Hacking Fondant! Step by step on how to cover a round cake!

  • Published on Nov 3, 2015
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Comments • 653

  • Purity Oluchi
    Purity Oluchi 9 days ago

    Please how do you make the fondant
    It look strong and firm....

  • Sherri N
    Sherri N 2 months ago

    When you sprinkled surface with “icing sugar”, is that just regular sugar? Not powdered sugar or ?

    • Brandy James
      Brandy James Month ago

      Powdered sugar or you can use cornstarch

  • Angel Fahi
    Angel Fahi 2 months ago

    What’s shortening ?

  • KinkajouLuver 18
    KinkajouLuver 18 3 months ago

    Yo, where do yo get your fondant??

  • Tina Will
    Tina Will 7 months ago +1

    What brand fondant is that?

  • Tim Daugherty
    Tim Daugherty 7 months ago

    wth is icing sugar?

  • Adam Churvis
    Adam Churvis 7 months ago

    Really great video, Yolanda! Lots of details and tips I haven't seen or heard elsewhere. Getting ready to cover my first cake with homemade fondant.

  • Ebba De Geer
    Ebba De Geer 10 months ago

    Hi Yo!
    What kind of fondant are you using?
    Could you please make a video where you show different ways to make fondant? ❤️❤️❤️

  • faizan ch
    faizan ch 11 months ago

    How to make Royal icing?

  • Julie Nolan
    Julie Nolan 11 months ago

    Hello Beautiful! Thanks for you amazing video!
    How do I measure 1/8”?

  • Rosamaria Argumedo
    Rosamaria Argumedo 11 months ago

    Thanks for sharing, it's so helpful! Nice video.

  • ejiofor ezzinne
    ejiofor ezzinne Year ago

    How do you make your fondant?

  • Journey ansbro-christian

    i am watching nailed it

  • peace of God Prayer ministry

    Great job my family love's you.Thanks for sharing

  • Anje Helm
    Anje Helm Year ago

    What kind of fondant do you youse

  • garrethbert
    garrethbert Year ago

    This is amazing. The royal icing is the caulk of the cake world it seems.

  • Farida Ali
    Farida Ali Year ago

    whats ur fondant recipe

  • Peace Sam
    Peace Sam Year ago

    How do u make a fondant?

  • Maria Aslam
    Maria Aslam Year ago

    Can I pls have the fondant recipe

  • sarajosully
    sarajosully Year ago

    Fondant is gross, but I get its purpose. I try and remove as much as possible before I eat the cake. Great video though, and super helpful tips! You make it look super easy, but I know that’s not true! 😅

  • darienandmee
    darienandmee Year ago

    How do you know how much fondant do you need ?

  • Kayla Dattilo
    Kayla Dattilo Year ago

    Do you make or buy your fondant? If you do make your own, could you do a video on how to make it?

  • Tiffany Orton
    Tiffany Orton Year ago

    ❤️ girl you just make this look so easy! You were born to do this- I have no doubt in my mind!

  • ilikeceral3
    ilikeceral3 Year ago +1

    How do you keep the fondant from tasting like glue? I’ve heard it tastes terrible.

  • My miss Anzi XO
    My miss Anzi XO Year ago +5

    Please make a vedio on how to make Fondant, amazing vedio love it

  • Ann T
    Ann T Year ago

    What kind of buttercream frosting did u used on this cake?

  • Ann T
    Ann T Year ago

    How many hours b4 i use the fondant?i heard that u need to fridge for overnight before using to cover ur cake

  • James McMahon
    James McMahon Year ago

    I love your vids😀😀😀😀😀😀

  • Cristina Grajales

    Hello can you please tell me what brand of fondant you use.

  • marwah ansari
    marwah ansari Year ago

    Recipe of the fondant please.

  • Neshala Sampath
    Neshala Sampath Year ago

    Fondant recipe video?

  • XxVampiregirl17xX

    Is there another creamI can use besides buttercream to cover before the fondant?

  • Yaimem MC
    Yaimem MC Year ago


  • salamah bello
    salamah bello Year ago

    Mrs Yolanda i love your videos and they help me a great deal. can you please do a video on how you make your fondants please from beginning. Thanks

  • Miriam Fease
    Miriam Fease Year ago

    what if I don't have a French rolling pin? any alternatives?

  • Ezra Vedral
    Ezra Vedral Year ago

    What kind of fondant do you use?

  • Oluwayimika Akinwumi

    I literally just saw that air bubble move!😓😓

  • Kaiyun Tu
    Kaiyun Tu Year ago

    What would you do if you don't like fondant, what would be a substitute

  • Jennrrrs
    Jennrrrs Year ago

    These are basic instructions. Where is the hacking?

  • Valli Visuvanathan
    Valli Visuvanathan 2 years ago

    How to make the fondant icing ?

  • Mouser
    Mouser 2 years ago +1

    What do you do with your excess fondant?

  • Flipping Gymnast
    Flipping Gymnast 2 years ago

    Every Tuesday I look forward to your awesome videos your awesome

  • Flipping Gymnast
    Flipping Gymnast 2 years ago +1

    I'm subscribed can you do a video two days a week like if you agree

  • Chloe Paulk
    Chloe Paulk 2 years ago

    I love to bake and I love fondant but do you make it or do you buy it? I have made it but I was wondering what you do.

  • Lesly Benavides
    Lesly Benavides 2 years ago

    This link you have listed takes me to another website, not sure if you were aware. To SHOP EVERYTHING I used in THIS VIDEO head over at my Parsel shop! - parsel.me/howtocakeit/collecti...

  • Alyce Meeks
    Alyce Meeks 2 years ago

    Yolanda, how do you actually make fondant? Can we have a recipe and video tutorial?

  • Aurelia  Calderon
    Aurelia Calderon 2 years ago

    do you recommend homemade fondant or store bought fondant when covering a cake?

  • Ebony Void
    Ebony Void 2 years ago

    I like your rolling technique. I saw a video with a woman who picked it up and turned it ever time. She was very out of breath and it seemed like unessasary work.

  • Rutvi Shah
    Rutvi Shah 2 years ago

    Could u pls help me up with how to make vegan fondant

  • Jho Vitangcol
    Jho Vitangcol 2 years ago

    yo, is there a trusted fondant recipe you can share?

  • Honeypeanutyay
    Honeypeanutyay 2 years ago

    I just want to make fondant please make o video for that

  • Michaela ComesLast Viers

    you haven't been uploading on how to knead it

  • Mari Mar
    Mari Mar 2 years ago

    hi..yolanda, What is the recipe of your fondant? How do you make it? Pls..i wanna know from you, for my daughters birthday. thanks

  • Unkown Unkownw
    Unkown Unkownw 2 years ago

    Two questions: 1. I find fondant tastes gross is their alternative?
    2> do you make your own fondant?

  • Patty Chisholm
    Patty Chisholm 2 years ago

    Also once the fondants is rolled out how quickly do you have to get it onto the cake and shape it to your cake?

  • Patty Chisholm
    Patty Chisholm 2 years ago

    I am making a 70th birthday cake for my moms birthday party. I searched 70th birthday cake ideas and found one I like that is just the numbers 70 but it looks like its covered in Fondant instead of icing with circles cut out of a different color of Fondant. I have never used Fondant before. Was wondering if there was an icing I could make instead and then just cut out fondant circles to put on the numbers for the decorative part? I have the picture downloaded but didn't know how to show you what I was talking about.

  • Lorie Anne P
    Lorie Anne P 2 years ago

    Can I bake this cake in advance like two days and how do I store it?

  • Mia 34
    Mia 34 2 years ago

    Do you prefer to make your fondant or buy it? And if you buy it what brand

  • Michelle Nicks
    Michelle Nicks 2 years ago

    HI Yolanda- can you confirm that you were covering a ganached cake and not one covered in your Italian Meringue buttercream? Thanks

  • bryan sow
    bryan sow 2 years ago

    what if the fondant crack on the edge there? is it too dry or too soft?

  • khyon cullum
    khyon cullum 2 years ago

    sailor moon cake

  • iloveyoubutipreferfood

    Can you use another type of icing under the fondant (other than italian meringue buttercream)? like ganache or cream cheese?

  • Nina Stephenson
    Nina Stephenson 2 years ago

    What fondant do you use? Also what do I do if the fondant starts to separate randomly?

  • Nyamgerel Battulga
    Nyamgerel Battulga 2 years ago

    Hey Yo! How can i make this simple syrup?

  • BisuitSnowy&Bramley 3
    BisuitSnowy&Bramley 3 2 years ago

    Can I just say, her eyebrows are on fleek!!👩🏻‍🍳👩🏽‍🍳

  • Nykiyah Marie
    Nykiyah Marie 2 years ago

    What do you do with the exes fondant do you reuse it or do you throw it away ?!?

  • CrystalDragon
    CrystalDragon 2 years ago

    Alternatives for the fondant smoother?

  • Zeineb Saadallah
    Zeineb Saadallah 2 years ago

    Hey yo, what are the ingredients for the fondant please ?

  • Annie 2280
    Annie 2280 2 years ago

    can you make your fondant recipe

  • Life As Abigail Elizabeth

    How is it so perfect? What brand do you use? I can never get the right consistency help!