Galaxy A Official TVC: Built for the Era of Live

  • Published on Apr 10, 2019
  • Meet the new Galaxy A.
    Built for the Era of Live.
    Capture more and share more with an Ultra Wide lens with a field of 123-degree vision.
    Keep connected with a long lasting battery.
    Experience a truly uninterrupted view with New Infininty Display*.
    Shoot epic on both sides with Rotating Camera*.
    Learn more:
    #GalaxyA #GalaxyA80 #GalaxyA70 #GalaxyA50 #GalaxyA30
    * New Infinity Display and Rotating Camera only available on Galaxy A80.
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Comments • 676

  • Armani The-Great
    Armani The-Great 6 hours ago

    S10 + is amazing

  • Aaron Fitzgerald
    Aaron Fitzgerald 9 hours ago

    Why are all the people in Samsung adverts African? I will not buy a Samsung phone again!

  • Anime Fan
    Anime Fan 13 hours ago

    Does Galaxy A6 2018 counts as one of the sieries

  • Leonell Cawayan
    Leonell Cawayan 17 hours ago

    Just bought the Samsung Galaxy A70 and it's awesome. I love it. 😍

  • Bhavani Devi
    Bhavani Devi 19 hours ago

    Why does my a50 gets low on battery life faster with prolong use? I wonder why?? 🤔🤔🤔🤔 Like within 5 five hours, it's zero..... It's an amazing phone otherwise as am not into super loud sound

  • Daniel Gomez
    Daniel Gomez 20 hours ago

    It hurt my ears REEEAAALLLYYY 0:04

  • प्रतापराव शिंदे

    Plz add screen record function

  • JohnAlexpro
    JohnAlexpro Day ago

    0:30 Changed to iphone

  • Kodźpak PL UK
    Kodźpak PL UK Day ago

    I recently bought a 2018 Samsung A7

  • Ben Carpenter
    Ben Carpenter Day ago

    That’s a notch Samsung...

  • Hi there
    Hi there Day ago +1

    I love samsung so badly and I am sticking to samsung but the apps and emojis that are on iPhones I wish they were on samsung

  • Imagine YT
    Imagine YT Day ago

    Samsung became the meme team

  • arslan aslam
    arslan aslam Day ago

    They never say anything about video stabilization, do they?

  • A lenda 28
    A lenda 28 2 days ago

    Hello Samsung, my phone a Samsung Galaxy J7 metal 2016 (SM-J710MN) this with little or almost no RAM is poorly optimized then launch an update remover half of these apps pre-installed useless and optimize the MOBILE. Because you do not like Motorola and they put PURE ANDROID.

  • Christian Lyrics
    Christian Lyrics 2 days ago

    A is for dead memes

  • Michael
    Michael 2 days ago

    My ears!! That was soooo loud!!! (At the beginning).

  • Nick Moore
    Nick Moore 2 days ago

    No, A is for 

  • pfc
    pfc 2 days ago

    Im actually on an A5 (its still old)

  • Mamad HK
    Mamad HK 3 days ago

    i got A7 18 its so cool thx Samsung❤👌🏻

  • DuongSamaMCPE
    DuongSamaMCPE 3 days ago

    0:30 lol 🤣

  • ProAlexYTB
    ProAlexYTB 3 days ago

    Who have A50 like this com😁🤚

  • watashiwa M desu
    watashiwa M desu 3 days ago

    Give me back ip68

  • karthik kumar
    karthik kumar 4 days ago

    I bought a50 last month😥😥

  • timmy turner
    timmy turner 4 days ago +1

    k is for... ambidextrous

  • Emil Teymurov
    Emil Teymurov 4 days ago


  • Lucas Nunes
    Lucas Nunes 4 days ago

    Só de boa vendo pelo meu Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 😎

  • UncommonGaming
    UncommonGaming 4 days ago


  • Freak Gamer
    Freak Gamer 4 days ago

    Please please sir update the software of Samsung Galaxy SGH-I527

    *NIGGA WHAT?* 4 days ago +1


  • AmericanEggDoctor Android


  • FaZe Pukachu
    FaZe Pukachu 5 days ago +1

    I honestly didnt see this phone comimg. Had to see it to believe it

  • دعاء دعاء
    دعاء دعاء 5 days ago

    I have a30

  • Eddy Garcia
    Eddy Garcia 5 days ago

    Estoy estafo porque Samsung estoy porque Samsung dar presión para ti al Samsung galaxy 10s que malo son porque no me fregada Free Samsung galaxy 10s

  • jwhanhust
    jwhanhust 5 days ago

    Thought it was P20

  • Jughead Is Hot AF
    Jughead Is Hot AF 5 days ago +1

    Looks awesome! I got my note 9 just a few months ago so no upgrade for me

  • Naki Pumkin
    Naki Pumkin 5 days ago

    The Samsung=A80 rotating camera
    The case=nope..

  • Raze Playz
    Raze Playz 6 days ago

    A is for

  • Aesthetic_ N.C
    Aesthetic_ N.C 6 days ago

    0:04 *EAR RAPE*

  • Leon Camero
    Leon Camero 6 days ago


  • alaa mohamed
    alaa mohamed 7 days ago

    song 29:00 plz

  • Kincardine, Ontario, Canada, NAE

    Commercial bad but phones are good

  • ㄥㄚメ口メ口メ口

    Time to support apple

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus 9 days ago

    I bought the A50 and other people are unlocking my phone from the finger print scanner! Why is that Samsung?

  • Chrysanthi M
    Chrysanthi M 9 days ago +1

    Song 0:30-0:40 ???🥰

    • matej1987
      matej1987 Day ago

      Bag Raiders - Shooting Stars

  • Tedmo channel
    Tedmo channel 9 days ago

    когда выйдет а60?

  • Badgaltt Music
    Badgaltt Music 10 days ago

    Camera still sucks.

  • Neko Chan
    Neko Chan 10 days ago

    Whats the name of the song ??

  • Jatz
    Jatz 10 days ago

    Samsung should make Polycarbonate like a3 feels!

  • Isaac Chook
    Isaac Chook 10 days ago

    A is

  • CoachSarfo
    CoachSarfo 10 days ago

    Samsung Phones Are 2 Years Dead Towards The Future. They Are Just Here For Your Money. No Software Updates For 5 Note. Shame On You Samsung

  • Yejoon Yang
    Yejoon Yang 10 days ago

    I almost thought that was Huawei's p30 pro but then I realized that it was just one of Samsung's mid range phones lol

  • Ho seng Yap
    Ho seng Yap 10 days ago

    What is the song title

  • Israel Lopez
    Israel Lopez 11 days ago

    Y El A10 ?

  • Anderson
    Anderson 11 days ago

    I'm not sure if the s9 is better or this phone

  • ZexOlemN
    ZexOlemN 11 days ago

    The fingerprint scanner sucks

  • Kavita Arya
    Kavita Arya 11 days ago

    Built for live

  • F.B .I
    F.B .I 11 days ago +1

    They should pur crab rave and say
    Galexy J is gone🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀

  • funny tv
    funny tv 11 days ago


    NIKGO 12 days ago

    I like the a80 more than the s10 but i think i buy the s10 because of the much better performance (i'm note 8 user)

  • pranay Naik
    pranay Naik 12 days ago

    Give an update for face unlock on samsung Galaxy a50.

  • Hale Prophecy
    Hale Prophecy 12 days ago +1

    Some reason galaxy a80 isn't in America D;

  • Jinger Partin
    Jinger Partin 12 days ago

    A is for why did you put a dead meme in

  • English-RC
    English-RC 12 days ago

    Inferior phones let's be honest the new galaxy phones are not as strong as S1 S2 S4 days.
    If 10 million S7's sold I'll bet 6 million are smashed by now. Me and my wifey have both smashed our S7 phones dropping them.
    I threw my s4 and it was fine. But 2ft slow drop caves in the newer ones. Look at Ebay used galaxy phones way too many are smashed.
    It's the last chance now I swear to God if this galaxy gets cracked i will never buy anything Samsung ever again.
    £1000 phone and its as delicate glass. Built in feature I think to force early upgrade.
    Which sure it will. But to One plus next time.
    The one plus 6T sounds just as good as any Samsung minus afew features we don't really need.
    Beast screen. Great audio. Tons of memory and ram. Half decent camera and not spammed with spyware and Samsung CRapp's.
    Force of habit got them this sale but I swear that's it next time.
    The Samsung phones aren't even superior to China phones. I researched the S9 and S10. Both released with tons of issues.
    The S10 has such a long list of issues I thought stuff it I'll go S9 and save £500 because what's the point in paying premium price when they are full of bugs.
    I already switched to LG TV's after only having Samsung screens 8 in total I think.
    2x TVs.
    3x phones at once.
    PC monitor.
    2x tabs for the kids they are awesome but stupid slow.
    That's the difference in Samsung now days.
    Galaxy Tab A the basic thing I bought my kids one each as 2yr olds and they hammered those tabs and still are now. No cracks at all yet no case and tantrum launched across rooms.
    But now delicate 2ft drop buy a new one. They think they are very clever offering screens that crack way to easy but cannot be fixed easy. BUY NEW they think. Yes but not Samsung. Ur nearly done.
    My phone list from 2008
    Some flip thing.
    Galaxy apollo
    Galaxy Europa mrs
    S3 mrs
    S5 mrs
    S7 edge mrs
    Next China if this breaks. Mrs is getting the one plus next so I can see it.

    • English-RC
      English-RC 12 days ago

      Samsung have changed big time not for the better either. It's the winner mentality.
      Corps never learn though. Everytime they think they are #1 so can get away with anything they quickly become #2 or worse.
      Even Sony and Microsoft fell guilty to it. Giving the prize to the competition next gen.
      Sony ps2 success made Sony think they could charge the earth for the PS3 look what happened.
      Then Microsoft thought they could do the same thing but get away with it. Look what happened. Xbone so ps4 killed it globally. 70/30 to Sony. After it was 80/20 to Microsoft with the 360.
      Phones are 10x more competative and we are already annoyed with corps. Hence China phones displayed in our network shops. Vodafone has Hawawee whatever and one plus. People don't care about brands now that don't care about customers. Mayaswel just buy China cheap and accept they don't care. But attest dont try to pretend they do.
      I hope Sony learned the lesson. But doubt it. Winners mentality. But this is the age of tech and competition has never been so strong.
      Fix up.

  • Albert Canapi
    Albert Canapi 13 days ago

    Warning!! Earrape

  • I LightenStar I
    I LightenStar I 13 days ago

    What's with the memes that came 3 years old?

  • Enes Akpinar
    Enes Akpinar 13 days ago

    A50 IS FOR GAME ???

  • TabbyThePug
    TabbyThePug 14 days ago

    They should've put A is for the Amazing

  • Sikha Biswas
    Sikha Biswas 14 days ago

    Pleas sent me a photo of galaxy note 10

  • Manjnerd Productions
    Manjnerd Productions 15 days ago

    Seriously what is the song?

  • умид мадеминов

    Ulalala ulalala

  • 叶韦植Yap Wee Zhi
    叶韦植Yap Wee Zhi 16 days ago

    What this song is

  • mob syr
    mob syr 16 days ago +1

    After 5 years using samsung phones I moved to huawei as samsung failed to give me what I need in a smartphone, The A series has plastic cheap material they removed ip68 waterproof from the series , while huawei has premium mterial with ip68 and with good price, samsung has given the S active series to USA market ONLY and never make it after s8 and which very stupid decision by giving this phone to USA and stop mqking it too , bye bye samsung it's huawei age.

  • Clara Chintya fiorentina
    Clara Chintya fiorentina 16 days ago +1

    I kind of want to buy this cause its BLACKPINK ambassadored 🙉

  • Rosé_De _venom
    Rosé_De _venom 17 days ago

    *I will always goes with Samsung*

  • irakli chitaishvili
    irakli chitaishvili 17 days ago

    SAMSUNG GALAXY A5 2017 best A series

  • cameron alexander
    cameron alexander 17 days ago

    Apple disable documents and all of the ads

  • crying noodles
    crying noodles 17 days ago

    Samsung i just bought the s10+

  • Victor Diaz
    Victor Diaz 17 days ago

    Una verdadera ESTAFA NO COMPREN LOS NUEVOS GALAXY PROBLEMAS CON LA CALIDAD DEL GORILLA GLASS, el mio se rompio el vidrio "Gorilla Glass" estando el teléfono en mi bolsillo. No cumplen con garantia equipo nuevo poco mas de 1 mes de uso.

  • Baguio Crown Legacy
    Baguio Crown Legacy 19 days ago

    hi, when samsung a70 available in the philippines?

  • my bts
    my bts 19 days ago

    A is for Apple

  • I LightenStar I
    I LightenStar I 19 days ago

    The phone is good but it's so tall...

  • Joshua Duca
    Joshua Duca 19 days ago

    I will buy a30 because of this 😎

  • Abdali Goling
    Abdali Goling 19 days ago

    I like ALPHA70 Samsung

  • Snapigram-Social Network

    try this one
    Smartphone "Galaxy A50 Duos A505" coral

  • Snapigram-Social Network

    nice phone

  • ᄉᄋᄋ
    ᄉᄋᄋ 20 days ago

    I hawe A50 :D

  • إحساس ماينوصف

    Hi my brothers, I need to repair my screen and I do not have much money for my Galaxy S 9 Belz

  • إحساس ماينوصف

    مرحبا اخواني انني محتاج شاشة جالاكسي اس9بلص هل من مساعدة

  • Pranay Naik
    Pranay Naik 21 day ago

    Thank you for the new update i like it very much and the fingerprint is working very well. But im just waiting for the night mode in samsung Galaxy a50 i am sure you will give an update for this feature very soon

    JOEDUARDO SANTOS 22 days ago +1

    Primeiro, caso você não queira ler esta novela só compartilhe para ver
    se a Samsung tem vergonha de como trata o consumidor.
    Segundo, Caso esteja pensando em comprar um produto Samsung saiba que a
    lua de mel acaba se o produto der problema.
    Vamos ao caso, vou passar minha experiência com equipamento Notebook
    Samsung Essentials E20, depois de 1 mês de uso apresentou uma falha na
    tela, que depois de 2 tentativas na assistência técnica e enviado duas
    vezes para assistência técnica da Samsung de São Paulo, foi
    "diagnosticado" como tela trincada, este note na sua curta existência no
    meu escritório não saiu de cima de uma mesa, não tendo a possibilidade
    de ter quebrado a tela. Depois de dois meses e querendo resolver o
    assunto paguei a troca da tela. Quando chegou o note que Samsung mandou
    era outro note e um mais velho e acabado que o meu antigo. Primeiro
    queria ressaltar a incompetência de atendentes, supervisores (Jeferson) e
    mais toda a assistência que embalou um note para mandar para porto
    alegre que não era o meu. Até hoje não tive nenhuma posição da Samsung a
    não ser os dezoito protocolos das ligações inúteis que eu fiz para
    resolver o problema.
    Temos ainda o "Ótimo" serviço dos Correios que arrebentaram a caixa do
    note errado. Segue as fotos (Não compre nada de eletrônico pelos
    Caso tenha alguém do PROCON poderia passar as coordenadas para reparar a
    incompetência da Samsung
    Caso tenha algum advogado que queira pegar este caso, gostaria de um
    note novo e mais danos morais e por ter ido 2 vezes à assistência
    técnica Porto Alegre e 3 vezes no correio (sendo uma a Samsung passou um
    numero errado do Correios para envio para São Paulo). Mais quatro meses
    que minha empresa está sem o note.
    Caso tenha alguém da Samsung que tenha vergonha e queira resolver
    rapidamente o problema pode ligar (e me surpreender)
    Segue abaixo os 18 protocolos.
    2186662226 Dia 18/01
    2186697502 Dia 21/01
    1151857622 Dia 23/01
    4150409072 Dia 15/02
    1152799671 Dia 18/02
    11800853 Dia 21/02
    1153087816 Dia 25/02
    3101891503 Dia 26/02
    4150777172 Dia 27/02
    1153286448 Dia 01/03
    1153831696 Dia 19/03
    1553888086 Dia 20/03
    1154341362 Dia 29/03
    1154341754 Dia 01/04
    11544443117 Dia 02/04
    1154493062 Dia 03/04
    3101899435 Dia 05/04
    1154795667 Dia 10/04
    4151309784 dia 22/04

  • Dipen Niroula
    Dipen Niroula 22 days ago +3

    Help..which A series phone should i buy?With best price

    • Hadriano Vicente
      Hadriano Vicente 11 days ago

      +Dipen Niroula Yeah, it has 8gb of ram, SD 675, 32mp camera, usb type-c and a Headphone Jack! Search the full specs of the A70 on Google if you want to see more 😊

    • Dipen Niroula
      Dipen Niroula 11 days ago

      +Hadriano Vicente is it good in photogarphy and gaming?

    • Hadriano Vicente
      Hadriano Vicente 12 days ago

      Hey there, I prefer the Galaxy A70. 😉👍

  • N-word Police
    N-word Police 22 days ago

    i thought A is for Apple

  • 나나니니
    나나니니 23 days ago

    야 이samsungㄱㅅㄲ야 한국에는 광고 안하고 외국에만 했냐?

  • GIGAboy 5455
    GIGAboy 5455 23 days ago

    U need to learn ur alphabets

  • Kwan Linus
    Kwan Linus 24 days ago +1

    0:29 A is for dead memes

  • Bessie Hillum
    Bessie Hillum 25 days ago +1

    Well, they didn't talk much about privacy.

  • Dawood cheema
    Dawood cheema 26 days ago

    Your system wayz sucks!

  • Young kid Jell-o
    Young kid Jell-o 26 days ago

    Wow I don’t even like Samsung and this is good

  • azra spielt
    azra spielt 26 days ago

    a7 18

  • IIBlueX
    IIBlueX 26 days ago +1

    Better than rewind 2018