Am I a better chef than Gordon Ramsay? Ft. Gordon Ramsay | Madelaine Petsch

  • Published on Jun 6, 2018
  • Watching Gordon Ramsay cook on television has been a staple in my life for a long time, so i thought it would be fun to go up against the self proclaimed "King of Mean" and see if I could keep up in the kitchen, but also not cry in the process. Watch to see what happens! xx
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    Hey there, I'm Madelaine Petsch! You may recognize me from The CWs 'Riverdale' as Cheryl Blossom. I made a channel just so I could show you guys who I am when I'm not being Cheryl :) Subscribe for all things 'Madelaine' & for videos all about my adventures, bts footage and more!

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  • Kawaii Frosty
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  • Fit Dança
    Fit Dança 2 days ago

    Alguém português

  • Adam Toner
    Adam Toner 3 days ago +1

    May I just say.... MADELAINE

  • Cauctus on a window
    Cauctus on a window 3 days ago

    That looks like my granddad's armpits

  • Cauctus on a window
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  • Scarlett Morris
    Scarlett Morris 6 days ago

    I did this and got jughead Yass 💜💜💜💜

  • Elizabeth Brann
    Elizabeth Brann 6 days ago

    Yassss gud job girlll

  • Kazoline
    Kazoline 7 days ago

    At 9:04 I thought he was gonna do the woah for some reason

  • The Ari Jacob Show
    The Ari Jacob Show 7 days ago

    Oh. My. God. You got the Simon Cowell of cooking on your channel and I never saw it...

  • Drew's Sassy Life
    Drew's Sassy Life 7 days ago

    This makes me happy.

  • Keira Arnold
    Keira Arnold 8 days ago

    That was awesome!

  • 420, what u is smokin?
    420, what u is smokin? 8 days ago +1

    Me thinking its clickbait so putting it off for a year

    ItS nOt ClIcKbAiT

  • Crisalis Figueroa
    Crisalis Figueroa 9 days ago

    Quien mas es de Puerto Rico😛😛

  • Addi's Adventure
    Addi's Adventure 9 days ago

    Ramsey is my last name

  • Zoe Boyd
    Zoe Boyd 11 days ago

    That sucked.

  • Sahara Gutierrez
    Sahara Gutierrez 14 days ago

    Omg I loved it !!!!❤️❤️❤️

  • Amparo De Cuellar
    Amparo De Cuellar 17 days ago +4

    Hi Madeline I love riverdale
    So muche that all my
    Birthdays have been of
    Riverdale and of course
    I love you to ❤️

  • Horse lover 383
    Horse lover 383 18 days ago

    6:36 lmao 😂

  • Amparo De Cuellar
    Amparo De Cuellar 18 days ago +4

    Hi Madeline he cheated a lot
    But you did better then him
    Y’all if you love Madeline and
    My comment like this comment pleeeeeeeeaaaaaassssseeee

  • Everly Butera
    Everly Butera 20 days ago

    Me: *sees title* yes

  • chris gamer super
    chris gamer super 20 days ago

    Gordon let her win

  • James Watson
    James Watson 21 day ago

    it is hard to tell who trolled who the most.

  • Aidan Holder
    Aidan Holder 23 days ago

    The lady that tasted kept saying " Madeline" and i got angry😭👿

  • Nafsiyyah Arshad
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    I love this ❤️❤️❤️

  • epemia gugushvili
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    i love u

  • Nour Kalache
    Nour Kalache 26 days ago

    That was amazingggg :) :) :) :) :)

  • i-am -Craig
    i-am -Craig 26 days ago

    9:02 did gordan hit the woah?

  • darci White
    darci White 27 days ago

    “In goes granny’s hair” OMFG😂😂😂

  • Daniel Hamadeh
    Daniel Hamadeh 27 days ago

    This is the best thing ever😂😍

  • Lilly's World
    Lilly's World 28 days ago +2

    2 of my favorite people in a cooking battle. Perfection at its finest!

  • Christheawesometaco!
    Christheawesometaco! 29 days ago

    Am I the Only one *Who dies of laughter* At her videos

  • Giulia Andrade
    Giulia Andrade 29 days ago

    That's right Madelaine!😂❤❤I love you❤ I'm from Brazil🇧🇷

  • Mary Ruby
    Mary Ruby 29 days ago

    This looked so lonely

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  • Evie's Vlogs
    Evie's Vlogs Month ago

    Every time she said Madelaine's name wrong I corrected her.

  • Nathan Shearer
    Nathan Shearer Month ago

    :O *chef struck*

  • Frankie Townsend
    Frankie Townsend Month ago

    You know what’s funny I used to live down the street from him lol

  • Berlin Lopez
    Berlin Lopez Month ago

    2:36 I WHEEZED 💀

  • PeakAxis
    PeakAxis Month ago

    Madelaine smiles like Cheryl when Gordons dish is judged


    Yay she won!

  • Donte Gregoire
    Donte Gregoire Month ago

    That man got cot

  • C j
    C j Month ago

    Madelen 😂 what the heck I feel bad for madelAINE

  • inuyasha ko
    inuyasha ko Month ago

    I love how Gordon doesn’t look the judge in the eye when he’s presenting his dish

  • XxEmilyxX xNguyenxX


  • _Lightning_Queen_ 12

    lol the way he cheated because he was to scared to loose :0

  • Justin Lee
    Justin Lee Month ago

    Im not gonna taste it . I hope it doesn't kill you' 😂

  • kyra sitlani
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  • Ahin Choi
    Ahin Choi Month ago

    The fact that she called her Madeline....instead of Madelaine was weird

  • monica tan
    monica tan Month ago

    Lmao when he burned down her recipe tho

  • monica tan
    monica tan Month ago

    Omg it’s real wtf

  • Connor james Whieldon
    Connor james Whieldon Month ago +1

    King of meat vs ice queen Madeline won!!!😅😅

  • Julia Abrahamyan
    Julia Abrahamyan Month ago

    It annoyed me how the judge pronounced her name as, Madeline

    Lea CABANIE Month ago

    Gordon being so chill for like the whole video

  • Addison Kate
    Addison Kate Month ago

    😂 in dead

  • Sceether The Nadder
    Sceether The Nadder 2 months ago

    I actually watched this on Gordan's channel and was so MAD that they winner wasn't announced. But I think that was to get you viewers and it worked. I like you're filming and editing style more, but the reverberations threw me off. Is the Masterchef kitchen really that echo-y? Whatever, it was easy to ignore after 30 seconds.

  • Krazy Kittu Shenanigans

    Gordon Ramsey is a mood

  • Mix Films
    Mix Films 2 months ago

    Its all in the taste! Its certainly not in the appearance. Two plates of mush.

  • Mix Films
    Mix Films 2 months ago

    How sad that females can look so good. Yet when they open their mouths to speak the sound grates on the peace of mind. They should learn to communicate silently.

  • svartklädd x
    svartklädd x 2 months ago

    this is amazing! 🤣😍

  • Ceilidh Cofer
    Ceilidh Cofer 2 months ago

    Dang I wish Id act cute and aggressive when nervous

  • Lilianne Thorne
    Lilianne Thorne 2 months ago

    Now this is why we love madelaine 😂❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  • αisнα
    αisнα 2 months ago

    This was so cutee 😂😂♥️

  • machinegun 2208
    machinegun 2208 2 months ago

    Legend has it, Gordon hid lamp sauce as present to Madaline. But just as he, she never found it.

  • ASMRwithsoph 123
    ASMRwithsoph 123 2 months ago

    That was so funny at the end love you mp

  • juan perez
    juan perez 2 months ago

    look at that

  • Nikil Kumar
    Nikil Kumar 2 months ago

    wow that took a turn in the end, i totally did not expect gordon to lose and i definitely did not expect him to swear at vegans

  • Gabi 00
    Gabi 00 2 months ago

    Who is the judge?

  • Vero Lopész
    Vero Lopész 2 months ago

    Where are the vegans??? 🌱💪

  • Alan Alan
    Alan Alan 2 months ago

    I want that Medalaine Cook meet sorry i speak english more or less

  • Gigi The kittycat
    Gigi The kittycat 2 months ago

    Me struggling to breath because im laughing so hard during this whole video.

  • kaitlyn Broderick
    kaitlyn Broderick 2 months ago

    can you please get cole sprouse in one of ur videos or more it would mean so much if you did love you ~ kaitlyn

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  • Giselle Heron
    Giselle Heron 3 months ago +35

    50% of the comments: thought this was click bait but sooo glad it’s not
    Other 50%: the collab we didn’t know we needed

  • its ckat
    its ckat 3 months ago

    1:36 "Kelp noodles!!" She so cute omg

  • Noah Rendon
    Noah Rendon 3 months ago

    Those freaking vegans

  • Haylee Evans
    Haylee Evans 3 months ago +1

    Madeleine he cheated just so you know
    Anyways congratulations on beating Gordon

  • grotesque dolls
    grotesque dolls 3 months ago

    3:35 Pause it

  • delster Gordon
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  • XxSraco 47
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  • Peyowley Boi
    Peyowley Boi 3 months ago

    god, she's so fucking cute

  • Elleigh Rowe
    Elleigh Rowe 3 months ago

    Can we just talk about how the judge says Madeline not Madeleine. Lol

  • ez_ 64girl
    ez_ 64girl 3 months ago

    Riverdale!!!! cheryll!!

  • Cheryl Bombshell
    Cheryl Bombshell 3 months ago

    Is this really! BTW:I LOVE U SO MUCH! U are my fav character in riverdale #cherylblossom

  • Emi 457
    Emi 457 3 months ago

    Nejlepší video tohle 😻😻❤️ Je tady někdo z ČR kdo taky sleduje pravidelně Madelaine ??

  • Liv .x
    Liv .x 3 months ago

    My two fav people

  • Hulianna JACE
    Hulianna JACE 3 months ago +6

    she doesn’t even talk in the interviews lmao she just reacts AHAHAHAHA

  • // Flostia playz //
    // Flostia playz // 3 months ago

    Is it just me or does she look like Cheryl but without the lashes and lipstick.

  • Emma Grace
    Emma Grace 3 months ago

    my name is Emma Ramsey?!?!?!

  • Anna Marie
    Anna Marie 3 months ago +75

    I am highly impressed that he only swore once in the hole video 🙃

  • Shishter Emily
    Shishter Emily 3 months ago +1

    This whole video is ICONIC!

  • Hera Arnardóttir
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    When i saw this i literally said

  • Julya Dias Channel
    Julya Dias Channel 3 months ago +29

    Me throughout the whole video -
    Is she gonna win?
    Is she gonna win?
    Is she gonna win?
    Is she gonna win?
    Is she gonna win?
    Is she gonna win?
    Is she gonna win?
    Is she gonna win?
    Is she gonna win?
    Is she gonna win?
    Is she gonna win?
    Is she gonna win?
    Is she gonna win?
    Is she gonna win?


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    Hahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaah loved this

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    That scream

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    love this so much!!!❤️❤️❤️

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