Bonding with my New Shiba Puppy


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  • maxmoefoetwo
    maxmoefoetwo  3 months ago +5084

    Please follow Kevin on instagram, he promises he will be a good boy and post daily photos

    • Kobe Keats
      Kobe Keats 6 days ago

      maxmoefoetwo yeah ya need ta shave dat phat bered

    • Tony Gullstrand
      Tony Gullstrand 10 days ago


    • TheShibeG4M3R
      TheShibeG4M3R 21 day ago

      omago i love shobes i think ill buy one boi

    • Darklord Retard
      Darklord Retard 22 days ago

      maxmoefoetwo hey max don’t let him eat grapes because they are very dangerous for dogs and can cause kidney failure

    • BOI 3 Times
      BOI 3 Times 22 days ago

      maxmoefoetwo your puppy sounds like a squeaky toy

  • Angel Carrasco
    Angel Carrasco 2 hours ago


  • SparkYT
    SparkYT 12 hours ago

    Homen i do trick for u

  • Young0dessey
    Young0dessey Day ago

    Yo my name Kevin

  • Laurent Fontaine
    Laurent Fontaine 2 days ago

    just stop youtube already

  • Ethan John
    Ethan John 2 days ago

    Mut resist the urge to pet the pupo

  • ben10 forever
    ben10 forever 3 days ago

    She so cute I love shiba inu puppy

  • HarryWooldridge
    HarryWooldridge 3 days ago +1

    Who’s that Pokémon?

  • Cleo Dennis
    Cleo Dennis 4 days ago

    Me when my parents pay attention to their new born baby and not me 😂

  • joshua Cuellar
    joshua Cuellar 4 days ago


  • Kaycitheflamingoo :3

    Who disliked this video!? Cute. Shiba. Puppy! 🐶❤️

  • Sammuel Adams
    Sammuel Adams 5 days ago

    The time when he said fucker he went to bed XD

  • EvilGrin
    EvilGrin 5 days ago

    I wanna know what his gf looks like

  • Helder Martins
    Helder Martins 5 days ago

    He's not fat!

    He's fluffy!

  • NyanJuice
    NyanJuice 5 days ago

    chunky boi

  • Isha Hussain
    Isha Hussain 5 days ago


  • The Masked Jeff 2
    The Masked Jeff 2 6 days ago

    Go to sleep, "fucker". Omg that had me sleep xD

  • ota
    ota 6 days ago

    is this a therapy session_

  • scrappy doo
    scrappy doo 6 days ago

    im so glad the GF is there or this dog would end up dead

  • axe me
    axe me 6 days ago

    “Go to sleep you fucker” hahahahaha

  • Gatorade Lemon lime
    Gatorade Lemon lime 7 days ago

    My heart just melted

  • Inu Shiba
    Inu Shiba 7 days ago

    So cute

  • Jack
    Jack 7 days ago


  • Jason Oon
    Jason Oon 8 days ago

    what's his instagram again? i couldn't quite catch it when you said it

  • Guy Around the corner

    Chub shibe dose a run

  • rex
    rex 9 days ago


  • SpookySpoons
    SpookySpoons 9 days ago

    can you please say 'cunt' more , you didnt reach the quota

  • papa genji
    papa genji 10 days ago


  • BuffyPlayz
    BuffyPlayz 11 days ago


  • Jackson Batson
    Jackson Batson 11 days ago

    He’s So Cute!

  • Crilbus Bowling Idiot
    Crilbus Bowling Idiot 11 days ago

    2:03 probably the cutest part of the vlog

  • вкlуиу
    вкlуиу 11 days ago

    1:58 I fucking died for like 15 minutes
    "Buckle up kevin because if we crash your gonna die" XDDD

  • Nick Barrone
    Nick Barrone 11 days ago

    Grandma Shibe’s health bar makes me return to this video time after time

  • Dr. Karasu Overhaul
    Dr. Karasu Overhaul 12 days ago

    Nigga got a doge

  • Disar
    Disar 12 days ago

    [Using all of his energy to stay awake]
    Proceeds to yell at the dog.
    Max, are you retarded?

  • majestickev._
    majestickev._ 12 days ago

    Hey what’s Kevin’s instagram?

  • This name is a waste of time

    I need a shoob right now.

  • Jonathan Dalsgaard
    Jonathan Dalsgaard 12 days ago

    is this papa max????

  • RUN ER
    RUN ER 12 days ago

    is that anything4views

  • Sonic Wind
    Sonic Wind 13 days ago +1

    Kevin: I shall grow to be the greatest DOGE my dear hooman!

  • LPS Pixie
    LPS Pixie 13 days ago


    */ FUCKER /*

  • Terrobyte
    Terrobyte 13 days ago

    How to train your shiba:

  • Lord Barometer
    Lord Barometer 13 days ago


  • Midnight_ Madman
    Midnight_ Madman 13 days ago

    Think you should’ve named him Jeff, after the epic meme

  • Urban Woman And Azuma Sato

    Aaaaaaw ❤️😍❤️

  • Urban Woman And Azuma Sato

    He is just big boned

  • Urban Woman And Azuma Sato

    Your face changed :0

  • Puneeth Boni
    Puneeth Boni 13 days ago +1

    It's like there are two Max's. The old max keeps trying to break out and say things like "Fucker" or "he might be dead" but the new max prevents complete takeover.

  • Aks kDC
    Aks kDC 13 days ago

    Damn max thicc

  • Spider Fortress
    Spider Fortress 14 days ago

    So If This Guy Is Aussie, I Know Exactly Where He Drove Past XD

  • Rudstarvids 226
    Rudstarvids 226 14 days ago

    Smol shlob

  • Lynette Dundon
    Lynette Dundon 14 days ago

    Too cute!

  • Talenzar
    Talenzar 14 days ago


  • Desiree Wolf
    Desiree Wolf 15 days ago

    He's so adorable but Kevin? Why Kevin?

  • savageblue1014 Z
    savageblue1014 Z 16 days ago

    As max journey is still to come he has found a freind as the journey continues

  • Tyler Mills
    Tyler Mills 16 days ago

    Oml c; I asked my Mom if i could have one and She said "No i dont Buy Animals That originate from Japan" I cried inside.

  • Veronica Falmör
    Veronica Falmör 16 days ago

    Its a loaf of bread!

  • Lostjoy IX
    Lostjoy IX 16 days ago

    What a cute puppy. Also that Tony Hawk flip was pretty hilarious.

  • Not Sure
    Not Sure 16 days ago

    This reminds me of the japanese, nazi, and roman medical torture. It makes me sad because dogs really get the short end of the stick when it comes to our crazy folks.
    I think I have a problem.

  • Descendant of Sassy the sasquatch

    That Tony hawk reference tho 👌

  • laurens vansw
    laurens vansw 16 days ago

    What's up with Shiba's being so popular? Some movie or celebrities? They're very difficult dogs to keep

  • autism is good
    autism is good 16 days ago

    Dog sleeping
    Shouts intagram account

  • Jaden Holt
    Jaden Holt 17 days ago +1

    Sorry we have to put it down it got rabies from its new cave man owner

  • Rocky
    Rocky 17 days ago

    Aww man, I miss the Max that looked hot in a dress and not the one who has a beard. Still love ya tho.

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  • Levi Kimi
    Levi Kimi 17 days ago


  • Guest1milplayz
    Guest1milplayz 17 days ago

    Sleep now

  • Alean Gucci
    Alean Gucci 17 days ago

    You should make an Instagram for Kevin.the.Shiba

  • Roberto Soto
    Roberto Soto 18 days ago

    Who ever disliked this has no soul

  • Birb rcool
    Birb rcool 18 days ago

    ty hoe

  • Rozu
    Rozu 18 days ago +1

    U got fat

  • DaftPunkBoi 54
    DaftPunkBoi 54 18 days ago

    180 shiba pop

    I dare u skaters

  • Fail Llama
    Fail Llama 18 days ago

    11/10 feisty good boy

  • Basil Boy
    Basil Boy 18 days ago


  • ant
    ant 18 days ago

    ✊ Fuck Off

  • The FBI
    The FBI 18 days ago

    is it just me or does he not seem as happy as he was

  • Swooped The Boss
    Swooped The Boss 18 days ago

    Kevin THICC

  • Incognito Burrito
    Incognito Burrito 18 days ago

    Dogs cant eat grapes chocolate or walnuts

  • Huycks
    Huycks 18 days ago

    Damn Japanese rat.

  • Iosif Dzhugashvili
    Iosif Dzhugashvili 19 days ago

    My boi how homeless are you?

  • xFLyiNR3TarDx
    xFLyiNR3TarDx 19 days ago

    Go to sleep fuckah

  • Entrydal Trissys
    Entrydal Trissys 19 days ago

    "Please help me monetized this dog, So I could get my money back"

  • Isaiah Martin
    Isaiah Martin 20 days ago

    Chad Roberts 2.0

  • Robo Pea
    Robo Pea 20 days ago

    Where did ur get him???

  • Mr Meme 60
    Mr Meme 60 20 days ago +2


  • Derek Rosales
    Derek Rosales 21 day ago

    I have that same harness for my dog xD

  • Dragon
    Dragon 21 day ago

    Also there’s that person who who changes the name a bit so they are popular on Instagram

  • Dragon
    Dragon 21 day ago

    Kevin.the.shiba Kevin.the.shiba kevin.the.shiba kevin.the.shiba kevin.the.shiba kevin.the.shiba kevin.the.shiba

    • Dragon
      Dragon 21 day ago

      How he has to say it kevin dot the dot shiba

  • HolyValadin Gaming
    HolyValadin Gaming 21 day ago


  • Dai Mao
    Dai Mao 21 day ago

    Those testosterone shots are working wonders, aye Max?

  • Delishia Hollingsworth

    He's sweet. Don't yell at bedtime to the baby. Nice videos

  • Jonathan Luc Picard
    Jonathan Luc Picard 21 day ago

    This cured my depression

  • The Magical Llama the draws

    When he was going to bed you won’t stop screaming GO TO SLEEP so that’s why it took so long

  • sundaymourning
    sundaymourning 22 days ago

    Why do you sound like Coran but calmer lolol

  • Jimbo _ here
    Jimbo _ here 22 days ago


  • Mitchell Winkworth
    Mitchell Winkworth 22 days ago +23

    He's cute but I always feel bad for the parent dogs as their babies get sold which they never see again.

    • Mitchell Winkworth
      Mitchell Winkworth 12 days ago +2

      +albino vibes Ok good, I never knew that

    • albino vibes
      albino vibes 12 days ago +5

      Mitchell Winkworth Usually after a while when the puppies start to get bigger, the mother can’t care less. When my dog had puppies, she seemed relieved to see them go because they put so much strain on her. So yeah don’t worry, the mom is probably fine :-)

  • lukasart0
    lukasart0 22 days ago

    you captured a new pokemon
    Shibe has been added to your pokedex

  • Dendoi
    Dendoi 22 days ago

    *why is max acting like a human being*

  • nok
    nok 22 days ago

    not kidding same place I got my dog?!

  • living tribunal
    living tribunal 23 days ago

    You got more fat