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Professor Green - Jungle (High Rankin Remix)

  • Published on Dec 16, 2010
  • High Rankin's remix of Jungle by Professor Green - Available to buy as part of the 'Jungle' remix package, available soon on iTunes.
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Comments • 4 886

  • Ádám Gulyás
    Ádám Gulyás 5 days ago


  • Wadder
    Wadder 14 days ago

    Me wobbling around in 2011 lol so nice

  • Vivina Prescotto
    Vivina Prescotto 23 days ago

    2019! :D

  • Luke Jones
    Luke Jones 2 months ago +1

    Still here ..... 2019 ???

  • MKY Records.
    MKY Records. 3 months ago +1

    9 years on and still an absolute classic!

  • Daniel Zeoli
    Daniel Zeoli 4 months ago +1

    WOW ❤️ what nostalgia 💖 thank you Professor Green 💚💚

  • Sam Rimmer
    Sam Rimmer 4 months ago +1

    2019 🤘🏼

  • Tristan Grenier
    Tristan Grenier 4 months ago

    fucking trash

  • Žilvinas Stakvilevič
    Žilvinas Stakvilevič 5 months ago

    Good music best

  • dead rider-overdose
    dead rider-overdose 6 months ago

    hi go good

  • Nadine Weis
    Nadine Weis 6 months ago

    Absolutely favorite track since 8 years 👌❤️

  • Don't stop Man - لا تتوقف رجل

    2:28 Make Me Dance Quickly

  • Dj YA!
    Dj YA! 7 months ago


  • Keisuke Takahashi
    Keisuke Takahashi 7 months ago

    Nostalgia :’)

  • Leahlouise Marshall
    Leahlouise Marshall 8 months ago

    Bestbest song ever

  • Nock Tv
    Nock Tv 10 months ago

    Dirty af

  • HallucinogenX6
    HallucinogenX6 10 months ago

    If you dont think this song kicks, you arent listening to it on the right system lol

  • Billie Elish Fan
    Billie Elish Fan 11 months ago

    Made the remix of it I’m very proud

  • Billie Elish Fan
    Billie Elish Fan 11 months ago

    And it’s very fun this song and who ever

  • Billie Elish Fan
    Billie Elish Fan 11 months ago

    And we used this song

  • Billie Elish Fan
    Billie Elish Fan 11 months ago

    So a week ago a high school had a dance performance and my class were chosen

  • Sadesko
    Sadesko Year ago


  • Guy Fawkeson
    Guy Fawkeson Year ago

    Epic intro ruined by a wank drop! Kicks in ok afterwards but why oh why! So much potential

  • ellie hen
    ellie hen Year ago

    Sick remix

  • ᏒᎧᏰᎧᏖᏁᎥᏦ 75 ᙭Ƴ乙

    2009, 2010, 2011
    Highest peak of dubstep

  • Chris scip
    Chris scip Year ago

    where is the jungle than?

  • Scythe Sphinx
    Scythe Sphinx Year ago

    Sounds like aids

  • Sadesko
    Sadesko Year ago


  • Kenneth Keown
    Kenneth Keown Year ago

    No one has been here for sometime

  • Miguel Batista
    Miguel Batista Year ago

    8 years ago was released this masterpiece

  • JustAlex
    JustAlex Year ago

    Still a mastersong in 2018!

  • Oliver Hancock
    Oliver Hancock Year ago

    Wow how'd I miss this one back in the day? Sick tune. Big ups.

  • LBSC_Thomas_70
    LBSC_Thomas_70 Year ago

    The 2015 days :^)

  • Habibi Nicolle
    Habibi Nicolle Year ago

    Still hear ###2017### !!😍😍😍❤️
    Who Else?

  • Loopz
    Loopz Year ago

    Oooo fuck yea

  • Matthew Clark
    Matthew Clark Year ago

    Hate it or love it? Choose neither, just feel it. PERIOD!

  • NivekBeats
    NivekBeats Year ago

    listening in 2017 who Else?still sick Song

  • NeitDzn
    NeitDzn Year ago

    I got to change windows every year thanks to this song... neighborhood either.

  • Eduardo Perez
    Eduardo Perez Year ago +1

    Hola :V

  • Grizzy Beats
    Grizzy Beats Year ago +1

    Original song > This shit

  • TheVillmus
    TheVillmus Year ago

    2k17 are u there ?

  • Honeys Vlogs
    Honeys Vlogs 2 years ago

    Luv this song

  • Daniels Ananjevs
    Daniels Ananjevs 2 years ago

    still sounds great

  • Martin Nielsen
    Martin Nielsen 2 years ago

    it got a to dark brekdown and there for nice to her in a club but not like this..

  • Nesku
    Nesku 2 years ago


  • JayLewt
    JayLewt 2 years ago

    Black ops 1.....those were the days...

  • Team Nordic
    Team Nordic 2 years ago


  • M.Y. Lightbringer
    M.Y. Lightbringer 2 years ago

    2008-2014 .. Best Dub and DnB time. Thanks UKF.

  • † вʟαcκяσѕє
    † вʟαcκяσѕє 2 years ago

    *Ohh Boiii Fucking ❤ It Yoo ~*

  • vaporbot 86
    vaporbot 86 2 years ago +1

    this has been in my watch later section for god knows how long ive loved this song for a while ive never realised until now in my weed fuled stupor professor green has something to do with pot

  • liam white
    liam white 2 years ago


  • il Gxt Rxkt li il Gxt Rxkt li

    Nice bass

  • John Bishop
    John Bishop 2 years ago

    smash mode 2017

  • Top Shelf
    Top Shelf 2 years ago

    my lungs have to be about to give out

  • Wayne Midgley
    Wayne Midgley 2 years ago

    WUB WUB 👌

  • M P
    M P 2 years ago

    dr. green

    • M P
      M P 2 years ago

      po polsku

    • Leon Fyah Records
      Leon Fyah Records 2 years ago +1

      Jakub Pastuszka I wounded what he studied to get the degree ahaha but no I'm a fan from back in the day

    • Leon Fyah Records
      Leon Fyah Records 2 years ago

      Jakub Pastuszka Theresa green too ahah and I'm only messing about

    • Henry Aldwinckle
      Henry Aldwinckle 2 years ago

      Professor Green

    • Leon Fyah Records
      Leon Fyah Records 2 years ago

      Jakub Pastuszka mr green

  • Kane Stokes
    Kane Stokes 2 years ago +1

    still after 6 years its not as good as monster 👌👌

  • Lucy Hayward
    Lucy Hayward 2 years ago +1

    Best dubstep (sick)

  • ELiTEViP3R
    ELiTEViP3R 2 years ago +19

    Clearly the people hating on the drop aren't wearing headphones!

    • El Homo
      El Homo 2 years ago +1

      ELiTEViP3R why headphones? headphones typically have fuck all bass. currently running 2 12" subwoofers, 4 6 1/2" speakers and 2 1 1/2" tweeters in my car. definitely better than any headphones

  • Sammi McColl
    Sammi McColl 2 years ago


  • This is Good
    This is Good 2 years ago +1

    2017 (y)

  • IOS Gamer
    IOS Gamer 2 years ago


  • San
    San 2 years ago +6


  • Lj HowzzE
    Lj HowzzE 2 years ago +1

    wow so amazing until the drop :( :( disappointing

  • Sin Jam
    Sin Jam 2 years ago

    Who listen's to this horrible crap.

  • pedro mota
    pedro mota 2 years ago +1

    This version is so much better than the others , this version was the first i heard i though it was the original but when i knew it wasnt, i heard the original and the drop in there is so lifeless, in this version is way better

  • Bazzabazeman
    Bazzabazeman 2 years ago +2

    Damn, throwback time

  • Semp:iternal
    Semp:iternal 2 years ago

    1.25 speed!

  • oh really
    oh really 2 years ago

    this tune is still pretty op....

  • PW ToBeat
    PW ToBeat 2 years ago


  • Ella Field
    Ella Field 2 years ago +1

    2016, still sounding amazing!!

  • JojiTrash01
    JojiTrash01 2 years ago +2

    That intro was fucking fire m8! Orchestral intros are always great! :3

    • EggRol
      EggRol 2 years ago

      its actually the original intro of the song but yeah its a good intro and good that he kept it

    • tanya winson
      tanya winson 2 years ago +2

      totally agree progressiveness into a track is the best

  • Brryce
    Brryce 2 years ago +3

    The drop does suck I can totally see what people are talking about. Where is the original?

  • RewindzEU
    RewindzEU 2 years ago


  • George Quintero
    George Quintero 2 years ago +29

    ahhhh black ops 1

  • The Mysterious
    The Mysterious 3 years ago

    Check out my new amazing track!

  • LiiQUiiD WiiKiiD
    LiiQUiiD WiiKiiD 3 years ago

    Ooo this is naughty >=)

    JLNJ PIC 3 years ago

    can I use ur music in a u tube vid

  • jvngkookx
    jvngkookx 3 years ago +1

    When the beat drops I'm like
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    I'm deaf.

  • Dirty Dan
    Dirty Dan 3 years ago


  • JohnyAndStejsky
    JohnyAndStejsky 3 years ago +13

    2016 like 😊

  • Matriarhat1
    Matriarhat1 3 years ago +198

    After 6 years my neighbours still don´t like this song : /

  • Danny Quinn
    Danny Quinn 3 years ago

    Better one

  • TigerTamer
    TigerTamer 3 years ago

    not as good as supa hot fire

  • 69머학생
    69머학생 3 years ago +2

    Original is better than this shitty one

  • James Cheeks
    James Cheeks 3 years ago +16

    Damn what a top tier track. I don't understand the hate in the comments.

    • JKF
      JKF 2 months ago

      Didn't expect to find you here too James, good to know you appreciate similar music.

    • Adiin:-)
      Adiin:-) 3 years ago

      +James cheeks I like the 16 bit remix of this better

  • Mani Matter
    Mani Matter 3 years ago

    U mirin?

  • Alex
    Alex 3 years ago

    download link?

  • AVIX
    AVIX 3 years ago +2

    They fucked up this song with that shitty drop, anyone else know a better version, or at least blend it with something else

    • Jordan Glowacki
      Jordan Glowacki 2 years ago +1

      +AVIX this isn't the original song it's been mixed. the original professor green jungle is way better..

    • adam armstrong
      adam armstrong 2 years ago

      cmon mate 4 months later still nothing better thats what i thought so keep your mouth shut

    • AVIX
      AVIX 3 years ago

      +OhHeyItsAres The drop is shit, Flux Pavilion has the best drops

    • ِ ِ
      ِ ِ 3 years ago

      +AVIX i liked the drop but it was a bit to hard and it could of said "jungle" in the middle of the drop when it goes less bassy

  • John
    John 3 years ago

    This had essence's of glitch-hop

  • James Burchett
    James Burchett 3 years ago

    this is now the newest comment

    • James Burchett
      James Burchett 3 years ago +2

      +xXxCoOlAnDeDgYnAmEzZz. fuck you dave

    • 0time
      0time 3 years ago

      this is the newest comment

  • George .Starr
    George .Starr 3 years ago


  • AJ 901
    AJ 901 3 years ago

    Shit 6 years later and still burning

  • MSi Maxx
    MSi Maxx 3 years ago

    still awesome 6 years later :D

  • Delbex
    Delbex 3 years ago

    schmockyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy .D

    SALAZARR 3 years ago +3


      SALAZARR 3 years ago

      if u dont know what means that kind of comments looks like u are reallt foolish , cheers m8

    • Anonymous Beast
      Anonymous Beast 3 years ago

      These kind of comments are stupid. Mozart is still fire to this day and I hate that shit.

  • Razer Monstrosity
    Razer Monstrosity 3 years ago +2


  • Brayden O
    Brayden O 3 years ago +8

    Many people here don't have good subwoofers, it seems.

    HIGH LIFEXD 3 years ago

    still amazing

  • FFmTim
    FFmTim 3 years ago

    5years later... still awesome :D