How To Do 12 Different Accents

  • Published on Apr 6, 2017
  • Irish and Scottish do not sound the same.
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    Created by

    Sammi Grant

Comments • 7 549

  • Craig Barrett
    Craig Barrett Day ago

    Yorkshire and Scottish were both toss

  • C Reacts
    C Reacts Day ago

    Valley girl

  • JustYourJoe
    JustYourJoe Day ago

    Lol I’m from Yorkshire that accent is rubbish

    GODS ES 2 days ago

    I love how she change accent wow loved it

  • MikaCosplays
    MikaCosplays 3 days ago

    im only watching this my dnd character pfft

  • Unicorn Queen
    Unicorn Queen 4 days ago

    Time: 1:57 is my favorite

  • squinty 101
    squinty 101 6 days ago

    Ohhhhh! No! That Scottish accent! I'm sorry but that was NOT a Scottish accent!

  • LoganDoseThings ya
    LoganDoseThings ya 6 days ago

    She look in two different ways lol

  • Mummy memes Ingly
    Mummy memes Ingly 6 days ago

    I’m Scottish and that accent is terrible

  • brickman TV
    brickman TV 6 days ago

    You nailed that French accent lol 😂

  • NireNoodle XD
    NireNoodle XD 6 days ago

    The way she described the accents is better than any other coach I’ve ever had

  • Daja Jenkins
    Daja Jenkins 8 days ago +1

    I just learned soo much🙂

  • DJ CatsaNova
    DJ CatsaNova 9 days ago

    She was really spot on. I am V impressed to say the least

  • luka zagar
    luka zagar 10 days ago

    German was bad..

  • Benjamin Noble
    Benjamin Noble 10 days ago +1

    Everybody is saying she is bad at doing accents. Of course you are. These are totally stereotypical accents. It’s sad but she is doing them very well.

  • Antony Rigs Gaming
    Antony Rigs Gaming 11 days ago

    What rong with your eye

  • A channel
    A channel 12 days ago

    Omg the Irish is WRONG

  • Alli Thompson
    Alli Thompson 15 days ago +1

    Her Scottish wisny gid

  • Sarah Sterly
    Sarah Sterly 17 days ago

    I’m from Michigan and um the midwestern accent sounded weird

  • Emma Chambiee
    Emma Chambiee 18 days ago

    That’s not Scottish

  • XAtlantic Bandicoot
    XAtlantic Bandicoot 18 days ago

    Germa is totaly wrong

  • Gaby Kaiser
    Gaby Kaiser 19 days ago

    If she’s legally blind, then what’s illegally blind?

  • TM Girlfriend
    TM Girlfriend 19 days ago +2

    As a Scottish girl I want to say- you’re half way there 👍🏻

  • 1 Subscriber with no videos

    2:58 LMAO

  • 1 Subscriber with no videos

    i annoy my friends by speaking in a british accent

  • Audrey Mo
    Audrey Mo 20 days ago

    No offense but she kind a looks possessed

  • Tiny Galaxy gamer
    Tiny Galaxy gamer 20 days ago


  • R00 U
    R00 U 21 day ago +1

    who else wants to move that piece of hair (fringe?) that her eyelashes are getting stuck in

  • Afton Logan
    Afton Logan 21 day ago +1

    I have to talk in a Brooklyn accent for our play Newsies.

  • Unknown 03
    Unknown 03 21 day ago

    Her Irish accent is really bad.. sorry

  • Andrei Pablo
    Andrei Pablo 22 days ago


  • Mohammed Al Nayeem
    Mohammed Al Nayeem 23 days ago +1

    L and R sounds seem to be extremely important in every accent.

  • Kat Mlg
    Kat Mlg 24 days ago

    The Yorkshire accent was so wrong lmaoooo

  • Ari
    Ari 27 days ago +2

    The Brooklyn one killed me and idk why

  • boodywarrior
    boodywarrior 27 days ago +2

    I feel like old southern is really only in parts of Georgia (where I’m from) and Florida now, definitely not in Alabama. It is sad since it is dying out, we should revive it.

  • Subscribe to PewDiePie

    Oh no! I’m illegally blind.

  • Eva Kaminskaya
    Eva Kaminskaya 29 days ago +3

    German was totally off, and Russian(which I am) is a bit off

    • { Lion In The City }
      { Lion In The City } 7 days ago

      Eva Kaminskaya ja! I know right? She totally butchered the German one. (Also, greetings from Deutschland!)

  • Lilt
    Lilt Month ago +4

    I'm scottish and literally nobody in Scotland talks like that.

  • Hey it's Stormi
    Hey it's Stormi Month ago +1

    I've been told I am pretty good at accents especially at my French,Irish,and Brooklyn

  • Hey it's Stormi
    Hey it's Stormi Month ago

    You sound alot like Lucy Bointon when you did the London accent

  • PS: Extra Info
    PS: Extra Info Month ago +3

    I just end up doing a Russian accent every time I try

  • Maya Templeton
    Maya Templeton Month ago +1

    I'm from Scotland and Scottish people don't talk like that.
    Only people from the highlands speek like that.

  • Comedy_central NZ
    Comedy_central NZ Month ago

    The Scottish is bad

  • Riley Holmes
    Riley Holmes Month ago

    This was amazing thank you!!

  • Megan Fowlie
    Megan Fowlie Month ago +3

    As Soon As I Saw Scotland In The Thumbnail, I INSTANTLY Thought It Would Be The Stereotypical Glaswegian Accent

    • Evie Harrison
      Evie Harrison 15 days ago

      What part you from? I'm Greenockian and our accent is just another thing.

  • Jordyne Hargraves
    Jordyne Hargraves Month ago

    When you did the Irish Accent it was SPOT ON. I don’t k ow how you do it it’s AMAZING

  • Jordyne Hargraves
    Jordyne Hargraves Month ago

    I love this so much

  • Areia Rome
    Areia Rome Month ago

    This is amazing...

  • Ella Grace
    Ella Grace Month ago +2

    that sounds nothing like us - yorkshire

  • They Call Me Jugg
    They Call Me Jugg Month ago

    I kinda felt bad when she said she ws blind

  • Rad Mike inc.
    Rad Mike inc. Month ago

    She would be perfect for Critical Role

  • Sofi_Net
    Sofi_Net Month ago

    I'm from Russia... and we basically don't have this kind of accent.

  • Thomas Sharma
    Thomas Sharma Month ago

    The American accent actually comes from various British ones, so you can hear some similarities.

  • R - Series
    R - Series Month ago +1

    The Scottish accent attempt sounded terrible

  • Natalia _9
    Natalia _9 Month ago

    I’m Scottish and I’m officially extremely offended

    We don’t talk in that way,maybe in Glasgow you’ll have a deeper voice and not finish words much so have like slang kind off words

  • Flashback Mary
    Flashback Mary Month ago

    The Irish was a bit off but it’s good

    SADIE JANE Month ago

    the British or Scottish does does not sound anything like it 😂

  • Ice Cream
    Ice Cream Month ago

    I got the southern accent

  • CrimsonRider
    CrimsonRider Month ago +2

    I'd like to know how Latin America sounds...Brazilians and people from Spanish speaking countries.

  • SSslushii
    SSslushii Month ago

    As an Irish person, She spoke it surprisingly well.

  • Avocado_ V
    Avocado_ V Month ago

    She did a good job but the german accent ain't it (btw I'm german)

  • Jovani Jimenez
    Jovani Jimenez Month ago

    West coast?

  • rAndOm YeEts
    rAndOm YeEts Month ago

    I am 99% cleverer now

  • Sponge Bob
    Sponge Bob Month ago

    Please stop with the Irish that’s cork 💚 sorry I am just saying

  • Crazzy Shazzy
    Crazzy Shazzy Month ago


  • i exist because twigs exist

    The legally blind thing has got me thinking about the legally blonde thing.

  • Mekail Kamran
    Mekail Kamran Month ago

    Here, i can't speak one accent properly and she can speak 12 accents! I'm amazed!

  • silver general
    silver general Month ago


  • Emily Abbo
    Emily Abbo Month ago

    There is really no need for hate. Also this is really helpful for auditions where you need to learn a new accent

  • sterlo seven
    sterlo seven Month ago

    Where is she looking?

  • Smol fluff
    Smol fluff Month ago

    2:58 anytime I try the Russian accent this is what I sound like lol

  • hitesh maherchandani


  • Cronch Monch ಠ_ಠ

    That is not what a Scottish person sounds like

  • Ellie Quinn
    Ellie Quinn Month ago +1

    As a Scottish person I’m officially offended. I do not sound like that.

  • Jessica Kelly
    Jessica Kelly Month ago

    Oh she did a brilliant Irish accent, I love her... wow

  • Dot McDotterson
    Dot McDotterson Month ago

    Brilliant! PS: You’re really pretty.

  • pro gamer
    pro gamer Month ago

    I'm from the south her southern accent wasn't that good but ehhh..

  • Joe Shields-Anderson
    Joe Shields-Anderson 2 months ago

    The flags are wrong

  • n0tfr0mth1sw0rld
    n0tfr0mth1sw0rld 2 months ago

    impressive :)

  • killer 1560
    killer 1560 2 months ago

    Wow I can do only 1 accent lol

  • pewdude alvis
    pewdude alvis 2 months ago

    Sure, not everything was perfect, but she did a pretty good job! Stop trying to drag her for simple mistakes. It's not like she can do every accent ever,

  • DavMarmor
    DavMarmor 2 months ago

    You recognise a true hater when he actually spends time writing a hatefull comment to a blind person's video.

  • Happy gal
    Happy gal 2 months ago

    I wish I could hear my accent
    I'm a South-African and when people speak my accent right I can't hear any accent because then it sounds normal to me like just speaking without any accent but if you don't speak my accent I will hear an accent and any accent is so beautiful I just want to speak it but to be honest my favorite is the scottish accent

  • Emily turmaine
    Emily turmaine 2 months ago

    As someone from Britan I am offended we do not sound like that

  • Itserinwatson
    Itserinwatson 2 months ago +3

    I'm Scottish and I'm sorry, you done so well with some of them but we don't roll our R's and we generally don't speak like that. I've never heard and Scottish person speak like that.

  • Audrey Watson
    Audrey Watson 2 months ago

    Ummmmmm she sounds like molly Burke

  • i i
    i i 2 months ago

    How do you do the 'South Korean-accent'??

  • lilfrenchfry 99
    lilfrenchfry 99 2 months ago

    Being from Scotland myself that was soo funny good job though

  • Novakane Omega
    Novakane Omega 2 months ago

    The old south - Thats Blanche from Golden Girls

  • Novakane Omega
    Novakane Omega 2 months ago +2

    The yorkshire one is "You know nothing John Snow"

  • Hamster Man
    Hamster Man 2 months ago

    Just wondering how can you be legally blind

  • Skatepark Bros
    Skatepark Bros 2 months ago

    Wtf happened to her eyes

  • Anna Doyle Passons
    Anna Doyle Passons 2 months ago

    The plamtree bu the "southern" on the southern accent

  • Arcturia
    Arcturia 2 months ago +1

    She's not doing that great... I'm french and the french one is not accurate at all

  • 0h N0
    0h N0 2 months ago

    I wish that I could do that so when I have a child, I can give them whatever accent I want.

  • Karthik SM
    Karthik SM 2 months ago +1

    Russian does not sound like OUR great leader so i must despise you for that wrong doing

  • AdamKun
    AdamKun 2 months ago

    Brooklyn was so accurate

  • sid kaush
    sid kaush 2 months ago

    Ur beautiful 😊

  • *insert funny name*
    *insert funny name* 2 months ago

    Where ya looking

  • Boomer Guy
    Boomer Guy 2 months ago

    Scottish accent is WRONG