How Close Are We to Photographing a Black Hole?

  • Published on Nov 19, 2017
  • What does a black hole look like? No one knows for sure. Artists make their images based on what physicists think they look like. But that could be about to change.

    This Is Not What Space Looks Like -

    Read More:

    Scientists Wonder If the Collision of Two Neutron Stars Created a Black Hole
    “For the first time, scientists have seen the source of gravitational waves from two colliding neutron stars, and the space oddity doesn't stop there. Those neutron stars might have collapsed into a black hole after they merged, scientists say.”

    Gravitational Wave Kicks Monster Black Hole Out of Galactic Core
    “Astronomers have uncovered a supermassive black hole that has been propelled out of the center of a distant galaxy by what could be the awesome power of gravitational waves.”

    New Class of Black Hole 100,000 Times Larger Than the Sun Detected in Milky Way
    “Black holes are notoriously hard to find, since they don’t emit any light. But there’s one particular size of black hole that has been especially evasive, even though astronomers have theorized that they should be plentiful..”
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Comments • 5 840

  • Chefies Bass Boosts
    Chefies Bass Boosts 14 hours ago +1

    This video was uploaded on my birthday, now a year later i was expecting a photo of a black hole as a birthday present. But no :(

  • Delcom Digitals
    Delcom Digitals 20 hours ago

    By the way, today is exactly 1 year after this video was uploaded. 2018 is over. No image of the black hole yet.

  • Queen swift deserves the world

    It's 2018 do we know how it looks like???

  • Cariad Eastern
    Cariad Eastern 3 days ago

    Has the picture been released by now (Nov. 17th, 2018) ?

  • Dervin Turnip
    Dervin Turnip 4 days ago +1

    why did you cant see a black hole?? the answer is simple.. the light was suck into the black hole and cant escape, so you cant see it. if you can see the black hole that mean the black hole didnt consume a light.

  • volgg
    volgg 4 days ago

    still waiting for that photograph ):

  • Pedro Ramirez
    Pedro Ramirez 4 days ago

    Ok, so it’s November 2018. Photo plz!?

  • L3yKa0
    L3yKa0 4 days ago

    has anyone been to LIGO??? it's a cool place! they have a lazer thing that can detect blackholes.

  • Rage Lord
    Rage Lord 4 days ago

    We’ve already done that with infra red

  • I gave Up
    I gave Up 5 days ago

    Listening to video while reading comments

  • Dark Tesla
    Dark Tesla 5 days ago

    Y not just connect a shit ton of satellites with cords with the lengths of countless miles. It’s the government, they can PRINT the money for that crap. It’ll wast a lot of materials sure hey FREAKING KNOWLEDGE BRO

  • danger Xmen
    danger Xmen 5 days ago

    We will see the Black Hole on Black Friday.

  • James S
    James S 5 days ago

    i hope its god taking a massive hit from his universe bong

  • Awayforthewin
    Awayforthewin 6 days ago

    All data is physical

  • Fahad Mustafa
    Fahad Mustafa 6 days ago

    Bitch 2018 ended where is the goddamn picture

  • Caze & Kaia
    Caze & Kaia 7 days ago

    does this mean..... im a blackhole? am i gonna crush everything?
    or can light not escape me?

  • Zack Storm
    Zack Storm 7 days ago

    What happens when a black hole is no longer surrounded by any matter? As in, when nothing is left in the universe to be absorbed by black holes?

  • Claudia Juarez
    Claudia Juarez 7 days ago

    It sounds like they are just making stuff up these days.

  • Francis Rubio
    Francis Rubio 9 days ago

    It's November of 2018. Still waiting.

  • Broth
    Broth 9 days ago

    Do we have it yet?

  • Kenshin Yamato
    Kenshin Yamato 9 days ago

    Blackhole is a universal break of the law it will suck the hole part of one creation, it wont exist as yet but if one of our solar planets will be destroyed it may cause a blackhole

  • bhuvana s nair
    bhuvana s nair 11 days ago +3

    I am from the future @ 2050.
    Still no pictures.

  • JJ The Fox
    JJ The Fox 11 days ago

    How close are we to seeing a penis sperm? Lel

  • Alexandru Grecov
    Alexandru Grecov 14 days ago

    it looks like it's hard work to take so long

  • Reder Khalifa
    Reder Khalifa 15 days ago

    We flew by it in 2015.

  • Surf Rats
    Surf Rats 15 days ago +2

    Then how do they know it exists?

    • Claudia Juarez
      Claudia Juarez 7 days ago

      They don't. It's all theoretical. No experiment or observation at all. But scientists talk like it's all absolute fact.

  • shaun govender
    shaun govender 15 days ago

    Cant wait

  • wavez Lim
    wavez Lim 15 days ago

    I never seen James Webb telescope in the dark side of our moon or maybe James Webb is a myth

  • Athira 98
    Athira 98 16 days ago

    So we are almost at the end of 2018, where is the picture??

  • Catalicious
    Catalicious 17 days ago

    The first thing that intrigued me in my life was the mention of blackholes in my middle school text book. Unfortunately we didn't have any more lessons on the universe or astronomy ever again in school( I am from India). I am 30 now and the fascination for black holes lingers on. Is there anything more mysterious in this universe?

  • Le-Grande
    Le-Grande 22 days ago

    That picture better be good for how much it cost.

  • Force The Line
    Force The Line 22 days ago

    These IDIOTS. Do you know where this all came from???? They actually admitted it here. Einstein's head and a math equation on a CHALKBOARD....
    This has replaced science. A stupid math problem, on a chalkboard.... We don't even have REAL evidence that it TRULY exists.

    • xWauz
      xWauz 17 days ago

      Force The Line Are you trolling or are you actually retarded?

  • Force The Line
    Force The Line 22 days ago

    As soon as nas-tards can convince people they sent a HUGE interstellar starship to it and make a CGI image to funnel billions more from our pockets.

  • Gooofy
    Gooofy 23 days ago

    I’ve seen a black hole (insert Lenny face)

  • 9 sin
    9 sin 25 days ago

    black holes are just the outside parts of the universe moved inside

  • tarka do sera
    tarka do sera 25 days ago

    pictures based on meth ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Jotrexwitz
    Jotrexwitz 26 days ago

    Almost 2019 ... but no picture

  • TiLL Kai Nikhil
    TiLL Kai Nikhil 27 days ago

    how do you no its black when you never seen one?

  • Mentox95
    Mentox95 27 days ago +2

    Last time i saw a blackhole was inside Mia Khalifa

  • The Camel Story
    The Camel Story 28 days ago

    BLACK LİVE MATTERS AHAHHAHAA 0o0 that must be angry black man spinning into the rooom it is covered by the room itself 0o0

  • Chrisxd11
    Chrisxd11 28 days ago

    I thought that scientist combined 20 telescopes to see one black hole

    CMANIAC1 28 days ago

    You cant take a photograph of a damn black hole. It absorbs light. The only possible way to "photograph" a black hole is to have a constant stream of light go around it. Even then, you will only see around the event horizon.

  • azrin Yahaya
    azrin Yahaya 29 days ago

    all astronomer will paint his ceiling with that image of blackhole,hahah

  • The Guy
    The Guy 29 days ago

    Haven’t seen one, yet they believe 100% in them, but we are crazy and stupid for believing in God.

  • Stop Motion
    Stop Motion Month ago

    It is 2018 October. Where are the pics.

  • Ben Rivers
    Ben Rivers Month ago

    I am pretty sure a black hole would look like a star

  • Hero Clan
    Hero Clan Month ago

    It might be the unknown planet with a powerful magnet which eats planet

  • Jamie Anan-ua
    Jamie Anan-ua Month ago

    I think it will be close to what they think it looks like☺

  • Ahmed Kurdi
    Ahmed Kurdi Month ago

    Hmm 🤔 almost 2019

  • Tomato Tomato Productions

    Still hasn’t happened

  • Wolfgang Breitenseher

    Since black holes are not real objects but matheatical constructs, you can take a foto of the equation. That's all you will ever see of a black hole.

  • MrBorey YT
    MrBorey YT Month ago

    NASA saw one that is the closest to earth

  • 101Thenoobslayer Spasic

    We need technology that can detect gravity and space time distortion and repesent the data in visual format.

  • Derpo McRandom
    Derpo McRandom Month ago +2

    Yes, I like to call my eyes *jelly-filled light buckets* too.

  • Abhi Rai
    Abhi Rai Month ago +1

    I want more about black hole I am big fan of black hole

  • Abhi Rai
    Abhi Rai Month ago +1

    Cool 😎

  • dark ashes
    dark ashes Month ago

    What will it do for us

  • Barry Hughes
    Barry Hughes Month ago

    Need to discover[ invent] black photons first.

  • Eddi PL
    Eddi PL Month ago

    5 years from now and it would come from ALMA the telescopes in Chile.

  • Jalermine Calleja
    Jalermine Calleja Month ago

    Your Anus is a black hole

    HiRO DANA Month ago

    Just reveal the pictures on Christmas day as a gift to everyone please

  • Li Aurrecoechea
    Li Aurrecoechea Month ago


  • FatLi TheLi
    FatLi TheLi Month ago

    XLXX has photographed alot of black holes if you need to see one.

  • immax79
    immax79 Month ago

    16 October 2018 - Still no picture.....

  • Mr.Dicci
    Mr.Dicci Month ago

    Soooooo how is it going so far?

  • Roufouth
    Roufouth Month ago +1

    Interstellar 😍😍

  • Kay Kay
    Kay Kay Month ago

    Easy. Take a pic of the night sky. Lots of black holes. Want one with a bright star? Take one during the day. IMPOSSIBRU!?

  • Sam Gilbert
    Sam Gilbert Month ago

    It’s almost the end of 2018. Where tf is my dam picture!

  • Kris Cabrera
    Kris Cabrera Month ago

    whats the song at 4:02?

  • Alfanza Dot ID
    Alfanza Dot ID Month ago

    Still waiting

  • Это сои ._.
    Это сои ._. Month ago

    1 year later
    Unlucky Kentucky

  • mjrc
    mjrc Month ago


  • Too Forest 2
    Too Forest 2 Month ago

    Jelly filled light buckets.

  • PupPlays RBLX
    PupPlays RBLX Month ago

    *Black Hole: Post more meme's and i'll swallow you whole*
    *Post's a bongo cat meme compliation*
    *Black Hole: That's it*
    *Black Hole: Die*

  • The Snowy Guy
    The Snowy Guy Month ago

    Posted Picture of black hole December 31 23:59

  • Mike Wirtz
    Mike Wirtz Month ago

    This video points out one accurate thing: we are so sure of what we religiously believe science tells us, only to be proven that we still are not as smart as we believe we are.

  • Danimal 86
    Danimal 86 Month ago

    So if you take a super massive star and crush it down to the Swarthchild's radius or how ever it's spelled, why can light no longer escape? The mass stays the same but it's just smaller right? Well before it collapsed and became a black hole light was able to escape the star. I've never understood this about black holes.

  • AfgOmar 619
    AfgOmar 619 Month ago

    Honestly I dont think we have any idea what a black hole actually is.

  • Omestad
    Omestad Month ago

    I wish we lived in 2500 and could understand the universe more.

  • Ich bin gaxly
    Ich bin gaxly Month ago

    I still want pictures of Spider-Man

  • Gabrielle Sumergido

    Cuz theyre black like duh??

  • Christian Laureno
    Christian Laureno Month ago

    use Sony phone.. Duhh
    u can photograph a black hole

  • Burggartenjunge
    Burggartenjunge Month ago

    we dont even know about our planet.. and you think you know about other galaxies ?

  • Burggartenjunge
    Burggartenjunge Month ago

    why we know more about other galaxies as our own ?

  • Ultrasaber YT
    Ultrasaber YT Month ago

    Sooo cool, but when will the picture come out?

  • jeff dario
    jeff dario Month ago

    my name is Jeff

  • Mookle123
    Mookle123 Month ago

    How is someone supposed to take a picture of something that doesn't emit anything? There's already images of the "lack" of input from a black hole....

  • Travis Stockwell
    Travis Stockwell Month ago

    "Jelly-filled light buckets." Hahaha!

  • Kepkovic
    Kepkovic Month ago

    Miluju terku nemcovou

  • Matthias M
    Matthias M Month ago

    flath earthers are so gonna use this as proof

  • James Vindreadi
    James Vindreadi Month ago

    I am pretty sure people like this geek. Are gate keeping information. I was shown a black hole. With less telescope.. You can fool some people some of the time. But you can't fool everyone all of the time.

  • the FBI has their eye on me

    Still waiting

  • Best Eesti evr
    Best Eesti evr Month ago

    5:37 that takes lag to a whole new level...

  • Best Eesti evr
    Best Eesti evr Month ago

    We photographed one

  • Clash with Reaper
    Clash with Reaper Month ago

    "All you had to do was take the daam pictures N.A.S.A"
    _Albert Einstein _

  • Eddie De Leon
    Eddie De Leon Month ago

    Black holes look like time and space pushing each other back cuzing a curve taking in light den pushing it back out

  • Eddie De Leon
    Eddie De Leon Month ago

    Black holes are a dip in time and space. That Cause gravity and Motion

  • King Dom
    King Dom Month ago

    what if our galaxy is already inside a black hole and is the reason why we haven't seen or made contact with other life in outer space.

  • Thonmoy Rahman
    Thonmoy Rahman Month ago +1

    *Veritassium viewers watch this*

  • Klaude Sorrell
    Klaude Sorrell Month ago

    NASA found the first black hole ever and video taped it