• Published on Jul 6, 2018
    These kitchen hacks may come in handy every given day!
    Find out how to determine egg's freshness. I'll show you how to make tension rod, keep garbage bag perfectly fixed, show you awesome lazy Susan fridge hack, plastic bags dispencer, pot lids organizing idea and cool paper towel holder!
    Don't forget about these rules:
    Fold pizza slice in half so nothing would fall off.
    Hold a wine glass by the stem, not by the bowl!
    If you want to store cut apples in a plastic bag you should suck out oxygen with a straw!
    Tear a sugar packet in the center not on the side.
    If you wanna cut a baguette correctly, turn it upside down.
    Stir sugar in the cup to and fro, not in the circular movements.
    And if you wanna pour milk to cereal bowl, don't pour it directly to the bowl, pour it on the spoon!

    0:17 Crazy drill
    2:17 Condom for kitchen
    2:44 Hot kitchen hacks
    4:55 Bring freshness back
    6:15 Egg tricks
    15:44 Lazy Susan
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