People Guess Who's a Couple from a Group of Strangers | Lineup | Cut

  • Published on Aug 19, 2017
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    Can you do better than these guys?
    People Guess Who's a Couple from a Group of Strangers | Lineup | Cut
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Comments • 6 161

  • abeer .b
    abeer .b 9 hours ago

    0:29 he is like cartoon character

  • pxstelle vixion
    pxstelle vixion 19 hours ago

    i want that hairstyle
    i’m actually not joking

  • Amelia Hamill
    Amelia Hamill Day ago

    Why didn’t they all start like ‘lemme check your left hand’ it would be so easy!!!

  • maja poropat
    maja poropat Day ago

    They should do this again, vol. 2

  • yikesicles
    yikesicles Day ago

    oh, cool, this turned 2 years old today.

  • ほビジュー
    ほビジュー 2 days ago +1

    this makes me feel so alone

  • Eyez On Me
    Eyez On Me 2 days ago

    The Asian girl is sexy.

  • Connetification
    Connetification 2 days ago

    This game just got harder. Totally forgot about the same sex couples.

  • Lily Raimey
    Lily Raimey 2 days ago

    4:47 The way the femme physically gravitated toward the butch really gave it away.

  • Artem Kalinkin
    Artem Kalinkin 2 days ago

    There’s 10 people
    Her: how many couple

  • Giddy B
    Giddy B 3 days ago

    I want to know the black guys name he looks like a roasted marshmallow he looks funny with the hair and beard

  • Oscar Birch
    Oscar Birch 3 days ago

    The tall guy really looks like he's not supposed to be there

  • Shay Leonia
    Shay Leonia 3 days ago

    That suck face at the end made me so uncomfortable.

  • Churzy
    Churzy 3 days ago

    why does that girl look like mia khalifa??????

  • Teasis
    Teasis 3 days ago

    I thought this video is about stranger things

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 3 days ago

    my dOoG

  • funiizer456
    funiizer456 4 days ago

    "Aw damn Im High ASF"

  • Theboywhodoesntexist

    2:15 dude be lookin like mr mime got into a box of donuts

  • Red Sleyz
    Red Sleyz 4 days ago

    The tall guy is like 14 or something

  • Tierra Bolton
    Tierra Bolton 5 days ago

    Black guy is hilarious... I think I saw him on another show telling his mom about him losing virginity story... I think that’s the same guy. Whatever he’s hilarious...

  • Dangerous Moonwalker

    0:25 I almost fell out my seat when I saw the big nigga

  • Elias Sands
    Elias Sands 5 days ago

    Lmao the guys at 1:41 must have been like, wtf this bitch thinking. I would've been pissed lmao.

  • Luuuk Winkelman
    Luuuk Winkelman 5 days ago

    Man I do hate the leftist American aspect of this... 1/20 people have a sexuality that is NOT straight, they shouldnt assume theres that much gay people.

  • matto
    matto 6 days ago

    I thought that the one with the hat was a man

  • RokuLux
    RokuLux 6 days ago

    That giant black guy needs to chill tf out. He’s like hyper out of his mind. He must have ate a but-load of sugar

  • Hosea Nichols
    Hosea Nichols 6 days ago

    I see the backpack kid grew up

  • tommaso Mark
    tommaso Mark 6 days ago

    The new hitch!!!!🤣🤣

  • TorridGamerHD
    TorridGamerHD 6 days ago

    All the kissing in this video is so awkward holy crap😂

  • Max Lumari
    Max Lumari 6 days ago

    I got three pairs right I didnt focus on the other pairs at all

  • creativemusicalbeing

    I though hat was a boy.....😬😬 😅 😅

  • Dingus Jeff
    Dingus Jeff 7 days ago

    The mariners fan dawg 😂

  • Antinesha Allen
    Antinesha Allen 7 days ago

    that kiss at the end.. OKKKKKKKK

  • Laura Johnson
    Laura Johnson 7 days ago +1


  • bts fan
    bts fan 7 days ago

    they shouldnt have asked them to kiss bc obviously they wont kiss if they arent dating and it gives it away

  • bts fan
    bts fan 7 days ago

    the girl with stripes only chose the couples that she did bc she didnt wanna stereotype and wanted to see like she treated them equally.. those couples were the worst possible pairs she could have created. anyone could have seen they werent together

  • Amazing Tarik
    Amazing Tarik 7 days ago

    6:23 the middle couple should be marked as correct

  • Fernando Melendez
    Fernando Melendez 7 days ago

    The big black man is the goat 😂🐐

  • nebules UwU
    nebules UwU 8 days ago

    3:32 Cut: Do you think they're strangers?
    Black dude: Man if they are these some cold motherfuckers
    🤣🤣🤣🤣 im done bro

  • EuroK EYAMI
    EuroK EYAMI 8 days ago

    4:04 XD

  • StephoOfficial
    StephoOfficial 8 days ago +3

    When you start getting dizzy: 6:18

  • Precious Jones
    Precious Jones 8 days ago +1

    I love your shows

  • Ben Plummer
    Ben Plummer 8 days ago

    bruh that tall dude is so goofy lookin lmao

  • Fives21
    Fives21 8 days ago

    Imma be honest. I thought green pants was a guy until the end.

  • ughIrats
    ughIrats 9 days ago

    got 3 right! mixed the ginger girl with the black beard guy, but now I see it as obvious, that I should have them switched. very proud of my single self.

  • Margie Bueso
    Margie Bueso 9 days ago

    “Do you think they’re strangers?”
    “Man if they are, he’s a cold mtf”
    Lmaoo I can’t😂💀the guy had me dying😭😂

  • Exrilla
    Exrilla 9 days ago

    7:57 Ugly Af

  • Antipodean Adventures

    The black guy needs his own show. I love his hair!

    JOONCHILD. 9 days ago

    only one lesbian couple? boring. i thought girl in the blazer and girl in the blue dress would've been cute

  • broskie gang
    broskie gang 9 days ago

    they should have asked of last names. that would make it easy to find the married couples

  • AztecPonce
    AztecPonce 9 days ago

    "I feel like I'm a am matchmaker or sum shit"😂😂

  • crypticabyss101
    crypticabyss101 9 days ago

    I would fail this instantly if I had to be one of the people they guess

  • azur lov
    azur lov 9 days ago

    *cry in single*

  • DebCat
    DebCat 9 days ago

    Seemed mad?

  • sasgay
    sasgay 9 days ago

    If my man and I would be there I couldn't stop looking at him

  • guitar and piano
    guitar and piano 9 days ago

    8:00 uhmmm

  • John Cena
    John Cena 9 days ago

    Gay couple wtf

    • Daniel J
      Daniel J 9 days ago

      What? There is nothing wrong about homosexuality if it's between two consenting adults and when the relationship is healthy and doesn't just consist of sex. They love each other and that's all that matters.

  • Harley Urquhart
    Harley Urquhart 10 days ago +1

    you could see the beard and blazer were together they couldnt stop staring

  • Pizza Bae
    Pizza Bae 10 days ago +1

    I did all of them right

  • christiana qubain
    christiana qubain 10 days ago +2

    not one person:

  • Chanel Jayasundera
    Chanel Jayasundera 10 days ago +1


  • Júlio César
    Júlio César 10 days ago +1

    OMG i got it all right. The way the couple in blue looked at each other at 1:19 just made it obvious.

  • Local Guide
    Local Guide 10 days ago

    I like that salad reference

  • Callista Ophelia Gunawan

    everyonr knows kids arent suppose to watch this but i dont car!😂

  • Aivlis VJ
    Aivlis VJ 11 days ago +1

    The blackgirl with glasses got all of them right but when she asked them to kiss then she got confused and start changing.

  • Kayla Janae
    Kayla Janae 11 days ago

    “prove you’re a couple” 😭

  • Lila Hatchett
    Lila Hatchett 11 days ago

    holy fucking damn 8:04

  • Ciara Jones
    Ciara Jones 11 days ago

    Big boy reminds me of my cuzo fr

  • Edgar sandoval
    Edgar sandoval 11 days ago

    6:15 to 6:22 funny

  • JOSH
    JOSH 11 days ago

    My guy said there’s one of each race 😂😂😂

  • LoveHana Ji
    LoveHana Ji 11 days ago

    Single squad where y’all at :’))

  • Can I please get bts and sprite

    “I’ve seen how they both havd glasses”
    “Didn’t you pair her up with a woman?”
    “I did? See, I’m so bad at guessing”

  • Stephanie Schwartz
    Stephanie Schwartz 11 days ago +1

    The way he held her hand at 4:58 gave it all away.

  • a_girls_voice
    a_girls_voice 12 days ago +1

    The woman with the green pants reminds me of la trelle or however you spell it from on my block

  • Sammy Anthony
    Sammy Anthony 12 days ago

    The black woman was already doing perfect until she swap them.

  • Yasin Alsaid
    Yasin Alsaid 12 days ago

    Couple at 5:21 looking mother and sun