Momofuku Milk Bar’s Secret to Amazing Birthday Cake | Sweet Spots | Bon Appetit


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  • A O
    A O Day ago

    I love when she said "fat girl moment" because it's true that you become fat when you eat tons of yummy cake all the time... where is the lie??

  • Jodi Bear
    Jodi Bear 2 days ago

    I thought this was about the chocolate bar called milky bar (it's like white chocolate) i was disappointed

  • yzzi28
    yzzi28 5 days ago

    what is cake flour? is it self raising flour? thanks x

  • Dominique Mulder
    Dominique Mulder 5 days ago

    I live in the Netherlands so I have to make it myself, but damn this is one hell of a cake even when I make it.

  • Luis Alvarez
    Luis Alvarez 6 days ago

    1:16 fake half-hearted hug like you would give your ex in-laws

  • Sean Hollander
    Sean Hollander 7 days ago

    What an immensely unlikeable person

  • Sean Hollander
    Sean Hollander 7 days ago

    This video is so white that real vanilla extract is too brown for it

  • Aimee Oswald
    Aimee Oswald 12 days ago

    Why are they sharing one small slice of cake!??
    a) Germs, and b) I want to eat the whole thing so badly!

  • africanpride69
    africanpride69 16 days ago

    I hope these two never make another video again. "Fat Girl moment"??

  • Arthur Wong
    Arthur Wong 17 days ago

    Looking at the cake... I suppose I may enjoy the taste. But the asymmetry is killing me. Why are the layers so messy!? Is it supposed to be abstract art?

  • fla la
    fla la 18 days ago +1

    *Kate Nash Foundations* 🎶 at the end 🎶

  • Hue Lu
    Hue Lu 19 days ago

    that looks really gross...

  • Max Power
    Max Power 20 days ago +1

    Just reading the comments below and it just shows how sad people are. What's wrong with the fat girl comment, people get fat when they eat to much junk food that's a fact, people who take offense to this need a reality check. That's the problem with society today nobody can say anything with out somebody taking offense.

  • Kayla Carson
    Kayla Carson 21 day ago

    This is so cute

  • hellogoodbye
    hellogoodbye 21 day ago

    It's people like this that facilitate the body shaming in the media. Unbelievable.

    • MrAnthonyIII
      MrAnthonyIII 13 days ago

      Obesity and diabetes is a serious problem that's killing people. Hopefully such people do feel ashamed enough to improve

  • hellogoodbye
    hellogoodbye 21 day ago

    Fat girl moment??? Are you kidding?

  • Saman Nadir
    Saman Nadir 21 day ago

    and no cereal milk is the least creative thibg ever!!like seriously cereal milk??!!!

  • Saman Nadir
    Saman Nadir 21 day ago

    omg i saw this stupid woman’s thing at chef’s table!!!annoying oh gosh my ears were bleeding last few minutes

    BRENDA DLS 23 days ago

    I wouldn't go there even if it was for free. I've been all over NYC and all there restaurants and bakeries suck!!!! Went to one and had fruit flies on there $15 home made granola bar in their glass display and to think they have a grading system for restaurants. Fruit flies carry germs too

  • Dave Peña PhD
    Dave Peña PhD 23 days ago

    Bon appetit has jumped the shark.

  • Sean Hollander
    Sean Hollander 23 days ago

    This video was so awful I don’t even like cake anymore

  • Sara
    Sara 24 days ago

    skip to 2:05 for the part that matters

  • Ayanna Marielle
    Ayanna Marielle 24 days ago

    i just want to eat that cake just to eat it.

  • Kiarata
    Kiarata 25 days ago +2

    People getting offended over 'fat girl moment' makes me very confused. I'm a chubby girl who is trying to lose weight for a while now (I am slowly losing it but my metabolism is not the best). And I don't understand why that is offensive. It totally is not, they are clearly joking and not shaming anyone. Why are everyone so sensitive these days.

  • Luis Alvarez
    Luis Alvarez 26 days ago

    Uttering the phrase “all up in there” should be a punishable offense.

  • famefund
    famefund 27 days ago +2

    lmao came to the comments just to mention how ignorant the fat girl moment and gangster comments were happy to see everyone else already on it

  • kitkat1595
    kitkat1595 Month ago +2

    christina tosi seems like the type of girl who bullied me in high school

  • Aisha Robicheaux
    Aisha Robicheaux Month ago

    what can I substitute for shortening?

  • Kelly Seastar
    Kelly Seastar Month ago

    I find it unfair that vanilla cake with sprinkles is officially labelled "birthday cake". Now don't get me wrong, I like vanilla cake but why call in "Birthday cake"? A birthday cake is any cake used to celebrate a birthday, regardless of flavor.

  • trini
    trini Month ago

    Could hardly understand what they were saying, even with captions on. It was just a bunch of yada yada yada.

  • Kristin Pearce
    Kristin Pearce Month ago

    What is the metal thing called that holds the cake while you build it??

  • FluffyPuppyBlue
    FluffyPuppyBlue Month ago

    I nevertried anything thats birthdaycake flavir

  • catsisawesome
    catsisawesome Month ago

    Btw this cake also tastes nasty. It is incredibly dry and the frosting tastes like palm your money everyone

  • Alexis Smith
    Alexis Smith Month ago

    When I payed $95 for the class to learn how to make it and they post it on USclip for free 3 days before the class .... great

  • Kamilla Iqbal
    Kamilla Iqbal Month ago

    Buttercream frosting

  • Cosmina Costin
    Cosmina Costin Month ago

    Ok..being from another country i am proud to say that, that is not a cake....what the heck??? It's like eating bread with frosting ...i m saying that because i did taste this type of cake and it s so dry and also it doesn t have any taste !!!!! I don t no but for me any american cake is...weeeeekyyyyy!!!!!!

  • Freddy Yasbear
    Freddy Yasbear Month ago

    Uh "fat girl moment"....?

  • Naomi M
    Naomi M Month ago

    Honestly this cake seems like it would be way too artificial and sweet. Good cakes are made of whole, fresh ingredients. You should never *try* to make your cake taste like a boxed cake. "Clear vanilla extract" that's not vanilla extract??? Vanilla beans are brown. "Clear vanilla extract" is artificial flavouring.

  • Taamz Heart
    Taamz Heart Month ago

    i hate boxed cake lol

  • Julie Hanson
    Julie Hanson Month ago

    It's no one's birthday, but I love here goes. Umm wish me

  • tongdus
    tongdus Month ago

    I tried some at the williamsburg store. It was disgustingly sweet. Yuck

  • Sourskittlz129
    Sourskittlz129 Month ago

    why did she not just use round cake tins?

    YUMMY BACON Month ago

    just a random fact: Netflix has a documentary on her. It's called chef's table

  • Peichin Lee
    Peichin Lee Month ago

    I am so going to make this one today!

  • Lisa Marie
    Lisa Marie Month ago

    "Fat Girl" moment? Ugh. Insert food, snob

  • Meme Salsa
    Meme Salsa Month ago

    Ew. Honestly you can't get whiter than this. I'm just cringing every couple of seconds.

  • giselle joseph
    giselle joseph Month ago

    Want this for my bday hint

  • Tyler Wang
    Tyler Wang Month ago

    Christina (slightly paraphrased): "Some people like the cake crumbs so much that they would just cover the whole cake in it. "
    Christina: "That's gangster."
    I'm DYING

  • Chloe Rowley
    Chloe Rowley Month ago

    Fat girl moment?? I was loving this video until that comment. How utterly disrespectful. Unsubscribing!

  • La Tui
    La Tui Month ago

    Saw Christina Tosi on Chef's Table and thought she was super innovative. Now that I see her personality in this video I literally never want to support anything she does. What a wretched person.

  • Brian Kenney
    Brian Kenney Month ago

    LOVE Christina Tosi soooooo much! hate alison

  • Asha Abu
    Asha Abu Month ago

    Christina tosi is the best chef ever

  • nidya rangel
    nidya rangel Month ago

    Wasn’t this lady on the Netflix food show. I forgot what it’s called

  • Ruth Dulaney
    Ruth Dulaney Month ago

    My 15 year old son just made this for his brother's 18th birthday and it was sooooo goooood. Thank you Christina!

  • cal
    cal Month ago

    fat girl moment because ONE bite from a cake is such a fat girl moment u get me? fat girls are fat for enjoying a bite of birthday cake!! yay us

  • Lokomoto
    Lokomoto Month ago

    fat girl moment....??? what? thats a super weird thing to say.
    Is that a meme?

  • avehcado
    avehcado Month ago


  • vandana gosine
    vandana gosine 2 months ago

    Fat girl moment 😑

  • Andrew W
    Andrew W 2 months ago

    There is no such thing as "clear vanilla extract"....only clear artificial vanilla flavoring.

  • JonathanXue
    JonathanXue 2 months ago

    Love u christina

  • Arianna Sang
    Arianna Sang 2 months ago

    i wish you just edited out "fat girl moment"

  • Mrs.Grant
    Mrs.Grant 2 months ago

    Omg i love everything birthday cake flavored!

  • Afsoun O
    Afsoun O 2 months ago

    Why do you freeze it?

  • Felix Zorro
    Felix Zorro 2 months ago

    love sprinkles

  • Lauren Salamone
    Lauren Salamone 2 months ago

    everybody in the comments needs to chill tf out lol they're literally making a birthday cake leave them alone

  • Shelby Inman
    Shelby Inman 2 months ago +1

    Well, what's the measurements?😂😂😂

  • OppaNoticeMePlease
    OppaNoticeMePlease 2 months ago

    If i freeze the cake, will the quality of it change or stays the same? Cuz i’ve never freeze my cakes before. I just wanna know😊😊😊

  • Kate Sexton
    Kate Sexton 2 months ago

    Isn’t she the one from master chef

  • Catelyn Vans
    Catelyn Vans 2 months ago

    I love Christina this video was awesome

  • Hannah Zur
    Hannah Zur 2 months ago

    FAT GIRL MOMENT ((((:::
    *Proceeds to eat tiniest piece of cake ever*

  • Animerose
    Animerose 2 months ago

    so much negativity in the comments like goddamn LOL

    ASSASSIN DEV 2 months ago

    Do you have a link for were to buy the cake ring?

  • Zeljko Trifunovic
    Zeljko Trifunovic 2 months ago

    nice looking women and NOT FAT ! ! !

    • Nasa
      Nasa 2 months ago

      Zeljko Trifunovic ....

  • homie93
    homie93 2 months ago +2

    I really enjoyed this video and then suddenly there was the "fat girl moment" and I was like "huh???"

  • Anp
    Anp 2 months ago

    how to make nostalgia birthday cake: 1. use boxed cake-mix. 2. use canned icing

  • Lindsay Mack
    Lindsay Mack 2 months ago

    My bestie made this for my daughter's birthday. It was amazing

  • Daily Dose Of Vitamin M
    Daily Dose Of Vitamin M 2 months ago +2

    "Fat girl moment!!" *face palm*

  • SmidBeach
    SmidBeach 2 months ago

    Come on, shortening? In an upscale bakery in the 21st Century?

  • in time
    in time 2 months ago

    Whoa. I ship them😯

  • Awesome Singh37
    Awesome Singh37 2 months ago

    Tbh I had this today and it wasn’t that good still a great experience!

  • Mistxly
    Mistxly 2 months ago

    Isn't Cristina from master chef? :O

  • Alpagaa
    Alpagaa 2 months ago +1

    Both of them are so unlikable

  • Sarah Schwarz
    Sarah Schwarz 2 months ago

    Front menu deficit plan diversity bone find display clean action jaw appear false.

  • The Honeybee
    The Honeybee 2 months ago +7

    There's something about watching two slim blonde women chewing petite mouthfuls of cake going "Fat girl moment!" and giggling that just makes me want to throw my laptop into the ocean.

  • Melody Fret
    Melody Fret 2 months ago


  • Bitchy fish
    Bitchy fish 2 months ago

    Why couldn’t they just put the cake batter in a round cake pan?

  • twenty one co-pilots
    twenty one co-pilots 3 months ago

    Everything at this place is so expensive for no reason. The 6 inch cake (the one in the video) is $50 and the 10 inch is twice as much!

  • manihot
    manihot 3 months ago

    when i see the name i giggled...

  • Lisa Littler
    Lisa Littler 3 months ago +2

    What's with the Fat Girl Moment comment by the bakery owner? Seriously? What does that even mean?

  • Pinksugarelephant
    Pinksugarelephant 3 months ago

    This would be your last birthday cake, considering the heart attack you would have after eating it.

  • Sydni C
    Sydni C 3 months ago

    I just watched her episode on Netflix and the way she talked about cookies... I never knew someone felt that way.

    • Sydni C
      Sydni C 3 months ago

      Actually it was ice cream. But I love both:

    • Sydni C
      Sydni C 3 months ago

      As well I mean. I love cookies.

  • Magpie Randoms
    Magpie Randoms 3 months ago +2

    Vanilla essence and corn syrup, bleck. I'd want pure extract or pods and there are better sweeteners out there. Shortening should be replaced with butter.

    • Magpie Randoms
      Magpie Randoms 2 months ago

      Maybe in the US but not in the UK. We use butter for our cakes and our icing. You might like it and that's great, but I can taste the difference. Charging the earth for a product with inferior ingredients to be sold is shocking. The cost of the cake would allow for far better ingredients to be used. If people want to pay a fortune for poor quality food then I guess it's up to them, but I'd have to be a bit more discerning.

    • Kayla Deal
      Kayla Deal 2 months ago

      Damn... Here I was thinking we lived in a world where something can be made multiple ways! The blasphemy. Shortening in icing is actually quite tasty. In fact, most bakeries use it.

  • Guille Tohr
    Guille Tohr 3 months ago


  • Maxine Ripley
    Maxine Ripley 3 months ago

    Nice fat shaming comment 👌🏻

  • Sheepy007
    Sheepy007 3 months ago

    Americans suck at cake making. It's always just "MORE SUGAR, MORE FAT".

  • Chris Moore
    Chris Moore 3 months ago +2

    I made this cake. Had to buy a bunch of ingredients, pans, etc. I was disappointed. Won't make again.

  • Olive O'Sudden
    Olive O'Sudden 3 months ago

    Clear vanilla tends to taste like coconut, which is gross.

  • Louella.y
    Louella.y 3 months ago +1

    Why did she say "european style butter" ? Is american butter different from ours ?

    • The Insider
      The Insider 3 months ago +1

      At least from an American perspective

    • The Insider
      The Insider 3 months ago +1

      Yes European butter is usually higher quality

  • The Green Fox
    The Green Fox 3 months ago

    Did she really say fat girl moment and laugh? wtf?

  • Kika Ogbechie
    Kika Ogbechie 3 months ago

    to make this vegan:
    Swap cow milk for cashew or coconut milk (best for cakes imo)
    Swap cream cheese for vegan cream cheese
    swap all animal based shortenings for vegetable based shortenings

    • Nasa
      Nasa 2 months ago

      Wow revolutionary

    • Kika Ogbechie
      Kika Ogbechie 3 months ago

      swap animal butter for plant butter