• Published on Jun 20, 2019
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    On today's episode of Back & Forth no punches are being held! We're going through all of the top anime & letting you guys know if it's overhyped or true to its hype!
    Back & Forth is a series where we discuss anime, video games, music and other pop culture topics!
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  • Angel Ramos
    Angel Ramos Hour ago

    Black clover gonna be better than my hero in the long run

  • Endrias Mazengia
    Endrias Mazengia 15 hours ago


  • ZScorpia Z
    ZScorpia Z 15 hours ago

    The only good thing about boruto was the movie

  • Rezkel
    Rezkel 23 hours ago

    Naruto fanboys complaining about everything we use to complain about them. Life has come full circle.

  • qwanto
    qwanto Day ago

    Black...fcking...clover 🤦‍♂️

  • GMC Mc
    GMC Mc Day ago +1

    Reincarnated as slime is heat brooo y’all gotta watch

  • GMC Mc
    GMC Mc Day ago +1

    Black clover hated on bruh wtf shi is fire mane

  • Marquis Flemming
    Marquis Flemming Day ago +1

    No one:

  • Anime God
    Anime God Day ago

    Does anyone consider the old teen titans a anime

  • KiiD Nova
    KiiD Nova Day ago +1

    Boruto is ass right now

  • Gabriel Santos
    Gabriel Santos Day ago

    Sao Alicization is there best season so far everything before is kinda iffy.

  • AnimeReporterTV
    AnimeReporterTV Day ago

    Naruto has a better story like I wish naruto had longer story no one dies I love emotions in my anime so bourto like I like the old graphics to be honest

  • Eli Lennon
    Eli Lennon Day ago

    I had very high expectations for boruto and im extremely disappointed but I still need to get caught up with it

  • Antonio Hines
    Antonio Hines Day ago

    I like boruto dont stab me 😂

  • shxdw
    shxdw Day ago

    What we learned.

    Naruto is good and some communities are straight aids.

    Boruto is shit

    My Hero Academia is ok, but it's getting kinda bad. After the Overhaul Arc basically

    Oh and don't create a argument I'm the comments bc I'm not up for this shit ok.

  • WAVE.V2
    WAVE.V2 Day ago

    Super was good way better then boruto

  • Maria F
    Maria F Day ago +1

    Boruto could've been great, but it ain't. Naruto, progress from nothing and all the actually fights worth while to get o watch, and the how realistic it could be at times made it great. I will say that's not all the things that made it great. There were some badass moment s. But can we acknowledge how even though Shippuden is 500 episodes around 300 are spent fighting a war, and there are a lot of filler most of those ~300 episodes

  • Maria F
    Maria F Day ago +1

    I like season 1 of SAO, the fairy was okay, I liked Gun Gail it was cool, the next one kinda boring. I didn't t even bother with the Gun Gail online series that came out, focused on some girl character. Ordinal Scale was alright. But Alicization is really good. I can't wait for season 2. Alicization has some really dark events, and the final episode is a shock. Part of the beginning of the Alicization someone from Gun Gail, of season 2 of SAO, shows up again and creates a dilemma. Thou the whole series after, Kirito trying to relive the life he had back in the game in season 1 for 1 and a 1/2 seasons and a movie, is annoying

  • The Gaming Tornado

    Black clover ain’t overhyped😢

  • Thomas J Peters
    Thomas J Peters Day ago

    Just want to tell you guys, Check out Vinland Saga for this season. Right now thats my Hype. And i Thoroughly Reccomend it.

  • Jordan Pugh
    Jordan Pugh 2 days ago

    Just gonna throw this out there. I know I'm gonna get crucified for this but I'm still gonna say it. Naruto itself is overhyped.

  • Keane McClellan
    Keane McClellan 2 days ago

    I dont care what nobody got to say the best anime is yu yu hakusho every character is a goat

  • austin singleton
    austin singleton 2 days ago

    how you gone talk about anime and haven't seen any all of them. yall some orange belts

  • austin singleton
    austin singleton 2 days ago

    these nigga busted

  • King Onchon
    King Onchon 2 days ago

    Bruh but JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and SAO the most overhyped

  • Nati Amana
    Nati Amana 2 days ago

    Why aint nobody talking about one piece ?!?

  • Domanic Burke
    Domanic Burke 2 days ago

    Tokyo Ghoul season 3 sucked

  • Domanic Burke
    Domanic Burke 2 days ago

    Okay I started watching the video and I totally disagree Sword Art Online is great

  • Domanic Burke
    Domanic Burke 2 days ago

    Before I even watch this video I'm betting you my hero Academy, boruto and one punch man makes this list those anime series were so flipping overhyped I'm not saying one punch man is great but I think people overdo and everyone knows boruto sucks and my Academy I started sucking shortly after all might vs. One for all now let me watch video

  • Tootriv 211
    Tootriv 211 2 days ago

    You can't speak on what you ain't seen.

  • Jaime Jaimes Gomez
    Jaime Jaimes Gomez 2 days ago

    naruto is overhyped but ok unlike a lot of other over hyped shows like its def better than dbs

  • Sky Karanja
    Sky Karanja 2 days ago

    Mmmmm mom psycho 100 and 2 hello 👋🏾

  • Jaime Jaimes Gomez
    Jaime Jaimes Gomez 2 days ago

    i already wasn't to be a fan of Naruto, Boruto made it worse. NAruto used to be in my top 15 not no more

  • Diallo
    Diallo 2 days ago

    Love the show, but My Hero is clean. Its what Boruto should've been.

  • Anthony
    Anthony 2 days ago

    I agree with all but the my hero, fuck the fanbase that's for sure but season 3 smacks.


    hunterxhunter 2011>>>>>>>MHA

  • Joker
    Joker 3 days ago

    Boruto is overhyped? I thought 90% of people hate the anime

  • Haulin Assassin
    Haulin Assassin 3 days ago +2

    One punch man season one deserved ALL the hype it got

  • steson TV
    steson TV 3 days ago

    Y’all mess with 91 days

  • Matthew Hall
    Matthew Hall 3 days ago +3

    Black clover is the best show bros I'm telling you get to the latest episodes you'll see what I'm talking about..

    • Matthew Hall
      Matthew Hall Hour ago

      Dude that last episode! Was that unbelievable or what??

    • Chris Polo
      Chris Polo 2 days ago +1

      Matthew Hall that’s true!

  • Saw JewBear
    Saw JewBear 3 days ago

    Seven deadly sins

  • Joji
    Joji 3 days ago +2

    jojo bizarre adventure is the beast anime

  • Roan John
    Roan John 3 days ago

    LMAO One Punch Man Season 2 everybody is watching it just waiting for a subpar animation to call out.

  • Robobeast
    Robobeast 3 days ago

    It should be top 5 over rated anime not overhyped

  • Devon Billiot
    Devon Billiot 3 days ago

    Sleeping on the midoriya vs bakugo fight but yeah I can agree it's too early to say it's better than naruto if it keeps at what is though my hero will definitely take naruto and yeah naruto part 1 had alot but how much was filler and the flashbacks of itachi killing the uchiha it felt like after it showed it once I saw it at least another ten times in the run of the show

  • Jo Qui
    Jo Qui 3 days ago

    Thank you! That is what I am saying about One Punch man....all these low level anime watcher not even a manga reader lol

  • Top Tier Tiger
    Top Tier Tiger 3 days ago +1

    Bruh some Dragon Ball Heroes animations outmatch those that are in Super and that is for real sad.

  • Soso Drake
    Soso Drake 4 days ago

    What about the midoriya vs bakugo fight

  • Soso Drake
    Soso Drake 4 days ago

    It pisses me off cuz I love my hero but are fan base consist of a bunch of cosplay tik too fags

  • Ja'von Finney
    Ja'von Finney 4 days ago

    We need more back and forth 😭😭😭PLZZZZZZZZZ

  • PixelFlip
    PixelFlip 4 days ago

    They still going? 😯

  • Brandon Gaming And More

    It’s true boruto did ruin Naruto

  • randall couto
    randall couto 4 days ago

    Y'all niggas tripping , mha is not over hyped. Please please tell me where you saw an anime tht was similar or better . I've haven't seen an anime yet tht tops mha. All these trash ass anime fans are mostly dick riders. Bleach is good , yu yu is good, one piece is good , akira good . All str8 trash, it makes me wonder if y'all hate your lives to the point where u have nothing better to do than to watch ass anime' s cause some dumb asses told you they were good and you agreed just to not look like a dumb ass to a bunch of retards

  • ibrahim kondos
    ibrahim kondos 4 days ago

    Asta has a demon form

  • smokin urbs
    smokin urbs 4 days ago

    have yall seen hunter x hunter? if not then all of u are str8 trash, but props to u if u have seen it

  • IamJerf
    IamJerf 4 days ago

    Black Clover was NOT overhyped. It was great already from almost the beginning of the series, it only had a slow start until Asta joins the Black Bulls, people just keep hating on it just cuz Asta's voice and screaming was (to them) "annoying" which doesnt matter at all cuz he doesnt do it anymore.

  • Oscar Escalera
    Oscar Escalera 4 days ago

    I hate how reincarnated as a slime is hyped to shit, but konosuba, which in my opinion is 10x better, can’t get a season 3.

  • The Lit Yoshi Bros.
    The Lit Yoshi Bros. 4 days ago +1

    You naruto fans are on some crazy shit to think it's that good. I watched from naruto all the way to the end of shippuden and I was bored out of my mind the entire time. I dont hate naruto but I don't think its anywhere near as good as people say

    • Vagz2
      Vagz2 3 days ago +1

      @The Lit Yoshi Bros. MHA is some boring ass donkey poop.

    • The Lit Yoshi Bros.
      The Lit Yoshi Bros. 4 days ago +1

      My hero academia on the other hand actually had me binge watching it through every season so far

  • Tommy
    Tommy 4 days ago +3

    Highschool of the dead was a bit overhyped in the beginning

  • Martinel Condoll
    Martinel Condoll 4 days ago

    That time I got reincarnated as a slime is amazing to me. I feel like you should give it a chance before you say overhyped. Art style,powers,character, the best version of politics. #pres Rimuru

  • Martinel Condoll
    Martinel Condoll 4 days ago

    1:00 that shirt Fye

  • NW Envyy
    NW Envyy 4 days ago

    10:43 the voice crack got me

  • Noah Mathew
    Noah Mathew 4 days ago

    Imo I haven't really fucked w anime that much can y'all give me some classics that are like on god tier, so far I have only watched Naruto, One Punch Man, Assassination Classroom, and Death Note

  • Psychic Pebbles
    Psychic Pebbles 4 days ago

    Boruto is the only ones that are overhyped, everything else lives up to expectations

  • Richard Denson
    Richard Denson 4 days ago

    I'm halfway thru..and if y'all don't mention damn Tokyo Ghoul one time imma unsub this bitch! Nah lol but for real they fell off hard!
    Update: much appreciated bebe throw the whole last 2 seasons away

  • Eduardo N. Vasquez Jr

    I'm reading the manga (the promised Neverland)! The story is really good, however idk if they're gonna fuck it up or not when it comes to the anime. I suppose we'll see!

  • Leeson Richardson
    Leeson Richardson 5 days ago

    I'm okay with y'all putting Tokyo ghoul RE in there but season 1 and 2 is ten times better boruto wait no twenty times already and that is a FACT

  • eugeel aadow
    eugeel aadow 5 days ago


  • Klaw
    Klaw 5 days ago


  • ImSlohh
    ImSlohh 5 days ago +1

    We all know boruto trash
    And how about The Rising Shield Hero

  • Emz 7
    Emz 7 5 days ago +3

    Black clover is amazing

  • Hibaragi Kou
    Hibaragi Kou 5 days ago

    Haikyuu is gold. 😁😁😁

  • insidiousss
    insidiousss 5 days ago

    Dragon ball super is really overhyped but i still like it. However without a doubt i think id put BNHA at number 1 for most overhyped theres not a day i go without hearing about that shit.

  • cat
    cat 5 days ago

    Mob psycho 100

    • cat
      cat 4 days ago

      smilesimply is not bad because I hyped it too

    • smilesimply
      smilesimply 4 days ago

      jojo lives up to the hype tho

  • ひKrucifixion
    ひKrucifixion 5 days ago

    just cause baruto is bad doesn’t mean it’s bad

  • Swippe ッ
    Swippe ッ 5 days ago

    This whole comment section is people talking about burrito

  • thewolfpack gaming94

    Imma big my hero fan not a huge naruto fan but naruto part one is still pretty good

  • Max R
    Max R 5 days ago

    My hero has better pacing than Naruto. Only because sometimes their are arcs that take to fucking long. Like I ain’t feeling the filler when we in the middle of the fucking 4th ninja war

  • christopher sutton
    christopher sutton 5 days ago

    ya boruto sucks it pains me to say it but ya and your right about super also

  • Yoshii
    Yoshii 5 days ago

    next back and forth, most underrated anime?

  • Sierra s
    Sierra s 5 days ago

    i felt like they should of put this new season first then the other sword arts

  • Sierra s
    Sierra s 5 days ago

    i feel like attack on titan and hero there the same hype like is only hype when it come out then when its over its dead.

  • Sierra s
    Sierra s 5 days ago

    Yo tell me about it with baruto like tbh u just have to watch the damn movie lol then go to episode like 50 hahah

  • Vino
    Vino 6 days ago

    Kuroko no Basket is fucking overhyped trash

  • Vino
    Vino 6 days ago

    Haikyuu is amazing. Trust me. I hate volleyball and it's still mad lit.

  • jman92091
    jman92091 6 days ago

    Black clover lit 🔥

  • thunder Clap
    thunder Clap 6 days ago

    Boruto is the definition of trash

  • jman92091
    jman92091 6 days ago +1

    Yah hating on my hero hard

  • king of Kush
    king of Kush 6 days ago

    Boruto ruined naruto fr. Ngl I fully rate black clover

  • Rapidshot
    Rapidshot 6 days ago

    I wish someone would walk up to me and say Boruto is the best anime.
    14:09 I don’t know man Stain was tuff if it wasn’t for him dying he would have been the next kurosensei

  • emmanuel bigwienersteve

    dude the naruto fanbase really thinks the same tbh like all the people that watched naruto are so sad about boruto i had to give up on the show XD and the only time when the show is good is when sasuke naruto sakura are on the screen doing something .

  • Savage Pat
    Savage Pat 6 days ago +2

    NANI where is JJBA part 5 that shit was WAY to hyped up and the part was HEAT

    • Savage Pat
      Savage Pat 5 days ago

      @DeShaune bruh same like who tf wouldnt be hype

    • DeShaune
      DeShaune 5 days ago +1

      Savage Pat hype before or while it aired

  • The next generation
    The next generation 6 days ago

    One punch man s2 trying to save money for s3 becausebofbhpw many fights there are if the fights trash in s3 then it deffentially overhyped to an extent

  • The next generation
    The next generation 6 days ago

    Dbs can't even keep one animation lol

  • dershon Thompson
    dershon Thompson 6 days ago +1

    Seven deadly sins it’s a s rank

  • dershon Thompson
    dershon Thompson 6 days ago +1

    All I gotta say seven deadly sins I like that show

  • Rich Crim
    Rich Crim 6 days ago +2

    I feel like boruto is gonna get treated like the gt of Naruto and get completely ignored when a new Naruto series comes out, even if boruto is canon

  • Samurai Sorcerer
    Samurai Sorcerer 6 days ago +2

    The OG Naruto and Shippuden and Dragonball Z are WAY too overhyped in the US, in Japan nobody talks about Naruto and Dragonball Z anymore.

    • mal'akh
      mal'akh 4 days ago +1

      Are u from japan bro ??

    • IamJerf
      IamJerf 4 days ago

      AGREE!! the US dickrides DBZ literally everyday and its annoying, its not that great

  • Tyrus Spencer
    Tyrus Spencer 6 days ago

    Boruto’s manga is getting good but the anime is slow asf!

  • SpectrumMonkey
    SpectrumMonkey 6 days ago

    Smartest anime characters next?