The World War of the Ants - The Army Ant

  • Published on Aug 11, 2019
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    Every day billions of soldiers fight a merciless war on thousands of fronts, that has been going on for over one hundred million years: The world war of the ants.
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  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

    Thanks to Curiosity Stream for supporting us in making this video.
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    • Levon Peterson
      Levon Peterson Day ago

      Спасибо большое за такие видео, очень познавательно и красиво.

    • shaik shoaib
      shaik shoaib Day ago

      Hi, your videos are very informative. One request can you make a video on causes of Itching in the entire body and which microorganisms are responsible for it

    • Ezra Hakimi
      Ezra Hakimi 2 days ago

      Y this guy still dont reach 10 million

    • Frøst Beam - 赤外線ビーム
      Frøst Beam - 赤外線ビーム 2 days ago

      Great video!

    • Dsrudolph
      Dsrudolph 2 days ago


  • X X
    X X Day ago

    How the hell do you evolve to eat the babies of your enemies?

  • Lissy Lyons
    Lissy Lyons Day ago

    Now i want someone to make a game or anime about Ants

  • BobIV123
    BobIV123 Day ago

    War...war never changes

  • maniacmaster the first

    I like how he showed a picture of a BULLET ANT and said some battle ants aren't very impressive on their own, BULLET ANTS HAVE A BITE THAT HURTS MORE THAN A BULLET AND KILL HUMANS EVERYDAY

  • Videos Of Awesomeness

    This will forever be my favourite channel

  • falucho.mp4
    falucho.mp4 Day ago

    there should be an anime based on ants

  • Nguyễn Thiện Quang

    So good, thank you so much.

  • Humberto De Armas

    ants are brutal

  • Evita Incementi
    Evita Incementi Day ago

    I’m watching this while I’m high and I can confirm my soul prepared for war

  • DankPepe69 Bleach

    Now I feel bad for colony of ants I completely annihilated. They were already trying so hard to survive a war when they got a bucket dropped on them

  • Shieko Reto
    Shieko Reto Day ago

    beautiful animation and work guys, long time fan here, keep it up, looking forward to the next one

  • SheepMan3 SheepMan3

    So basically the Soviet Union?

  • Loren Bell
    Loren Bell Day ago

    Moar Ants

  • Snake Venom
    Snake Venom Day ago

    This means that ants a little templars?

  • Anotherxchannel
    Anotherxchannel Day ago +1

    Has un vídeo sobre la cuarta revolución industrial

  • Christiaan Haesen


  • AmrodOfDale
    AmrodOfDale Day ago

    This is freakin' awesome! I love your channel!

  • Team ADHD Gaming

    All ants lived in harmony but everything changed when the fire ants attacked....

  • Bradleythekid505 faggit

    I wonder if there were nantzi's in the 1940s you know Nazi but an ant

  • Tj Smith
    Tj Smith Day ago

    Army Ants are going to win.

  • gabr Klanjšek
    gabr Klanjšek Day ago

    Reminds me of my Hearts of Iron 4 games.

  • Spöön ẞöi
    Spöön ẞöi Day ago

    Imagine being a wasp and getting blitzkrieg'd by a couple of ants

  • Dorothy Isidro
    Dorothy Isidro Day ago

    Worst wars:
    Isreal and Palestine
    Syria and Iraq
    Ukraine/Finland and Russia
    WW 1/2

    random anty Bois fighting in my backyard, the park, my school and the entire world.

  • Your Trash
    Your Trash Day ago

    Make one on termites

  • Bad Sketch
    Bad Sketch Day ago

    ANTS AND KURZGESAGT. My two favorite things.

  • ItsKitten Craft
    ItsKitten Craft Day ago

    This is amazing!

  • 김탱
    김탱 Day ago

    Artstyle is getting more and more complex 😮 of course I like both past and now but it looks really time-costing video!

  • Atomas X
    Atomas X Day ago +1

    Who would win?
    A army of North Korea soldiers

    Or some ant bois

  • Chilly
    Chilly Day ago

    Boys locker room:

  • Seth Ross
    Seth Ross Day ago

    This was so sick!

  • Aiden Jones
    Aiden Jones Day ago

    Ant: (finds other ant)
    Other ant: DINKLEBEEEERG

  • tan wee hong
    tan wee hong Day ago

    Wait a minute can ant from allied with other ant?

  • Moistanal ohyes
    Moistanal ohyes Day ago

    Army ants "destroy other colonies" leafcutters you wanna throw hands lil bruh?

  • Grim
    Grim Day ago

    They should totally do the ekpyrotic theory or model. I'm not exactly sure which name it goes by.

  • G zeaLous
    G zeaLous Day ago

    Anyone know what those ants with the square heads are? Never knew there were species that have evolved to deal with army ants. Pretty much thought that any colony that came under attack was doomed. Love seeing arms races in nature!

  • Dima G
    Dima G Day ago

    Nice work on the art. One of the prettier videos you've made.

  • I Will Flor You
    I Will Flor You Day ago

    Man it's 1am I'm watching an ant war and it's gotta be one of the coolest things ive ever watched,and it's about ants,bring me more

  • Jacob Sorensen
    Jacob Sorensen Day ago

    Are you trying to get us to go to war?

  • jafar mahir
    jafar mahir Day ago

    The arabic translation on this video was one of the worst translations i’ve ever seen

  • DMaster
    DMaster Day ago

    This is pretty grafic

  • Simon
    Simon Day ago

    Absurd amounts of meaningless suffering

  • SolidGoldGaming // xSGG

    Meruem would whoop all their asses

  • SolidGoldGaming // xSGG

    Hunter x Hunter fans: Ah yes, it's all coming together

  • Aaron Rawls
    Aaron Rawls Day ago

    I want to see a video game made out of this now

  • Clowdii Arts
    Clowdii Arts Day ago

    Do african wild dogs please :D its for Zelkam :3

  • less kiss
    less kiss Day ago

    Just please let them whipe eachother out.

  • Joshua  Maldonado

    Lmao this is basically any war hammer 40k

  • Carlos d
    Carlos d Day ago

    we can make videogames out of this!

    • less kiss
      less kiss Day ago

      This video was amazing. And yet so simple! Hope part 2 comes out soon!

  • Dylan Purdy
    Dylan Purdy Day ago

    Can you start streaming yourselves making the animations? People will like it and might donate to help this channel thrive

  • George Tang
    George Tang Day ago

    As an ant lover, this is one of my favorite videos on USclip. Thanks for giving ants the video they deserve

  • Alt-Delete
    Alt-Delete Day ago

    How did the researchers feel when they had to just watch a mini war play over and over again with different colonies.

  • Carlos d
    Carlos d Day ago

    we are ants if we scaled them to our size.

  • Ice Breaker
    Ice Breaker Day ago

    about the last part about humans....

  • Mastersoniczachm
    Mastersoniczachm Day ago +2

    Chimera Ant Arc in Hunter X Hunter am I right fellas?

  • Robot Cat Minecraft Channel

    I like this topic and animation I wish I could reincarnate as a soldier ant

  • Crusty Steel
    Crusty Steel Day ago +2

    Army Ant: We attack this colony!
    Army Ant 2: Why this colony?
    Army Ant: *We have more numbers than them*

  • Ross
    Ross Day ago

    They should get humans as hired guns. We'd be the ant version of nukes!

  • [AcE] Gloopen
    [AcE] Gloopen Day ago

    This would be a really good Game or a Movie would also be sick

  • Hady Hashem
    Hady Hashem Day ago

    Army ant 1: i gonna raid your place
    Army ant 2: me too
    Army ant 1: good luck
    Army ant 2: thank, you too
    -Army ant

  • Republican kid
    Republican kid Day ago

    This is more interesting than all the human wars

  • Chaze Graphics
    Chaze Graphics Day ago

    Enjoyed that.

  • Philippe SAIZ
    Philippe SAIZ Day ago

    Yeah! Nomamyrmex is my favourite race in *Ants: Total War* their swarming ability is so... Swarmy!

  • Servaaa CS:GO, BF & more

    Loved the video!

  • pixeL
    pixeL Day ago

    This video was amazing. And yet so simple! Hope part 2 comes out soon!

  • Bearlogg
    Bearlogg Day ago

    Just please let them whipe eachother out.

  • WildGhoul
    WildGhoul Day ago

    how is this shit monetized? this shit brutal

  • Tarragon
    Tarragon Day ago

    Ants are goddamn sick not gonna lie

  • Djalma Guimaraes

    Very nice! A cool intro would be: War... War never changes. hahaha

  • Führer des Benutzers


  • Jemsco7
    Jemsco7 Day ago

    Hunter x Hunter anyone ?

  • totallyNorm
    totallyNorm Day ago

    Ah, there they are, the infamous colony of Communist ants.

  • Tomaž Matko
    Tomaž Matko Day ago

    Why does every single video this year have one "The protagonist of this video": Something! "Some other protagonist of something": Something else!

  • Lapras_976
    Lapras_976 Day ago

    Ant man 3
    World war ant

  • Serhan Dalarslan
    Serhan Dalarslan Day ago +1

    Ghengis Khant and his Nomadic Invading Ant Horde