What Will We Miss?


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  • Pepper Rose
    Pepper Rose 12 minutes ago

    hit or miss, i guess we’ll always miss, huh?

  • DDB Fishing
    DDB Fishing Hour ago

    whos still watching in 7 bil years? sup yall

  • Dan the Intellectual
    Dan the Intellectual 2 hours ago

    3183 anyone?

  • I PLAY
    I PLAY 3 hours ago +1

    Space is a rubbish without any other life in other planets.

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin 3 hours ago

    I guess they never miss huh?

  • A Musical Morning -No Copyright

    We didn't miss GTA V...

    CLASH TAB 6 hours ago

    Hey future me how are you now?

  • FireFox 6789990
    FireFox 6789990 10 hours ago


  • Lelster LeL
    Lelster LeL 10 hours ago

    At least human kind will be dead by 5000

  • Carle Gorck
    Carle Gorck 10 hours ago

    2 stars?Tatooine?

    JOEL BARRY COTTER 10 hours ago

    we should make a ytp about this

  • ChipChaz 12
    ChipChaz 12 12 hours ago +1

    Hi future charlie, thanks for stopping by again. This is a great video huh? Well, hope you’re doing ok. Remember to be a good guy. Bye now!

  • Agathi
    Agathi 13 hours ago

    you ever think how aliens might not have conceived the basic things we use. What if they dont have time? Or music? Or laughter? Or languages? Or they dont breathe? Maybe they have no ears? What makes anyone think that aliens would be anything similar to humans.

  • codyjones109
    codyjones109 14 hours ago

    No one on Earth will see Andromeda and Milky way make new stars. The Sun will cook earth in about 500 Million years to a crisp.

  • KorbTheGamer13
    KorbTheGamer13 14 hours ago

    Whoes watching in 696969?

  • LonelyMemer
    LonelyMemer 15 hours ago

    Dried up ocean will look wierd

  • BrendanDash
    BrendanDash 15 hours ago


  • slimsoupy
    slimsoupy 16 hours ago +1

    Hit or miss, I guess we never... hit. Depressing.

  • Titus Giard
    Titus Giard 16 hours ago

    That was beautiful

  • TheDerpy Fredbear
    TheDerpy Fredbear 16 hours ago

    4 billion years nothing happens bc adrom misses milky and they spent weeks of reaserch for nothing

  • S&S TV
    S&S TV 17 hours ago

    i wanna see the galaxies collide and i wanna see the lights and supernovas

  • S&S TV
    S&S TV 17 hours ago

    now i have fomo

  • Cy Golanski
    Cy Golanski 17 hours ago +1

    Hit or Miss I guess u never miss huuuuuuuh you got a boyfriend I bet he doesn't kiss ya muahhhhhhhhhhhh I bet he won't miss ya he gonna pull up and hit the dab like wess kalifah

  • Rezoiq
    Rezoiq 19 hours ago

    Hit or miss, she took the fucking kids. 😅😅😅😩😩😩🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆💦💦💦💦🅱🅱🅱

  • Kailey Sullivan
    Kailey Sullivan 19 hours ago

    Hi are you also hiding in the comments? Because I sure am.

  • Peatman
    Peatman 20 hours ago

    Best entrance ever.

  • Tycoons FIRST BORN SON
    Tycoons FIRST BORN SON 20 hours ago

    Michael here?*

  • Ellis Frank
    Ellis Frank 21 hour ago

    Isn't everything moving away from us now, though? Everything around us in the sky is red shifted, which means it's moving away, so how can Andromeda be coming towards us?

  • wolfia13_7 0
    wolfia13_7 0 21 hour ago

    Am the only one crying rn?

  • Kenny
    Kenny 21 hour ago

    Dont be such a fomophobic

  • xPentu
    xPentu 23 hours ago

    Wheres de egg

  • Kbro
    Kbro 23 hours ago

    People born in 2020 - 2040 will call us 2000 kids and be sad they missed out on all our stuff but we will expirience their generation

  • вłxʀzyђ 酒々井
    вłxʀzyђ 酒々井 23 hours ago

    Wrong! They never miss! *huh*

  • TheTapTeen
    TheTapTeen 23 hours ago

    We miss club penguin

  • John Hill
    John Hill Day ago


  • Aleksander Wielki

    What will we miss? *HIT* *OR* *MISS*

  • MedarkDuk3
    MedarkDuk3 Day ago

    2019 anyone?

  • Mérce
    Mérce Day ago


  • Naymul Nahin
    Naymul Nahin Day ago

    Wow I don't feel too old anymore!

  • Walao weyh
    Walao weyh Day ago

    Im missing my shots

  • angry men
    angry men Day ago +1

    6969 anyone?

  • SkepticUser_96
    SkepticUser_96 Day ago

    I guess they never miss, huh?

  • General GTA
    General GTA Day ago +1

    R.I.P. Stan Lee, the God of Superheroes.

  • Meme Boi
    Meme Boi Day ago

    Valentines gang where ya at?

  • ItsMuff
    ItsMuff Day ago

    Hit or miss
    I guess they never miss huh?

    God I will hate myself for this comment when I will land on this comment again. This TikTok memes will be gone, hopefully.

  • Oz Ong
    Oz Ong Day ago

    Where is the egg

  • matej1155 boi
    matej1155 boi Day ago

    We will miss 6969


    Light travels 30000miles an second

  • DUKE
    DUKE Day ago

    I dont care about Niagara falls...and Mount Rushmore...I want to see them two galaxies collapse..that would be so beautiful...most beautiful thing ever we would ever witness

  • BlackFox 05
    BlackFox 05 Day ago

    Michael: Beetlejuice

  • Sir SSSoulrender

    ANYONE WATCHING IN 6009 !!!1!!11!11!!!

  • Sir SSSoulrender

    19th of November 2018

  • Happy Bon Bon
    Happy Bon Bon Day ago

    In the beginning of this video In the how to basic video he said he hide Easter eggs he lied

  • Killer_virrusHD
    Killer_virrusHD Day ago

    Bruh you really compared a galactic collision to a waterwall, 😭💀

  • Danial Furman
    Danial Furman Day ago

    Unknown time traveler : I am form the year 9018 [ me : OMG HOW DID YOU TIME TRAVEL

  • Foxy TheBoss253
    Foxy TheBoss253 Day ago

    3:10 that was my wallpaper

  • Asphalt Pilgrim
    Asphalt Pilgrim Day ago

    Conception is a seminal event, uhhh huh-uh, huh! Hu-hu-hu-huh!

  • Proscoot vids
    Proscoot vids Day ago


  • Aboudi
    Aboudi Day ago

    milkdromeda sounds like a ship name
    i ship it

  • VinesGamerTV
    VinesGamerTV Day ago

    What about 1111?

  • Trans boi Tyler
    Trans boi Tyler Day ago

    *probably* won’t be alive by the time 6009 comes around .

  • Lord Alex The Dev

    Today is 11/18/2018 22:39 EST, SUNDAY

  • Awesome Sounds
    Awesome Sounds Day ago

    IIII is also possible

  • sir eggrol
    sir eggrol Day ago +3

    hit or miss. I guess they never miss huh?

  • Dylan Wood
    Dylan Wood Day ago

    Hit or miss, guess we will miss. Huh

  • William Simon
    William Simon Day ago

    Where's Michael? Oh I guess I'll jus-

  • rpg- goddess101
    rpg- goddess101 Day ago

    Everytime our teacher mentioned the milky way i had a taste for a milky way bar also some chocolate milk lol

  • Torsion K
    Torsion K Day ago

    Thank you for make me depressed now I’m gonna miss out on so much

  • cfjlkfsjf
    cfjlkfsjf Day ago

    I'll wake up JUST before the 2 galaxys collide, then it's back to my nap. My dirt nap.

  • Frost -wild
    Frost -wild Day ago


  • One Thicc Printer

    But we never miss, huh?

  • Ethan Vehrs
    Ethan Vehrs Day ago +5

    Have you ever seen a comment and been like “I wish I wrote that one”

  • BonesXD YT
    BonesXD YT Day ago

    You are smart

  • Amber Smith
    Amber Smith Day ago

    Current time as of today 11:11pm -
    18 / 11 / 2018

  • The Vlog Channel

    Where are you micheal....

  • Josefina Reyes
    Josefina Reyes Day ago

    Its a small wrold afterall

  • anthonyk
    anthonyk Day ago

    Im going to look back at this comment in 60 years.

  • Keven Fighter
    Keven Fighter Day ago

    vsauce is howtobasic

  • molbo boi
    molbo boi Day ago

    who told you my gestation took place in a woman's womb?

  • Max Gontard
    Max Gontard Day ago

    The website was wrong 3 days lmaoo i talkwd about it with my parents

  • Andrew Ross
    Andrew Ross 2 days ago

    This video is depressing...

  • Cool man 62 Tweedie
    Cool man 62 Tweedie 2 days ago

    When was 1961

  • Ordinary_Ninja
    Ordinary_Ninja 2 days ago

    You ever think
    "What happens after we die"

  • Jay D Great
    Jay D Great 2 days ago +2

    November 2018 just me leaving a mark

  • sara
    sara 2 days ago

    hello future me. hope ya doing great mate

  • Everyday Anime
    Everyday Anime 2 days ago +1

    I feel bad for my future children they will miss out Vsauce

  • VizzeGaming
    VizzeGaming 2 days ago +2

    weird flex but ok

  • pandora98 sa
    pandora98 sa 2 days ago

    So emotional!

  • Jeon Jungookie
    Jeon Jungookie 2 days ago

    If the milky way collides with andromeda or it will just past us

  • Dr Wolffix
    Dr Wolffix 2 days ago

    Date of Comment:
    2018 November 18 Sunday 6:33am:

    Come Back At
    2110 November 18 6:33am

  • King Kev
    King Kev 2 days ago +1

    How about when our Sun burns out and all hell breaks loose🤔🤔

    • King Kev
      King Kev 2 days ago

      I'm just curious that's all

  • Funnel web Spider
    Funnel web Spider 2 days ago

    We will miss the bright glowing fat milksromeda but still see the close mix fat oliptical close mix when they touch

  • Funnel web Spider
    Funnel web Spider 2 days ago

    1:50 Betelgeuse will explode in 24 to 30 years I will be my uncles age then I’m only 7

  • EaglesFan 3504
    EaglesFan 3504 2 days ago

    This is really deep

  • ecksdee23
    ecksdee23 2 days ago

    Thinking about the past, and the future, got me thinking.
    People from the past often thought silly things about the present. Like, that no flying machine could ever make it from New York to Paris. But, then it happened. Reality shattered the expectations of people from the past.
    What if we're living a similar lie? We PREDICT that we're going to land on mars within this generation's lifetime but... Are we? Most of these predictions we've made in the PAST have been wrong, totally tossed to the curb by impending reality...That being said, in case this is much the same ordeal as when Wilbur Wright claimed that flying from New York to Paris was impossible... Then what will happen? Will the spacecraft carrying the astronauts simply... Crash? Or, will we land but, instead, discover HOSTILE life, previously undiscovered on Martian terrain that were provoked by what they perceive as invaders?

    Or am I just very doubtful....

  • Party Parrot
    Party Parrot 2 days ago

    so …. I have a twin thats a STAR OMG I WANNA NAME HIM hmmmm …….


  • Carson’s Aquariums
    Carson’s Aquariums 2 days ago +1


  • Xx_ScarletFox_xX
    Xx_ScarletFox_xX 2 days ago

    Why isn't vsauce my teacher 😐

  • P_Central
    P_Central 2 days ago

    9005 anyone?

  • Derpyderp Sucks
    Derpyderp Sucks 2 days ago

    Who cares about a soler eclipse I have FOMO