How To Do 12 Different Accents

  • Published on Apr 6, 2017
  • Irish and Scottish do not sound the same.
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    Created by

    Sammi Grant

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  • Zach.
    Zach. 16 minutes ago

    Damn I feel so bad, I was asking to myself why her eyes was weird and after she said that she was blind... respect to her.

  • PG TheSadFish
    PG TheSadFish 6 hours ago

    the irish one's my fav.

  • Talia Nash
    Talia Nash Day ago

    i’m sorry but the scottish accent was actually terrible

  • Robbie MacGregor
    Robbie MacGregor Day ago +1

    this is not how scottish people sound

  • Daisha Clayton
    Daisha Clayton Day ago

    i honestly don’t know what my accent is cause i don’t talk like any of these but i live in and was born in america 😔👊🏽

  • Marvel Maniac
    Marvel Maniac 2 days ago +1

    Old South sounds like Jade from Victorious when she's mocking Tori. 😂

    POKEGAMERZ 9185 2 days ago

    Technically the Brooklyn accent applies to all of New York since I hear it in other boroughs as well like Manhattan.

  • Just Jess
    Just Jess 3 days ago

    Scotland sounded nothing like a Scottish accent 😂😂😂

  • Natalie S
    Natalie S 7 days ago

    looks a little like Peggy from madmen

  • Anjana Bista
    Anjana Bista 9 days ago


  • Rose Hamill
    Rose Hamill 10 days ago +2

    I'm from Yorkshire and we don't sound anything like that the Yorkshire accent the doesn't sound like a mix between anything it is just the Yorkshire accent plus I'm part Scottish Scotland doesn't sound anything like that

  • sharon mccann
    sharon mccann 11 days ago

    U nailed the Irish accent

  • Kerem Kaya
    Kerem Kaya 12 days ago +1

    0:58 someone who learned English yesterday 🤣😂

  • Lo Lo
    Lo Lo 12 days ago

    Can you do a video of Spanish in a British accent? Those sorts of differences? I’d be interested to hear that.

  • Lo Lo
    Lo Lo 12 days ago +2

    You’re amazing. This gave me a giggle. You’re so good. I love the New Zealand accent. Probably my favorite and then Russian.

  • A.C Art&Beauty
    A.C Art&Beauty 13 days ago

    I’m not hating but you’re not the best but you’re better than me 😹😹

  • Forrest Taylor
    Forrest Taylor 13 days ago

    Well, I just found out that I get horny for the Transatlantic accent. Help me

  • Awaken2Now - Brian Jett

    She is awesome!

  • RedHunter
    RedHunter 14 days ago

    wow she's legally blind?

    I thought she was illegally blind!

  • SupremeSaiyan !
    SupremeSaiyan ! 14 days ago


  • Julia B
    Julia B 15 days ago

    I am from germany and when she said that we don't realy move our lips i thought "what the Heck are you talking about" and i said it out loud afterwards and the Heck she's right

  • 65TossPowerTrap L
    65TossPowerTrap L 16 days ago +1

    Very impressive, slipped effortlessly into those voices 🤗

  • S Frap
    S Frap 18 days ago +2

    She nailed those accents!

  • Aine Carey
    Aine Carey 18 days ago

    HOW are u

  • Peter
    Peter 18 days ago

    It was a great vidoe

  • Scribble Paws
    Scribble Paws 18 days ago

    I love hearing accents! It's all just so interesting! You can hear the same language but hear it very different through human cultural diffusion!

  • Ailbhe Caplis
    Ailbhe Caplis 19 days ago

    Sorry but the Irish was very bad no offense and I’m Irish so don’t give out to me

  • WZ7C
    WZ7C 19 days ago

    The irish accent is not great. Where did you learn it? And which irish accent were you attempting to do?

  • WZ7C
    WZ7C 19 days ago

    Why is they a british and a scottish flag on the the thumbnail? Should that not be an english flag?

  • Pine666
    Pine666 20 days ago +8

    London.. uses British flag 😂

  • Annabel Vaughan
    Annabel Vaughan 23 days ago

    That was not a good Scottish accent

  • Sierra Lela’s Channel
    Sierra Lela’s Channel 23 days ago +1

    Wow, she’s very good at her job and I thought I was good at accents
    Also if she was in a less echoey place this video would be so much better

  • AnaPaola 194
    AnaPaola 194 24 days ago


  • Bradley, s games
    Bradley, s games 24 days ago

    I am dutch but i have a scottish Accent 😂

  • IsaaX
    IsaaX 25 days ago

    im sorry but Yorkshire and Scottish was trash

  • Liverpool Are the best
    Liverpool Are the best 25 days ago +7

    Irish people for sure don't speak like that

  • John coleman
    John coleman 26 days ago +1

    Irish one is bad

  • I've got two faces
    I've got two faces 26 days ago

    You don't sound very Irish..

  • Rosie Bromwich
    Rosie Bromwich 26 days ago


  • Kiwi Gaming
    Kiwi Gaming 26 days ago

    Aww shes amazing

  • Claudia M'thini
    Claudia M'thini 26 days ago

    I can only do a few accents in this video. All the other accents are difficult.

  • Sketchy Animations
    Sketchy Animations 27 days ago

    The last one is what I’m looking for in making an oc. Thank you!

  • The worst walrus
    The worst walrus 27 days ago

    how did she press record on the camera

  • GamerWiseTv
    GamerWiseTv 29 days ago

    I feel so pity for her blindness

  • Kassandra Ramirez
    Kassandra Ramirez Month ago

    Lol I got a ad with somebody with a accent

  • Gianna's Horses
    Gianna's Horses Month ago

    I live on Ohio.... Is there an accent for Ohio?! 😂😂😂

  • Ruby Pepper
    Ruby Pepper Month ago

    that is the worst scottish accent ive ever heard, im from edinburgh so its rather triggering lmao

  • Impr0visati0n
    Impr0visati0n Month ago

    Legally blind

  • X x_Sami_x X
    X x_Sami_x X Month ago


  • Ahnan Imuz
    Ahnan Imuz Month ago

    This is just abeautiful video

  • Erins Place
    Erins Place Month ago

    As much as I think it great and I was really happy when you said my home city YORKSHIRE I am sorry but I did not like the way you delivered the accent it sounds more formal and less Irish in fact we don’t sound Irish but love you xx

  • Marshmallow TEA
    Marshmallow TEA Month ago

    Bad Scottish accent

  • Alice Mc
    Alice Mc Month ago

    I'm Irish

  • Isaac Hartsell
    Isaac Hartsell Month ago

    I love her

  • Nao Koh
    Nao Koh Month ago

    I thought for scotland they only tap the r

  • Par Nia
    Par Nia Month ago

    Well done

    • Par Nia
      Par Nia Month ago

      Your talent is amazing

  • judeoko
    judeoko Month ago

    "Off" on your Yorkshire accent. Got more of a Lancashire accent going on. I would not have thought you were from todmorden (or on boundary with Yorkshire and Lancashire). Practice this going T shop.

  • Sophie Lehn
    Sophie Lehn Month ago +1

    You guys are gonna get to pissed at this but you know whaterever....

    At the begging if of the video I was was like “why do her eyes look so weird” than she said she’s legally blind and i felt like such a dick 😂😅

  • Cerys Morgan
    Cerys Morgan Month ago

    The Yorkshire accent was quite inaccurate

  • Megaboygaming Or NoobGamer

    1:34 sound like Lois Griffing from family Guy

  • Chloe Gurl2
    Chloe Gurl2 Month ago

    Irish people don't sound like that ;-;

  • The Famine
    The Famine Month ago

    We dont say later we just leave

  • LunarAshes •*
    LunarAshes •* Month ago

    I had a Chinese teacher, and she’s pronounce usually as ‘u-rally’

    as a class of perfectionists, we were offended

  • Star Meh
    Star Meh Month ago +1

    1:00 I’m Scottish but I don’t sound like that.. hmm maybe I’m not Scottish!? But I do have a Scottish Gaelic Name.. IM CONFUSED!

  • sislau
    sislau Month ago

    Well done! Nice transitions between. Impressive :)

  • Royal Emerald Builder

    I've never heard anyone speak in what they describe as an "Old South" accent except for Yankees trying to imitate southerners. Where I'm from in Virginia people do drop their r's and pronounce words like "out" and "house" closer to the way most Canadians do; it's one of the oldest accents in the nation, but we sound nothing like the video. Not sure where that "southern belle" accent actually exists, if it ever did.

  • Bartender Essentials

    Wow! You are amazing!

  • Lily Carr
    Lily Carr Month ago

  • Yes, hello I like pink

    As a southerner I’m just confused. Has she ever heard a southerner?

  • Snapso
    Snapso Month ago

    There’s like fifty different accents in London

    TXZ MOMOGRAY48 Month ago +1

    All good but the Scottish does not sound to good

  • Phexism
    Phexism Month ago

    Typical buzzfeed bullocks let’s be honest!

  • Phexism
    Phexism Month ago

    Oh no, that Scottish accent, she’s not the best at dialects then

  • Rebecca xx
    Rebecca xx Month ago

    The irish is soo off

  • Millie Ellis Xo
    Millie Ellis Xo Month ago

    I’m Scottish and none of us sound like that

  • Kpop Kookie Lover
    Kpop Kookie Lover Month ago

    Drink beer everytime she blinks.

  • Lei Chen
    Lei Chen Month ago

    I didn’t think us midwestern people had an accent- 😂.

    • Lei Chen
      Lei Chen Month ago

      Phexism I- well, I didn’t know we sounded like that.. I didn’t know we had an accent because I’m from the Midwest.. and- that’s just how we talk here.. I-

    • Phexism
      Phexism Month ago

      Everyone has an accent wtf

  • Ecdreamz
    Ecdreamz Month ago

    This is amazing

  • Benjy dbp
    Benjy dbp Month ago

    The yorkshire one was a *bit* off

  • Hellena Rose
    Hellena Rose Month ago

    Old South is something manufactured from Hollywood. My grandfather was from Kilgore Texas. Also German nothing like that..... yikes

  • Ulo Magyar
    Ulo Magyar Month ago

    That was bad.

  • Ivy Gregory
    Ivy Gregory Month ago +1

    It bugs me so much when people try and fail Scottish assent

  • Ed Rushworth
    Ed Rushworth Month ago

    ...That Yorkshire one was atrocious.

  • Eilidh Kinsman
    Eilidh Kinsman Month ago

    The scottish accent wasn’t very accurate at all but the rest were good

  • Chris H
    Chris H Month ago

    *Legally blind*

  • Azer Z
    Azer Z Month ago +1

    Your German accent is wrong

  • zeebirdd
    zeebirdd Month ago

    shes so good

  • Craig Barrett
    Craig Barrett Month ago

    Yorkshire and Scottish were both toss

  • Cecil's World
    Cecil's World Month ago +1

    Valley girl

  • JustYourJoe
    JustYourJoe Month ago

    Lol I’m from Yorkshire that accent is rubbish

    GODS ES Month ago

    I love how she change accent wow loved it

  • AngelicKiwi
    AngelicKiwi 2 months ago

    im only watching this my dnd character pfft

  • Unicorn Queen
    Unicorn Queen 2 months ago

    Time: 1:57 is my favorite

  • squinty 101
    squinty 101 2 months ago +1

    Ohhhhh! No! That Scottish accent! I'm sorry but that was NOT a Scottish accent!

  • LoganDoseThings ya
    LoganDoseThings ya 2 months ago

    She look in two different ways lol

  • Mummy memes Ingly
    Mummy memes Ingly 2 months ago

    I’m Scottish and that accent is terrible

  • brickman TV
    brickman TV 2 months ago +1

    You nailed that French accent lol 😂

  • NireNoodle XD
    NireNoodle XD 2 months ago

    The way she described the accents is better than any other coach I’ve ever had

  • Daja Jenkins
    Daja Jenkins 2 months ago +2

    I just learned soo much🙂

  • DJ CatsaNova
    DJ CatsaNova 2 months ago

    She was really spot on. I am V impressed to say the least