Halo: The Master Chief Collection PC Announcement

  • Published on Mar 12, 2019
  • For the first time ever, The Master Chief’s story comes to PC. Featuring Halo: Reach along with Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo 3, the Halo 3: ODST Campaign and Halo 4, this is the definitive Halo experience.
    Honoring the iconic hero and his epic journey, The Master Chief’s story is brought together with a total of 67 campaign missions plus more than 120 multiplayer maps (including the original Halo Combat Evolved maps) and Spartan Ops maps. Now built for PC with mouse and keyboard support and up to 4K UHD and HDR.
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    Web: www.halowaypoint.com
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  • cremeseife93
    cremeseife93 7 hours ago

    This game will make us brothers

  • Cassive Mock
    Cassive Mock 8 hours ago


    BADBOY 8 hours ago +1

    ну хорошо что не эксклюзив microsoft store

  • Professional innately
    Professional innately 8 hours ago

    Don't make it cost so much

  • La Varka Rec
    La Varka Rec 9 hours ago

    It's hard to describe the emotional stampede that i feel right now

  • Kyro Génesis
    Kyro Génesis 9 hours ago

    But it is free of Windows Life?

  • Spoopyboopins
    Spoopyboopins 9 hours ago

    its finally here boys, we've waited so long. now its time to set down your xbone controllers and ascend to pc godhood

  • Anzuro
    Anzuro 10 hours ago

    Ich glaub mein Schwein pfeift.. IST DAS GEIL

  • Joshua Tavares
    Joshua Tavares 10 hours ago


  • SmartAss Kickass
    SmartAss Kickass 10 hours ago +1

    And you will be able to buy it on Steam, in my Dreams.....

  • vjollila96
    vjollila96 10 hours ago

    I came

  • booby
    booby 10 hours ago


  • Momentum
    Momentum 10 hours ago

    Man, Xbox became more irrelevant.

  • Edward The Good YouTuber
    Edward The Good YouTuber 10 hours ago +1

    It's not new for a Halo game to be on PC. Halo CE and Halo 2 were on PC for a long time.

    • Elyrium
      Elyrium 10 hours ago +2

      And still its something special as Halo 2 was ported to PC 15 years ago

  • Austin Newman
    Austin Newman 11 hours ago

    Everyone: Hey let's bring Halo MCC to PC

    Microsoft (2019): Hey let's bring Halo MCC to PC

  • Tracyn
    Tracyn 11 hours ago

    I assume crossolay multiplayer ?
    I’m resdy

  • Masterloquendo16
    Masterloquendo16 11 hours ago

    do you guys believe halo 5 gonna be for pc 2?

  • Masterloquendo16
    Masterloquendo16 11 hours ago +1


  • Markk is Here
    Markk is Here 11 hours ago

    Finally, I'll know what this game is about and not having an Xbox won't stop me

  • misfit
    misfit 12 hours ago

    It better come on July 7th.

  • Dennis Hallam 1213
    Dennis Hallam 1213 12 hours ago

    Halo Reach oh how I’ve waited

  • TSFCaesar
    TSFCaesar 12 hours ago

    Finaly, I can experience the saga as it should be experienced.

  • Izan BF
    Izan BF 12 hours ago

    Welcome PC John.

  • Ascal Farharice
    Ascal Farharice 12 hours ago +7

    I waited for this moment 12 years.

  • Omega Shooter
    Omega Shooter 12 hours ago

    *remember no pre orders*

  • Grant Eckhoff
    Grant Eckhoff 12 hours ago

    Bought the components to build a gaming pc today. Can't wait to get this... the nostalgia is going to be real.

  • Rohan Kumbhare
    Rohan Kumbhare 13 hours ago +3

    450 who disliked are the Epic Store Employees

  • Ambush king
    Ambush king 13 hours ago

    This better not be some sort of sick April fools joke!

    • Elyrium
      Elyrium 10 hours ago

      is it april 1st?

  • ben's minion knez odjebi
    ben's minion knez odjebi 13 hours ago +1

    But why will we still need an xbox live account?

    • The Real Gamer
      The Real Gamer 8 hours ago +1

      +ben's minion knez odjebi no you dont

    • ben's minion knez odjebi
      ben's minion knez odjebi 9 hours ago +1

      +The Real Gamer ahh so will i have to pay for xbox live to play on pc? I dont realy know this kind of stuff

    • The Real Gamer
      The Real Gamer 9 hours ago +1

      +ben's minion knez odjebi 1 xbox is a platform any sales still goes there

      2 any progress people have will go between pc-xbox

    • ben's minion knez odjebi
      ben's minion knez odjebi 10 hours ago +2

      +Elyrium hmm i dont understand

    • Elyrium
      Elyrium 10 hours ago +3

      crosssave, crossplay or any other sort of link to the console version

  • The Boi
    The Boi 13 hours ago +1

    Epic games punching the air rn

    DrBLOOD 14 hours ago

    RIP Xbox.

  • Дмитрий Дим
    Дмитрий Дим 14 hours ago

    Oh, my God, can't wait, it is so f...king awesome! Thank you so much from Russia for this opportunity to play almost all the Halo Saga games on PC!

  • Sebastian Angrisano
    Sebastian Angrisano 14 hours ago +3

    *Includes reach*
    Crowd goes loudddd

  • deeznuts99525
    deeznuts99525 14 hours ago

    Halo pc:*released*
    Earth:*peace achieved *

  • Spartacus Smith
    Spartacus Smith 14 hours ago

    Too bad PlayStation can’t get it

  • Tricksoundbab
    Tricksoundbab 15 hours ago

    Microsoft and 343 done a great job teaming up with steam. At first they must of thought that Halo on pc would reduce xbox sales and will decrease the value but honestly it makes me wanna buy an Xbox while still having my pc just to give back to them for being so generous

    • The Real Gamer
      The Real Gamer 9 hours ago

      it only increases xbox sales even if the "xbox" doesnt sell they dont have to

      pc phone console they just want people to use the service

  • Tricksoundbab
    Tricksoundbab 15 hours ago

    My life is complete the amount of hours I spent on the halo franchise growing up is insane and I am about to repeat the whole thing again!! I just hope they make it a fresh experience instead of having all armour unlocked from the start I'd like to earn it all again!

  • Lucas Kearney
    Lucas Kearney 15 hours ago

    Fellas we've all got to band together to have a massive game of infection when this launches

  • Sly Shadex
    Sly Shadex 15 hours ago

    This is it baby, hold me

  • FreshlyPositive
    FreshlyPositive 15 hours ago


  • Punished Shia
    Punished Shia 16 hours ago

    Spartans never die... They just get ported to different platforms

  • márk fehér
    márk fehér 16 hours ago

    Pls for the love of god, dont release this on the garbage micro store..

  • Nilaksh Singh
    Nilaksh Singh 16 hours ago

    What I notice is that many of the great halo dialogues are from halo 2

    • Elyrium
      Elyrium 10 hours ago

      well with Halo MCC Halo 2 got its anniversary version

  • 조용성
    조용성 16 hours ago

    So when?

  • MC P
    MC P 17 hours ago

    *The Prophecy was true*

  • Imani
    Imani 17 hours ago

    too bad you still need xbox live to play online.

    • RazgrizOne
      RazgrizOne 16 hours ago +1

      And? All you need is an account, not the gold membership, to play online.

  • The Proxinian
    The Proxinian 17 hours ago

    Now I have no reason to buy an xbox. NOICE.

  • Mentor Assassin
    Mentor Assassin 17 hours ago +2

    Nostalgia from Halo 3 and 4😭😭

  • The Proxinian
    The Proxinian 17 hours ago


  • Lambda Kun
    Lambda Kun 17 hours ago

    And I've been waiting for this moment for all my life, oh Lord

  • Herr Schröder
    Herr Schröder 18 hours ago

    Better be able to do 144hz

  • Vibe Gaming
    Vibe Gaming 18 hours ago

    "Our duty is to buy Halo on PC. Whatever the cost."

  • Ricky Duran
    Ricky Duran 19 hours ago +2

    I’m so happy halo is starting to be revived. I hope 343 realized that what they’ve been making isn’t fun for classic halo players. We want the good old days to come back!!

  • ZanFear
    ZanFear 20 hours ago

    Hope my laptop/desktop can both play the MCC, even on medium settings.

    • Nathaniel Enochs
      Nathaniel Enochs 19 hours ago

      Playing HALO on a Laptop and a Desktop would be like playing it on the NINTENDO SWITCH since you’ll be able to play HALO on the go

  • Siddharth Nair
    Siddharth Nair 20 hours ago

    If this is how people reacted for Halo, I can't imagine how people would react if Valve releases Half Life 3

    • Elyrium
      Elyrium 10 hours ago

      worse, since Half Life 3 is known to become garbage if it ever was announced or released

  • Mac McDonald
    Mac McDonald 20 hours ago

    Oh heck

  • Nishant Tyagi
    Nishant Tyagi 20 hours ago

    When it's coming on steam?

  • KingdomOfAnElephant
    KingdomOfAnElephant 20 hours ago

    When? When? WHEN????

  • TheGodFather
    TheGodFather 20 hours ago

    We evolved combat.
    We fought for earth.
    We finished the fight.
    We dropped feet first into hell.

    We remember Reach!

  • FirstPlayer - YouTube
    FirstPlayer - YouTube 20 hours ago

    True players: Only want it for CE and 3 man.
    Mainstream players: Only want it for Reach man, maybe some of 2 too.
    Noob-wannabe players: Only want it for 4 man and obviously 2; was the best one.

    • Taylor Geffken
      Taylor Geffken 20 hours ago +3

      Real players: want every game since they're not close minded

  • Doofenswards
    Doofenswards 21 hour ago

    People argue that this is a terrible exclusive to the Xbox, but I personally love it... If only it would come to PlayStation, I would defend this game over any one of our ps exclusives because in reality, halo is better than most of our exclusives

  • Omnitraxus
    Omnitraxus 21 hour ago

    This is.... GOOD

  • Nicholas Garcia
    Nicholas Garcia 21 hour ago


  • Emmanuel Moreno
    Emmanuel Moreno 21 hour ago +1


  • Dasharaath Vellayan
    Dasharaath Vellayan 21 hour ago

    Gg well played

  • TheForgery
    TheForgery 21 hour ago

    Time to relive my days of having fun with Halo co-op.

  • TheGamingBerg
    TheGamingBerg 21 hour ago

    Let me go change my pants now

  • Twinkieman08
    Twinkieman08 21 hour ago

    Add cross play with Xbox and the multiplayer will thrive

  • Naiko
    Naiko 22 hours ago

    wait are you for real?

  • alan ambriz
    alan ambriz 22 hours ago


  • Ulysses Lemons
    Ulysses Lemons 22 hours ago

    My video-game life is now complete....

  • Thot Slayer
    Thot Slayer 22 hours ago

    Music to my ears

  • xd Valerian
    xd Valerian 22 hours ago

    Whatever it takes

  • Brushogun
    Brushogun 22 hours ago

    Hey anyone wanna play with me when it comes out? :]

  • rozkladd
    rozkladd 22 hours ago

    I shidded farded and camed

  • Leugim
    Leugim 22 hours ago

    Some moved on to other games
    But not us...

    *NOT US*

    MR PERFECT 23 hours ago


  • JustK
    JustK 23 hours ago +1

    Great now tryhards are gonna have fun. Can’t wait to get on with tryhards and hackers 🤟

    FILM FORT 23 hours ago

    holy SHIT

  • Orangutan Gang
    Orangutan Gang 23 hours ago

    YES. It’s here.
    *cries in PCMR*
    But actually I love halo and am sad I couldn’t play halo 3 when I got a PC. Now I can!

  • M T
    M T 23 hours ago

    literally no point of having a xbox now.

  • Bruce U
    Bruce U 23 hours ago

    years 2 late

  • Frank Migs
    Frank Migs 23 hours ago +3

    Dear Fortnite, your destruction is the will of the gods! And I...I am their instrument

  • Cypher Supreme
    Cypher Supreme 23 hours ago +1

    Steam too? Awesome!

  • Coen van Haaster
    Coen van Haaster Day ago +4

    ‘Master Chief? You mind telling me what you’re doing on PC?’
    “Sir... finishing this fight”

  • Gaster . Ink
    Gaster . Ink Day ago

    yay mods

  • Blitz Krieg
    Blitz Krieg Day ago +1

    A massive middle finger to the EPIC games store.

    • RazgrizOne
      RazgrizOne 16 hours ago

      Now imagine them releasing all the gears of war games on steam and NOT on epic store.

  • Heavy Smoker
    Heavy Smoker Day ago

    DEPOIS DE 20 ANOS...

  • John McPhee
    John McPhee Day ago


  • cristian hidaldo

    Correct me if am wrong won't this affect xbox now sales will be lower

  • SabotageGhost
    SabotageGhost Day ago

    14 years... Finally :'D

  • Dr.Thulu
    Dr.Thulu Day ago

    Biggest April fools joke ever

  • Sekiko Gaming
    Sekiko Gaming Day ago +3

    PC and Xbox, UNITE!!!

  • I’m just a Question?

    Chief: Sir permission to leave console
    Captain: Why
    Chief: Finishing the fight

  • vegeta 33
    vegeta 33 Day ago

    Que hermoso volver a jugar halo 2 con la es espada y escopeta encerrona con gráficos clásicos o nuevos

  • David Ryan Baxter

    Great, When?

  • FL4P
    FL4P Day ago

    If this supports local coop with player 1 on keyboard and player 2 on controller I will donate my left lung to Microsoft

  • Jake
    Jake Day ago

    Hah he said duty

  • Zombie K
    Zombie K Day ago

    I freaked out way too much when I saw that Steam Logo.

  • TankUni
    TankUni Day ago

    I've played Halo 1 & 2. My impression was that the storyline in the later games was just convoluted bollocks stacked on even more convoluted bollocks. Is that true?

    • RapidFireReaper
      RapidFireReaper 21 hour ago

      Halo 5 they shit the bed. But reach and 1-4 are all very good in my opinion though I dont like a lot of the new gameplay mechanics in 4.

    • Undead Dragon115
      Undead Dragon115 Day ago