The Ball Family Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex


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  • Konrad Kozyrski
    Konrad Kozyrski Day ago

    Lavar Ball is crazy

  • Based Russian
    Based Russian Day ago +1

    Joe was pissed in this vid

  • marcus rodgers
    marcus rodgers Day ago +1

    U got to like Lavar Ball and his sons they are some cool brothers.

  • Henry Ruggieri
    Henry Ruggieri 2 days ago

    lavar is being rude AF

  • Craig Fritchey
    Craig Fritchey 2 days ago

    These guys seem so hard to talk to. I've had guests on my podcast that it was like pulling teeth just to have a regular conversation. Most people can't tell, but I remember the awkward hour or two. Lol.

  • Mathew Salwyn
    Mathew Salwyn 2 days ago +1

    10:48 you can keep the ball down Lamelo

  • pano mo Nasabe?
    pano mo Nasabe? 2 days ago

    Lonzo gelo and melo doing cool things and when lavar got the ball he could only do is pivot😂😂

  • wtff lmaoo
    wtff lmaoo 2 days ago

    i feel so bad for lamelo and the other guy lavar literally only talks about lonzo

  • Anthony Zawisa
    Anthony Zawisa 3 days ago

    This video should be called sneaker shopping with lavar ball

  • Qwertzy
    Qwertzy 3 days ago +1

    *But lil mosey isnt there*

  • Markus Johnson
    Markus Johnson 4 days ago

    Lavar ball is a straight fuching idiot u got heavy feet but u light on yo feet I bet he dropped out of school because he was the dumbest person in his class

  • Oscar To Minh
    Oscar To Minh 4 days ago +3

    When this vid got recorded:
    Lonzo wasn’t even drafted
    Gelo was in UCLA
    Melo was a hs star and he just scored 92
    Lonzo, one of Lakers’ most important players is injured (can’t shoot)
    Gelo: Career literally over lol
    Melo: Star at Spire Cleveland in HS

    • Oscar To Minh
      Oscar To Minh 2 days ago

      Matt Smith my bad lmao

    • Matt Smith
      Matt Smith 2 days ago

      Oscar To Minh all tru but he’s at SPIRE in Cleveland

  • Žigosani u Reketu
    Žigosani u Reketu 4 days ago

    11:22 look at lonzo 😂😂😂

  • melissa perez
    melissa perez 4 days ago

    I feel for his kids. He’s annoying.

  • KING Gaming
    KING Gaming 4 days ago

    LaVar is the big Daddy and he's the oldest but he's the most childish

  • Ashley Thomas
    Ashley Thomas 4 days ago

    They seam like wankers with to much dosh how can he say I wouldn't wear Jordans and then walk out with them u bake

  • 朱俊璇
    朱俊璇 4 days ago


  • Yung AJ
    Yung AJ 5 days ago +1

    I got a heavy foot but I’m light on my feet, ALUMINATE CONFIRMED.

    plz like.

  • Avion Rush
    Avion Rush 5 days ago

    Is it just me or does melo like never talk lol

  • levi
    levi 5 days ago


  • Cesar Maldonado
    Cesar Maldonado 5 days ago

    Would of been better without they annoying ass dad

  • Maritimerslivesmatter 506

    They look rate embarrassed

  • Rodney Wilcox
    Rodney Wilcox 6 days ago

    bro he rlly dissed Kanye like that

  • Faze Wyrat
    Faze Wyrat 6 days ago

    They should make a ball family shoe

  • Morgan Tracy
    Morgan Tracy 7 days ago

    Melo in his own world nigga look like he in the clouds

  • teo.Banergy
    teo.Banergy 7 days ago

    2019 anyone- too bad everyone in this family Is doo doo

  • c wall
    c wall 7 days ago

    12:22 everybody is carrying something except lavar😂😂😂😂lazyass

  • Night Ninja
    Night Ninja 8 days ago

    No one is going to spend $220 on flippin slides

  • Daniel Pascual
    Daniel Pascual 8 days ago

    Lavar is like the uncle that always asks you for money

  • Varant Tchalikian
    Varant Tchalikian 8 days ago

    0:46 when ure a theater major and can't ball

  • Schöfer Film
    Schöfer Film 8 days ago

    Very cool 👍🏻😎🤪 i celebrate the ball family - i made a short film about their European tour “ball brothers in Bamberg” if you want to watch, here is the link to the film best regards from Bamberg 🇩🇪 germany

  • hugh peisker
    hugh peisker 8 days ago

    lavar is like that mentally retarded dad you don't tell your friends about

  • Justin Zuleta
    Justin Zuleta 8 days ago

    Props to Joe for calling LaVar out on his shit.

  • Cole Randomness
    Cole Randomness 9 days ago

    yo does lavar ball have to have the last word in everything?

  • XMp3Xdrone 1
    XMp3Xdrone 1 9 days ago +1

    Wait I’m the Same size shoe as Lonzo size 13 and I’m only 15 years old

  • D K
    D K 9 days ago

    1:35 Host can't hold his burst of laughs from a gorilla walking next to him lol WHICH SUCKAS IN HERE BOUGHT BBB Brand LMAO

  • Ben Mercer
    Ben Mercer 9 days ago

    Those shoes likely cost around $20 a pair to make.

  • Asim Ali
    Asim Ali 9 days ago

    lavar a mix of retarded and corny

    VHON CARLOS PASCUAL 10 days ago

    lonzo's lowkey embarrassment at 7:34 lol

  • bruno squad b
    bruno squad b 11 days ago +1


  • Bossitronio 03
    Bossitronio 03 11 days ago

    Why is LAVAR so loud

  • Trevon Chesir
    Trevon Chesir 11 days ago

    Dey couldve had way more people buyin dem shoes if dey was like 120 n not 495

  • Slinerthe onegod
    Slinerthe onegod 12 days ago +1

    what was the song at the start?

  • Ruby
    Ruby 12 days ago

    Lanzo ball shows why America is falling

  • AGPRich BrandonGaming
    AGPRich BrandonGaming 12 days ago +1

    What's the music at the end

    • Sachin Persaud
      Sachin Persaud 4 days ago

      AGPRich BrandonGaming Ik it’s a nice beat

  • uhh Uhh
    uhh Uhh 12 days ago

    Oh yeah yeah where is Lidicky Ball

  • Hayden dundon
    Hayden dundon 13 days ago

    Hey atleast my Toyota holds it's value longer than a Bentley

  • Dylan Trevino
    Dylan Trevino 13 days ago

    Lavars a good dad even tho he’s a retard

  • Yvng Katana
    Yvng Katana 13 days ago +1

    They forgot lil dicky

  • The life of Young leopard

    Why does lavar look so much like debo from friday

  • black jack
    black jack 14 days ago

    if you price a shoe at 500 dollars at least make it a *decent* looking shoe

  • HaSTe_oNe
    HaSTe_oNe 14 days ago

    I love Lavar and the Balls because they are independent. Its hard to make money, its even harder to earn your money independently! The day you decide to start your own business and make your own money independently you will know how good of a feeling that is.

  • Pecas Perez
    Pecas Perez 15 days ago

    Jordan 11

  • Max_ TheSauceGod
    Max_ TheSauceGod 15 days ago

    They just should have had the bros on here

  • EvanR32
    EvanR32 15 days ago

    They’re all wearing bbb slides cuz their shoes still hadn’t shipped

  • Caden Locklear
    Caden Locklear 15 days ago

    Big baller brand is sooooo fucking ugly

  • Caden Locklear
    Caden Locklear 15 days ago

    Lavar is annoying

  • Yellowking 66
    Yellowking 66 16 days ago


  • Leonid Lagutin
    Leonid Lagutin 16 days ago

    I’m surprised lavar has the capability to think

  • Snack Master
    Snack Master 16 days ago

    What’s the song at 10:59

  • Lil Coni XD
    Lil Coni XD 16 days ago +5

    Has the dad got Tourette’s

  • Lil Coni XD
    Lil Coni XD 16 days ago +32

    The comments are better than the actual video

  • KodaXP
    KodaXP 16 days ago

    He was gettin so frustrated😂

  • gang land
    gang land 16 days ago

    I hate lavar...I Kno his kids do too

  • Josh Villano
    Josh Villano 16 days ago +1

    "shoes are just cloth and glue."
    So why the fuck do u price it at $500

  • Kyrie Irving
    Kyrie Irving 16 days ago

    Lavarr is all positive vibes

  • vOrochi
    vOrochi 16 days ago

    I would’ve gotten some cactus jacks

  • Oh Yeah yeah
    Oh Yeah yeah 16 days ago

    So which one is lil dicky?

  • Bawd
    Bawd 17 days ago

    I wish had that type of 💰

  • sgbnk
    sgbnk 17 days ago

    Hope lavar gets cancer he is so annoying

  • Zack Kenison
    Zack Kenison 17 days ago

    Where’s lidicky

  • D'Sean Cox
    D'Sean Cox 17 days ago +1

    Yall chill the fuck out!!!!! Lavar had the full right to be loud there out of all places. That guy was trying to downplay Lonzo's she since they walked in.

  • TGun_2
    TGun_2 17 days ago

    I love Lonzo, but you are not going to get a decent shoe if you only put 3 to 4 hours into design.......

  • Ye Boi Champagne
    Ye Boi Champagne 17 days ago

    Season 4 Episode 20

  • Louis Muldoon
    Louis Muldoon 17 days ago

    What is lamelo wearing on his feet

  • Sirfreshalot 81
    Sirfreshalot 81 17 days ago

    Lavar a goofy

  • Andrew Bellezza
    Andrew Bellezza 17 days ago

    Lavar is such an douche

  • Tyler Desherlia
    Tyler Desherlia 17 days ago

    Change the title to shut the fuck up lavar.

    SOLId FLASH JJ 17 days ago +2

    wtf was 11:20 and 11:32

  • Every Day Is Chest Day

    I don't mind the kids, but Lavar is a out of control. Dude is like Donald Trump 2.0.

  • garry heinlein
    garry heinlein 18 days ago

    Lavar is a jerk tbh

  • Hannah P
    Hannah P 18 days ago

    Lavar is so agg I swear

  • Deluxe Bby
    Deluxe Bby 18 days ago

    I’ve never even heard of there brand

  • _The Phantoms_
    _The Phantoms_ 18 days ago

    That tweet was the dumbest shit

  • The GOAT
    The GOAT 18 days ago

    I'm going to go to an Apple Store and buy an android

  • Faisal Salih
    Faisal Salih 18 days ago

    It ain’t his problem that some people can’t afford $500 shoes (me included) xd

  • Ricky Bode
    Ricky Bode 18 days ago

    No one brought up the beat in the beginning of the video? who knows the name of the song if it even is a song

  • Aiden Alexis
    Aiden Alexis 18 days ago


  • Aiden Alexis
    Aiden Alexis 18 days ago

    notice how lavar can meet oberon

  • Skit Brothers Vlog
    Skit Brothers Vlog 19 days ago

    Fuck the ball family they suck the only good thing there good at with balls is sucking them.

  • Vultyle
    Vultyle 19 days ago

    LaVar is so enthusiastic lol

  • Nick Grannis
    Nick Grannis 19 days ago

    Why lavar so disrespectful

  • Williams Thottungal
    Williams Thottungal 19 days ago

    Lavar is like the kid out of all of them

  • Its MN
    Its MN 19 days ago

    Big baller brand!!!!

  • Preston Hardy
    Preston Hardy 19 days ago

    Where is the 4th ball brother, Lil Dicky

  • TheHaque Gamer
    TheHaque Gamer 19 days ago

    Lavar: You’ll never see me wearing Jordans
    Ends up buying 200$ Jordan 3s

  • lily jonhson
    lily jonhson 19 days ago

    Lavar is the most annoying person ever

  • lily jonhson
    lily jonhson 19 days ago

    Were not fucking rich snobs like you

  • traffly
    traffly 19 days ago

    The Ball family literally had to bring a *ball* with them. Classic

  • Michael jim
    Michael jim 19 days ago

    4 Dickies