
    In KENT Rep. p.= 563 only
    written. We know
    within CALC FLOUR .symptoms of
    both CALC and
    present , moreover
    the patient was
    selfish in character
    . I have had helped this patient
    too , for many years.
    treating almost free
    but , when ever she had any money, she used to go to other doctor, and
    this was happened for more than 10-15 years during the treatment of her both
    sons . After a
    long absent now again came and started
    to shown her
    previous technique . So I
    choose CALC plus
    selfish SULPH = CALC. SULPH.

    12.05.09. = L.M.D. 02.05.09 . cont. 3 days ,
    today also telling about
    her incurability R/ ARS. ALB. 0/4, 0/5 , 16 + 16 doses ;
    twice daily. as before.

    20.10.09. = Within
    this period ARS. ALB 0/6, 0/8, 0/9, 0/11, prescribed,
    now she is
    free from problems.
    Wt. = 50 kg, H/O Lab. Inv : Bilirubin = 1.2, Sugar(f) = 80 , HB
    =100 on 04.09.09.

    R/ ARS.ALB. 0/12, 30 doses
    once daily.

    13.07.11.= Within this
    period patient used
    to came occationally
    ARS ALB 200.
    1m. 10m.. , complimentory
    ACID PHOS, intermediate COCCULUS,
    NAT MUR, antimiasmatic
    THUJA applied according
    to symptoms.

    Now Bilirubin
    total - 0.7
    ( 0.4 + .3)
    , Hb..11.4 gm/dl,
    WBC = 7.800 . NEU.=66, Lym. = 29,
    Mono.= 01, Eosin
    = 0.4, Beso= ) ) , ESR= 27 ( mean) ,
    body weight 56
    Kg., puls-84 p/m. ,
    BP - 120/80
    mm of Hg.
    , . To
    day came with
    symptoms of pain
    of left neck
    to ear, aggravated
    doing her professional
    works.. Nausea, unsatisfactory stool,
    cough, angry, non-co operative face.
    R/ PLATINA, 200C.,
    three doses, on
    successive stroke, respective

    Final Comments:-

    According to Kent Rep = P-44,
    fear of death, alone, at night is the
    symptoms of PHOSPHOROUS, In chronic case fear of death might be an ultimate
    symptoms that developed with much experience of suffering ; As PHOS is a deep
    aching anti tubercular ( Syphilitic with psoric base mainly ) Dr. Kent also
    advised us to be cautious about its use. So
    I choose ARS
    ALB as the
    acute of PHOSPHOROUS,
    and in maximum
    cases and found
    success, Then after
    the total relieve
    apply the true
    anti-miasmatics in 30
    © potency only
    dose form with
    too dilution. Here
    also the same
    is being carrying ,
    though the patients
    cooperation is poor
    but I am
    continuing the treatment
    without any return
    to revaluing my
    conception about the
    antimiasmatic therapy in
    such a typical
    condition and to
    see how her
    good mentality will
    be returned (
    The Organon Ap.
    No 210 /
    foot note no
    121) THANKS.

  • lala pops
    lala pops 5 days ago +1

    Anyone else notice that the clock from this is in 'dont hug me im scared '

  • Ross Allen
    Ross Allen 5 days ago

    Look at the TIME

    HUE TRUONG 6 days ago

    can you speed Vietnamese

  • ConfusionFusion
    ConfusionFusion 6 days ago

    7:00 It would be great if doctors could spend as much time with their patients as homeopathic "doctors" spend with theirs. Unfortunately, between the counterproductive regulations which pile up by the year, the insurance codes which increased by several thousand last year alone which add an incredible amount of paperwork doctors themselves have to fill out, the ever increasing liability insurance doctors are required to pay for, and it all adds up to doctors having to increase their workload to maintain a sufficient income to warrant all of that effort.
    I’m definitely pro-regulations and oversight, but it has to be demonstrated that it’s effective in practice as well as cost effective. What we have right now is epic numbers of doctors retiring so they don’t have to deal with all of the bullshit, hospitals refusing to hire doctors and nurses as employees but instead hiring them as independent contractors which has a negative impact on the levels of service they end up providing as well as on their security as medical professionals, and insurance companies becoming the most powerful and profitable players in the game of medicine. Our medical system is very good, but there is a whole lot of room for improvement. Unfortunately, right now we are going in the opposite direction.

  • Jack Rawlings
    Jack Rawlings 6 days ago

    Does this mean if someone's taking homeopathic medicine and it's working for them and then they watch this video and find out its 0% effective and placebo will it mean they will start getting worse????

    • George Thomas
      George Thomas 5 days ago

      Not always. Some will continue to believe that homeopathy has real physical healing ability and essentially reject the conclusion of the video.

  • Ardhendu Sekhar Chatterjee

    CHATTERJEE Ardhendu Sekhar *
    It is the fifth of the Agaricus, Baryta , Calcaria, and Natrum having the symptoms of delayed mile stone that is slow / late /delayed healing of umbilical cord, closer of skull bones , teething ,-, learning to walk ,- talking of babies , delayed appearance of secondary sexual character i.e. mostly related with symptoms syndrome like hypo thyroidism as well as early senility , menopause etc ( of hyperthyroidism ) . In broad sense others two medicine have these symptoms , are, obviously Sanicula, and Insulinum .
    THYROIDINUM is one of the most essential medicine requires in our daily practice more particularly , we, who are treating the pediatric cases. The application being extended from the treatment of babies even when in intra-uterus -- to the days of termination. But the use always wanted some close consideration , because it is not a well proved drug . Its applications only based on some clinical verification , and to some extend by this author also..
    Below I am giving some indications , on the basis of which I prescribe this remedy almost regularly
    1) We thinks about Araricus M. when the patient came with weak , mental defect, mistake of learning and spelling mischievous rage, strength increased when ( Bell), chilly , must stay near to stove ( Tub Bov ) . Awkwardness ,jerking twitching while awaking ( Ignatia , Ferrum P), convulsion when awake, convulsion with frothy discharge from mouth . Fearlessness is a symptoms of Agar. , but in Kent’s repertory there is nothing such rubrics , probably it is related with destructiveness with rage. ( Carc. , Stram. Proteus etc. )
    2) We do consider Baryta Carb , when dwarfishness became more prominent in both psycho-somatic level, dull mentality is the key symptoms of Baryta Carb. Here late walking not due to any weakness , but due to the process of late learning . Prone to glandular enlargements , chilly . Premature old due to prolonged mental work.
    3) Calcaria , maximum time late learning to walk due to bone weakness, maximum time flabby, constipated, sweating profusely on head, fear of animal, craving of egg, fond of swimming etc. Calc Phos is thin, Calc Sulph , Calc Iod are hot, where as Hepar Sulph is the chilly sensitive cruel calcaria..
    4) Natrum Mur mainly late learning to talk , has remarkable craving of extra salt, bitter , fear of sound/noise, lightning , obstinate painful constipation. Hot , wanted repeated bathing, aversion to salt.
    5) Sanicula has the symptoms of Calc. and Natrum ,also of Borax as sweating head , fear of sound , downward motion / whirl , strangury and yellow discharge turns to green.
    6) Insulinum shown best result when history of glycemia during gestation period of mother being present . Or symptoms of Insulin Resistance State ( Hypo/Hyper thyroidism. Triglyceridemia, early grey hair etc) being present and so called symptomatic are failed ; or as an inter-current of thyroidinum .
    7) THYROIDINUM is another remedy of this group mentioned above where the application was necessitated in some particular conditions as stated below :-
    A) Family history of Thyroid dysfunction , Insulin Resistance State, Different Uterine -Ovarian complaints, Diabetes , Hypertension, Mental problems etc.
    B) In maternal history of gestation hyper emesis gravid, pregnancy toxemia,( edema , albuminaturia - hypertension - eclampsia ) ; skin diseases , different uterine disorder as fibroid in ovaries ,premature labour, threatened abortion often being present strongly.
    C) All the psycho-somatic symptoms of hypo/hyper thyroidism as large eye, ectomorphic / endomorphic , abnormal tall limbs , fingers and toes (arachnodactyly ) , ectopia lentis i. e. features of features of Marfan^s syndrome , dwarfism, thickening velvety skin of neck (acanthrosis nigricans ), goiter / enlargement of thyroid gland (with or without changes of hormonal level ), exophthalmic eyes either uni/bilateral , goiter, like constitution being present. Extreme chilly or hot body without fever, hyperidrosis or anhidrosis often considered as the symptoms of this medicine
    D) Rickety child , un descended testicle*( not curable by medicine but consider to select the medicine during treatment of other constitutional problems .
    E) Chronic G I Tract disorder .Excessive vomiting and diarrhea. With or without extreme prostration, deathly pallor, cold extremity.
    F) Dust allergy, tendency to catching cold , sternutation , manifestation towards slightest weather changes , respiratory spasm, bronchial asthma.
    G) Convulsion without fever , aggravated on touching of cold water. ( Ferrum Phos)
    H) Different Skin problems . Urticarial itching ameliorated by external heat ( Ars Alb)
    I) Extreme hot or chilly or hot constitution . Hungry desire for sweet and cold, intolerance of egg.
    J) Cardio-vascular symptoms palpitation with tachycardia / bradicardia, , arrhythmias as atrial fibrillation or ectopic beats , high systolic hypertension with low diastolic pressure ( increases pulse pressure) etc. H/o thyroid crisis physical , mental exhaustion, delusion/mania, dehydration, ketosis, cardiac failure / tachycardia, inability to control the temperature with hypertension.
    K) Female genital symptoms are also important as irregular delayed /early menstruation ( Nux V.); amenorrhea or scanty menstruation, inflammation of joints without fever during mens; mental changes during period, after delivery ;pruritus vulva , post partum hemorrhage. With anemia etc.
    L) This medicine also proved effective in some condition as falling of hair from any particular or extensive Jones ( as alopecia totalis or universalis ),conjunctivitis fro least cold, itching of rectum, eczema, eruption of palm and sole, severe itching ( Psorin) Insomnia with constant uncontrollable anxiety (Ars . Alb., Carcin . , Nux V ) or extreme drowsiness, tendency to slept easily ( Jels, Nux M. ).
    M) Symptoms appears after disappearance of ones as , skin diseases ->Asthma -> Diabetes ->Hypertension -> psychological changes etc.
    N) The extensive use may demanded in different chromosomal disorders as -( a)Down syndrome , syndactyly , more particularly . (b) Different pituitary hormone related disorders as Achondroplasia, Cretinism, - hypopitutarism i.e. post partum hemorrhage ( Sheehan^s syndrome ) , post operative cases, Coma , Hypoglycemia, diabetes Insipidus etc.

  • rahulbuddy101
    rahulbuddy101 6 days ago

    Homeopathy works on the principal that water has memory .
    It's structured water which cures !!
    It's true whatever u add in water it retains that memory .
    Drinking Reverse osmosis water TREATED with chemicals & UV filtered will kill u sooner than drinking from non contaminated natural source like a river. Unfortunately no river on this planet is left uncontaminated.

    • Hm Grraarrpffrzz
      Hm Grraarrpffrzz Day ago +1

      _"It's true whatever u add in water it retains that memory"_
      How exactly does this water memory work?

    • Great Mallard
      Great Mallard 3 days ago

      ok very cool thank you

  • dubstep ninja
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  • Leon Bellingan
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    • Yoda Gamer
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      Kinda like that, vaccines works by injecting one of 3 things in your body:
      The virus alive but weak, some vaccines with this "formula" in fact gave the person the disease like the first polio vaccine, which was later reinvented using only the dead virus;
      The dead virus, which I've already mentioned;
      Or a part of the virus such as a receptor that our immune system can recognize and build defenses against, it needs to be a part that is always with the virus so it can work, such as DNA or RNA in the most advanced vaccines.

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    • Silent33091
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      Is there any possibility that your tonsils could have gotten better on their own? most of the time tonsillitis is caused by some common viruses or bacteria and outside of your immune system, antibiotics in some cases (and maybe some very exotic antiviral treatments in some other cases?) and tonsillectomy nothing can cure it.
      (there are many medicines that can provide pain relief in a variety of ways tough)
      So your tonsillitis was resolved by your immune system like it happens with everyone else who doesn't seek proper medical help (and even for many people that do).
      Please list the stuff that you tried for your "tonsil pain" if homeopathy is among them the rest should also be "interesting".

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