Beautiful Abandoned 1930s Mansion - Inside Is Amazing! Plus Guest House

  • Published on Jan 11, 2019
  • In part two of my road trip we check out this amazing abandoned stone mansion. Built in the 1930s, this place is full of suprises inside. Its been empty for the last 5-10yrs and may be getting demolished according to local rumors. So come along as we take one last look inside this beautiful home. As a bonus, we check out a guest house and corn crib on the property. Enjoy
    Please Note: Exploring Abandoned locations can be dangerous. I don't condone or encourage anyone to enter an Abandoned structure. Not only is safety a concern, but often times its illegal and when possible, i seek out permission. I simply go to document its history before it's gone and leave things the way I find them. I assume all the risks & responsibility in doing so. Please don't attempt to do this on your own.
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Comments • 2 753

  • Saigen Rose
    Saigen Rose 9 hours ago

    Great history of this home, it is still a nice find. Thank you JP for doing this video.

  • Keith Keith
    Keith Keith 15 hours ago

    This house is empty with no living stuff which brings no story about the former owner.

  • Mattie Rogers
    Mattie Rogers 16 hours ago

    Thanks, this was a great video, you went places I didn't think you would, I feel like we saw everything!! And it went on and on forever.

    • JPVideos
      JPVideos  15 hours ago

      Thanks, glad you enjoyed it

  • Mattie Rogers
    Mattie Rogers 16 hours ago

    Thanks, this was a great video, you went places I didn't think you would, I feel like we saw everything!! And it went on and on forever.

  • Stefanie R
    Stefanie R Day ago

    What an awesome find! I have always been enthralled with abandoned properties, just never has the opportunity to explore them. Now I’ve found your channel and I’m enjoying it so much!

    • Stefanie R
      Stefanie R 19 hours ago

      JPVideos My husband is a new subscriber now too. Don’t stop doing this because you are amazing at it!

    • JPVideos
      JPVideos  23 hours ago +1

      Thanks stephanie

  • Duncan Holmes
    Duncan Holmes Day ago

    Run man run that bush pig will get ua

  • Douglass Wilkin
    Douglass Wilkin Day ago

    Those buttons you saw that looks like door bell.the servant would have been in basement. Thanks

  • Em 5 Minutos
    Em 5 Minutos 2 days ago

    Pq será q as pessoas abandonam as casas com tudo dentro? Parece q saíram correndo... Não tem herdeiros? Meio confuso pra mim...🤔

  • Td ShadowGirl
    Td ShadowGirl 2 days ago

    I love watching videos of stuff like this. I love the whole property but my favorite is the house

  • Allen Moccasin
    Allen Moccasin 2 days ago

    Beautiful old house 😊 Thanks.

  • CMaylene
    CMaylene 3 days ago

    Such a sad property. Oh... to own this and bring it back to life...fabulous!
    Great share, JP!

  • Debbi Pape
    Debbi Pape 3 days ago

    Love to see this house, the fire grenades are cool..

  • Trese Drek
    Trese Drek 3 days ago

    That is not a mansion.

  • Mireya Martinez
    Mireya Martinez 3 days ago

    Beautiful house hopefully a wealthy people buys it n remodel it

  • Martin Rushoe
    Martin Rushoe 3 days ago

    that alarm system is really a older doorbell

  • Martin Rushoe
    Martin Rushoe 3 days ago

    I still have a bear claw tub in my appartment

  • Marza Baig
    Marza Baig 3 days ago

    1930s and have tv antena ?????

  • Lazy I Ranch
    Lazy I Ranch 4 days ago

    I wish these magnificent rural homes could be renovated and turned into group homes for veterans. With 119 acres, they could farm or start an industry for profit. There could be onsite counseling. We should be ashamed at how we treat the men and women who enlisted. Our government uses them, and throws them away when they no longer need them. My cousin's son was a Marine, two tours to Afghanistan. He came home with PTSD and severe depression. He was on some endless waiting list for counseling that didn't happen. He ended his own suffering last year, leaving behind two little boys who only have pictures to remember the fine man who was their Daddy.

    • JPVideos
      JPVideos  3 days ago

      Sorry to hear about that terrible situation

  • ckswat77 zz
    ckswat77 zz 4 days ago +1

    Great find! Seems like they were trying to update it, like the water heated radiators close to the ground were torn out. Those are new compared to the standing large most likely original ones. I too would love to see it saved, but with mold, high ceilings, other damage and espestlce(spell?) it would cost an immense amount of money. The windows looked original also. Just replacing all those would be a small fortune. Always comes down to money, so sad.

  • dottieku
    dottieku 4 days ago

    I have heard that however beautiful this once was, and properties like it, nobody wants to buy them or own them because of screaming property taxes. I've seen properties for sale for $1.00 and no takers because of the taxes. So, just enjoy it for what is was, or is. Leave it at that.

  • Jacqueline Nack
    Jacqueline Nack 4 days ago

    And all the wood painted😣

  • PrincessDualshock
    PrincessDualshock 4 days ago

    It's a large house but not what I'd consider a mansion.

    • JPVideos
      JPVideos  4 days ago +1

      For the 1930s and its location, we consider it a mansion.

  • ellen Drews
    ellen Drews 4 days ago

    The window sills are deep due to the thickness of the walls. Poop in every room...eeewwwwww. That wasn't a doorbell , but an original light switch , my grandparents house had em, along with that knob & tube electricity. In the basement, that's a doorbell, not an alarm system .

  • ellen Drews
    ellen Drews 4 days ago

    Why does no one ever say WHERE these houses are? Perhaps someone would step in and save them if they knew where they were.

    • JPVideos
      JPVideos  4 days ago

      Because people with bad intentions would come and vandalize or steal.

  • Dona Adler
    Dona Adler 5 days ago +2

    Beautiful home... but lots of dangerous black mold in there....

    • Lazy I Ranch
      Lazy I Ranch 4 days ago

      Right? Please be careful JP and crew, we want you to keep making videos for years to come!

  • Rhonda Minor
    Rhonda Minor 5 days ago +1

    Where is this located? I'd love to find out more!

  • staceylynn a.f
    staceylynn a.f 5 days ago +1

    Where is this would love to buy it if not gone

    • JPVideos
      JPVideos  5 days ago +1

      Pennsylvania, but not for sale

    • staceylynn a.f
      staceylynn a.f 5 days ago

      If anyone knows of houses in NC let me know.

  • Susan Walk
    Susan Walk 6 days ago +2

    I like old houses like that. Hope to see more.

    • ellen Drews
      ellen Drews 4 days ago

      go to Old House Dreams. Tons listed there.

  • wyatt nordin
    wyatt nordin 6 days ago

    As always great video of an abandoned home. The fire suppression system was really cool. I think that electric receptacle in the garage for a welder or something else designed for 240 volt. Once again nice job.👍

  • appyrudy
    appyrudy 6 days ago

    just curious you don't say where it's located ??

    • JPVideos
      JPVideos  6 days ago +2

      Southeast Pennsylvania

  • Yolanda Rivera
    Yolanda Rivera 7 days ago +1

    I love it. Its amazing i wish i knew where you find these houses so that canview them. It would be awesome for yous to restore it.

  • Elizabeth Archan
    Elizabeth Archan 7 days ago

    So cool, can't understand what your saying about the house at times, everyone talking at once...

  • Stacy Kim
    Stacy Kim 7 days ago

    Inside of the this mansion is very big and I see old heaters. It is unique and if you don't know inside if a house, you may get lost. Is this house, barn, guest house, and bank barn has demolished?

    • Stacy Kim
      Stacy Kim 6 days ago

      @JPVideos That's okay.😊

    • JPVideos
      JPVideos  7 days ago +1

      Not sure if its still there

  • Jordan Kelly
    Jordan Kelly 7 days ago

    House has been sold and im told a bunch of crazy cannibals inhabit it now . Steer clear at all costs !

  • Amira Blue.b
    Amira Blue.b 7 days ago

    I don't like basements but I love that house

  • Amira Blue.b
    Amira Blue.b 7 days ago

    this house is gorgeous this is historical landmark they can't tear the sound that's crazy you need to get somebody living there I want to live if the city will pay for me but this is an historical landmark 1930s you don't find the house like that this is a Jam needle-in-a-haystack you guys got to fight for this house its history it's so beautiful

  • Lucie Ke
    Lucie Ke 7 days ago

    my niece and her hubby bought an old farmhouse, kitchen had a narrow stairs in kitchen,

  • Kimberly Smith
    Kimberly Smith 7 days ago

    👍🏻 My guess would be the amount of time and money to restore ( particularly aspestis ) is why is hasn’t been bought. Hopefully someone will adopt it. 😊

  • Noor Kansi
    Noor Kansi 8 days ago

    Beautiful Mansion. You have to make 3am challenge in this Mansion with your friend.

  • Megan C.
    Megan C. 8 days ago +1

    I was a live-in nanny & had a room kind of like that blue "servant's quarters" room having separate stairs and living area & such was a real draw when choosing families.

    • Megan C.
      Megan C. 7 days ago

      @JPVideos well, they fired me for crying on front of the kids on Sept 11th, so not completely ideal, but it was an interesting peek into a world I certainly wasn't familiar with before that. The house was in a historic area near Boston, so that part was fabulous :)

    • JPVideos
      JPVideos  8 days ago

      How was that experience?

  • Elna Bjelland-Hughes

    I hope they renovate it -whoever owns the property could certainly build more homes but I would definitely renovate this home . There is enough land for the developer to build more homes .

  • Elna Bjelland-Hughes

    What a beautiful home ! I love the blue color on the walls .
    Is it up for sale do you know ?? It looks like the home is in move-in condition !

    • JPVideos
      JPVideos  8 days ago

      It was purchased by a developer

  • ron stewart
    ron stewart 9 days ago +1

    DANGER ......BLACK MOLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sgmason59
    sgmason59 9 days ago

    What a great place. It's a shame that someone does not come in to these places all you explores find and salvage them. They could put sale it all and put the money back into the communities the homeless and hungry. Sad it's all just going to rot away.

  • Paula White
    Paula White 9 days ago

    I loved your video! I just listened to your video about you tube problems. I am nobody so take this for what it's worth. I much prefer when only YOU talk.
    You were talking at one point and others outside closet were talking over you. Remember, YOU are the star of this show! Maybe keep others speaking to a minimum.

    • JPVideos
      JPVideos  8 days ago +1

      I will keep that in mind

  • Cloes Bubbles
    Cloes Bubbles 9 days ago

    I expected the kitchen to be bigger. Sad I love that house

  • Virginia Shute
    Virginia Shute 9 days ago +11

    I'd love to see this house all cleaned up and renovated to it's original state. Would be wonderful to live in this house. Love it. Thanks for sharing

  • Cloes Bubbles
    Cloes Bubbles 9 days ago

    To bad it wasnt taken care of Awsome house

  • Jazmin Moreno
    Jazmin Moreno 9 days ago

    I’m just in awe! Love old homes 🏠!

    • JPVideos
      JPVideos  9 days ago +1

      This is one of the more elegant ones.

  • Annie Mae
    Annie Mae 10 days ago

    So what was the little window you got inside with

  • Joseph Ogle
    Joseph Ogle 10 days ago

    that old spring house was drinking water and the first fridgerator .

  • Tracy S.
    Tracy S. 10 days ago

    It's a beautiful home I wish I had the money to restore it and move in there wouldn't that be a dream nice video.

  • David Blegen
    David Blegen 10 days ago

    this was amazing tour! Thank you!

  • Stuart Quillman
    Stuart Quillman 11 days ago

    Great video. Thanks very much. Where is this house and property located and any update on its status?

  • Kaitlyn Cruz
    Kaitlyn Cruz 12 days ago

    Nice property I wanna buy it 😆

  • Marie Ramby
    Marie Ramby 13 days ago +3

    Beautiful home, well built. They built junk back then too. This old house was expensive, the stone work alone was costly. I hope someone buys it and renovates it, it’s too lovely to be neglected. This home looks like it was built in the seventies, or at least updated in the seventies. The plaster walls indicates it may be older.

  • Shaun Whalen
    Shaun Whalen 13 days ago

    Criminal trespass. Don't do this.

  • Lucie Ke
    Lucie Ke 14 days ago +1

    basement might have a bell to tell them dinner time :)

  • icegirl1755
    icegirl1755 14 days ago +5

    you need to get Nicole Curtis to restore this one!!!! it would be so beautiful, she does an amazing job!!!

  • jb martin
    jb martin 15 days ago

    For the love of god, don't put your fingerprints on a HATCHET in an abandoned house!! lol

  • Francine Alessi
    Francine Alessi 15 days ago

    Where is this house?

  • Karen Shawn
    Karen Shawn 16 days ago

    Love the size of those windows. The walls are that thick. the wood floor is fantastic too. like the back of the fireplace in the bathroom too. I think I seen this video before and still amazes me what you can find in these places. Good video, loved it again.

  • Faith Padam
    Faith Padam 16 days ago

    Well anyone can go to the town clerks office with the address and find out exactly why its abandoned, if it's a trust, someone die and it's owned by the town, find out exactly what happened and if there willing to sell good price. But houses sit empty for 10,20, years or more because could be person died or person in a nursing home so many reasons. You can buy houses for just back taxes. Houses over 200 years old can be restored, that other house was completely furnished that looks like someone went to jail and maybe family is leaving it like that until person gets back or go to your town hall look up the deed and maybe family died in car crash or maybe it was a suicide or murder I've hear it all scary sometimes

    • JPVideos
      JPVideos  16 days ago

      Its owned by a private developer as mentioned in the video.

    CHINKYLIDS RG4L 16 days ago

    I hope you close the doors behind you.

  • Glenn Robbins
    Glenn Robbins 16 days ago

    Houses like that should be saved. Sad that a developer will come on and probably tear it down for some cookie cutter, slap together house. Give me an older home where it was built by craftsmen who took pride in their work.

  • Ginger
    Ginger 17 days ago

    Where was this house located?

  • Milagros Baez
    Milagros Baez 17 days ago

    Wow really beautiful, so many rooms and so spacious.Beautiful..i remember the bath tubs with the little legs😊 we had one when i was a kid.

  • Stephanie White
    Stephanie White 19 days ago

    Love the way the word water was said. I can take it this is around Baltimore Maryland area the way the word was said but I could be wrong.

  • Jeri James
    Jeri James 20 days ago

    Are some of these houses haunted thats why people left them?

  • Becka Ohler
    Becka Ohler 20 days ago

    That bell in the basement was to ring the butlers from upstairs

  • Jennifer Mann
    Jennifer Mann 20 days ago

    I want this place!!! Love it!

  • Rosemary Mcneal
    Rosemary Mcneal 20 days ago

    would this house ever sold. who would u contact

  • Cassie L Clark
    Cassie L Clark 21 day ago

    Just absolutely lovely...truly, truly beautiful! I agree with others, it would be practically criminal to demolish such a beautiful house...there is SO much potential here...I don't know about anyone else, but I could almost sense a sad spirit within the house...sad and lonely (and yes, I am attuned to such things!). Oh, what it must have been like in its heyday. Couldn't you just imagine this home animated with life during the holiday season during a snowy winter?! Gorgeous! Please don't level it. Of course...if it is contaminated with asbestos, mold, lead or otherwise harmful substances...I don't quite know what can be done in these types of situations. I've read that often, depending on the level of infection, the only to do IS tear it down...pity though it may be.

  • Jasmine H
    Jasmine H 21 day ago

    Havent seen any holes in the roof yet

  • Peter Raimondi
    Peter Raimondi 21 day ago

    Great video. Very clear. Beautiful home.

  • Major Payne
    Major Payne 21 day ago

    👍Good stuff👍That definitely salvageable! The 220v outlet in garage could’ve been for 220v application welding machine too.
    Really like this home and the thickness of the walls-window sill.
    Thx for posting 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺

  • Carrie Tucker
    Carrie Tucker 23 days ago

    It will take a pretty penny to remove the asbestos insulation. This is probably why it’s abandoned!

  • Mary Ann Berry
    Mary Ann Berry 23 days ago +1

    The first 11 minutes looked heart-stoppingly similar to an 18 room house I lived in as a teenager, in Freeport, NS. I loved that house

  • Tammie Nichols
    Tammie Nichols 24 days ago

    Love all of it. Would love to have that house

  • Tara Youngs
    Tara Youngs 24 days ago

    The basement was actually very likely the servants quarters. The bells on the wall were likely call bells or connected to the doorbell. The second floor room upstairs from the kitchen likely belonged to personal servants such as the attendants to the lady of the house or nanny/governess so they were close by when needed.

  • Danijela Bozicevic
    Danijela Bozicevic 25 days ago +1

    👍 from Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Alice Fountain
    Alice Fountain 25 days ago

    Old fashioned doorbell alarm

  • eajosephedward
    eajosephedward 25 days ago +1

    And old refrigerator that should have had its door removed

  • Katherin Weiss
    Katherin Weiss 26 days ago +5

    Beautiful! I hope someone restores it!

  • patricia jackson
    patricia jackson 26 days ago

    Why do the explorers always check the toilet ?

    • JPVideos
      JPVideos  26 days ago

      Shows signs of squatters/homeless being there

  • MrConformation
    MrConformation 26 days ago

    21:30, the are ringer bells can be used for a remote phone ringer, call bells or any attention getter that needed >90v. 24:40, The band that goes on the outer pivoting clips would melt in the event of heat / fire and self drop the bulb. (Or it can be tossed).

  • Steven Myers
    Steven Myers 27 days ago +6

    Beautiful house. Relatively expensive to build. The stonework is amazing, and the fireplace surrounds were very nice as well. The powder room was a little odd with no sink. That's more of an English thing. Americans almost always have a sink in the same room as a toilet. I wish you would have taken us up the front stairs, we only got a slight glimpse of them. A lot going on with this house. It would be nice if they could restore it. Sell off the land to be developed into an upper middle class neighborhood. The house isn't so large that it would overwhelm a bunch of McMansions. Good find. I enjoyed following along with you, thanks.

  • Denise T Smith
    Denise T Smith 27 days ago

    Salvage the door knobs.

  • candlesbyalexandria
    candlesbyalexandria 27 days ago +1

    I have the fire extinguishers in my house like those.

  • gypsyheart49
    gypsyheart49 27 days ago

    Where is this place? Did I miss him telling us where it is, or did he just not say?

  • Stephanie Michelle
    Stephanie Michelle 28 days ago

    Where all these houses found? In the woods?

  • Stephanie Michelle
    Stephanie Michelle 28 days ago +1

    Jesus they must have had about 3 housekeepers.. would take me 5 years to clean that place ♥👍

  • Jimmy Meade
    Jimmy Meade 28 days ago

    That's wen they built houses . crap they build now formed structures

  • Susan Grimaldi
    Susan Grimaldi 29 days ago +9

    Years ago I visited a house like this in Wappinger Falls, New York. It also was huge, non-ending, what an awesome feeling when you’re in the house. Enjoyed your video,thank you.

  • Scarlet Bambi
    Scarlet Bambi Month ago +1

    Take care of your lungs.

  • Shilow Dawn
    Shilow Dawn Month ago

    Dan developer. Destroyer.
    I loved the windows esp. The big room and any house with an upstairs I love. I never got to live in one but my dtr does even tho is q hs in the burbs.

  • Shilow Dawn
    Shilow Dawn Month ago

    Bet there'd be no mold had the roof been saved.

  • Shilow Dawn
    Shilow Dawn Month ago

    Whyyyy ? Somebody buy this place. Where is it?

  • David Gates
    David Gates Month ago

    I have a haz mate license to remove all the asbestos

  • David Gates
    David Gates Month ago

    Wow beautiful