Why Tobey Maguire Will Always Be the Best Spider-Man


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  • Dorkly
    Dorkly  7 days ago +130

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    • Chevy Storm
      Chevy Storm Day ago

      The Incredible Mr Joe I don’t think I do because it’s a fact

    • The Incredible Mr Joe
      The Incredible Mr Joe Day ago

      I think you need to explain yourself. Andrew Garfield made for a great Spiderman. He played a "Poor Peter Parker" in the first movie, but by the second movie he struck a great character balance.

    • C Ol
      C Ol Day ago

      After watching Spider-verse I rewatched the Raimi versions and for some reason I find Tobey Spiderman to be a bit iffy. But Tobey does make a nice Peter Parker. Plus the Raimi train scene reminded me of the final act in Nausicaa Valley of the Wind.

    • Chevy Storm
      Chevy Storm 2 days ago

      Dorkly you are fucking stupid, Tom Holland is the best Spiderman. Tobey was just meh as the character of peter Parker and Spiderman.

    • auzziegamerfan
      auzziegamerfan 4 days ago

      +Drago Dragneel I completely agree with the first half of that. However, I feel like Tom Holland isn't quite Spiderman yet. He has some real potential though. Definitely agree about the former two though. Combine Andrew's Wisecracking Spidey and Tobey's massive nerd of a Peter Parker and you've got perfection.

  • Dawood Williams
    Dawood Williams 42 minutes ago

    The main reason why i like Raimi's Spiderman the best, is because of Peter Parker, we see Peter being this kid who is bullied, to a guy trying to make ends meet, going to college, exploring his personal relationships.
    Also the the side characters, his friendship with Harry, MJ, his relationship with Aunt May and Uncle, some of villains.
    The trials, tribulations and hardships he has to endure, juggling between Peter Parker and Spiderman.
    It's relatable.

  • D Carrier
    D Carrier 51 minute ago

    Legit I just wanna say that the pizza time scene used throughout this video was done so perfectly. That last one hit just as I was thinking there would be no more and it just felt great. One more and it would have been annoying. One less and it wouldn’t have been as memorable. I know that’s a dumb little thing to comment about but it really shows all the detail put into the script and editing if this video. Great job guys.

  • Mayuyu Miwazaki
    Mayuyu Miwazaki Hour ago

    One word "pizza time", is the reason why raimi's spider man is best

  • rubberkidney
    rubberkidney Hour ago

    worst spider man. if you think he was good you dont know peter parker.

  • Andrew Flack
    Andrew Flack Hour ago

    I loved Homecoming when I first saw it, and initially was even tempted to say it might have finally matched or surpassed 2, but when I rewatched it a few months ago it just did not hold up.
    It’s still fun, Holland is still charming and Keaton is still great. The kids all feel like real kids. And I don’t think it goes COMPLETELY off-base in its characterization (the scene where Peter decides to go after Vulture instead of showing up at the party is pretty much classic Spider-Man)... but once you get past the charm and the novelty of him being in the MCU and the Vulture/Liz twist... there isn’t much going on under the hood.
    Peter’s arc is thin and ill-defined (he wants to prove he can be an Avenger by going after Vulture, gets reprimanded for being reckless, then proves himself by... going after Vulture anyway? But without the fancy suit, so it’s about him relying on his own ability... except at the end he just gets the suit back anyway? Okay so it’s ACTUALLY about him learning that he doesn’t need to be an Avenger and should form his own path... except in Infinity War he becomes an Avenger anyway and even wears the suit he rejected?), the reliance on Tony Stark as mentor/father figure over Uncle Ben just can’t possibly resonate as hard because of all the baggage Stark brings with him (and it just feels kinda awkward how they dance around the subject so much like Ben’s Voldemort or something), and Vulture and Peter simply aren’t well crafted foils for each other aside from the Stark and Liz connections. You get where Vulture is coming from and why Peter would go after him... but there’s no thematic weight or depth to their conflict. In fact, I couldn’t really tell you the theme of the movie at all.
    Finally, Tom’s Peter simply doesn’t struggle enough with his responsibilities. There’s no burden, no real lesson he needs to learn. At the beginning of the movie he’s just as eager to help people as he is at the end, he isn’t forced to make any truly difficult decisions or sacrifices, he skips the party and Homecoming but neither of those feel momentous and he suffers no real or lasting consequences.
    I really hope Far From Home addresses these issues and gives us more than just a fun ride... but considering it looks like Aunt May just kinda accepts that Peter’s Spider-Man and even packs the suit for him... I kinda doubt it.
    Ah well... I’ll see it for Mysterio alone.

  • wisles zamor
    wisles zamor Hour ago

    Perfect opportunity I still miss that movie I love it every bit of it

  • wisles zamor
    wisles zamor Hour ago

    They still got a chance to do Spider-Man 4 it's been too long now they can make this movie 4 hours long very long why not

  • Cioaca Cristian
    Cioaca Cristian Hour ago

    Raimi Movies are the best fight me

  • john Doe
    john Doe Hour ago

    what are you now, wisecrack?

  • balthorpayne
    balthorpayne Hour ago

    Well put. Spider-Man from Raimi's trilogy spoke to infinite potential vs responsibilities. Its like the person who opts not to go away to a prestigious university because they would rather take care of an ailing parent, or someone failing at personal pursuits in order to focus on philanthropy. Peter constantly got the worst of everything because he knew with certain comforts he wouldn't be on point as a hero. Its not that he doesn't want better for himself, but a guy who has to drop everything at a moments notice and be gone hours at a time to fight a given threat will never excel.
    Think about how Superman can hear literal suffering across the planet...he has to choose when to act or he would never live anything close to a normal life. Peter has a percentage of Superman's abilities and he has sacrificed everything to stop purse snatchers and bank robbers (banks are insured, he shouldn't even bother!) Core to the character is that the moment he was able to act, after getting his powers, he literally could not ignore what was going on around him anymore. Even more, when he has lost his powers at various points, he still felt compelled to face threats because that is who he is. Spider-Man and Peter Parker are one in the same, and both get zero recognition for how much they sacrifice for one of the most thankless jobs in comics. The movies nailed it perfectly.

  • Gecko Rob
    Gecko Rob Hour ago

    Maguire sucked.

  • Christian Björck
    Christian Björck 2 hours ago

    Into The Spider-Verse doesn’t come close to a good Spider-Man story - too flashy and Miles is a bland protagonist with no real troubles and a cushy life. Of course you can compare. Since as you say it’s not about the suit or the powers - the character is Peter Parker. No one else.
    And I don’t agree that Peter Parker is completly selfless like say Superman. He is selfish a lot of the time, which mostly gets him into trouble, but sometimes rewards him. I mean the second movie is all about him wanting something or someone for himself - which he gets in the end. And yes he hurts the people around him, but at the same time those are the ones he would save, no matter what, if they get into trouble. He is a man who can fix the situation on his own, when he sets hos mind to it. The Raimi movies gets this, which is why they are the best. Plus J Jonah, Doc Ock and Aunt May are great in those films!

  • DeltaDragon
    DeltaDragon 3 hours ago

    MCU Spidey was such a disappointment, the whole speech he gave to tony and then putting on the suit with the Spider Man persona was basically setting him up to be like PS4 Spidey, the right mix of darkness and light but then comes homecoming where they turned both Peter and Spider-Man into a carefree clown who's biggest problem in life is Mr Stark taking away his pwecious wittle spidey suit. Cry me a fucking river. Where as Tobey and PS4 Spidey have to deal with problems like homelessness, money problems, messing up relationships, friends and family dying. It's so much easier to relate to those two iterations of the character than Holland's Spider-Man.

  • another comment
    another comment 3 hours ago

    It's not Spiderman's costume
    It's not Spiderman's power
    It's not Spiderman's name
    -It's pizza time-

  • Zerot3ch
    Zerot3ch 3 hours ago

    Why even do this comparison? Spider-tom was made to be a part of the MCU. The main focus wasn't to tell the story and background of Spider-Man. Spider -toby is a stand alone story of Spider-Man. Tis different stories, two different spideys

  • Noah Harned
    Noah Harned 3 hours ago


  • Sam .P
    Sam .P 3 hours ago

    I like Tobey version way better than any other all because his powers seem more prominent than the others. All the other versions use way to much tech, and not much spider powers.

  • Zanda Holmes
    Zanda Holmes 3 hours ago

    Pizza time killed me! 😂

  • SamurayGiatto
    SamurayGiatto 4 hours ago

    I 100% agree

  • Andrew Chapman
    Andrew Chapman 4 hours ago

    That's what I've said for a long time toby Peter Parker is great Andrew Garfield spider is awesome but Holland the the greatest cuz he's able to put both together at once

  • BeeTeeCee _
    BeeTeeCee _ 4 hours ago

    Irony, right?

  • Nikolas Manuelides
    Nikolas Manuelides 5 hours ago

    100% this, wait make it 200

  • Rudra narayan Dash
    Rudra narayan Dash 5 hours ago

    No one can replace Tobey Magure.

  • BPGaming
    BPGaming 5 hours ago

    Probably why I like them a little bit more than Tom... It's all the people that probably going to bash on me for saying this I did say a little. And no I do not hate Andrew either.

  • Wiggy
    Wiggy 5 hours ago

    Toby McGuire is a douche.

  • Kasino80
    Kasino80 5 hours ago

    I'll agree that the movies are good, but it's because of Raimi. I really don't like Maguire's whining.

  • We Are Pratticous
    We Are Pratticous 5 hours ago

    No u

  • Nathaniel Kelsey
    Nathaniel Kelsey 6 hours ago


  • Enttey
    Enttey 6 hours ago +1

    Finally some USclipr speaks the truth and doesn’t praise that dumb kid that trips trying to walk

  • Hoshi Mate
    Hoshi Mate 6 hours ago +1

    Agree. Tobey's version captures the ideal Spiderman that we grew and love.

  • Akash srivastava
    Akash srivastava 6 hours ago

    Andrew and Tom ducks, Tobey rocks

  • Ian Chavarria
    Ian Chavarria 6 hours ago

    Shinji Tôdô is the best Spider-Man get on my level, son.

  • Mike Restrepo
    Mike Restrepo 6 hours ago

    Finally someone gets it

  • FromVtotheD
    FromVtotheD 7 hours ago

    But he’s not.....awkward

  • Spideyblue Baker
    Spideyblue Baker 7 hours ago

    Toby is the best

  • TheAmazingWonderDog
    TheAmazingWonderDog 9 hours ago

    you do know that's your opinion, I find tom Holland the best Spider-Man actor

  • Juan Carlos Figueroa
    Juan Carlos Figueroa 9 hours ago

    Tom's spiderman is stil growing though. Love Toby's spidey but I don't agree on putting in as the best as an absolute truth. Depending on from which point fans relate they may have another one as their favourite.
    Nice video nonetheless :)

  • Quota
    Quota 9 hours ago

    Of course it is.

  • Lannuz
    Lannuz 10 hours ago +1

    There's 2 main reason why Tobey's Spider Man is the best:
    1) Not changing it to pg-13 Highschool moronic tween-newb (FFS he's suppose to be a young scientist/photographer that's in Uni, working, and is in a relationship with a gal that acts like she's probably into kinky sex ).
    2) Sticking close to it's origins comic/ 90's spider man animated series. You know they fucked up hard when they decided to make Aunt May into young boobalicious' cougar.

  • Lemon Boy
    Lemon Boy 10 hours ago

    Shut up nerd

  • faZe Greg Paul
    faZe Greg Paul 10 hours ago

    Your comparing 3 movies to 1 movie i guess when he gets 3 it would be fair

  • CadenDaDemon
    CadenDaDemon 10 hours ago

    I disagree I like Tom hollnd

  • faZe Greg Paul
    faZe Greg Paul 10 hours ago

    Wait so people are not allowed to have opinions

  • Rodprz P
    Rodprz P 10 hours ago


  • Markus Vakalis
    Markus Vakalis 10 hours ago

    The Amazing Spiderman movies keep getting shit on, and I'm just here thinking about if I'm an idiot for loving those movies to death

  • MOMO
    MOMO 10 hours ago

    30-year-old high schooler vs A TEENAGER.
    the problem is the writing and lack of classic SPIDER-MAN themes, burden/responsibility etc...
    but the new SPIDER-MAN just started, give it time, and the boy is better than any other PETER PARKER in terms of acting/voice/charisma.

  • icewallowcman
    icewallowcman 11 hours ago

    fk Tobey

  • burnum
    burnum 11 hours ago

    2? You mean 3. And yes, I'm including Japanese Spidey.
    Also, Garfield is the best when coming to solving problems WITH science. Something that Peter is best known for: His LOVE FOR SCIENCE.

  • Danny Svetlick
    Danny Svetlick 11 hours ago

    Yeah no, both Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunce hated being in the Sam Raimi films. Kirsten even said that she hates superhero films in general. Meanwhile Tom Holland not only loves being the character but he even goes so far as to also read the source material. People like Tobey because of nostalgia, not because he's good. Plus don't even get me started on that bullshit he pulled during one of his poker games.

    • Ti My
      Ti My 9 hours ago +1

      This video made real arguments and you spent your whole time talking about the actors behind the scenes. You literally brought up his poker games. Do you even logic bro?

  • Izaak Johnson
    Izaak Johnson 11 hours ago

    Wrong, Tom Holland is a much better Peter parker

  • rubenalv65
    rubenalv65 11 hours ago

    Awkward when he isn't the best spiderman anymore......

    • rubenalv65
      rubenalv65 9 hours ago

      +Ti My what's awkward as well is a someone seems to be getting butthurt over an oppinion and don't say you didn't because you obviously did or else you wouldn't of commented lmao pathetic

    • Ti My
      Ti My 9 hours ago +1

      It's not awkward. Nobody cares about your personal feelings.

  • Poverty Potluck
    Poverty Potluck 11 hours ago +1

    They hated them cause they spoke the truth

  • Timothy Higgins
    Timothy Higgins 12 hours ago +1

    I agree 100%

  • NeoSe7ens
    NeoSe7ens 12 hours ago +1

    I agree 100%

  • lorenzo 9801
    lorenzo 9801 13 hours ago +1

    When i think of a phrase i shit u not I think of "youll get you're rent when you fix this DAMN DOOR"

  • Marcmallow M80
    Marcmallow M80 13 hours ago

    In defense of Tom Holland's Spiderman, they're still early on with his story and I do believe they will start to go down that path, especially after endgame.

  • Wildheart
    Wildheart 13 hours ago

    He was only the best before Garfield came along imo. I forgot where I watched it but the best way I’ve seen it analyzed is that Toby was the best Peter Parker but Andrew was the best Spiderman. I feel like that is a perfect perception by comparison. Tom Holland is better than both in every way however.

  • Braden Wilson
    Braden Wilson 14 hours ago

    Toby's character was way to corruptable to embody the great power comes great responsibility,

    • Braden Wilson
      Braden Wilson 8 hours ago

      +Ti My except he isn't conflicted about it. He kills the man he thinks killed his uncle, feels bad about it, finds out someone else killed ben and tries killing him too.

    • Ti My
      Ti My 9 hours ago +1

      Lol wtf? Even if that were actually true, wouldn't that make him a perfect candidate by showing him be conflicted about it?

  • Badboy20400
    Badboy20400 14 hours ago

    No, spiderman from the comics will always be the best spiderman

    • Badboy20400
      Badboy20400 2 hours ago

      +Ti My thats the point, people can choose a fav from a whole variety not just 3

    • Ti My
      Ti My 9 hours ago +1

      Do you know how many comic versions of spiderman there are?

  • jay bel
    jay bel 14 hours ago +1

    Who cares aut may is hot af with the new version

  • jeffmurnahan
    jeffmurnahan 14 hours ago +2

    I don't think Tom Holland could have played Toby's version of Spider-Man as well. We can say Tom is more enjoyable because he's more bright and uplifting, and Toby's character is not, because he's dark and miserable. Toby's version doesn't provide the escapism that we all kind of look for in a super hero movie. Toms Spider-Man is clearly based off of the newer cartoons where Spider-Man is a son figure to iron man, and Toby's Spider-Man is clearly based off of the 90's cartoon which is full of stressful moments for Peter Parker. Honestly that cartoon is darker than toms version of Spider-Man
    Also, when the characters in civil war faded away, their blood and guts should have been falling out of them. There was nothing keeping that from happening except for editing and not wanting an R rating. Imagine how horrifyingly satisfying that scene could have been

  • MetanoiaAm
    MetanoiaAm 14 hours ago

    Often, a hero goes through an arc, where they learn that, they are just one person, and to shoulder too much responsibility, and to not only feel bad about failing to save even a single person, or to stop a single bad guy, but to actually start to see it as their own fault, and not the fault of the villain when these things happen, is detrimental to the hero actually being a hero. The arc stereo-typically ends with the hero realizing they can't be everything to everyone, they aren't perfect, bad things happen with or without them, and being a hero doesn't mean not being deserving of the same things everyone else has. The problem with Spider-Toby, and really any version like him, including the version of Peter Parker in Spider-verse, is that none of these Peter Parker(s) are allowed to have this arc. They must ALWAYS suffer, and ALWAYS feel bad about it, and ALWAYS blame themselves, and ALWAYS having nothing to show for their lives. This version of Spider-Man that people like, would in reality either be an 80 year old man, dying alone in a one room, rundown, slum, and no one ever knowing he was Spider-Man, buried in a government subsidized plot that may or may not even have "Peter Parker" on it, or it might just be a serial number. Or the crushing weight of his "existence", or lack there of, would have caused him to commit suicide at 40. Do fans just get off on "Peter Parker Must Suffer" tropes or something? Do the writers who write him that way? Is Peter Parker as an interesting character OUTSIDE the costume, just that disgusting to people, that they have to write him so he gets as little time outside the suit as possible? "Back in the suit Parker, no one cares about you as a human being, so shut up and go fight the King Pin for 90000 time". And then, to top it off, the last decade, where Peter Parker actually became relevant outside the suit, and they writer him as a complete horrible person. Go figure.

    • Ti My
      Ti My 8 hours ago

      Welcome to coming of age stories. Life isn't supposed to have easy answers. And the more you grow up the more you learn that. That is what their arcs are about. Suffering is part of how they grow.

  • special videos
    special videos 14 hours ago +1

    It doesn't need to say that Tobie is best in playing the role of Spiderman ☺️😊👍👌💐😃😄😅😍😘

  • a Milling
    a Milling 15 hours ago

    They were fine imo, but i'm all about 616 Peter B. Parker, and i quite like Hollands portrayal of the webhead.
    Only thing i truly thing is superior of the Sam Raimi
    movies, is J. Jonah Jameson, you can never find a more perfect cast actor than JK Simmons as JJJ.

  • Paul Adragna
    Paul Adragna 15 hours ago +1

    I do agree that Tobey Maguire is the best Spider-Man, but I think Tom is the best Peter Parker and a great Spider-Man.

  • Brooke Schoettle
    Brooke Schoettle 15 hours ago

    Uhhhh Tobey Maguire will never be the best Spiderman.

  • Apoc5k
    Apoc5k 16 hours ago

    WRONG!!!, once Tobey Maguire did that douchebag dance in Spider-Man 3, all respect went out the window, the new Spider-Man is way better.

  • Jendl Irlandez
    Jendl Irlandez 16 hours ago

    And that is your opinion, lol.

  • Flursh
    Flursh 16 hours ago

    juat wanted to stop in here after seeing the title to say, wrong

  • Cyril Moore
    Cyril Moore 16 hours ago +1

    I love Spider-Man 3

  • Brian Haywood
    Brian Haywood 16 hours ago

    He is a good spiderman because of the train scene....

  • OriginalTharios
    OriginalTharios 17 hours ago

    No. I hated him before, and now there are better options. For the entirety of all three movies...I wanted to put a gun in his squeaky-voiced pedphile-sounding mouth and blow his brains all over the city. His entire performance was nails-on-the-chalkboard. And his character was a complete moron, entirely incapable of making any kind of rational decision.

  • Edward Romanski
    Edward Romanski 17 hours ago

    Im not even going to watch this video. Because you're wrong

  • LP Forever
    LP Forever 17 hours ago

    Tom Holland's version barely has any trouble for the character while Maguire's is the most humanly close to ours.
    Tom Holland's version is meant to enterntain while Maguire's is meant to inspire and teach us a lesson.

  • Dimas Wahyu Pratama
    Dimas Wahyu Pratama 17 hours ago +1

    Tobey's spidey is the BEST!

  • Ahturos
    Ahturos 17 hours ago

    Wow only I who liked Andrew? Oh well. Well I do think Sam Raimi did well potraying Peter as a loser in his movies but I do think he went to much focus on it. Yes Peter got it hard but there is a balance when his life can be great and then fall apart just as easy. The tone in the other movies are more in my taste even thought I do think Tom can get to struggle a little more, I do like the last half of Homecoming becuse of that. But Spider-Verse really showed us a good loser Peter Parker who was still willing to get up and try again. And hey they really pushed that point home. No matter how many times I will, I will always get back up.

  • Amir Eskaev
    Amir Eskaev 17 hours ago

    I think he missed the "amazing spiderman" series

  • Salman Airlangga
    Salman Airlangga 17 hours ago +1

    I feel the same way towards spidertom! I definitely wished mcu had structured him better and made him more emotionally impactful as spidertobey

  • Brian Page
    Brian Page 17 hours ago

    Huh...you know what? You're right. I guess I just let the "train wreck" (see what I did there? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) that was Spider-Man 3 ruin it for me.

  • jim richardson
    jim richardson 17 hours ago

    Tom holland is the best spiderman case closed

  • Leonard
    Leonard 17 hours ago

    Thank You Bro! I still think Tobey is the best!

  • MrFloppypancakes
    MrFloppypancakes 17 hours ago

    Those movies were fuckin retarded

  • TD Reviews Movies
    TD Reviews Movies 17 hours ago +1

    I think Peter Parker from Spider-Man Into the spider verse comes quite close, also he feels like a logical progression of the character from his prime to being all washed up.

  • Lindsey Maul
    Lindsey Maul 18 hours ago

    "everybody gets one!"

  • Dwight Chase
    Dwight Chase 18 hours ago

    The only problem with the MCU spiderman is because we know that he meets the avengers and that pretty much trumps everything in terms of tension that could possibly come before it. Toby's spiderman Avengers was not even a blip on the radar we can't compare these two at all. We need to be grateful that the dream of seeing Spiderman in the same movie as Ironman is a big deal and live with the consequences that ensue. We are a few weeks out from endgame I am sure that they will bring new tension to his character there...

  • LeonX
    LeonX 18 hours ago

    begone raimi haters

  • Juice
    Juice 18 hours ago

    No. He's nothing like comic book Spider-Man.

    • Thrawn Mon
      Thrawn Mon 17 hours ago +1

      Juice wrong, Tobey is actually way more accurate to the 60s and 70s comics if you actually read them

  • heikki1984 heikki1984
    heikki1984 heikki1984 18 hours ago

    tom holland is real Spider-Man.

  • Serapis Bey
    Serapis Bey 19 hours ago

    I actually appreciate the pizza time. Just as what you said despite saving people, Peter Parker does his best to make money despite his struggles. The simplicity of the portrayal gives more depth to it.

  • Serapis Bey
    Serapis Bey 19 hours ago +1

    I don't get how people separate spiderman from Peter Parker. Some say Tom Holand is the best spiderman and Tobey is the best Peter Parker. So they think Holand is the best Spiderman because he jokes? The F is that. Spiderman/Peter Parker/Tobey protrayed that his power is a great responsibility, he makes jokes a few times yet he is focus at the task at hand and it never feels separate from his character to the audience.

  • SirAren
    SirAren 19 hours ago

    1:14 Now we are talking
    1:18 Wait, What?

  • Mysterio Acapello
    Mysterio Acapello 19 hours ago

    No take off the nostalgia glasses off!!!! The 1 and 2 were cool 3 was No

  • NieR Automata
    NieR Automata 19 hours ago

    Here’s the way I look at it and why I believe Tobey will always have the best Spider-Man movies:
    Tobey’s movies stayed true to his origin story, Uncle Ben is the main reason why he became Spider-Man. And mention him in each movie.
    Tom’s movie on the other hand doesn’t even acknowledge Uncle Ben expect one time and it was short. I know it’s a MCU Spider-Man but you can’t replace Uncle Ben for Iron man. Nobody can replace Uncle Ben, he’s the REASON why Peter is Spider-Man. “With great power comes great responsibility”
    I’m not hating on Tom and I love Homecoming, if they would’ve stayed close to his Origin story along with everything else it would’ve been perfect.
    So in short
    Tobey: Had the best story
    Tom: is the perfect Spider-Man

  • Nishant Mane
    Nishant Mane 19 hours ago

    As a character i think Holland’s spiderman has many lessons to learn..i mean he still is a 16 year old kid in queens..I think we’ll see many harder thinks he has to deal with as time goes by..

  • Jerome Alday
    Jerome Alday 20 hours ago +1

    People keeps separating Peter Parker and Spiderman. They are the same entity. You can't say he's a good Spiderman but not a good Peter Parker. I mean what the hell is that.Spiderman is Peter with a masked on.

  • Timmy Joe PC Tech
    Timmy Joe PC Tech 21 hour ago

    NOOoooooOooOo what are you talking about. He was a terrible spiderman

  • Bolaji Jabez
    Bolaji Jabez 22 hours ago

    Miles Morales is best(ultimate) Spiderman and also the best Miles Morales.

  • egoy34
    egoy34 22 hours ago

    i hope in the spiderverse will show tobey, andrew, emma, kirsten.
    it would be awesome.

  • rozahalimi zakaria
    rozahalimi zakaria 23 hours ago +1

    Tobey is spider man