Beautiful Abandoned 1930s Mansion - Inside Is Amazing! Plus Guest House

  • Published on Jan 11, 2019
  • In part two of my road trip we check out this amazing abandoned stone mansion. Built in the 1930s, this place is full of suprises inside. Its been empty for the last 5-10yrs and may be getting demolished according to local rumors. So come along as we take one last look inside this beautiful home. As a bonus, we check out a guest house and corn crib on the property. Enjoy
    Please Note: Exploring Abandoned locations can be dangerous. I don't condone or encourage anyone to enter an Abandoned structure. Not only is safety a concern, but often times its illegal and when possible, i seek out permission. I simply go to document its history before it's gone and leave things the way I find them. I assume all the risks & responsibility in doing so. Please don't attempt to do this on your own.
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Comments • 1 126

  • katylake212
    katylake212 55 minutes ago

    This house really is lovely. I adore Colonial Revival houses. Can you say at least what state this is in?

  • Rick Anderson
    Rick Anderson Hour ago

    Dreams and Death...Sad to see her in disrepair...Save it!!!

  • JoanneLG1960
    JoanneLG1960 Hour ago

    It's a rumpus/family room moron!

  • JoanneLG1960
    JoanneLG1960 Hour ago

    This is not a mansion, servant quarters? Is he high?

  • christine robinson
    christine robinson 3 hours ago

    My husband says the Chevy is a 54. You guys can hash that out! Lol

  • Peg Bettano
    Peg Bettano 3 hours ago

    Very beautiful house. I wonder if it’s for sale.

  • christine robinson
    christine robinson 3 hours ago

    I think the black “alarm system” in the basement is the bell to summon the butler. And tubs of that era came in that small size for small spaces. Not sure where the plumbing went to the tubs. Stolen for the copper?

  • Lana Tiane
    Lana Tiane 3 hours ago

    What a beautiful farmhouse. It would look amazing renovated. Love Theses Kinds of Houses

  • Sylvia Jean Adams
    Sylvia Jean Adams 4 hours ago

    And the liberals are just asking for this to happen in America. We have pipelines too! Build the wall ASAP!

  • Exploring with Jimmy
    Exploring with Jimmy 4 hours ago

    Thank you i just found your channel i really enjoy watching your videos I'm a Canadian urban explorer Take care

  • christine robinson
    christine robinson 4 hours ago

    Windows have to be deepest with stone exteriors. Stones make for a thick wall.

  • Jess4metoo
    Jess4metoo 4 hours ago

    I hope you took all the fireballs. An unknowing vandal would crush them.

  • Patty Lanenga
    Patty Lanenga 5 hours ago

    I love very old homes, I currently own and reside in a 135 year old home that we had remodeled but still kept the essence of the house and the era it was built. I would absolutely buy this property in a second. I would take my time and remodel the whole house because they definitely don’t build them like this anymore. It would be a great shame to demolish such a beautiful and unique house by today’s standards.

  • kshav62
    kshav62 6 hours ago

    Awesome house! My grandmother’s house had that butler’s pantry and the back stairs for servants. The back stairs were not carpeted but the front main stairs were.

  • Stephanie sharland
    Stephanie sharland 8 hours ago

    Couple times couldn't hear anything as others were so loud in room next door. Shame, see if you can edit it. Top of house, you were crouched down on back wall. I've looked at quite a few of these old houses but I have to say I've enjoyed this one with you very much. I'm disabled in England so this is a wonderful time out with you. Thanks a lot.

  • LouisaSharp
    LouisaSharp 8 hours ago

    I think they should save this beautiful mansion... I have never seen a spring house before... Thank you for sharing...

  • A Rose for Tes
    A Rose for Tes 10 hours ago

    Love the built-ins flanking the fireplace. Hoping to have ours built like those soon. Who doesn't like a farm house style pantry? Yes! ❤️ My grandparents house was like a small English cottage, the upstairs had built in drawers and finished attic with doors like the one in this video upstairs. Love this house the way it's built. Sturdy! Disliked the kitchen, totally ruined it with the cabinets. It didn't go with the house at all.

  • Keri Rae
    Keri Rae 11 hours ago


  • Grey Line
    Grey Line 12 hours ago

    I love how you knew the colour of the paint. “Tiffany Blue” lol
    Another great find men.

  • MN Heintzelman
    MN Heintzelman 12 hours ago

    You gotta wonder what kinda tiny shack this guy lives in, if he's calling that "A Mansion". Nice, but ours is bigger and older, and no one ever caled ours "A Mansion" either . . . PS: some crappy 1980's built in's does not "a Nice Kitchen" make . . . Servents quarters? in the 1930's family house? . .this guy needs a much better education. It's a door bell dumbass . . .

  • Dani Johnson
    Dani Johnson 13 hours ago

    OMG I want it!

  • D Rusk
    D Rusk 13 hours ago

    Where is this house located at? It's beautiful!

  • Redster 42
    Redster 42 14 hours ago

    Nice video, lovely house. The door still on the refrigerator in the shed was a little scary.

  • James Eger
    James Eger 14 hours ago

    Delivery door bell

  • V Lovelady
    V Lovelady 14 hours ago

    Nice ol house. I wonder who it belonged to, and why it was been abandoned. 🤔

  • Susie Frees
    Susie Frees 14 hours ago

    What really had me holding my breath was whether or not you were going to scavenge the home and remove bits and pieces, such as the vintage fire bombs. You had them down off of the wall and lined up side to side, leading me to think you did take them, as with the weird knife and holster another one of your crew walked around with. Would not surprise me if you tried to take the half-tub also. This is what makes the elegant ladies mere shells that have been stripped of their history, their beauty. Please, explore without desecrating. Get permission from whoever holds the title instead of breaking windows and doors. If a barn still manages to stand, it is not up to you to "reclaim" the wood. Removing without permission is theft, regardless of whether the home has been abandoned or the owner has just run out to the store. These videos encourage others to venture into abandoned homes, some who leave damage and graffiti. It is not entertainment.

  • Trudie
    Trudie 15 hours ago

    This was absolutely amazing. What a beautiful piece of property and home!!! Tfs!

  • Irene HO Ho
    Irene HO Ho 15 hours ago

    Why is the mansion abandonec?? I will check with the local autbority......
    Why not sold mansion but abandoned it????

    • JPVideos
      JPVideos  15 hours ago

      A developer bought it and is demolishing it to turn it into townhouses.

  • Pamela Prescott
    Pamela Prescott 16 hours ago +1

    Thank you for sharing !awesome video beautiful home too bad it probably won't be saved, it would just rot down.

  • Cynth Wise
    Cynth Wise 16 hours ago

    Awesome Video...Just Love the Stone Exterior of this House!! Very Unique...Would be a shame to see them demolish it..Lovely Interior as well with the ground..I'll take it...LOL..I wish!!!...thanks for sharing your exploration of this Mansion..

  • Philly Lady Miami
    Philly Lady Miami 17 hours ago

    Where is this house

  • Allison Haskell
    Allison Haskell 18 hours ago +3

    Would of loved to see it in its heyday .. it would make a great bed and breakfast

  • Kathy Botard
    Kathy Botard 18 hours ago

    I would love to fix the home. Not so much the guest house unless you think it was in good enough shape that it wouldn't take much to fix it up. It's a shame so many cool homes get demolished.

    • JPVideos
      JPVideos  15 hours ago +1

      Guest house is very much in good condition. 10k and it wohld would be good again.

  • Monika Melillo Boisse Wilcock

    Absolutely my favorite!!!! I love the old character of this house!!! If I had the money I would save and refinish this house to its original glory.

  • Artist 61
    Artist 61 19 hours ago

    Wow! Awesome house!

  • GaslitWorld f. Melissa B
    GaslitWorld f. Melissa B 19 hours ago +1

    I'd live in the guest house and rent out the main house. I don't need all that space, but a garden is never too big.

  • GaslitWorld f. Melissa B

    I saw mold and wonder if that is why they abandoned it. I'd buy it and have it professionally cleaned, checked for termites, have that remediated and then paint, get security and move in. Then I'd work on the guest house and garden. To me it's not a "mansion" just a spacious, historic home.

  • tahira1
    tahira1 19 hours ago

    Lovely house.

  • Cheeto Cheeto
    Cheeto Cheeto 20 hours ago

    How come you don't say at least in which state these houses are located? It'd be nice to know.

  • Katalin Gerstenberger
    Katalin Gerstenberger 20 hours ago

    So amazing! Loved it! Thank you!

  • Tandem Bicycle
    Tandem Bicycle 22 hours ago +1

    Who ever designed that house had great taste. It’s gorgeous. I like the stone on the exterior. The house has great curb appeal. Love the beaded board wall. If the kitchen was renovated with a large farmhouse sink and island and some great interior decoration the house would be that much more awesome. You did a good job recording.

  • Ann-Marie Espinoza
    Ann-Marie Espinoza 22 hours ago

    The exterior of the house was breathtaking. It breaks my heart that the land is owned by a developer, I don't think there is much chance of him restoring that beautiful home.

  • Denise G- Hill
    Denise G- Hill 22 hours ago

    In the UK we wouldn't call this a mansion just a large detached house. Look up 'English mansions images' they are what we call mansions

  • Believe in Yourself

    I like old horse farms or old horse barns. Do you ever come up on any nice ones?

  • Deborah Ann Reid

    Best house so far!

  • Chris Pyle
    Chris Pyle Day ago

    Gorgeous house. I can not imagine what the heating bills would be and property taxes. Thanks for sharing.

  • Laura Sheehy
    Laura Sheehy Day ago

    It is the phone or door bell.

  • Speedy Aripa
    Speedy Aripa Day ago

    Wow.. looks similar exactly to my home I bought a couple years ago.. pony walls, bathtubs.. but mine has scored plaster in bathroom, which dates to pre-1920s and still beautiful.. homes were built to last back then

  • Debbie Heiman
    Debbie Heiman Day ago

    Thanks, loved the video. I hope no one tears it down.

  • Kels
    Kels Day ago

    Beautiful and I would love to live here but I'm having visions of the movie The Money Pit lol Is that black mold around the kitchen?

    • JPVideos
      JPVideos  Day ago

      I love that movie. Yes, there is some mold in here.

  • Kathy Galloway
    Kathy Galloway Day ago

    Awesome find I love this place sad to see it in such disrepair!

  • caroline gorner
    caroline gorner Day ago

    So beautiful, such a waste if they knock it down

  • Shari Chambers
    Shari Chambers Day ago

    What a cool house! Such a maze of rooms. So sad to not see it being used. Hopefully it gets saved.

  • Mary Lou Mulloy
    Mary Lou Mulloy Day ago

    This is so awesome! I remember those bathroom colors so well.........LOL And yes I am that old and older. LOL
    The one thing you were asking about in the basement I believe with the wound coils and two black metal round discs look to me like what was in the old houses my dad used to rent back in the 40's -50's........we would see them in the basement or back porch on the main level and they were where the door bells were hooked up and they were indeed loud where you could hear it all over the place. I can imagine it could have been considered part of an alarm system of sorts, or perhaps that was one connected to certain doors or areas that when the door was opened (considering it may have been an alarm system) perhaps there was an actuator on certain doors or whatever that might trigger the bells to ring as a door bell/alarm type of set up. I know we had similar in our homes back in the day and it looks so familiar!
    I love this and am so sad to see it in such disrepair but I totally understand what could have happened and it's happening way too often ......very sad. If it is purchased by a developer and they put a lot of money into whatever they do wouldn't it be fabulous to see it brought back and used as a bunch of little shops or a restaurant or whatever..........thousands of ideas can come to mind.......we could wish anyway!
    Thank you for your sharing of this video. It's my first time here to your site and I truly enjoyed it. The spring was also a fond memory as my inlaws had an old farm back in So Dak and it had an Artesian well that bubbled on top of the ground and piped it into a large tub. Similar situation. When winter froze everything that well never froze and my mother in law would walk out about 100 yards each AM at break of light and get a bucket full of cold cold water and bring it into the house to get the morning coffee going. In the 30+ years they lived there I never remember than well not bubbling and running ............. pretty awesome! It was as clean and clear and the best tasting water ever! Such memories!
    Again, thank you for sharing!

    • JPVideos
      JPVideos  Day ago

      Thanks for sharing and watching

  • CA WattsGlobal
    CA WattsGlobal Day ago

    Is that place for sale?

  • Sunnie DeAngelis

    Such a beautiful place! I don’t think i could pick one thing i loved the most about it though. They should definitely try to salvage some of the stuff in the house if they decide to demolish it.... I need a tiny claw foot tub for my little bathroom!! It’s a shame that it has asbestos. I’m sure that is why people won’t invest in the house. It costs a lot of money to properly take care of asbestos...

  • suzanne thorndycraft

    What a great house and it should be saved. Nice music at end of video. I assume that was you playing the piano?

  • Jeanie Delgado
    Jeanie Delgado Day ago

    This house is built out of Redwood! will last forever!

  • Jeanie Delgado
    Jeanie Delgado Day ago

    So sad to see this beautiful home abandoned! I would love to have it! It would be restored to it's original plantation setting! shame to see it like this! i can see crops ,animals, and lots of people!

  • save animals
    save animals Day ago

    It would be nice if you can tell your audience where you are at - city/state.

    • JPVideos
      JPVideos  Day ago

      Its southeast Pennsylvania. I dont give out the details because it only attracts vandals and thieves.

  • penny sommers
    penny sommers Day ago

    @JPVideos ... If the basement was for the butler as you said, then most likely @ 21:25 that was the butler/servant bell that would ring when they were needed upstairs.

    • JPVideos
      JPVideos  Day ago

      Correct. I realized that afterwards.

  • Its a Beautiful Day

    The basement bells I wonder if it is the doorbell that was at tbe butler's pantry at the back steps that had the 2 door bells.

  • R Pierce
    R Pierce Day ago

    You called it a Mansion? Larger stone home yes, not a mansion. Go to the town hall where this house resides and find out the status of the house, You may be able to buy it for past taxes only. Icebox from the 1960's

    • R Pierce
      R Pierce 7 hours ago

      +JPVideos True. Enjoyed your video and I wouldn't mind living there either. :)

    • JPVideos
      JPVideos  Day ago

      To some people, it is a mansion.

  • penny sommers
    penny sommers Day ago

    Lead paint removal, asbestos and mold remediation... but, she's a gem! Would love to buy and renovate to its original beauty!

  • Layna8
    Layna8 Day ago


  • Debra Parker
    Debra Parker Day ago

    Good video. The mansion is amazing. I bet in its day it was very elegant. Very interesting how roomy and large these structures were. Thank you for sharing.

  • Steven Grotte
    Steven Grotte Day ago

    I remember seeing some of the fire "grenades," that were either red of had red fluid in them.

  • Doug Brown
    Doug Brown Day ago

    it is halon, heat would melt the seal and release the halon extinguishing the fire.

  • Debbie S
    Debbie S Day ago

    I wonder what this would have cost back then?

  • Debbie S
    Debbie S Day ago

    I wonder what this would have cost back then?

  • Grn Peepers
    Grn Peepers Day ago

    Oh as a kid w/all the nooks & cranny's? I'm with you on that my friend! Hell... I'd love it as the old broad that I am!! Lol! Great job... I love your vids... You do so well its obvious it's a labor of love! Thanks for sharing, my imagination thanks you too! What I would do with this house..... 🏡💞😊💞
    I'm a new subscriber now btw!

    • JPVideos
      JPVideos  6 hours ago

      +Grn Peepers well I'm glad I'm giving you something to do while your up.

    • Grn Peepers
      Grn Peepers 10 hours ago

      +JPVideos Yep... Have been all my life. 🌃🦉😉

    • JPVideos
      JPVideos  20 hours ago +1

      +Grn Peepers haha. What a night owl.

    • Grn Peepers
      Grn Peepers 20 hours ago

      +JPVideos I am & I will!! Thank you! I was up until 3:00am watching your videos! 🥺 LOL! ... #WorthIt 😘

    • JPVideos
      JPVideos  Day ago +1

      So happy you subscribed. If you're on fb you, can follow me there as well.

  • sarah benton
    sarah benton Day ago

    I'm thinking if the basement was the butler's quarters then that bell/alarm thingy was probably the front door bell for the butler.

    • JPVideos
      JPVideos  20 hours ago

      +sarah benton thank you!

    • sarah benton
      sarah benton 23 hours ago

      +JPVideos new subbie

    • JPVideos
      JPVideos  Day ago +1

      I agree. Didnt come to mind at the time.

  • Samc W72
    Samc W72 Day ago

    That Would’ve been the servants quarters in the basement as the “alarm system” you thought was actually a bell that would ring when the servants are needed 🙂

  • Debbie S
    Debbie S Day ago

    What a shame. Then to let it just rot.

  • Kim Grannygoodhag

    In the attic were old spool and wire electric

    • JPVideos
      JPVideos  Day ago

      Knob and tube wiring. Old stuff

  • Mossy Long
    Mossy Long Day ago

    do you know who lived there ?


    it is to call the servants. Like a phone

  • debra c
    debra c Day ago

    who does it belong to? is it for sale?

    • JPVideos
      JPVideos  Day ago

      Owned by a private developer

  • linda cannings
    linda cannings Day ago

    beautiful place i love to have the money to fix it up ty for showing

  • Kiamichi Ozarks
    Kiamichi Ozarks Day ago

    Starting at the top, (and getting rid of the mold) this old grand old house could be used again as a fine home in the future.

  • sick of it
    sick of it Day ago


  • Estella pina
    Estella pina Day ago +1

    Beautiful place it would look gorgeous fixed...i pray u guys will be safe always on ur adventures.....🙏😍😍....

  • 1962MsLaurie
    1962MsLaurie Day ago

    It would’ve been beautiful in its day, if I had the money I would love to fix it up and live in it. Thanks for sharing the video have a good day.

  • Corpus Callosum
    Corpus Callosum Day ago

    At what American standard would you call a middle class cape cod (at the best of its time) a mansion?? :D

  • Louvin
    Louvin 2 days ago

    That main house is amazing! It would be very fun to live there as a child. I think you said a builder bought it all. It would be great if he left the main house there and redid it. It would be shame if that was torn down.

  • Gina Reynolds
    Gina Reynolds 2 days ago

    I love this house and the land!!! I could just imagine restoring and living there..OMG!!

    • JPVideos
      JPVideos  Day ago

      Its a dream house for myself and many others.

  • Michael Dixon
    Michael Dixon 2 days ago

    That is breath taking, too bad my mom can't own this place with her grandchildren

  • PJ R
    PJ R 2 days ago

    Please! Can someone remove the door of the old refrigerator in the barn, or disassemble the latch that holds it closed. The first thing I though of when I saw it was a child getting caught inside it and not being able to get out. Sometimes kids who are playing go inside an enclosed space like a fridge and the door snaps shut. These old fridges have latches that hold the door closed and can't be pushed open from the inside. The child would be buried alive and no one would hear them. It gives me the chills to think this potential trap is out there.

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 2 days ago

    I can imagine it was georgous in its day! It could really be fixed up if you had the money to put into it. Owners probably lost it during the recession in 2008😔 Oh my dream tub!! I hope the developer saves the house😔. I love how the house just keeps going. I have dreams about houses that do just that!

  • Sandy Fields
    Sandy Fields 2 days ago

    I can't understand what's said cause it's eckoing if I spelled it right LoL 😁

    • JPVideos
      JPVideos  Day ago

      Sorry. It was out of my control.

  • Yoli Newearth
    Yoli Newearth 2 days ago

    Beautiful house, I wish it would be mine:(

  • Smug Smugly
    Smug Smugly 2 days ago

    Looks like a nut house to me

  • Maria Potter
    Maria Potter 2 days ago

    Very nice property. What state is this in? Thank you. 💜

  • Barry DAWG
    Barry DAWG 2 days ago

    I think you need to say the word AMAZING a few hundred times more....

    • JPVideos
      JPVideos  Day ago

      +Janet Thurston amazing, crazy, shocking, suprising. Just explaining how i felt and what i thought.

    • Janet Thurston
      Janet Thurston Day ago

      +JPVideos you said "crazy" too many times so i just muted the audio and admired the property!😎

    • JPVideos
      JPVideos  Day ago

      Good idea. I kinda felt i didnt say it enough.

  • Donna Sangsiri
    Donna Sangsiri 2 days ago

    I would love to own that house. Why would they tear down something so hard to find.

  • Kat Slo
    Kat Slo 2 days ago +1

    Love the house. Too many people talking is distracting.

  • Cathryn Pippen
    Cathryn Pippen 2 days ago

    There are good people living on the streets and they don"T deserve to live this way ,, all because of high Rent .
    Affordable Rent and Help the homeless and their children , Amen !

  • Cathryn Pippen
    Cathryn Pippen 2 days ago

    Oh my God , if there was a place where I live and I could have a granted Wish , I would put homeless children and their parents in the home .

  • Cathryn Pippen
    Cathryn Pippen 2 days ago

    I love this spacious mansion
    I could really fix up that first bed room in the house down stairs .
    I love up stairs the bedroom with the bathroom in it .
    as when I see so many homeless
    people in the world , God knows this would be a Blessing for them .

  • Cathryn Pippen
    Cathryn Pippen 2 days ago

    What a beautiful 1930" s. Mansion .
    Boy oh Boy how I love this spacious place . Not the location.
    I love the first bed room in the house , That big room the man mention putting a pool table .
    And the front porch . So many homeless people , this would be a Blessing to .