Film Theory: Mrs Doubtfire is a CRIMINAL!

  • Published on Sep 1, 2018
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    Mrs. Doubtfire is a classic Robin Williams movie that a generation grew up watching. When I watched it again as an adult though, I noticed something CRAZY! Mrs. Doubtfire broke the law SO MANY TIMES! How did this character not get arrested? Today Theorists, I'm going to show you how Mrs. Doubtfire is actually a CRIMINAL!!
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  • Richard Sandor
    Richard Sandor 9 months ago +10013

    Imagine being sent to jail for having an animal with hooves in a residential area. "What are you in for?" Ponies, man. Ponies.

    • Isabelle DeMoss
      Isabelle DeMoss 5 days ago

      All I can imagine is saying that to a person and then learning their in for murder.

    • Yeemo Yeemo
      Yeemo Yeemo 7 days ago

      *slides to other side of bench*

    • Kira B
      Kira B 13 days ago


    • Natalia the bean Lopez
      Natalia the bean Lopez 13 days ago

      Richard Sandor lol I’m crying 😂 😝

    • Kalahari Lewis
      Kalahari Lewis 16 days ago

      You'd have me "HOOVED"!!! Get it, hooved istead of hooked! And this is why I do not do stand up comedy 😔

  • åbš føręvä
    åbš føręvä 19 hours ago

    Damn, if I ever need a lawyer, I’m gonna try to hire MatPat.

  • The United Malfoy
    The United Malfoy Day ago +1

    The intro almost scared the s**t out of me.

  • Gemattack
    Gemattack Day ago

    6:24 noitice me sempai

  • Lit BoPeep
    Lit BoPeep Day ago

    Damn. It's _crazy_ how important editing is to the *entire* tone & "feel" of a movie😳
    That intro seems like a *legitimate **_horror_** movie.*
    And they actually already _have_ all the footage they need to make it a horror movie, aside from the prerequisite _"final bloody show down"._

  • Josey Strife
    Josey Strife 3 days ago

    I completely agree his ass should be in jail

  • Jesse Cox
    Jesse Cox 3 days ago

    Damn, I never knew that the movie, Mrs. Doubtfire had a bunch of crimes in it. I took Community Law and we watched "A Few Good Men"
    We could have watched this if I knew it had crimes associated with the film!

  • donut Floof
    donut Floof 3 days ago

    wow mat u successfully made mrs.doubtfire a horror movie. good job.

  • Seloa
    Seloa 3 days ago +1

    You did such a good job editing that into a scary movie. I got chills

  • Max Ellas
    Max Ellas 3 days ago

    Mat pat you fucked up my Child hood

  • Fusion Warrior
    Fusion Warrior 3 days ago

    Dang that movie is so funny but I agree that could be a horror movie

  • Jacob coryell
    Jacob coryell 4 days ago

    Now do it on Miss Featherbottem

  • fionn Tuohy
    fionn Tuohy 4 days ago

    That intro is scary ngl

  • Cute Disturbance
    Cute Disturbance 5 days ago

    Mat could make a great lawyer but he'd probably melt from the judge raising their voice at him because he's stuborn.

  • Carter Deutsch
    Carter Deutsch 5 days ago

    Where is the California state republic

  • Gentlemen #rEkCaH01 Plays

    You forgot about San Francisco’s laws.

  • Mystery Human
    Mystery Human 6 days ago

    I mean, he dresses up as a women to get closer to kids and his wife. See what I mean?

  • Kaitlyn ugas
    Kaitlyn ugas 6 days ago

    We were watching this in Ela

  • Micro Piggy
    Micro Piggy 7 days ago +1

    scary how meryl streep ended up looking like mrs. doubtfire

  • emily Davis
    emily Davis 7 days ago

    6:24 that’s some yandere stuff going on there.

  • Kenny
    Kenny 7 days ago

    i remember sitting in front of the tv watching our mrs doubtfire vhs tape over and over for a whole weekend lmao

  • Logannev Gaming
    Logannev Gaming 7 days ago

    its even sadder if you know how robin Williams died

  • Logannev Gaming
    Logannev Gaming 7 days ago

    '' HALLLLLO'

  • Fennec_ Lillie
    Fennec_ Lillie 7 days ago

    Not to be the rudest person ever, but please don’t take everything down on Mr. Williams. It took a lot of guts for me to watch this video. (BUT I LOVE MRS. DOUBTFIRE!)
    P.S. Will Smith did pretty good as the genie in the new movie of Aladdin!

  • Roemon Christian
    Roemon Christian 7 days ago

    However. Your only in teouble if your CAUGHT😈😈😈 HE WENT TO COURT YOU KNOW

  • Bubsimo Dragon
    Bubsimo Dragon 7 days ago

    2:42 I thought you were for kids

  • Matthew Peacocke
    Matthew Peacocke 8 days ago

    Is it just me or does the mother sound EXACTLY like the tape girl in Five Nights at Freddy's VR Help Wanted

  • Imjustungodly-
    Imjustungodly- 8 days ago

    Omfg that intro scared me so much

  • Shifting Pheonix
    Shifting Pheonix 8 days ago

    Scarest intro ever😀

  • Oh_Yeah_Yeah
    Oh_Yeah_Yeah 10 days ago +1

    Lol that’s legit a horror movie

  • Anime Girl
    Anime Girl 12 days ago

    0:35 actually scared me

  • Preston The Gamer
    Preston The Gamer 12 days ago

    7:02 Limesided?

  • Bryan Feitosa
    Bryan Feitosa 13 days ago

    Are you trying to scare me MatPat?

  • Bowen Grijpma
    Bowen Grijpma 13 days ago

    What about identity fraud was that around back then?

  • the dragon master 9000

    0:35 Mrs. Doubtfires true form

  • Chloe Vinton
    Chloe Vinton 14 days ago +1

    I'm a late 2000's kid and even I watch it on a monthly basis

  • Florica Tereiu
    Florica Tereiu 14 days ago

    Crap I'v done half of these😧😬😨

  • JohnDavid500
    JohnDavid500 14 days ago

    jesus christ matpat your intro just gave me nightmares!

  • Karlie Blaker
    Karlie Blaker 15 days ago

    Happy little accidents? Oops sorry it was an accident for me to dress up as a nanny, violate the custody agreement, throw a lime at someone, nearly kill that same person and have pony's in my yard. It was an accident. lol

  • T Tuber
    T Tuber 16 days ago +1

    RIP Robin Williams.

  • white scar
    white scar 19 days ago

    Wait she divorced her husband 3 months ago and has a boyfriend okay i think their another theory here

  • Trevin Wiest
    Trevin Wiest 19 days ago

    Imagine if Daniel just disguised himself as another woman after Miranda found out that he was Mrs. Doubtfire.

  • Nido Hime
    Nido Hime 19 days ago

    Conclusion: 90s comedy movies don't aged very well.

  • Alan studios
    Alan studios 19 days ago

    Man matpat be putting mrs doubtfire rated R

  • ken heath
    ken heath 20 days ago

    I haven't looked into the legalities {that's a word, right?} of it, but isn't imatating a chef and tampering with food, even if it wasn't harmful to the consumer, a crime?

  • Doge Doge Doge
    Doge Doge Doge 20 days ago

    Guys remember this was in 1993 so that is less money💰💰💰💰💰💰💰

  • Hani TaeTae
    Hani TaeTae 20 days ago

    Tbh I’ve never seen the movie

  • Nightmare Chase Fazbear

    that intro... uh..

  • Friorento
    Friorento 21 day ago

    His fake identity it's not a crime to?

  • Mr Gold Builds
    Mr Gold Builds 21 day ago

    I'm 12 and I've seen this

  • Jacob A. Gallant
    Jacob A. Gallant 21 day ago

    0:36 WELP, that's creepy

  • HeyIt'sDre
    HeyIt'sDre 22 days ago

    What about identity theft?

  • london dupree
    london dupree 22 days ago

    Love robin Williams Rip....

  • Unreal Boss
    Unreal Boss 22 days ago

    The little kid is Matilda

  • Angelika A.
    Angelika A. 22 days ago

    0:35 is the scariest thing i have EVER SEEN *0*

  • PAP-yt Politics and philosphipy

    so, if i put a horseshoe on my cat, that would be a crime?

  • Monardo N.
    Monardo N. 24 days ago

    Oh no, I killed the bastard

  • Matthew Willis
    Matthew Willis 24 days ago

    didn't just reply to a dudes comment talking about snakes and law

  • Matthew Willis
    Matthew Willis 24 days ago

    Scream 5: The Horror of a Nanny

  • Sam A
    Sam A 25 days ago

    That fucking horror remake in the beginning cracks me up every time xD

  • Casey Roenneburg
    Casey Roenneburg 26 days ago

    3 months away from my kids? How about 50 years?

  • gerard keegan
    gerard keegan 26 days ago +1

    me: roar
    police: stop! U VIOLAITED THE LAW

  • Goblin088
    Goblin088 28 days ago +1

    What about identity theft. Even if she wasn’t a real person.

  • It's Moshi
    It's Moshi 28 days ago

    R.I.P Robin Williams R.I.P
    Loved your movies and you were a good man :,(

  • death skull1897
    death skull1897 Month ago


  • Sam
    Sam Month ago


  • adhesive stiky
    adhesive stiky Month ago

    Thumbnail says arrest *him*
    Next theory Mrs. Doubtfire is a man?

  • Margaux Corgi
    Margaux Corgi Month ago

    My little sister Jumped at the horror trailer xD

  • Random Hooman
    Random Hooman Month ago +1

    He forgot about technol impersonation soooo oooffff

  • Zealot Core
    Zealot Core Month ago


  • teamboobooseth1
    teamboobooseth1 Month ago

    I have never seen Mrs. Doubtfire and at first, because of the opening of this theory, I thought the movie was a horror movie.

  • Tasha Rob
    Tasha Rob Month ago

    That trailer was everything

  • Risulo Risulo
    Risulo Risulo Month ago

    “I can do a really good impression of a hotdog”

  • Genji Shimada
    Genji Shimada Month ago +1

    Guys remember its just a theory don't let matpat ruin your childhood

  • xBethany x
    xBethany x Month ago +1

    What about the crime of false identity.

  • StormOfStorms
    StormOfStorms Month ago +1

    R.I.P Robin Williams

  • Patricia Cruz
    Patricia Cruz Month ago

    Omg please watch American vandal and do a video!! I need to know WHO DREW THE DICKS!!!!

  • Major Overkill
    Major Overkill Month ago

    I remember that movie, if I remember correctly the kids didn't like Stew and they became a little distant with their mother, because in their eyes their father was wronged for wanting to spend time with them. I believe the mother is the one in the wrong for falsely accusing him for saying things that he has never said, and devorcing him because she thought the kids like him better. Stew isn't exactly innocent either, at first he didn't care much for the kids and tried to use them to get closer to their mother only to grow to like them half way through the movie, he hardly made progress with the mother because he spent the rest of the movie trying to make it up to them after they called him out on it, but trust is difficult to earn after it is lost.

    • Major Overkill
      Major Overkill Month ago

      People always say that I remember the strangest things. I tend to forget about things like my phone or other obvious things, yet I can remember the plot of a movie I haven't seen in 10 years

  • wijxdkousgekw
    wijxdkousgekw Month ago

    ok sister's ears are randomly ringing again, a-anyways the word penal code kept making me laugh

  • Lilah Peterson
    Lilah Peterson Month ago

    I remember that my family use to own Mrs. Doubtfire on VHS (and use to own a VHS player up until 6-7 years ago) But I think my parents got rid of the movie the second they found out we watched it

  • Nicki Lamirault
    Nicki Lamirault Month ago

    Hey,who wants to hear a dumb law?In Ohio It's illegal to eat a doughnut walking backwards after 11:00.I'm not making this up.🍩🍩🍩

  • Chanel Cat
    Chanel Cat Month ago +1

    0:37 HELP ME

  • my birds and me faisal

    Mat I watched endgame and your Theory was right

  • Josh Mcintyre
    Josh Mcintyre Month ago

    That cut take at the start shows that this movie could of either be a horror, a comedy or now after watching the theory a crime show.

  • Nancy Alnajafie
    Nancy Alnajafie Month ago

    Thanks for the fuckin nightmares mate

  • captain greg watts
    captain greg watts Month ago

    I didn't know that mrs doubtfire was a 90s comedy so i thought it was a horror movie

  • Erick G
    Erick G Month ago

    Hahah that ending though!

  • Absolute Carnage
    Absolute Carnage Month ago

    Sigh, I miss Robin Williams.

  • my profile pic shows how im dead inside

    But... It's Rob Williams...

  • John Mendonca
    John Mendonca Month ago

    I would see that horror movie

  • Vesna Rode
    Vesna Rode Month ago

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO😣😮👎👎💀💩💩🙅🙅🙍🐌🐙🐛🔕👾🔪⚠‼⁉WTF bro???!!!?

  • Syndicate XIV
    Syndicate XIV Month ago

    that would be about: 50 years and 7 months in jail

  • BunnyChim Chim
    BunnyChim Chim Month ago

    I have literally been watching silly ghost videos and creepy clown videos before this and this bloody intro is the 1 thing that scared me...I thought I was moving to something family friendly before bed!!!
    Still love the vid. Well done with the horror intro

  • Just Me
    Just Me Month ago

    Since when does the heimleich maneuver cure anaphylactic shock?

  • Ob-LIV-ious
    Ob-LIV-ious Month ago

    Going after Robin Williams is wrong AF

  • MrHatman26
    MrHatman26 Month ago

    Why does Film Theory feel like MatPat returning to his old style?
    Unlike Game Theory, Film Theory is more interesting...

  • dashy donut
    dashy donut Month ago

    Love the intro

  • Isaac Is RundeeMan05

    Problem with the lime throw is that no one in their right mind would press charges on a lime getting thrown at them.

  • ParaEwie
    ParaEwie Month ago

    A film theory! And cut!... To Alcatraz prison?

  • The Prosperous Pimple

    Watches and sees it is a man