• Published on Dec 22, 2018
  • Since I'm in the middle of Christmas baking, I wanted to test out Buzzfeed's baking hacks to see if they're actually "life-changing"...
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    Yes! My husband Chris and I got married in 2012. Here's our wedding video:
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Comments • 733

  • JimandPamfan
    JimandPamfan 7 hours ago

    One time I needed to dye frosting and had no food coloring (we were staying in a rental house). We used melted blackberry jam and Tang powder. Weird shit happens sometimes

  • Coralie Morin
    Coralie Morin 10 hours ago

    I thought everyone used the ziploc hack? Like everyone does that wth

  • Skylar Grey
    Skylar Grey 11 hours ago

    I use the egg shell trick ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!

  • Xman Cook
    Xman Cook 20 hours ago

    In cooking class, we use ice cream scoopers too get more of a even cupcake consistency size

  • Jeny Sanchez
    Jeny Sanchez Day ago

    Try this baking “hack”- sprinkle a tiny bit of sea salt on top of the raw cookie dough right before you put your cookies in the oven to bake! It’s SO good fresh out of the oven!

  • E E
    E E Day ago

    “Sealers for a mason jar” 😆 You mean a ring?

  • Aiden rock
    Aiden rock Day ago

    Who would have those kids but not a cupcake tray

  • Kimberlea McCall

    I want cookies now

  • J L
    J L Day ago

    How are you not gonna share any of the recipes you used?!?!

  • Bookworm Reads
    Bookworm Reads Day ago

    For some reason I thought that this was a buzzfeed video

  • Maxximum Rockatansky

    Another trick for eggshell removal is to use a larger peice of eggshell. The peices will attract each other

  • Chenoa H.
    Chenoa H. 2 days ago

    The icecream scoop is more for consistency. They'll all be the same size and bake at the same time because it's the same automated amount. :) I know these hacks weren't written by you but it makes more sense to add water (for either liquid or paste-like consistency) to the jello for colour, flavour and texture. So strange they make you add the granules...

  • Elizabeth Rose
    Elizabeth Rose 2 days ago

    That's gruh

  • MiFFiL
    MiFFiL 2 days ago

    When I bake cookies, I'll freeze the portion size. I use a disher (ice cream scoop) to portion them. Bake them almost as normal too. Slight adjustments needed.

  • Sollux Captor
    Sollux Captor 2 days ago

    I’ve been using the baggie frosting trick for years. Only downside is you can’t have different piping tips, but I don’t find that much of an issue

  • Fandom Eats
    Fandom Eats 2 days ago

    Grape flavored anything is by far the worst. Blue raspberry is the best in anything flavored that. I think it's the color xD

  • Burrito Burrito
    Burrito Burrito 2 days ago


  • AtotheMe
    AtotheMe 2 days ago

    I bet if you flipped the Mason Jar rings over, it would have kept them from spreading out more.

  • Rey Kenobi
    Rey Kenobi 2 days ago

    Wait, don't bread get moldy in about the same time that an apple slice goes rotten?

  • teamilk
    teamilk 3 days ago

    the ice cream scoop (for the batter) and ziplock bag (for piping) thingy are pretty common.
    the jello hack is gross. esp when you can literally taste the jello grains.
    btw, i think you look fab without makeup.

  • Small Kitten
    Small Kitten 3 days ago

    You're suppose to pour the jello packet in when you're making the icing to avoid the crunchy texture.

  • Shellcanada s
    Shellcanada s 3 days ago

    Great icing hack ...whipping cream you have whip add dry chocolate pudding mix in ..mix it up makes amazing icing can use any flavor pudding to.

  • Viri Altamirano
    Viri Altamirano 3 days ago

    Omg.. Rach u r back on my feed.. Yay 🙌

  • T Grey
    T Grey 3 days ago

    For the cookies a better one is actually just using a single slice of bread! Put a slice of bread in a bag/ sealed container with your cookies and leave over night (if you wanna leave a day longer they’ll actually become softer than when you first baked them!)

  • Lona Vu
    Lona Vu 3 days ago

    I don't like cookies but the ones you made look DELICIOUS!

  • Momther Of Dragons
    Momther Of Dragons 3 days ago

    I found the butter thing to work better when i put the butter on a glass cutting board or stoneware plate. I assume the glass/stoneware helped hold the heat better than a wood cutting board.

  • julie roth
    julie roth 3 days ago

    Hi! I just came across your video and loved it. Is there a video with a recipe for those cookies? They look soooooo delicious!!! Thanks.

  • Alyssa Perez
    Alyssa Perez 3 days ago

    The ice cream scoop is to give the same portion on all.

  • OhMyGodGiveMeAName
    OhMyGodGiveMeAName 3 days ago

    I roll out dough so seldom ly that I don't have a rolling pin and I always use a wine bottle.
    I always use a full one though, that way I don't really have tk press down on it :)

  • Emily Luceus
    Emily Luceus 3 days ago

    I do the water/butter one all the time in the dorm. Take the hot water, dump it out, and put it over those little individual packages of butter. Favorite thing for toast 😂

  • christina philpitt
    christina philpitt 3 days ago

    You used the mason jar lids upside down.i have done this hack,but turned the lids the other kept the cupcakes in the proper shape :)

  • Raging Mrs
    Raging Mrs 3 days ago

    Scoops come in many sizes. The mason jar rings would have worked better turned over. Were they small or large mouth rings? To get rid of the granular texture with the jello, bloom it in some water first. It would be more effective to grate the butter. To keep cookies moist try a brown sugar bear. I love using plastic bags instead of piping bags, especially with tips. Yes, quality matters when doing this, especially with a thicker frosting. With the wine bottle rolling pin, you should have removed the label. Your normal way of dealing with the cookie dough is so much better.

  • pirateXmutiny
    pirateXmutiny 3 days ago

    If you microwave butter on defrost for like 20 secs, it softens without melting

  • Megan Williams
    Megan Williams 3 days ago

    You can get small "ice cream" scoops from cake decorating stores for making patty cakes and muffins. I've found it really good for even sizing when doing large batches of patty cakes.

  • Olivia Colquhoun
    Olivia Colquhoun 4 days ago

    Who has mason jar lids and not a cupcake tin? mason jars are more obscure for the regular Joe to have than a bloody cupcake tin..

  • Morgan Gay
    Morgan Gay 4 days ago

    What's your cookie recipe

  • RoryMaria
    RoryMaria 4 days ago

    This video made me realize how poor I am bc I legit thought everyone used plastic bags for icing. I can’t believe that’s even a hack. Legit thought it was common practice 😂

  • M M1989
    M M1989 4 days ago +1

    If I don't have a cupcake pan, why would I have random jar tops laying around?..

  • nicolecmerkel
    nicolecmerkel 4 days ago

    omg i literally went to check my oven

  • animallover2252
    animallover2252 4 days ago

    I have NEVER used an apple for keeping cookies moist. You put in a piece of bread. (And I mostly use it when I have to have cookies for something a few days down the line, and don't have time to make them the night before. i.e. you need cookies for saturday, but only have time tuesday to back cookies. So seal in a container with a slice of bread.)
    Edit: I wrote these before you said use bread.....

  • YOitsNat
    YOitsNat 4 days ago

    Lol I literally thought it was my oven

  • Melissa Furber
    Melissa Furber 4 days ago

    Unsweetened jello might work better

  • R Bro
    R Bro 4 days ago

    “That’s gre...”. So funny.

  • Azuural
    Azuural 4 days ago +7

    I honestly think it's more common to have a cupcake tray than mason jars.

  • Jonathan Jones
    Jonathan Jones 4 days ago

    Egg shells stick to each other. So if u get a small piece of shell in the bowl just take the larger piece of shell, stick it in the bowl and just touch it to the piece u want to remove. The small shell shard should stick to the larger piece and come right out.

  • Dem Dom
    Dem Dom 4 days ago +1


  • Deribn
    Deribn 4 days ago

    The easiest way to retrieve egg shell is to use a bigger piece of egg shell as a scoop.

  • Erika Lombardo
    Erika Lombardo 4 days ago

    The reason you scoop with a scoop is to get all the cupcakes about the same weight. Similar weights mean different bake and inconsistency in the product.
    Mason jar lid will work but it is going to spread because you’re not really making it bake up.
    Add a couple drops of water to the jello to make it not granular. But only a little because it will make buttercream separate. But just buy food dye it lasts forever.
    Heat rises, so only the bottom of the cup when turned over will be the warmest part. This works in small quantities. Just leave your butter out prior.
    Adding extra moisture usually leads to mold and bacteria issues. Especially when inserting sugar. This one is weird to me 😖
    Marshmallow covered cupcakes are great, but usually it's an icing you make. Then you roast it with a torch. Baking will lead to running. You just want to crisp the outside. Try making the icing it's yummy.
    Plastic bag piping is great on the fly, or for putting icing on you will spread. Be aware a thin bag will be flimsy but could totally work for whatever you're going for. Thicker bags have firm seams and will put a point in icing instead of being round. Teardrop snapped if you will.
    Icecube tray idea again utilizes a good portioning method that makes cookies more uniform.
    Thank you for the video! Had fun watching it 💚

  • EL G
    EL G 4 days ago

    Most people don't use a icecream scoop for cupcakes?. I always have

  • Brittany B
    Brittany B 4 days ago

    If you add water to the jello powder and put it in the buttercream, the color will be a lot better.

  • Allegra Carey
    Allegra Carey 4 days ago

    Instead of apple to keep cookies or brownies moist put a slice of bread in there with the brownies or cookies.

  • goldenicecream43
    goldenicecream43 5 days ago

    All jello is disgusting

  • E Cannon
    E Cannon 5 days ago


  • Steffilynn Garcia
    Steffilynn Garcia 5 days ago

    Lol I've used the ice cream scooper forever. Aww it's cute

  • April Showers
    April Showers 5 days ago

    I want the cupcake!!!!

  • Because I feal like it 0.0

    Mixed berry jello just gagh and best strawberry

  • Andonette Hinda
    Andonette Hinda 5 days ago

    I poured jello over my ice cream & had stomach cramps. Long story short- i had extra acid in my stomach and doc looked at me like i was crazy for doing that. So maybe don't eat 'raw' jello 😊

  • Casey C
    Casey C 5 days ago

    Little snobby there in regards to people having jello but not colouring - strange that people might have an actual foodstuff in their home rather than food colouring which is purely aesthetic

  • Danita Stephens
    Danita Stephens 5 days ago

    4:56 for a min I thought I was in her mind

  • Grace Mcclenaghan
    Grace Mcclenaghan 5 days ago

    Anyone else notice how that slice of apple basically didn’t go brown. Like if I have a Apple it goes broke after like 2 min

  • renee allen
    renee allen 5 days ago had the jar rings upside down and the shape of you ice tray is why they turned out that way.

  • Haley Christian
    Haley Christian 5 days ago

    U could use cool aid instead of jello , just be careful because the flavor is strong

  • Debra Ellis
    Debra Ellis 5 days ago

    I love the cookie dough idea . I think I’m going to try it today . Since I had to buy a big tube of toll house cookie dough but do not need to make the whole thing . This way when I need to make a few cookies I can just cook a few at a time .

  • Katie Beth
    Katie Beth 6 days ago

    I’m making homemade pizza and I honestly thought my oven was beeping. Thanks for the disclaimer lol 😂

  • Kenwaya _
    Kenwaya _ 6 days ago

    I thought she was jacklyn hill it might only be me but they look related they look like sister

  • raneem zahalka
    raneem zahalka 6 days ago

    U didn’t want them to work

  • Dawn E
    Dawn E 6 days ago

    Pour the cupcake batter into a 4 cup measuring cup and then pour it into the cups.

  • MaryCecilia Krivanek

    Rach, if you try the wine bottle rolling pin hack again, try wrapping the bottle in plastic cling wrap (Saran), then flour it and proceed as normal.
    But a real rolling pin is MUCH easier. 😆

  • JD_BLively
    JD_BLively 7 days ago

    You sound a bit like Corrine Leigh.

  • Alisia Lopez
    Alisia Lopez 7 days ago

    Id rather spoon on frosting than than use a ziplock, never works!

  • Alisia Lopez
    Alisia Lopez 7 days ago +2

    I bought reusable pack of cupcake on amazon and you can just put them straight on a baking pan. I love it because I’ll never have to buy cupcake tins or liners ever again! Also cooks through a lot better because its not surrounded by hot metal that will cook the outside first. Make sure you read the reviews-on amazon first because I’ve read the cheap ones suck so I spend the extra 5 bucks for good ones lol

  • XpetraXpazlX
    XpetraXpazlX 7 days ago

    you need to remove the label on the wine bottle

  • Izzy Shur
    Izzy Shur 8 days ago

    The worst flavor of jello is all jello

  • Gumpie Gump
    Gumpie Gump 8 days ago

    use eggshell half like a scoop to get bits of shell out of your egg, picks it up straightaway n you're not chasing shell round the bowl like you do with your fingers!

  • K M
    K M 8 days ago

    you and @Amy Landino have the same personality/style- have you ever seen her videos

  • Sanela Jelic
    Sanela Jelic 8 days ago

    Rach!!! You already did the cup on top of butter hack :D

  • Evian Rabena
    Evian Rabena 8 days ago

    pls try 100 layer lasagna from buzzfeed!

  • aubrey Aubrey
    aubrey Aubrey 9 days ago

    I thought this was baking hacks like baking your face

  • Mollie Rollman
    Mollie Rollman 9 days ago

    It’s funny how Rachel kinda says “test” like “dest”.

  • Food over Junk.
    Food over Junk. 9 days ago

    Rach your videos are so amazing to sad I live a healthy live😨could you maybe do a sweet healthy recipes video😀

  • Shannon Lintner
    Shannon Lintner 9 days ago

    You look STUNNING in this video (not saying you’re not stunning in all of your videos lol) like the color of your top, the length of your hair, and your makeup are ON POINT!!!

  • Silvina Elena
    Silvina Elena 9 days ago


  • Darcie Merriweather
    Darcie Merriweather 9 days ago

    They first is: the skin on jello.. gross

  • Savannah Muldoon
    Savannah Muldoon 9 days ago

    What is the recipe for the cookies in this video?? They look amazing!

  • Sharon  Aguirre
    Sharon Aguirre 9 days ago

    i thnk you should make a vid with your own hacksss

  • Erin Cochrane
    Erin Cochrane 9 days ago

    Tip for getting egg shells out of the egg. Use a large piece of egg shell, egg shells are attracted to themselves

  • Melanie Mullins
    Melanie Mullins 9 days ago

    But what did you end up making with the dough????

  • Nathalie Vogel
    Nathalie Vogel 9 days ago +1

    Pmsl during that marshmallow bit 😂😂😂 actually laughed out loud in the train hahahaha

  • coolcats 6060
    coolcats 6060 10 days ago

    The plastic bag piping bag is really useful when decorating gingerbread with royal icing, I guess you can use it with cupcakes as well.

  • Patsy O.
    Patsy O. 10 days ago

    I use ziploc freezer bags, gallon size for frosting bags all the time! Great hack video!

  • Fiona Campbell
    Fiona Campbell 10 days ago

    shouldnt have watched this hungry...

  • Peyton Burns
    Peyton Burns 10 days ago

    You look like Jaclyn hill omg

  • Yuyu Kawa
    Yuyu Kawa 10 days ago

    matcha powder makes ok food colouring

  • Gianna Marie Aguilar
    Gianna Marie Aguilar 10 days ago

    That stuff smells POTENT

  • allison Bourd33
    allison Bourd33 11 days ago

    I like the orange jello

  • dtulip1
    dtulip1 11 days ago

    I think the colouring issue is due to legislation that most things now have "no artificial colours" in them :) are so the vid

  • Mag
    Mag 12 days ago

    Maybe if you used an actual mixer to mix the jello in it wouldn’t have those pieces of jello???

  • mahi khan
    mahi khan 12 days ago +1

    Share your cookie recipe please!!!

    • mahi khan
      mahi khan 12 days ago

      +Brooklyn Paige checked it out! Thanks!!! xxxx

    • Brooklyn Paige
      Brooklyn Paige 12 days ago +1

      mahi khan I think she has before when she put her recipe up against one from buzz feed!

  • Nayla Leifson
    Nayla Leifson 12 days ago

    Cut a X at the bottom of the bag and you could make leaves with the frosting or holes with a toothpick and make grass

  • Nayla Leifson
    Nayla Leifson 12 days ago

    For cupcakes make a mold out of tin foil then lay a liner inside that. Then It will keep it's shape