Ed Edd n Eddy - Hands Across Ed & Floss Your Ed

  • Published on Aug 1, 2017
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Comments • 104

  • Jordan White
    Jordan White 4 days ago

    21:22 oh god. Im about to throw up

  • Jordan White
    Jordan White 4 days ago


  • Jordan White
    Jordan White 4 days ago

    14:15 ive been violated

  • Jordan White
    Jordan White 4 days ago

    13:31 dont touch it

  • Brendan Matelan
    Brendan Matelan 19 days ago +1

    13:01, how many times have we heard this sound effect?

  • Destiny McIntire
    Destiny McIntire 23 days ago

    19:00 "Your garden is overgrown and your cucumbers are soft!"

  • Major Kong
    Major Kong Month ago

    21:02 you can hear him say “son of a bitch.”

  • Sam I am
    Sam I am Month ago

    Jimmy's such a little sell-out bitch but i love him

  • DisturbedNature 94
    DisturbedNature 94 Month ago +1

    18:51 the best adlibs in cartoon history

  • PlumMoney 4396
    PlumMoney 4396 2 months ago +2

    0:55 Kevin got a boner

  • trini blazer
    trini blazer 2 months ago +2

    Raising money for an eyebrow operation🤣🤣🤣🤣 dafaq

    • M Rosé
      M Rosé Month ago

      trini blazer The shit they say or come up with in this show is even more hilarious years later 😂😂
      Also, Rolf’s eyebrow seem to be effective by their story.

  • Farhana Uddin
    Farhana Uddin 2 months ago

    My. Friend. Saladin. Know. This

  • Beast 487
    Beast 487 2 months ago +4

    Double d:I've been violated

  • Petey Nutt
    Petey Nutt 2 months ago +1

    God Lord man! 21:15

  • The Real Eh See
    The Real Eh See 2 months ago +3

    5:48 I could listen to Jimmy's Mouth Gear make that weird sound all day....

    • Ian Finrir
      Ian Finrir 22 days ago +1

      The Real Eh See Just look up a Jaw Harp

  • MysteriousmurderEtheemocreepy Pasta

    I ship Sara and jimmy

    • Jordan White
      Jordan White 3 days ago

      What is the deal with jimmy and sara? R they dating?

  • ButterScotchCinnamon Pie
    ButterScotchCinnamon Pie 2 months ago +6

    0:54 (╹◡╹)

  • Al Everdred
    Al Everdred 2 months ago +1

    I sure miss those late summer nights watching this in the late 90s early 00s! If I could relive it i sure would. Id literally give my left nut to live my childhood over

  • Matheus Henrique
    Matheus Henrique 2 months ago +1

    O Fl Ss Your

    • Matheus Henrique
      Matheus Henrique 2 months ago +1

      Directed Danny Antonucci Written By Joni Howard and Danny Antonucci

    • Matheus Henrique
      Matheus Henrique 2 months ago +1

      StoryBoard By Timothy Pack Ford Scott Diggy UnderWood

  • Black Sermon
    Black Sermon 2 months ago

    Simple thing, where have you gone? Im getting old and i need something to rely on.

  • -sooyung-
    -sooyung- 3 months ago +1

    0:54 wOw ThAt LoOkS LiKe a

  • SuperMarioSonic Z
    SuperMarioSonic Z 3 months ago +3

    12:58 Hahahaha! that guy got hit in the head with a coconut! ( Patrick quote )

  • Eduardo Martinez
    Eduardo Martinez 3 months ago +1

    14:48 Eddy tried to punch 🥊 Ed’s tooth by tricking him into playing boxing with him. But it shows how a formidable and dangerous boxer Ed can be, as his unpredictability almost killed both Edd and Eddy without him being aware of his own strength. Ed is like a cartoon version of Mike Tyson.

  • Masurao Katori Richardson
    Masurao Katori Richardson 3 months ago +9

    Dorks Rolf Dorks
    Dorks do not quack Kevin

  • Matheus Henrique
    Matheus Henrique 3 months ago +1

    O Fl Ss Your Ed

    • Matheus Henrique
      Matheus Henrique 3 months ago +1

      Directed By Danny Antonucci Wtitten By Jono Haward and Danny Antonucci

    • Matheus Henrique
      Matheus Henrique 3 months ago +1

      StoryBoard Timothy Pack Ford Scott Diggs Under Wood

  • Brandon Hall
    Brandon Hall 3 months ago

    Ed and Eddy tounge kissed lol

  • BiG BOi
    BiG BOi 4 months ago +5

    Ed is like Patrick from spongebob

  • ivan petrovich
    ivan petrovich 4 months ago

    This was when cartoons were cartoons,you know before blacks took over every damn thing on TV in AMERICA.

  • Jordan Saul
    Jordan Saul 4 months ago +1

    14:20 Ed shitted on himself 😂😂😂

  • Mortricia_Heller
    Mortricia_Heller 4 months ago +1

    “It is the curse of the sirens in the hungry tree!” 😂😂

  • Teacups N’ Hot coco
    Teacups N’ Hot coco 4 months ago +8

    21:54 “I look like a Hockey Player!”

  • Haku Yuki
    Haku Yuki 4 months ago


  • Nico Alcock
    Nico Alcock 4 months ago +42

    Who else hated Kevin Sarah and Jimmy?

    • funfox nothing
      funfox nothing Month ago +1

      Your gonna kill me if i Kevedd ?

    • yoshifan30
      yoshifan30 Month ago

      I've hated those character of so much

    • Alien X
      Alien X Month ago +2

      Het Aquakanaal and also a little dumb

    • Het Aquakanaal
      Het Aquakanaal 3 months ago +7

      I kinda dislike Nazz too because she is bland

  • Timothy Grover
    Timothy Grover 5 months ago +2

    Eddy Ed's Telethon?
    Ed Eddy Do You Keep Donations in the Fridge?

  • Timothy Grover
    Timothy Grover 5 months ago

    Kevin Go Nazz Go

  • Bradley Noble
    Bradley Noble 5 months ago

    11:48 LOL!!!!

  • Jay Cerrito
    Jay Cerrito 5 months ago +4

    14:15 that's not the only time Double D said that

  • Lee Mapea
    Lee Mapea 5 months ago +15

    Boy where has my childhood gone to

  • inge's adventures
    inge's adventures 5 months ago +1

    kevin:i smell something rofl eddy: that's the smell of money kevin! rofl: no that nanna boiling the fat of papa's undershirts

  • NathanOfADown
    NathanOfADown 5 months ago +2

    creepy tAHAT FACE

  • Que Echols
    Que Echols 6 months ago +1

    Yes, like butter Ed-boy

  • Que Echols
    Que Echols 6 months ago

    I...am...Rolf son of a Sheppard

  • isabella gacha!
    isabella gacha! 6 months ago


  • Gadiel Gonzalez
    Gadiel Gonzalez 6 months ago +14

    Ed is stronger than Rolf and Kevin combined!

  • Jennifer Correa
    Jennifer Correa 6 months ago

    So funny

  • John Martin
    John Martin 6 months ago

    irl your Dum

  • Pure Sadness
    Pure Sadness 6 months ago +9

    *i dont think you understand how much i love Ed*

  • Mark Randolph
    Mark Randolph 6 months ago +3

    Love it

  • Jodie Capron
    Jodie Capron 6 months ago

    I will be performing my country's dance of the hairless otter

  • C.S. Productions
    C.S. Productions 7 months ago +6

    Kevin is ironically the best character on the show.

  • Kawaii Panda
    Kawaii Panda 7 months ago +3

    I found it really funny how eddy tried to knock Ed’s tooth by attempting to punch ed with a boxing 🥊 glove

  • AreYouJelly?
    AreYouJelly? 7 months ago +4

    This was my childhood when I could watch tv. I miss it

  • Fallen GuardianLR
    Fallen GuardianLR 7 months ago +3

    I find it weird that double D didn't want to pull the tooth but it's normal to pull them

    • Alex Sung
      Alex Sung 7 months ago +1

      Usually baby tooth fall off on their own. I think Double D doesn’t want Ed to feel the unfortunate pain of removing the tooth. I mean, it’s not bad, but it’s definitely head scratching. Although, that doesn’t stop Eddy and the Cul-de-sac nimrods from tearing Ed’s tooth by cartoon-ish force.

  • Leo Orduna
    Leo Orduna 7 months ago +1

    The tooth has a face.

  • AKB superN3L
    AKB superN3L 7 months ago +1

    At 10:21 did Johnny say twerk it

  • AKB superN3L
    AKB superN3L 7 months ago

    Wait at 10:43 did Johnny say popcorn?

    • Kawaii Panda
      Kawaii Panda 7 months ago

      He said encore sometimes you can’t really hear what the characters are saying at certain points

    • DarkAssassins321
      DarkAssassins321 7 months ago

      he said encore

  • Edu Olmedo
    Edu Olmedo 7 months ago +5

    I like this cartoon

    • -sooyung-
      -sooyung- 3 months ago +1

      i LOVE this cartoon!

  • Tom Eye The SFM guy
    Tom Eye The SFM guy 7 months ago +16

    forget actual music. Nazz's traffic tuba is my jam.

  • andy o1998
    andy o1998 8 months ago

    Let's get funky

  • tk maz
    tk maz 8 months ago +1

    Did they just say Johnny's last name is Twobyfour?! Lmfao! It's almost as bad as Danny Provolone!

  • Gerald Singer
    Gerald Singer 8 months ago +9

    (Phone rings) "Ed Telathon"

  • Jerseynigga856salemsquad
    Jerseynigga856salemsquad 8 months ago +8

    0:54 looks like Kevin gotta a boner 😂😂😂

  • Michael Hurtado
    Michael Hurtado 8 months ago +20

    Has coconuts but no quarters, wtf

  • Jory Rayton
    Jory Rayton 8 months ago +9

    Miss this show

  • Nobody Important
    Nobody Important 8 months ago +67

    We must do the belly bump, as it is the only way to please tree!
    I... am... Rolf....
    Son of a Shepard...

  • K Slimm
    K Slimm 8 months ago +33

    At 18:32 Moby Dork is mine 😂😂😂 Kevin is stupid

  • blackgate gaming
    blackgate gaming 8 months ago +13

    I like Kev 😂 he's mean but that's what I like

  • iiwonder._. whyxX
    iiwonder._. whyxX 8 months ago +6


    • Chevez Saulsberry
      Chevez Saulsberry 7 months ago +2


    • Lala Poetdollbaby
      Lala Poetdollbaby 8 months ago

      XxCookie live

    • Tobi kanobi
      Tobi kanobi 8 months ago

      If Ed's tongue is smurf blue then this means Eddy's tongue is the orge lord himself and that communism will spread through out roblox, Ourblox

  • Nico Fan
    Nico Fan 9 months ago +73

    This is my childhood

  • Mysteria 5
    Mysteria 5 9 months ago +49

    Eddy: There's no budget for subtitles.