People Guess Who's a Couple from a Group of Strangers | Lineup | Cut


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  • Trippy
    Trippy Day ago

    The tall dude prolly yells fagg*t at disabled people

  • janie is an idiot

    “aw damn, i’m high as fuck” 😂😂

  • Anna Lucky
    Anna Lucky 2 days ago

    Why are some people pairing girls with girls or boys with boys?

  • George Williams III
    George Williams III 2 days ago

    My man got. Ring on
    New development lol
    That guy was hilarious

  • NY 980
    NY 980 2 days ago

    8:00 was funnyyyyy😂😂😂 i feel like you rehearsed this

  • gbluecheez
    gbluecheez 2 days ago

    Where can I get a duranged pitt shirt

  • Little Fluffykitty
    Little Fluffykitty 3 days ago

    I know this doesn’t have much to do with the actual video but how is the girl in the stripe dress so much like me?!

  • Smörgåsbord
    Smörgåsbord 4 days ago

    I loved that big dude trying to figure out the couples. Listening to him made this video.

  • Smörgåsbord
    Smörgåsbord 4 days ago

    I enjoyed everything until that dude kissed his girl... they were swallowing each others faces but it was all him. Like, she was just going along with a face swallower. it was so gross.

  • Red Villarba
    Red Villarba 4 days ago

    At 0:14 the girl match with the background

  • Noelle Harris
    Noelle Harris 5 days ago

    I don’t mean to be mean but literally almost every lineup video I see has that tall dude with the crazy hair

  • Larry Shipper
    Larry Shipper 5 days ago

    I literally used to wear dresses and high heels and my now-ex-boyfriend was always in sweatpants and ripped shirts lol 😂 i don't really get that girl's point 😂😂

  • Silent Eyes
    Silent Eyes 6 days ago

    That last coaple who kissed at the end seems werid, something tells me he´s in the closet.

  • roxanne k
    roxanne k 6 days ago

    Lmfaooooooo I wanna be in this 😂

  • Lola Pascual
    Lola Pascual 7 days ago

    I enjoyed this video :) such great vibes and much laughter ❤️! I'm considered a hippie style chick and my bf is goth. Were very different but it works :) ❤️

  • Raneem Khader
    Raneem Khader 7 days ago

    Why did i think this would be awkward 😂

  • Xev Ocampo
    Xev Ocampo 8 days ago

    What's the @ of that guy who said "you seemed a lot older"? 😂

  • Winston Melvin
    Winston Melvin 9 days ago

    The parts when they kept on kissing
    Stop,got me like ...u-🤷‍♀️

  • Jeremy Smith
    Jeremy Smith 9 days ago +1

    I would do terrible on these vids. But this one I seriously think I would have gotten all of them. I had a feeling on most of them.

  • Matt Fernandez
    Matt Fernandez 10 days ago

    6:18 Aw damn, I’m high as fuck

  • Lil Durk
    Lil Durk 11 days ago

    The black girl who was judging was funny as fuck!

  • brown stallion
    brown stallion 11 days ago

    Love this... Keep up the awesome work...

  • Rikers Island, Stupid.

    I love dude with the crazy hair, he always makes me laugh.

  • Hailey Rowe
    Hailey Rowe 11 days ago

    Oh my god his hair

  • angel castañeda
    angel castañeda 11 days ago

    i wanna do this

  • Soso Dasme
    Soso Dasme 11 days ago +3

    That poor awkward guy kept accidentally offending everyone

    Like over and over 😂

  • Breanna Deal
    Breanna Deal 12 days ago

    "People think you guys are twins?"
    As someone who also looks remarkably similar to their significant other...I feel this.
    Yes. We get asked if we're fraternal twins. It's especially bad when we go out to celebrate our birthdays...
    I'm 3 days older.

  • MrXIII Question
    MrXIII Question 13 days ago


  • Megan Johnson
    Megan Johnson 13 days ago

    2;08 he said rang it's ring lol😂😂😂

  • Dulce Gonzalez
    Dulce Gonzalez 13 days ago

    I got them right!!

  • Amina Salim
    Amina Salim 13 days ago

    I loved the couple with the glasses

  • GDrako Turnover
    GDrako Turnover 14 days ago

    hardcore shipping

  • gacha studio lover
    gacha studio lover 16 days ago +1

    That guy who's name idk: I feel like your not straight *waves hands at the guy* but I feel your not straight either *waves hands at the girl*
    Me: *doesn't pay attention to weather he made them a couple or not* bish how and why

  • finalbossd
    finalbossd 16 days ago

    If it is true that you are more likely to stare at your significant other than a random stranger, I can think of a somewhat reliable test to verify who your significant other is.
    Assuming all heterosexual couples, line up all the men in one row, and have them face all the women in another row, who would face the men in return.
    Spread them out and stagger them so each man (or woman, whichever side you choose) can either look to his left or right and see a different woman. It is almost guaranteed that at least one man is seeing his significant other to either his left or right. Observe the men, and rearrange them until you maximize the configuration with the most eye contact to one other person.
    If my test is accurate, then each man should be standing across from his respective woman.
    The disadvantage of this test is that it is unreliable against gay couples because there exists a probability that a partner duo can be assigned to the same line.

  • finalbossd
    finalbossd 16 days ago

    I think all of the people here are no better than pairing by sheer random chance.

  • Dié-Astou Tall
    Dié-Astou Tall 16 days ago +5

    they should’ve included a single person in there lmao

  • Hana Ahmed
    Hana Ahmed 16 days ago

    0:33 he's hot.

  • Alessia N.
    Alessia N. 16 days ago

    I wanted so much the girls to be together!

  • Ruben Ruiz
    Ruben Ruiz 18 days ago

    Guy: “I’m the new hitch out this mf dawg... wuz gud??!!”
    Guy in back: “..........2 out of 5.........”
    Guy: “Aw damn, I’m high af” 😂

  • tladybug100
    tladybug100 18 days ago

    The glasses couple was so obvious by the way the boyfriend was looking at his girlfriend in all the clips

  • Virginia Lotto Queen
    Virginia Lotto Queen 19 days ago

    That chubby man had me dying😂😂😂 "my mans got a ring. New development"😂😂😂

  • K-POP trash
    K-POP trash 19 days ago

    they assumed everyone was hetero

  • SkyWolfGaming MinkSkyPine

    If I did this and they got it wrong the gusser would know cause my mans would be violently *glaring* at whoever I'm paired with and probably hold me like a mother protecting their child 😂😂😂

  • Bdot B
    Bdot B 20 days ago

    I really want a chance to guess on this show. it looks like fun!

  • Sign My Forehead
    Sign My Forehead 20 days ago

    OH SHIT! I thought the black person with the green pants was a dude

  • Doris Floris
    Doris Floris 21 day ago

    That make out gave me Tina Belcher vibes 😂😂😂

  • Starlise Jun.from.17

    6:44 Awkward...

  • Mood Swings
    Mood Swings 21 day ago

    that fat black dude looks retarded with the way his hair is

    BRAYLEE DAVIS 21 day ago

    Click on the link below!

    BRAYLEE DAVIS 21 day ago

    Click on the link below!

  • MasterMyDestiny
    MasterMyDestiny 21 day ago

    why is 80 percent of buzzfeed gay or femenistic?

  • Luis Fernando Silva
    Luis Fernando Silva 22 days ago

    I thought that one of the couples would be a gay couple.

  • Babyy Honeyy
    Babyy Honeyy 22 days ago

    2:19 i love him he is funny af

  • Billyjackman
    Billyjackman 22 days ago

    I enjoy these videos I have an idea for one try to get a bunch of people in and have somebody try to match the car to that person

  • Rylin Graham
    Rylin Graham 22 days ago

    Why does 2:10 that one lady looks like my math teacher😂

  • Bexley I.
    Bexley I. 23 days ago

    So..pairing up the only black people would be racist but paring up the only Asian people not? Hhmm??? 😲😵😲

  • The Rubik's of Darci
    The Rubik's of Darci 23 days ago

    Match name to person

  • Deano Beano
    Deano Beano 23 days ago

    I love that dude with the groovy hairs whole look

  • Andromeda
    Andromeda 23 days ago

    I guessed them all right! But i thought that black chick is a dude!

  • Kristalle Tayler
    Kristalle Tayler 25 days ago

    That last couple kiss at the end though 🤢🤢😂😂

  • Jason Wong
    Jason Wong 25 days ago

    I'm not sure my reasoning would be airable lol

  • Sarion Burks
    Sarion Burks 26 days ago +4

    4:48 “omg that’s crazy we just did that”

    • Fabio0
      Fabio0 18 days ago

      Yeah, that little touch she gave her and how they smiled at each other totally gave it away!

  • My DaycareLife
    My DaycareLife 26 days ago

    They do look like twins 😂

  • Hello sir
    Hello sir 27 days ago

    10 people
    How many couples
    *Hm tHis iS a TouGHy*

  • Nani - Chan
    Nani - Chan 28 days ago

    No LGBT couples tho?

  • Patry
    Patry 28 days ago

    0:23 ...
    “Group of 10 (?)”
    Okay, whatever.

  • DarkRubeN0360 GamingYT

    Why cant there be LGBT couples?

  • Vlogs with John
    Vlogs with John Month ago

    1:48, that girl is cute

  • - drunken giraffe -

    Tell me she doesn’t look like olympia

  • George Kuhen
    George Kuhen Month ago

    ew stop making out

  • Ouranor
    Ouranor Month ago

    It took me 3 minutes to figure out that the person in the yellow cape is a WOMAN. Whoops lol

  • amber
    amber Month ago

    black lady in the hat is sooo beautiful !! : )

  • Suraj Singh
    Suraj Singh Month ago

    The big black dude is so chill an funny

  • Shelby Gage
    Shelby Gage Month ago

    dude what if they did that but had a twist where there was two single people hahaha

  • MiHaELa
    MiHaELa Month ago

    8:03 mom can u come and pick me up :/

  • Jayden Warren
    Jayden Warren Month ago

    5:02 bruh 150 and 260 are they stupid? The guys shoes look like 30 and the girls look like... 25

  • alyssa gall
    alyssa gall Month ago

    I should’ve been on this I got like all of them right

  • Puckelmuckel
    Puckelmuckel Month ago

    I'm all right👍

  • yesoholic
    yesoholic Month ago

    This white guy a cutie though. :3

  • Ashley Rosee
    Ashley Rosee Month ago

    I didn’t think they looked like twins until they said that they get called twins a lot. Now I can’t unsee it lmfao

  • 3JAY
    3JAY Month ago

    Duranged so fucking charismatic what a kind guy

  • sophie
    sophie Month ago

    the two ladies that are a couple were being so cute in the background at the end! you can see how in love they are, so sweet to watch

  • Steven Menetre
    Steven Menetre Month ago

    The seatle shirt guy has twopartners

  • leonel Salazar
    leonel Salazar Month ago

    You can tell they ain’t trying to be racist

  • Hello It's Me
    Hello It's Me Month ago

    0:27 weird hair , not ugly , just weird...

  • Awaken To Life
    Awaken To Life Month ago

    Obv going to be at least one gay couple just to appease the PC police.

    • DatBoiWithYoutube
      DatBoiWithYoutube 29 days ago

      On yeah, it is. It's natural to get mixed up when you don't pay close enough attention.

    • Awaken To Life
      Awaken To Life 29 days ago

      +DatBoiWithUSclip 7:47

    • Awaken To Life
      Awaken To Life 29 days ago

      DatBoiWithUSclip ummm isn’t that two ladies??

    • DatBoiWithYoutube
      DatBoiWithYoutube 29 days ago

      I was surprised there wasn't, it always feels like people are trying to force their agenda.

  • Joy Bonthius
    Joy Bonthius Month ago

    That’s not fair to keep asking them to kiss 😂😂😂

  • vaw power
    vaw power Month ago

    How have I never heard of this channel before it's briallant. New sub

  • Chris Lee
    Chris Lee Month ago

    can you maybe blur out the stripe dress cuz it hurts my eyes

  • efcpl
    efcpl Month ago

    Why this truggle. 2 couple are easy. The black goes with black, the asian goes with asian. Then it will be a guessing game.

  • Zazo Pink
    Zazo Pink Month ago

    I only got the black and glasses couples right.

  • Wimsem - Tekenen & Knutselen

    The blonde guy is so stereotypical

  • neha doe
    neha doe Month ago

    Lol my Ex wouldve just given up n held my hand if they teamed me up with any other person...

  • Adrian Czerniawski
    Adrian Czerniawski Month ago

    03:24 😂😂😂

  • Sierra Usmani
    Sierra Usmani Month ago

    at 8:01 thats how yk she be sucking that d-

  • ChasingAtl ShowBlog

    That white guy is mad blunt

  • AdamKun
    AdamKun Month ago

    Why was he hiding his eyebrows

  • Aramusha isn’t Overpowered, he’s D tier

    me and my girlfriend go perfect together, were both asian

  • Tyler bust them cheeks

    tell that extra large dude to stop wearing shorts above his knees.

  • Malik
    Malik Month ago

    how do I sign up to be on lineup