Jimmy Fallon Makes Blake Shelton Try Sushi


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  • joe Redmond
    joe Redmond 43 minutes ago

    who else would love to see a show where blake and jimmy just travel around the world taste traditional local dishes

  • Cleopatra Kampiire
    Cleopatra Kampiire 12 hours ago

    I've watched this video an unhealthy amount of times. Gosh Blake Shelton is so freaking funny, I can't! I'm a new fan, so I'm watching everything Blake. And Gwen too. But I've been a fan of hers for years, so it's just a matter of catching up with them.

  • Markus Ikast
    Markus Ikast Day ago

    This man was voted the sexiest man alive by peoples Magazine

  • AnimeBabeXX
    AnimeBabeXX Day ago

    Lol they both got drunk, that raas waan must be strong stuff

  • amer din
    amer din 3 days ago +1

    Merry christmas bitch

  • Bailey Wilkes
    Bailey Wilkes 5 days ago +1

    Jimmy: *pulls fish from mustache* "Merry Christmas bitch!"

  • Edward Nigma
    Edward Nigma 8 days ago

    Came across this video and discovered that Blake Shelton is not well cultured. Sad.

  • hibiscusfire
    hibiscusfire 9 days ago

    Blake and Jimmy together are absolutely funny. Rarce Wineee.

  • Mr savage Penguin
    Mr savage Penguin 10 days ago

    Who else made his or her hungry?

  • Cindy Yang
    Cindy Yang 11 days ago +1

    omg i love that he’s using training chopsticks

  • Carol Of Texas
    Carol Of Texas 11 days ago


  • Paij Leinberger
    Paij Leinberger 11 days ago

    "How about a high five"

  • Mary Graham
    Mary Graham 12 days ago

    Blake n Jimmy eating sushi. Very entertaining.

  • Adele Davids
    Adele Davids 12 days ago

    Lol this is soo funny, can I also have rice wine🤣😂🤣

  • leslie knight
    leslie knight 12 days ago

    I may never try sushi now. Thanks Blake lol. that was a good surprise there at the end though. Well played Jimmy :)

  • sumi
    sumi 12 days ago

    They are drunk, soo funny"..whats the next single..-- "..came here to forget":))

  • បងទីទុយ Bong Tituy

    3:50 it looks as if Blake wanted to kiss Jimmy, but tried to hold back. Hahaha

  • Marycate McNamara
    Marycate McNamara 13 days ago

    At 2:30 jimmy told the lady to leave

  • ko 015
    ko 015 13 days ago

    it's hard to watch two white men eating sushi in such an unprofessional way.

  • Mark Brown
    Mark Brown 13 days ago

    The Blake Shelton variety show!!
    Thats what we need. Jimmy can be an occasional guest!!

  • Mark Brown
    Mark Brown 13 days ago +1

    You guys need your own sitcom

  • L M
    L M 14 days ago


  • Murat Çaydan
    Murat Çaydan 14 days ago

    How he know how to use sticks

  • Jeffrey Spear
    Jeffrey Spear 14 days ago

    Gotta love a movie with a happy ending!

  • Leann Hill
    Leann Hill 14 days ago +1

    Jimmy looks tore up

  • Sue Peg
    Sue Peg 15 days ago


  • Crest Snaven
    Crest Snaven 16 days ago

    Rass wannnnn? What's that? 😂🤣

  • Michelle Burnore
    Michelle Burnore 17 days ago

    I love these two guys together. They are great. :)

  • Eli Castro
    Eli Castro 18 days ago

    Damn that waitress had an ass!!!

  • Jewel Eleven
    Jewel Eleven 18 days ago +1

    I love how he is using the chopstick helpers lol

  • Sizzel TV
    Sizzel TV 18 days ago

    people that bite their sushi in half make me wanna do bad things

  • Alicia Kelly
    Alicia Kelly 19 days ago

    U know jimmy didnt swallow the gonads

  • Sharmin Jahan
    Sharmin Jahan 19 days ago +1

    ai lak tha

  • Sharmin Jahan
    Sharmin Jahan 19 days ago +1

    Mukbang 😂

  • Mary Davis
    Mary Davis 20 days ago

    I love your show Jimmy. Blake is so funny, he is very vocal with you, maybe because he fears about what is coming next with you. Mary Davis

  • Nanao Midori
    Nanao Midori 20 days ago +1

    Wow Jimmy is so comfortable and naturally funny around Blake Shelton

  • TheKronikRecords
    TheKronikRecords 21 day ago

    Jimmy clowned Blake when he brought in that big mac

  • Negin S.
    Negin S. 22 days ago

    5:20 when your mark is more than the mark you were expecting

  • David Boggs
    David Boggs 23 days ago

    Now I want a mother fucking big mac.

  • itsme Chris
    itsme Chris 24 days ago

    When you passed an exam test but you didn't study 5:20

  • Seema Divakaran
    Seema Divakaran 24 days ago

    Blake be looking at jimmy like -
    I wanna punch him in the face.
    No, I wanna give him a hug.

  • britney serrano
    britney serrano 26 days ago +1

    Merry Christmas BITCH😂🤣

  • amer din
    amer din 27 days ago

    Meery christmas bitch...lol

  • Ahhw E-Any
    Ahhw E-Any 27 days ago

    I get a feeling that Blake Shelton has this many Asian friends 👌

  • SonsOfLothar
    SonsOfLothar 27 days ago

    Only in 'Merica is good food found to be disgusting, and disgusting fast food found to be good. Stay fat and obese 'Merica.

  • krystal kovathur
    krystal kovathur 27 days ago

    Idk y I keep coming back to this video 😂

  • redplague
    redplague 27 days ago

    I don't know, I thought the Bic Mac was the most disgusting thing there.

  • Melissa Bohorquez
    Melissa Bohorquez 28 days ago

    They should´ve done a Sake Bomb

  • mountain boy
    mountain boy 28 days ago

    Really ruined the whole uni experience. Shoulda just had them eat it. It's ACTUALLY delicious, like eating the fat of a crab. Like, youre excited about a big mac?! That's barely food

  • Cj McDiarmid
    Cj McDiarmid 28 days ago

    Everybody talkin about how he said thank you and then ignored the fact where he tells the waitress “please don’t please go away”

    • Paula Hyland
      Paula Hyland 19 hours ago

      We still on this? He was trying to shield her from the shit Blake was talking. Jimmy is not rude like that. Thought this got settled a year ago.

    • Tanyahachi 07
      Tanyahachi 07 23 days ago +2

      Jimmy just didn't want the waiter hear what Blake said "what's more disgusting than raw fish"

  • Jeremy Kurtz
    Jeremy Kurtz 29 days ago

    Better hide the wine

  • CapitolPr1me
    CapitolPr1me Month ago

    Lol jimmy gets annoyed with the waiter at 2:28

    • Tanyahachi 07
      Tanyahachi 07 23 days ago

      no, he's not getting annoyed, he just didn't want the waiter hear what Blake said "what's more disgusting than raw fish..."

  • uhwaykin
    uhwaykin Month ago

    What a fucking uncultured swine. God forbid he try anything but grits and gravy. Let's not applaud acting like a fucking hillbilly yokel. Absolutely stunning how he calls the food disgusting as the server puts it on the table and then doesn't even acknowledge her without Fallon prompting him to. This guy is a piece of shit.

  • Ted Heavy
    Ted Heavy Month ago +1

    These two are just natural togeather.

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump Month ago

    Jimmy is a sweetheart

  • Mythagoras
    Mythagoras Month ago

    3:30 Notice what Jimmy does here.

  • Who Dat
    Who Dat Month ago


  • Lynsay Sullivan
    Lynsay Sullivan Month ago

    This was amazing😂 Also, what face moisturizer does Blake use? Asking for a friend.

  • Sherice Jones
    Sherice Jones Month ago

    I never noticed how attractive Blake is. He was cute here .

  • Karen Reyes
    Karen Reyes Month ago

    Sushi is pretty good, I mean like the yummy yummy role is delicious 😂

  • Aaron Bryant
    Aaron Bryant Month ago +1

    Blake and jimmy are the perfect combo lol so funny 😂😂

  • Jang Wook
    Jang Wook Month ago

    It's not funny and what they did is embarrassing to be honest.

  • Pleujer
    Pleujer Month ago

    Ignorant Red neck.

  • damn, son
    damn, son Month ago

    what the hell, i actually liked jimmy's personality in this lol

  • Beaty My Meaty
    Beaty My Meaty Month ago

    "How about a hIgH FaAahV" 5:02

  • Mariah Crichton
    Mariah Crichton Month ago

    They went to the wrong sushi restaurant lol

  • avery dy
    avery dy Month ago +1

    I appreciate how jimmy asks blake to thank the server, wish all guests are like him thou

  • NO ONE
    NO ONE Month ago

    They seem like they doing a Bushtucker Trial. Lol

  • Renata Thompson
    Renata Thompson Month ago

    So funny

  • Amanda Austria
    Amanda Austria Month ago

    Blake just seems like a real sweet person!

  • Mari S
    Mari S Month ago

    I had to rewatch this because I love Blake’s accent!! Haha rice wine gets me every time 😍

  • Julio Porras
    Julio Porras Month ago

    Noticed how small BigMacs have become?

  • ilove2929
    ilove2929 Month ago

    Salmon is a must try for first timer

    TheACCHRM Month ago

    Not surprised a redneck don't like sushi

  • Tess Roark
    Tess Roark Month ago

    more rais wain pleade

  • JMarz
    JMarz Month ago

    Damn that sushi looked goood those Big macs looked like a pile of shit next to that!!

  • Myrrah
    Myrrah Month ago

    hmm they are actually delicious

  • john paul cledera
    john paul cledera Month ago


  • græssefar
    græssefar Month ago

    2:35 full send huh?

  • Xristos Kyrou
    Xristos Kyrou Month ago


  • Ray Ornelas
    Ray Ornelas Month ago

    Absolutely halarious!

  • Steven Wiegand
    Steven Wiegand Month ago

    sushi sucks. tell me i'm wrong 619-917-6945

  • Erhan Achmad
    Erhan Achmad Month ago

    5:02 How bout a HiGh FiVeeE???

  • ClipsTV
    ClipsTV Month ago

    I've never had sushi, it's not popular in Canada I guess. I love seafood but it has to be cooked, don't want to ingest parasites.

  • Callmepharoh
    Callmepharoh Month ago

    Such BS, he's had sushi before this, he's just trying to remain relatable and pandering to his close minded demographic

    MERNA LOVE Month ago


  • Andrea Saldana
    Andrea Saldana Month ago

    i love when Blake is a guest omg 😂😂❤️

  • Clifton Cheng
    Clifton Cheng Month ago +1

    Hey can we get saam raas waane

  • R Bernard
    R Bernard Month ago

    Look at this rich white man cant even eat a fucking fish and rice put together but buddy will eat pig guts on a bun with some relish and ketchup

  • onebadmoto
    onebadmoto Month ago

    Then he goes and eats the balls of a bull.

  • Bhavana Raja
    Bhavana Raja Month ago

    Get you a guy that looks at you the way Blake Shelton looks at a Big Mac

  • Julian Jr
    Julian Jr Month ago

    Jimmy looks like Elon Musk in the Thumbnail somehow.

  • Ali Rizvi
    Ali Rizvi Month ago

    Who wants some of that Ross waiyn?😂😂😂😂

  • Blake Harris
    Blake Harris Month ago

    Thank you

  • Shiza Kirmani
    Shiza Kirmani Month ago

    Merry Christmas bitch

  • Öl Korv
    Öl Korv Month ago

    *Fake drake and fake Jimmy*

  • Longboard Stoner
    Longboard Stoner Month ago

    Rice wine is the shit. It hits you hard 😂 drunk asses hahaha

  • Saadi Presley
    Saadi Presley Month ago

    Idk lol. People get really offended but if the Japanese tried our food... OH LAWD. They would be like “When’s the last time you had something grown from the ground ?!”

  • DeeSNutts
    DeeSNutts Month ago

    Nobu and Burger King bouta do a fusion. *yack

  • moe
    moe Month ago

    how disgusting did that burger look