• Published on Dec 22, 2018
  • Since I'm in the middle of Christmas baking, I wanted to test out Buzzfeed's baking hacks to see if they're actually "life-changing"...
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Comments • 827

  • Cooking Up Laughs
    Cooking Up Laughs 7 hours ago +1

    I tried the egg shell and water hack, and it worked way better for me, it worked perfectly. I also think I had a little more water than her on my finger.

  • Ida Waterwave
    Ida Waterwave 4 days ago

    When I make cupcakes I just put them on a normal tray and it’s the same so those jar thing aren’t needed
    And my cupcakes don’t expand lile that they stay in their normal way

  • Faith Barnes
    Faith Barnes 5 days ago

    I agree with you on the best and worst jello flavors😉

  • Fleur Habets
    Fleur Habets 6 days ago

    Must be a Dutch thing that cookies should be crunchy😅

  • Kiara Lord
    Kiara Lord 6 days ago

    I know this is an old video, but a good way to get eggshell out is to use the eggshell itself!

  • Jessica Brecount
    Jessica Brecount 8 days ago

    Okay so for the egg shell one, I have always wet a piece of the egg shell that I just cracked and then used that to get it out and it works perfect.

  • Angela Hagerman
    Angela Hagerman 8 days ago

    *doesnt have a cupcake tin* has a fucking mason jar lid??? Let alone enough to make a lot of cupcakes?? 😂 that was silly to me lol buzzfeed gets me every time

  • Shifat Maria
    Shifat Maria 11 days ago

    Melt the jello with some water. It will look like messy thick jam... Cool it & then mix it in buttercream! This hack REALLY works!!!

  • Eraina Roe
    Eraina Roe 13 days ago

    I thought my house was on fire at 12:22 😅

  • Shannon Ovitt
    Shannon Ovitt 17 days ago

    The butter softening one has worked for me with a glass cup. I don’t think ceramic works.

  • Pink Heart
    Pink Heart 18 days ago

    Why am I here I don't even bake or have an oven?😂

  • brandie wilcox
    brandie wilcox 20 days ago

    i bet if you turned the mason jar ring the other way and then put the liner in, the cupcake would have looked better

  • Ronell jordan
    Ronell jordan 22 days ago

    Egg shells come out of the bowl wayyyyyy easier if you use the big part of the egg shell

  • Jaedah T
    Jaedah T 22 days ago

    I don't eat jello for 2 reasons
    1. made from cow nails
    2. Not worth it (doesn't taste that good

  • Tiffany Moston
    Tiffany Moston 23 days ago +1

    Another hack for removing egg shell - use the egg shell itself 👍🏻

  • meredith walker
    meredith walker 25 days ago

    worst jello: grape
    best jello: lime

  • meredith walker
    meredith walker 25 days ago

    Omg I seriously thought it was my oven😂

  • Lisa Marie
    Lisa Marie 27 days ago

    I made pizza dough last night for dinner and I don’t own a rolling pin. I used a wine bottle that was clean but still had about half the bottle of wine in it and worked very well! I assume because rolling pin are on the heavier side typically that having the wine in there as extra weight is the reason it worked so well. But if I ever need that hack again I will most defiantly will be using it!

  • Xinia Calvo
    Xinia Calvo 28 days ago

    I actual use the marshmello technique to make icing for my cakes but, instead of putting it like that , i bain-marie the marshmellos until they are complitely melted.
    Then, i just use them as normal icing and the marshmellos don't become solid again they just stay melted and taste DELICIOUS.

  • yas mien
    yas mien 28 days ago

    But what if you don't have a rolling pin and are muslim, i mean if you don't have a wine bottle in your house

  • ScratchSupper
    ScratchSupper 29 days ago

    Skip the marshmallows. Just make an Italian meringue.

  • Hannah Holman
    Hannah Holman Month ago

    Best hack to get egg shell out is to use egg shell to fish it out. Works every time

  • Carla Viteri
    Carla Viteri Month ago

    The icing in the bag thingie you can use any bag....

  • Daxiana Windom
    Daxiana Windom Month ago

    a BALD cupcake🤣🤣

  • ME Dibble
    ME Dibble Month ago

    the Marshmallow hack was a joke however if you made the marshmallow but used less gelatin you could make it into a spread instead of a set marshmallow that way you can spread it on the cupcake other than melting it on and finish with a kitchen blowtorch to toast it. The other thing you can do if you make your own marshmallow is add other flavors I find adding citrus helps cut through the sweetness and using an icing bag is hardly a Hack is it and the bottle hack again hardly a hack just because this is the first time you have heard of it does not make it something new

  • Kylie Perry
    Kylie Perry Month ago

    I am the person who has jello but not food coloring. I need jello to make jello shots, so I always have it on hand. I never bake so I never have food coloring.

    Edit: Best flavor is Cranberry, worst is Orange.

  • Megan Crane
    Megan Crane Month ago

    You should try the desert sheet pan from tasty!

  • Livi Otte
    Livi Otte Month ago +1

    I made Buttercream icing one night and I thought it was time to go to bed so I went to bed and I woke up the next morning to my brother eating the buttercream icing out of the jar and had put it in the last night saying it was yummy yogurt

  • Karina Yeager
    Karina Yeager Month ago

    When I bake cookies I let them cool a bit then put them in a zip lock bag in my pantry they stay soft!! And last a week :)

  • Tara Loves Dogs
    Tara Loves Dogs Month ago +1

    I agree on you with the best and worst flavor of Jello, Blue Raspberry is amazing and Grape is gross.

  • Rebecca M.
    Rebecca M. Month ago

    Watermelon and blue raspberry are the best ones the grossest one is orange

  • Miss Amanda's world

    I don't eat Jello but grape everything is typically the worst other then color and actual grapes.

  • Jayde McMeekin
    Jayde McMeekin Month ago

    With the egg trick just use some of the egg shell to grab the bit in the cracked egg and it works like a charm 😊

  • Gymnast 2017
    Gymnast 2017 Month ago


  • yugoxgc
    yugoxgc Month ago

    Feel like that anti stale cookie is for ppl who only have cookies in case somebody comes by. Just as sth to have with coffee or tea during a chat. Why would you bother baking them if that's the only reason?

  • Stacy Benefield
    Stacy Benefield Month ago

    Jell-O and Kool-aide work great for homemade playdough. You use the whole box...color and smell is fun.

  • Anatole
    Anatole Month ago

    Omg i thought that you were Allie Wes! You two look so much alike

  • PolkaDotVulpini
    PolkaDotVulpini Month ago

    Maybe the jello part would work better if you dissolved it in a bit of water first...?

  • Troll Girls Art
    Troll Girls Art Month ago

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  • Kristy Ashmore
    Kristy Ashmore Month ago

    You can use the shell of the egg to scoop out any bits of shell

  • Jessica Mosch
    Jessica Mosch Month ago

    1:54 Thank you lmao I was like wth is my dad making at 12:44am 😂😂

  • Heather G
    Heather G Month ago

    I wish I liked more flavors of jello, but literally the only jello flavors I've found (so far) that I actually like are lemon and lime (I see a theme...)

  • Dee Clingman
    Dee Clingman Month ago

    This isn't from BuzzFeed but I didn't know where to leave this info. This recipe from Tasty has "Rachel" all over it! Check it out and if you feel like it, it would be fun to see this in one of your Recipe Testing videos (unless it's one you've already done).
    You'd asked about our favorite cookie recipes but didn't tell us how to get the recipe to you. I'd love to send you the recipe of one of our family favorites. Help?

  • Marlin Gomez
    Marlin Gomez Month ago

    Try making the macaroons

  • Jessica Smith
    Jessica Smith Month ago

    For the eggshell it’s a lot easier to just touch the whole eggshell to the little broken piece... it acts almost like a magnet😌

  • AshleyRae02
    AshleyRae02 Month ago

    We need ur cookie recipe!!! Also, watermelon is the best jello flavor and grape is definitely the worst! 😉

  • alize0623
    alize0623 Month ago

    I always put cupcake batter inside a container with a little pour thing (I don’t know the name. A beak?) A liquid measuring cup, a mixing bowl, a pitcher. Literally whatever. I also wipe the edge with a paper towel so everything isn’t all dirty.

  • Elisa Jones
    Elisa Jones 2 months ago

    When using the mason jar lid, you need to flip it over on the other side just as it would go on the jar.

  • Yahmina Sarae
    Yahmina Sarae 2 months ago

    Rachel: blue raspberry is the best
    me:blue rasberry is the worst😂

  • Autumn Kelly
    Autumn Kelly 2 months ago

    So, I've done a couple of these- the butter softening trick works with a full stick if you take the cup off and refill it with hot water a couple of times to reheat it, then empty it and put back over the butter. Takes a little longer than the hack video would have you believe, but it does work. I also use a glass, not a ceramic mug, because I feel like the ceramic mug gets TOO hot and the butter does actually melt. With the glass it doesn't stay super hot for long but the mid-range heat it provides helps the butter soften without melting. Also, the marshmallow on top of the cupcake should be melted by broiling on low until golden brown, don't take your eyes off it for a second though! Then you'll definitely get a toasted marshmallow flavor and it shouldn't melt so much it falls off, just toasts the top enough to make it smooth out over the top of the cupcake. Great video!!

  • Dawn Hill
    Dawn Hill 2 months ago

    I wonder if the no cupcake tin trick would work better if you flipped it around so the lip was up.

    MISSMAYDAY 2 months ago

    Instead of a slice of apple I always use a piece of bread to keep my cookies moist. No strange smells there. :) (might only work with good ol' german bread ^^)

  • Mrs Bee P.
    Mrs Bee P. 2 months ago

    Why don't you cut the butter then stack them on top of each other and then put it under the cup. . Maybe that will help....

  • Jo Cool11
    Jo Cool11 2 months ago

    wait. piping through a ziploc is a life hack? i thought everyone did that😂

  • justmollie
    justmollie 2 months ago

    'that's barely green, that's gr' hahaha

  • m
    m 2 months ago

    1. ur using an ice cream scooper not a cookie scooper (they’re smaller)
    2. who has enough mason jar lids for that?
    3. the jello hack was probably better before jello got rid of a ton of dyes

  • Brittany Bryant
    Brittany Bryant 2 months ago

    You should def try the blooming quesadilla recipe from tasty. There’s no way it would actually work 😂 the cones would fall apart after one bite!

  • JimandPamfan
    JimandPamfan 2 months ago

    One time I needed to dye frosting and had no food coloring (we were staying in a rental house). We used melted blackberry jam and Tang powder. Weird shit happens sometimes

  • Coralie Morin
    Coralie Morin 2 months ago

    I thought everyone used the ziploc hack? Like everyone does that wth

  • Skylar Grey
    Skylar Grey 2 months ago

    I use the egg shell trick ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!

  • Xman Cook
    Xman Cook 2 months ago

    In cooking class, we use ice cream scoopers too get more of a even cupcake consistency size

  • Jeny Sanchez
    Jeny Sanchez 2 months ago

    Try this baking “hack”- sprinkle a tiny bit of sea salt on top of the raw cookie dough right before you put your cookies in the oven to bake! It’s SO good fresh out of the oven!

  • E E
    E E 2 months ago

    “Sealers for a mason jar” 😆 You mean a ring?

  • Aiden rock
    Aiden rock 2 months ago

    Who would have those kids but not a cupcake tray

  • Kimberlea McCall
    Kimberlea McCall 2 months ago

    I want cookies now

  • J L
    J L 2 months ago

    How are you not gonna share any of the recipes you used?!?!

  • Bookworm Reads
    Bookworm Reads 2 months ago

    For some reason I thought that this was a buzzfeed video

  • Maxximum Rockatansky
    Maxximum Rockatansky 2 months ago

    Another trick for eggshell removal is to use a larger peice of eggshell. The peices will attract each other

  • Chenoa H.
    Chenoa H. 2 months ago

    The icecream scoop is more for consistency. They'll all be the same size and bake at the same time because it's the same automated amount. :) I know these hacks weren't written by you but it makes more sense to add water (for either liquid or paste-like consistency) to the jello for colour, flavour and texture. So strange they make you add the granules...

  • Elizabeth Rose
    Elizabeth Rose 2 months ago

    That's gruh

  • MiFFiL
    MiFFiL 2 months ago

    When I bake cookies, I'll freeze the portion size. I use a disher (ice cream scoop) to portion them. Bake them almost as normal too. Slight adjustments needed.

  • Sollux Captor
    Sollux Captor 2 months ago

    I’ve been using the baggie frosting trick for years. Only downside is you can’t have different piping tips, but I don’t find that much of an issue

  • Fandom Eats
    Fandom Eats 2 months ago

    Grape flavored anything is by far the worst. Blue raspberry is the best in anything flavored that. I think it's the color xD

  • sub to pewdiepie
    sub to pewdiepie 2 months ago


  • AtotheMe
    AtotheMe 2 months ago

    I bet if you flipped the Mason Jar rings over, it would have kept them from spreading out more.

  • Rey Kenobi
    Rey Kenobi 2 months ago

    Wait, don't bread get moldy in about the same time that an apple slice goes rotten?

  • teamilk
    teamilk 2 months ago

    the ice cream scoop (for the batter) and ziplock bag (for piping) thingy are pretty common.
    the jello hack is gross. esp when you can literally taste the jello grains.
    btw, i think you look fab without makeup.

  • Small Kitten
    Small Kitten 2 months ago

    You're suppose to pour the jello packet in when you're making the icing to avoid the crunchy texture.

  • Shellcanada s
    Shellcanada s 2 months ago

    Great icing hack ...whipping cream you have whip add dry chocolate pudding mix in ..mix it up makes amazing icing can use any flavor pudding to.

  • Viri Altamirano
    Viri Altamirano 2 months ago

    Omg.. Rach u r back on my feed.. Yay 🙌

  • T Grey
    T Grey 2 months ago

    For the cookies a better one is actually just using a single slice of bread! Put a slice of bread in a bag/ sealed container with your cookies and leave over night (if you wanna leave a day longer they’ll actually become softer than when you first baked them!)

  • Lona Vu
    Lona Vu 2 months ago

    I don't like cookies but the ones you made look DELICIOUS!

  • Ashley Chennault
    Ashley Chennault 2 months ago

    I found the butter thing to work better when i put the butter on a glass cutting board or stoneware plate. I assume the glass/stoneware helped hold the heat better than a wood cutting board.

  • julie roth
    julie roth 2 months ago

    Hi! I just came across your video and loved it. Is there a video with a recipe for those cookies? They look soooooo delicious!!! Thanks.

  • Alyssa Perez
    Alyssa Perez 2 months ago

    The ice cream scoop is to give the same portion on all.

  • OhMyGodGiveMeAName
    OhMyGodGiveMeAName 2 months ago

    I roll out dough so seldom ly that I don't have a rolling pin and I always use a wine bottle.
    I always use a full one though, that way I don't really have tk press down on it :)

  • Emily Luceus
    Emily Luceus 2 months ago

    I do the water/butter one all the time in the dorm. Take the hot water, dump it out, and put it over those little individual packages of butter. Favorite thing for toast 😂

  • christina p
    christina p 2 months ago

    You used the mason jar lids upside down.i have done this hack,but turned the lids the other kept the cupcakes in the proper shape :)

  • Raging Mrs
    Raging Mrs 2 months ago

    Scoops come in many sizes. The mason jar rings would have worked better turned over. Were they small or large mouth rings? To get rid of the granular texture with the jello, bloom it in some water first. It would be more effective to grate the butter. To keep cookies moist try a brown sugar bear. I love using plastic bags instead of piping bags, especially with tips. Yes, quality matters when doing this, especially with a thicker frosting. With the wine bottle rolling pin, you should have removed the label. Your normal way of dealing with the cookie dough is so much better.

  • pirateXmutiny
    pirateXmutiny 2 months ago

    If you microwave butter on defrost for like 20 secs, it softens without melting

  • Megan Williams
    Megan Williams 2 months ago

    You can get small "ice cream" scoops from cake decorating stores for making patty cakes and muffins. I've found it really good for even sizing when doing large batches of patty cakes.

  • Olivia Colquhoun
    Olivia Colquhoun 2 months ago

    Who has mason jar lids and not a cupcake tin? mason jars are more obscure for the regular Joe to have than a bloody cupcake tin..

  • Morgan Gay
    Morgan Gay 2 months ago

    What's your cookie recipe

  • RoryMaria
    RoryMaria 2 months ago

    This video made me realize how poor I am bc I legit thought everyone used plastic bags for icing. I can’t believe that’s even a hack. Legit thought it was common practice 😂

  • M M1989
    M M1989 2 months ago +1

    If I don't have a cupcake pan, why would I have random jar tops laying around?..

  • nicolecmerkel
    nicolecmerkel 2 months ago

    omg i literally went to check my oven

  • animallover2252
    animallover2252 2 months ago

    I have NEVER used an apple for keeping cookies moist. You put in a piece of bread. (And I mostly use it when I have to have cookies for something a few days down the line, and don't have time to make them the night before. i.e. you need cookies for saturday, but only have time tuesday to back cookies. So seal in a container with a slice of bread.)
    Edit: I wrote these before you said use bread.....

  • YOitsNat
    YOitsNat 2 months ago

    Lol I literally thought it was my oven

  • Melissa Furber
    Melissa Furber 2 months ago

    Unsweetened jello might work better

  • R Brow
    R Brow 2 months ago

    “That’s gre...”. So funny.