Galaxy Fold: Unveiling

  • Published on Feb 20, 2019
  • (April 23 update)
    In order to fully evaluate the feedback received so far, we have decided to delay the release of the Galaxy Fold and will announce the date in the coming weeks.
    A new chapter in mobile begins.
    The #GalaxyFold is our most significant leap forward, completely reinventing the shape of mobile with our first-ever foldable 7.3 inch Super AMOLED Infinity-Flex Display.
    Ten years after the first Galaxy,
    we didn’t just change the shape of the phone,
    we changed the shape of tomorrow.
    *Color and design details may vary by model.
    **Image simulated. UX/UI subject to change.
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  • Aĸιυ
    Aĸιυ 20 hours ago

    I wish they release a galaxy fold 2 with a better camera (something like 4 cameras idk why but 4 cameras), less errors, bigger screen and 16-32 gigs of ram

  • Cosy 7404
    Cosy 7404 Day ago

    Sad that the phone is currently fixing

  • Voccko Lulu
    Voccko Lulu Day ago +1

    When its fold it looks like it has a big battery inside.
    Or most likely a Phone Energizer....

  • phu88
    phu88 Day ago

    where my foldable phone?

  • jahn hendrix
    jahn hendrix Day ago

    I feel bad for this phone

  • Jared Stultz
    Jared Stultz 2 days ago

    Samsung: builds first foldable smart phone.
    Apple: Ok guys get to work we are going to make the same thing but different textures and ×2 the price. What's that it's 200000000000000000000 dollars.... GREAT

  • mboss
    mboss 2 days ago

    "Come with me,"
    "And you'll see,"
    "That the fold was an abomination."

  • ישראל בן ארי
    ישראל בן ארי 2 days ago +1

    More like galaxy failed

  • juneru
    juneru 2 days ago

    what a 100% useful feature that _SURELY_ wont make it break easier and in hindsight more inconvenient to use.

    _for _*_2000_*_ dollars._

    LIT YOUTUBER 2 days ago


  • TECH 2019
    TECH 2019 2 days ago +2

    Samsung: #dowhatyoucant
    Me: Ok
    Samsung: Were delaying the Samsung galaxy fold!
    Me: Do what you can’t 😂😂😂

  • Идибек Раупов


  • David Ugono
    David Ugono 3 days ago

    *Screen protector has left the chat.*

  • I smell
    I smell 3 days ago

    Samsung to apple at the gym
    Samsung: yOu FoLd BrO?

  • Luigi Player 14
    Luigi Player 14 4 days ago

    Why not unfolding instead of unveiling

  • Yoon Kim
    Yoon Kim 4 days ago

    Galaxy Fold: Joking

  • bora nazlı
    bora nazlı 4 days ago

    bad samsung

  • Yo Sa
    Yo Sa 4 days ago

    What's the title of the song that used?

    RIPPING BALD EAGLES 4 days ago


  • GG Brot
    GG Brot 5 days ago

    So ein hässliches Smartphone 😫

  • TheRubyMinecraft
    TheRubyMinecraft 5 days ago

    I hope they make the screen in phone mode bigger

  • andrea Bechis
    andrea Bechis 5 days ago +1

    Bye s10

  • Alex Tk — FIFA Mobile

    Galaxy Fold... Фолднулся!
    (С) Вилсаком

  • Origine Luke
    Origine Luke 6 days ago

    "World's first foldable phone" Nokia "am I a joke to you"

  • Super Slovak
    Super Slovak 6 days ago

    90% of comments: am I a joke to you

  • Gab 3:60
    Gab 3:60 6 days ago

    The best phone ever!!

  • Lane Gaming
    Lane Gaming 6 days ago


  • • Delirium •
    • Delirium • 6 days ago


  • Through fly
    Through fly 7 days ago +1

    Introducing the first flip phone SFold. BlackBerry: Ahhh *manager throws chair* Were broke aswell. Samsung does it deliberately.

  • shad shad
    shad shad 7 days ago

    2009 22 m
    2010 55 m
    2011 138 m
    2012 192 m
    2013 267 m
    2014 445 m
    2015 550 m
    2016 678 m
    2017 750 m
    2018 670 m
    2019 775 m
    2020 825 m

  • Phoenixster YT
    Phoenixster YT 7 days ago +1

    Just an apple guy watching samsung’s videos...

  • Cs V
    Cs V 7 days ago


    Nokia: am I a joke to u?

  • Garvit Taneja
    Garvit Taneja 7 days ago

    When will it launch

  • srujan kumar
    srujan kumar 8 days ago

    It's galaxy flop

  • Reptile Fam
    Reptile Fam 8 days ago

    Samsung: *shows foldable device*
    Every kind of Nintendo ds: am i a joke to you?

  • Qwertiop
    Qwertiop 8 days ago

    Samsung presents: a sideways 3ds

  • Odin Asgard
    Odin Asgard 9 days ago +1

    Samsung Galaxy Fail: Unveiling

    PS: I’m not a Samsung hater, love my S8.

  • alien army
    alien army 9 days ago

    My wallet will stay folded until this becomes cheap.......

  • JinHwan
    JinHwan 9 days ago

    그래서 언제나온답니까 기다기는사람 기운빠지게 출시일이나 알려주던가 마냥기다리게하네 너무 무책임한거 아닙니까

  • Paolo Sbalchiero
    Paolo Sbalchiero 9 days ago

    Where is it though lol

  • Nikodem747
    Nikodem747 9 days ago

    galaxy ford

  • Junior Guruji
    Junior Guruji 10 days ago +1

    Who are waching this in july
    Hit the like👍

  • Lightunseen
    Lightunseen 10 days ago

    Personally don't like the gap which remains on the hinge side when the phone is closed.

  • E Craig Jackson
    E Craig Jackson 10 days ago


  • crownux crownux
    crownux crownux 11 days ago

    Galaxy flop!

  • Fortnite Fantasys
    Fortnite Fantasys 11 days ago

    Willy wonka????

  • tarif bhuiyan
    tarif bhuiyan 11 days ago

    Please upgrade our Samsung m20 camera

  • Klauz Dazuera
    Klauz Dazuera 11 days ago

    Mais views do que inscritos

  • Adithya Ajay
    Adithya Ajay 11 days ago

    The song is irritating

  • Calamity Cameron
    Calamity Cameron 11 days ago +3

    Screen: **breaks from design fail**
    Samsung: **fortnite bundle**

  • Robbie Lamacchia
    Robbie Lamacchia 11 days ago

    How long till the other half break, not that long 😂😂😂

  • Brafy Jesus
    Brafy Jesus 11 days ago

    I am an Apple fan but I am impressed by Samsung

  • Fake Boi
    Fake Boi 11 days ago

    This didn’t age well

  • nathalion 123
    nathalion 123 11 days ago

    You guys need to get this on the market

  • Laxer Gregg
    Laxer Gregg 12 days ago

    You mean, Samsung Foldable - Unfolding

  • An Dre
    An Dre 12 days ago


  • Christopher Yt ርZ
    Christopher Yt ርZ 12 days ago +5

    Apple: Takes Galaxy Fold
    **Makes it pretty**
    Apple: The new iFold!
    Apple Fan's: SO ORIGINAL!!!
    Samsung guy: But Samsung made it fir-
    Samsung guy: 🤦‍♂️**Facepalm**

  • MichaelR8783
    MichaelR8783 12 days ago +1

    Wow. Look at all of these unoriginal comments.

  • TriDent
    TriDent 13 days ago

    can we get an f in the chat for this beauty

  • Renee Guo
    Renee Guo 13 days ago

    who is the cameraman?

  • Милый швед
    Милый швед 13 days ago

    гэлэкси фолд фолднулся

  • Buddy Butt
    Buddy Butt 14 days ago

    Apple makes a folding phone in 2027

    • Buddy Butt
      Buddy Butt 12 days ago

      Sam Pomare I switched from a xs max to a s10 5g

    • Sam Pomare
      Sam Pomare 14 days ago +2

      At least it will work after 2 days. Not like this Galaxy Fold 💩

  • Bruno A.M
    Bruno A.M 14 days ago

    Samsung qual foi o problema que deu no galaxy fold ? Pode me rs poder.

  • Toaster land
    Toaster land 15 days ago

    I dIdN'T KnOw THeY wERe adVErTiZINg WILL WoNk

  • Toaster land
    Toaster land 15 days ago +1

    Guys look it's the NEW NINTENDO 3DS XL DELUXE

    Now with phone features

  • Joao paulo Piquione
    Joao paulo Piquione 15 days ago

    Queria muito ter um desse tenho 12 anos por favor

  • Daisukeファン
    Daisukeファン 15 days ago


  • Ryan El Ouardighi
    Ryan El Ouardighi 16 days ago

    Willy Wonka

  • Nurul Hasan
    Nurul Hasan 16 days ago

    Nostalgia for nokia communicator....

  • Stella Christiani
    Stella Christiani 16 days ago

    I'm just here for the comments

  • Karson Davenport
    Karson Davenport 16 days ago +1

    Who would want this 2k flip phone I’m fine with my iPhone 📲

  • PotatoBTW
    PotatoBTW 16 days ago

    Samsung: creates a foldable phone
    Flip phone: am I a joke to you

  • nick master
    nick master 17 days ago

    Wow what a failure... had potential

  • JAKEtheGR8P
    JAKEtheGR8P 17 days ago

    But how....

  • Cookie Willyy
    Cookie Willyy 17 days ago

    Dang Samsung coping Nintendo ,that just a 3ds with a touchscreen.

  • Zynex
    Zynex 18 days ago +2

    Unveiling your wallet :)

  • Haider Rizvi
    Haider Rizvi 18 days ago

    They missed the opportunity to say galaxy fold: unfolding

  • peacheetea
    peacheetea 18 days ago

    isn’t this just a ds-

  • Ananto haryo Pamungkas

    unveiling more like uNfOLDI..yeah i know it isnt funny

  • محمد سعيد
    محمد سعيد 19 days ago +1

    Gorilla glass has left the chat.🤣🤣

  • Hudson Martins
    Hudson Martins 19 days ago

    Everything is gonna be fine, @samsungmobile. The dreams are still waiting for the Galaxy Fold. Take your time! We're gonna be here for you. #DoWhatYouCant

    • Tareq N. Gaming
      Tareq N. Gaming 18 days ago

      Ima build a phone with a screen protector that extends when you drop the phone. What is the point of that? Two things:
      1. Money (OBVIOUSLY)
      2. To kill screen protector makers lol.

  • Hanxi Guo
    Hanxi Guo 19 days ago +1


  • Psina -_-_-
    Psina -_-_- 20 days ago +1

    Жаль что Бабочки Живут один день )))))))

  • ALEK 007BOSS
    ALEK 007BOSS 21 day ago +1

    Apple=👎 samsung=💖

    • Sam Pomare
      Sam Pomare 14 days ago +1

      ALEK 007BOSS
      2016: Samsung Bomb
      2019: Samsung Fail

  • Natalie McMillan
    Natalie McMillan 21 day ago

    I'm floating just from the song. Need a pillow now.

  • Content Dawn695
    Content Dawn695 21 day ago

    Samaung: makes foldable phone*
    People: that's the dumbest thing ever
    Apple: makes foldable phone*
    People: WOW I cant believe no one has ever thought of

  • Caleb Payne
    Caleb Payne 21 day ago

    Would be better if the phone part had a full screen and not just a screen and a bunch of black

  • albert p007
    albert p007 22 days ago +1

    what's the song's name??

  • Jorge And Zara Fan 2015 Yes CBACYBN Loses

    That Looks Like A Nintendo 3DS With Very Much Screen Or iPad Bended Or Laptop With Very Much Screen Or Nintendo DS With Very Much Screen Or PDA With Very Much Screen Or Gameboy Advance SP With Very Much Screen Or Thinkpad With Very Much Screen

  • diasdoo
    diasdoo 22 days ago +1

    Por favor Samsung peço incluirem nos modelos diversos de celulares existentes desde smarthphones até iphones o aplicativo reprodutor de audio gsm que é pouco usual porém necessário e versátil por ser capaz de aproveitar a armazenagem da memória ram dos card e sdcards. Att.

  • Xemirov da Albatrousse


  • Dom
    Dom 22 days ago


  • LN studios
    LN studios 23 days ago +4

    Random person:
    Did you make the first foldable phone?
    Well yes, but actually no

  • Dale Gabriel Tan
    Dale Gabriel Tan 23 days ago

    To those who are wondering... what's the music title?

    Its Pure Imagination by Joanna Wang.

  • The guy Inside you’re car

    This is a cool 3ds

  • C. M.
    C. M. 23 days ago

    $2000 auto break phone.

  • Madelyn Baines
    Madelyn Baines 24 days ago


  • HaSeeb uMerZai
    HaSeeb uMerZai 24 days ago

    Any one tell me. Can i use this ad in my USclip video?

  • James Weatherly
    James Weatherly 25 days ago

    Did u have to use that bad redo of a good song

  • Niz1234 YT
    Niz1234 YT 26 days ago

    This died