Galaxy Fold: Unveiling

  • Published on Feb 20, 2019
  • (April 23 update)
    In order to fully evaluate the feedback received so far, we have decided to delay the release of the Galaxy Fold and will announce the date in the coming weeks.
    A new chapter in mobile begins.
    The #GalaxyFold is our most significant leap forward, completely reinventing the shape of mobile with our first-ever foldable 7.3 inch Super AMOLED Infinity-Flex Display.
    Ten years after the first Galaxy,
    we didn’t just change the shape of the phone,
    we changed the shape of tomorrow.
    *Color and design details may vary by model.
    **Image simulated. UX/UI subject to change.
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  • Harshit Saxena
    Harshit Saxena 5 hours ago

    Buy three s10e and seal it with duct tape and put a hinge in between and can be folded million times

  • chariots8x
    chariots8x 9 hours ago

    I like the innovative design of the Galaxy Fold but it would only be useful to me if Samsung creates a precise stylus like the Apple Pencil to go with it. This phone opens up to have a screen as big as some tablets but it folds to have the portability of a phone. As cool as this is, it's not convincing enough that this phone is useful to own based on this criteria alone. I would probably just buy a quality phone and a good tablet that is compatible with a stylus separately. Even the iPads weren't worth their price to me until Apple made them compatible with the Apple Pencil. This feature alone increases the usefulness of the product to a great extent and in my opinion makes it much more valuable. If Samsung wants to make the Galaxy Fold a phone that more people would consider buying, I suggest creating a well-made pressure-sensitive stylus for it that can compare to the Apple Pencil.

    PIXELKING_959 15 hours ago +1

    I bought a case and it doesn't fit

  • Awesomepancake01 RBLX
    Awesomepancake01 RBLX 21 hour ago

    Ima switch to the Galaxy -Fold- *S10*

  • Tec945
    Tec945 Day ago +1

    Samsung should trade mark their design so no one else can use it.

  • Hridoy Khan
    Hridoy Khan Day ago +1

    My Favourite Brand

  • Hridoy Khan
    Hridoy Khan Day ago +1

    I Love Samsung Brand

  • I have an extremely small penis but,

    *curb your enthusiasm theme plays*

  • Omar Moreno
    Omar Moreno Day ago +2

    I like the Samsung Galaxy Fold

  • Jagannath Shekhar
    Jagannath Shekhar 2 days ago +2

    I just wish they resolve the screen issue soon. This phone has the true potential to revolutionize the next decade of smartphones.

  • HH Ryan Khan
    HH Ryan Khan 2 days ago

    Samsung fix this phone it has issues

  • William EVANS
    William EVANS 2 days ago +3

    Samsung: we changed the shape of tomorrow
    Me: that phone changed the history of phone breaking

  • Stickman Animator
    Stickman Animator 2 days ago +1

    Samsung makes the best phone even tho I’m in apple

  • Yusuf Atamy
    Yusuf Atamy 2 days ago


  • bulgogi gochujang
    bulgogi gochujang 2 days ago

    타이완 넘버원

  • Cringe Man
    Cringe Man 2 days ago

    Wow... samsung made a flip phone

  • Philip_Tv
    Philip_Tv 2 days ago

    Next year Apple :the new ifold without ports it only costs 25000$ without tax but with tax it will be 50000$

  • Tappa Tappa
    Tappa Tappa 3 days ago


  • Alessandro Sini
    Alessandro Sini 3 days ago

    Samsung no era ancora pronta per portare questo telefono sul mercato della telefonia

  • Sameena Farooqui
    Sameena Farooqui 3 days ago

    Plz change this horror movie background song....

  • SebiXonX
    SebiXonX 5 days ago

    what song do you like?

  • Octavio Romero
    Octavio Romero 6 days ago

    RIP 2019

  • 77294 77521
    77294 77521 6 days ago +1

    Please don’t explode, it’s gonna happen 2 times 😫

  • Sammy Is Offline
    Sammy Is Offline 6 days ago

    Millions break worldwide🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • ivan pro
    ivan pro 7 days ago

    You speend 2k on a phone
    Samsung: give it back

    Me: why

    For repar
    Samsung: pay 2k

  • Legacy
    Legacy 7 days ago

    And no update gg

  • Keiravaggio
    Keiravaggio 7 days ago

    Microsoft should sue you for copying their ad. Copycat.

  • Adam Zerafa
    Adam Zerafa 7 days ago


  • Conrad Pulliam
    Conrad Pulliam 8 days ago +1

    I thought the iPhone 6 was the first foldable phone.....

  • rex
    rex 8 days ago

    Most expensive cancelled smartphone

  • Richard Lucin
    Richard Lucin 8 days ago +1

    this thing better be useful as a bread for my hotdogs.

  • rahul kumar
    rahul kumar 8 days ago

    My galaxy fold broke ;-;

  • christopher farrel
    christopher farrel 8 days ago


  • FoundCookie
    FoundCookie 9 days ago +1

    Cool! They basically made a flip phone

  • John
    John 9 days ago

    Person with new Fold
    Person *peals off plastic cover*
    Samsung Fold *BREAKS*

  • AF TV
    AF TV 9 days ago

    2007:Nokia E90 Communicator Innovation
    2019:Samsung Galaxy Fold Copied and saying its new design!

  • Marp :P _
    Marp :P _ 9 days ago


  • Exclusivedomichu Yt
    Exclusivedomichu Yt 9 days ago

    Nokia flip phone evolved

  • JC Maldonado
    JC Maldonado 10 days ago


  • Tech Arab
    Tech Arab 10 days ago


  • I’m Bacon
    I’m Bacon 10 days ago

    Samsung: This foldable phone is totally functional!
    Samsung: Uh... thats supposed to happen.

  • RileyUnlimited
    RileyUnlimited 10 days ago +1

    Willy Wonka has entered the chat

  • SeankoopsA
    SeankoopsA 10 days ago

    Uuuuuh looks kinda easy ti break the screen.

  • potatosquad
    potatosquad 11 days ago

    So if they break one of the phones I at least get another phone awesome but still i need a case so it doesn't braek

    DROIDY GAME 11 days ago


  • Luiz Felipe
    Luiz Felipe 11 days ago +1

    Good night my name is luiz felipe and I would like to order one of the test versions of the new sansung galaxy fold to show for people who find this one completes idiotices more do not think that I am asking only mind to drool for the contrary I am to prove that If you see this comment I am indereso in Brazil in the state of São Paulo in the city of Pratania in the house number 871 and it is in the street octasinonogeira.Thanks

  • Jake Baldorf
    Jake Baldorf 11 days ago


  • Broken Unicorn
    Broken Unicorn 11 days ago +1

    Well this didnt age too good...

  • X_FlameTastic_X
    X_FlameTastic_X 11 days ago

    I'm Just Here to criticize the Galaxy fold.but nevermind.

  • CAPPER 261
    CAPPER 261 12 days ago +3

    Smart phone: I'm so advanced
    Flip phones: Oh yeah! But can you do this!!!
    Galaxy fold: Oh yeah! But CAN YOU do THIS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mini Isabelle
    Mini Isabelle 12 days ago

    Why don't you just buy an iPad?

  • Parth Balani
    Parth Balani 12 days ago +1

    When it will launch in india

  • Juliana Cabral
    Juliana Cabral 12 days ago +1

    Prefiro apple🍎🍎🍎

  • Eliora Ben-Gurion
    Eliora Ben-Gurion 12 days ago

    The phone that folds itself out of existence.

  • error idk
    error idk 13 days ago +34

    I mean just buy 2 S10's and duct tape them together.

  • Bloom
    Bloom 13 days ago +2

    Samsung: Builds a phone that unfolds like a mini tablet.
    tablets: Am I a joke to you?

  • Gabriel Cantero
    Gabriel Cantero 13 days ago

    -"I am gonna destroy this phone's whole launch".

  • Deise Brito
    Deise Brito 13 days ago

    Não da para usar

  • Oliviã øwø
    Oliviã øwø 14 days ago

    Parents can’t break this phone in half now lol there triggered

    - A apple user ( i h8 samsung )

  • George Kourtes
    George Kourtes 14 days ago

    Dr. Michio Kaku said this would happen.

  • Svetlana Abdolhoseini
    Svetlana Abdolhoseini 14 days ago

    No one:
    Not a single living soul:
    Samsung: we have an idea

  • E E
    E E 14 days ago

    Just buy an iPad tf? 😂

    RUBIX 15 days ago

    u still owe me money for my other broken 1ns pls fix it

  • S Khanna
    S Khanna 15 days ago

    Poor screen card

  • Ali
    Ali 15 days ago

    "We've delayed the launch date"

  • India Quay
    India Quay 15 days ago

    what a very very clever add.. welldone Samsung

  • Redfrost Gabriel
    Redfrost Gabriel 15 days ago +2

    I'll only get Galaxy Fold by the time they launch Galaxy S18, beacuse... Brazilian reasons.

  • clivepereira123
    clivepereira123 16 days ago +1

    ripping off surface studio

  • SgGamerXL
    SgGamerXL 16 days ago

    I predicted this I predicted they would get better phone



  • Silvia Cruz
    Silvia Cruz 16 days ago


  • CrazyPuppyGirl
    CrazyPuppyGirl 16 days ago

    I watched the Galaxy Unpacked video live, and as soon as the Galaxy Fold part came on, the only thing going through my head was "What is this, a joke?" After the release of this, and the negative reviews poured in, I can honestly say, I am not in the least surprised by one of them.

  • 1997 Porsche 993 Turbo S
    1997 Porsche 993 Turbo S 16 days ago +1


    Samsung: hehe flappy phone

  • Mono Mono
    Mono Mono 17 days ago


  • ImitableHail156 {0510}


  • Marian Kopram
    Marian Kopram 17 days ago

    But are you making the screen covers and the cases?

  • DeRezzed
    DeRezzed 17 days ago

    no thanks i have a nokia its indestructable

  • Blizeroid
    Blizeroid 17 days ago


  • Pedro Souza
    Pedro Souza 18 days ago

    parece feio ._.

  • Alireza Hajiyan
    Alireza Hajiyan 18 days ago

    It`s not very good fhone!

  • Siobhan Bowman
    Siobhan Bowman 18 days ago


  • Lyza Novaria Ganie
    Lyza Novaria Ganie 18 days ago

    Terrible song,but good phone

  • Ness
    Ness 18 days ago

    But why...

  • Reptile Fam
    Reptile Fam 18 days ago


  • JiminsJams
    JiminsJams 18 days ago

    How make case??
    No I know how to speak English
    Flip phones sad...

    Back on the day when we had flip phones and button phones oof

  • Abdullahthepro _
    Abdullahthepro _ 18 days ago +1

    Samsung: the first foledibe phone
    Flip phones: am I a joke

  • ご飯釜
    ご飯釜 18 days ago


  • Casey Kemp
    Casey Kemp 19 days ago

    Why is the front screen so small.... look at the room they have to increase size?

  • Marki Moo
    Marki Moo 19 days ago

    Apple is better 🖕

  • PIX 6
    PIX 6 19 days ago

    Nintendo DS: Am I a joke to you?

  • Kerim
    Kerim 19 days ago

    Apple: Makes Iphone Xs
    Samsung: Fold my beer

  • Chloe Wintjen
    Chloe Wintjen 19 days ago

    I hate this😂

  • Blue Error
    Blue Error 19 days ago +1


  • Simple Gameplay
    Simple Gameplay 19 days ago +1

    Give me the Samsung Galaxy fold for free

  • Damian Suchodolski
    Damian Suchodolski 19 days ago

    Samsung: we created the first ever foldable phone
    Iphone: WHAT
    Iphone left the world

  • Pudits.16
    Pudits.16 19 days ago

    After Many Sit ups later....

  • TeCh MaN PrO
    TeCh MaN PrO 19 days ago

    Good look

  • Tiny Tiger
    Tiny Tiger 20 days ago

    like we didn’t have these ten years ago.

  • Jesse Lopez
    Jesse Lopez 20 days ago


  • User69 420
    User69 420 20 days ago

    lol just buy a flip phone