How It's Made Coca Cola

  • Published on May 3, 2018

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  • prastut rijal
    prastut rijal 10 hours ago

    global capitalism success story cocacola

  • Vylkeer
    Vylkeer Day ago

    Enjoying this documentary while drinking a can of Coca-Cola.

  • mynamesmatty
    mynamesmatty 2 days ago

    all that brutal environmentally damaging plastic

  • Home Projects TV
    Home Projects TV 2 days ago

    You would think thru would pre-pressurize the glass bottles to see if they're defective, but instead they just slap some guards on the filler. Sounds like a maintenance fiasco.

  • Phoenix Rising's Garage

    32:30..... people used to look so happy at their job unlike today they look like they waiting to be executed....

  • Min Yoon Kiki
    Min Yoon Kiki 2 days ago

    All that plastic that's going to end up on the trash for 500 years..

  • Eden
    Eden 2 days ago

    Why is this recommended to me?😂

  • Sebastian Mones
    Sebastian Mones 2 days ago +1

    Who’s watching this while drinking Pepsi... ME

  • Earthnutzz
    Earthnutzz 6 days ago

    im writing an essay about how coca cola is made and how much it affects the environment, but im definitely not gonna watch this 45 minute video of it, thats for damn sure

  • sstugrl
    sstugrl 6 days ago

    Kinda scary to not what they put in it

  • Jaeron Ramirez
    Jaeron Ramirez 7 days ago

    Made of sugar, alcohol, acids, caffeine, cocaine. That's the original recipe in the 80's

    • Anna Solti
      Anna Solti 5 days ago

      Jaeron Ramirez Yeah, exept they changed the cocaine to salt. Cocaine made you addicted, but if it’s salty, you also want to drink more and more...And because it would be so salty, they add a ton of sugar, then the acids to make it sour etc.

  • Jesse Worden
    Jesse Worden 8 days ago

    Love how clean the plastic bottling place is but the canning area is like " *nah bitch we crusty* "

  • Ilove music
    Ilove music 8 days ago

    A drink that's killing people as much as it's being sold

    RANDOM MESS 8 days ago

    Pepsi: (starring at the title of the video) finally!!! We Will get the secret formula!EVERYONE,BE PREPARE FOR OUR PARTY!
    (Watching video till the end)
    Pepsi: DAFUQ! ITS A CLICKBAIT! 😫😡😖

  • el miguelon
    el miguelon 8 days ago

    Click bait This whole video is about how coca cola bottles and cans are made and printing nothing bout the actual drink

    DJ LEEYO 8 days ago

    I DONT DRINK NONE OF THESE , y’all enjoy it though

  • mcw0530
    mcw0530 9 days ago

    “… rushes 270 kilometers to the Baton Rouge Coca Cola Bottling Company.”
    That’s 167.77 miles for all us in the USA.

  • 「 milky 」
    「 milky 」 9 days ago


  • Pl4De
    Pl4De 10 days ago

    I went to the Coca Cola factory with my grandpa owns and he said that expired onions were the secret ingredients, crazy right!

  • Runde Llanes
    Runde Llanes 10 days ago

    that secret ingredient is very dangerous to your health that is why they can't tell what is it.

    MARISSA MORALES 10 days ago

    Where’s the part where they put cocaine

  • luis martinez
    luis martinez 11 days ago

    okya, please explain the process of how the bottle gets from a small tube to the agreed bottle size. this is the reason why mistakes and weird things happen. the person who would be analyzing or seeing this tube doesnt know about chmesitry.... this person doesnt knwo tht the bottle can expand under heat, cold, air.....

    its not really explaining that process only for aabout a minute. i heard them use the word heat once..... the cold air is comeing from where???

    even i woudl get confused with cold..... beacse i want to know why its going through cold air and not heat.... it seems like they dont need people working there.... they really jus tneed 5 peopel.

  • Marcus P
    Marcus P 11 days ago

    Way to much plastic, the world is doomed

  • why do i need a last name

    how its made: making capitalist human rights atrocities satisfying and nap inducing since... whenever it first aired

  • Sango Nanami {Lazy Mermaid Productions}

    I want bike guy's job.

  • Monster Paradise
    Monster Paradise 13 days ago

    The machines are taking over, is this a sign of sky nets attack!?

  • Happy Times
    Happy Times 14 days ago

    Im watching this documentary drinking pepsi.

  • Neil Moran
    Neil Moran 15 days ago +3

    I wouldn't mind getting one of those freshly bottled 32° when it comes of the conveyor belt

  • Sickle
    Sickle 15 days ago


  • gohan2355
    gohan2355 15 days ago

    Dont care for coke cola at all. Always been a Pepsi man

    LYLATXSYSTEM 16 days ago

    People drink it everyday why should it be secret

  • Catulus
    Catulus 17 days ago +4

    This gives me a whole new appreciation for my Cherry Coke Zero.

  • Kalob Funck
    Kalob Funck 17 days ago

    The coca cola recipe may be secret, and the krabby patty secret formula may be EVEN more secret, but the biggest secret the world, no, the universe, is........

    Why did my dad leave for milk, and why hasn't he come back. IT IS THREE MINUTES AWAY!!

  • Dani Ardaya
    Dani Ardaya 17 days ago

    I am the only one who thought they made it by hand ? Ahaha I feel dumb

  • craig rouse
    craig rouse 17 days ago

    At what stage do they add the diabetes?

  • ツVoniix
    ツVoniix 17 days ago +1

    Who's watching this wile they are drinking a coke? 😂

    L3GIT_ MEMES 19 days ago +3

    who remembers that song
    lemonade, ice tea, COCA COLA, pepsi

  • John Adams
    John Adams 19 days ago

    Pepsi is better

  • Thicc Tac
    Thicc Tac 20 days ago

    If they say that water is tasteless then whats up with different water brands

  • Gunnar Pierce
    Gunnar Pierce 20 days ago

    *watching this as i drink pepsi*

  • Harsh Verma
    Harsh Verma 21 day ago

    Shopkeeper : What do you need sir!
    Me : Get me a cold fizzing Coca Cola!
    Shopkeeper : Here's your Coca Cola!
    Me : ( On opening the cap ) Oohh my!!! The bottle exploded !!!
    Background : ( People ) Ha! Ha! Ha!....
    Shopkeeper : Ha! Ha! Ha!...
    Me : Stop laughing you. These Coca Cola manufacturers have messed up my whole dress. Now I have to clean it myself or my mom would kill me. They say it holds 50 psi but blowed up in only 20 psi.
    10 likes = 1 bottle of unexploding coca cola bottle.

  • ITSLily Bøi
    ITSLily Bøi 21 day ago +1

    I prefer Barr Cola

  • Behold_ Rebecca
    Behold_ Rebecca 22 days ago +3

    I guess it's not 100% sugar😂

  • Areshy
    Areshy 22 days ago

    Recipe :


  • Norah Rose
    Norah Rose 23 days ago

    Put cocaine back in coke

  • Humayaun Ahmed
    Humayaun Ahmed 23 days ago

    I have a question, why countries to countries Coca-Cola taste different?
    For example: Coca-Cola from UK taste very good but in Bangladesh why it tastes totally different.

  • Dale Sollars
    Dale Sollars 23 days ago

    The secret formula is made with plants and vegetables. LMAO! Now all the vegans are gonna drink it and get cancer.

  • Emma SVT
    Emma SVT 23 days ago +8

    Vid: spin around coke bottles a thousand times
    Me: drop my coke bottles
    **Nothing happened**
    Open the coke bottle

  • mohammad sherzad
    mohammad sherzad 24 days ago

    Title : how it's made
    Company : hold my cola

  • Myashii
    Myashii 25 days ago

    "plants and vegetables"

  • jaleel petty
    jaleel petty 25 days ago

    Pepsi and coke taste the same to me

  • Ice_wallow _come
    Ice_wallow _come 27 days ago +1

    Next video : how babies are made

  • Oofus Doofus
    Oofus Doofus 27 days ago

    This is n’t how it’s made, it’s mega machines.

  • Mario Perez
    Mario Perez 27 days ago

    Secret ingredient: poo poo

  • Dolly Sinha
    Dolly Sinha 27 days ago


  • false alarm
    false alarm 29 days ago +1

    *i need to go on a diet..*

  • Tyler Leon
    Tyler Leon 29 days ago

    OK, I'm gonna get your money for you. But if you don't get the President of the United States on that phone, you know what's gonna happen to you?...You're gonna have to answer to the Coca-Cola Company.

  • GlennAndrewD
    GlennAndrewD 29 days ago

    So how it’s bottled not how it’s made.

  • Frankie Raffaele
    Frankie Raffaele 29 days ago

    Did he say gamma ray?? Idk if I'll drink coke outta can again

  • The Master of Song
    The Master of Song Month ago


  • Shayne world
    Shayne world Month ago

    Title:how coca cola package

  • Tyrus House
    Tyrus House Month ago

    They should make a pixel art cgi Walt Disney cartoon of this

  • ross adamthwaite
    ross adamthwaite Month ago +2

    I Worked For Coca-cola Newcastle AU @ Age 16 And @ Age 21 I Was The Head Syrup Maker Made The Best Coca-Cola 👍

  • ross adamthwaite
    ross adamthwaite Month ago

    I Worked For Coca-cola Newcastle AU @ Age 16 And @ Age 21 I Was The Head Syrup Maker Made The Best Coca-Cola 👍

  • Emilly 821
    Emilly 821 Month ago

    Bitch I thought this was gonna be a 8 minute 💀

  • Kataka Gara
    Kataka Gara Month ago

    Coco cola PR guy: We operate in over 206 countries that’s more countries than the UN.
    The world: There are only 195 countries, dummy.

  • Dutch29
    Dutch29 Month ago +1

    I'll take your entire stock.

  • MarufIaM
    MarufIaM Month ago +1

    I just want to know do they use any pork product ? 🤔🤔

  • PlasticPellets
    PlasticPellets Month ago


  • Luca Watts
    Luca Watts Month ago

    It’s gotta be sped up

  • ExpertEdy
    ExpertEdy Month ago

    That secret formula is actualy just sugar, alot of sugar

  • Happy The Awkward Dog

    Pepsi is quaking

  • Bobby Close
    Bobby Close Month ago +1

    5 days a week

  • Mandie Pierce
    Mandie Pierce Month ago

    i’m more of a dr pepper gal

  • Big_Lenny v1
    Big_Lenny v1 Month ago

    Comment section, you're not funny, don't make jokes.

  • feather heart
    feather heart Month ago

    short way:

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne Month ago +1

    I'm buying this factory.

  • Marisela Rodriguez
    Marisela Rodriguez Month ago

    This video just made me not want to drink another coke ever!

  • tompparaideri
    tompparaideri Month ago

    Anyone know why fountain Coca Cola tastes three times as good as bottled/canned ones?

  • tompparaideri
    tompparaideri Month ago

    Coca Cola’s taste is also adjusted according to different countries taste. It says so on their website. All American import sodas taste much better than same sodas in Sweden, Poland, Finland, etc.

  • iamhungey12345
    iamhungey12345 Month ago

    One day I will steal that secret formula!

  • Stephan
    Stephan Month ago

    here's just a comment passing by saying its not the end of the world if you drink soda...

    TARGET TREND Month ago

    Did yall cut out the cocaine part??

  • James Hutchence
    James Hutchence Month ago

    Coca-Cola = quick path to diabetes and obesity :)

  • Cookie_ Boi228
    Cookie_ Boi228 Month ago

    Who else is drink a Coke rn while watching this (I am)😂

    SNOOPY BROWNN Month ago

    secret ingredient is. c u m

  • Bigby Wolf
    Bigby Wolf Month ago

    Is the secret ingredient cocaine?

  • Biean Ashton Ordonia
    Biean Ashton Ordonia Month ago +1

    Wait 2009 is the day i was bournd jan1

  • xvc00
    xvc00 Month ago

    there exist diet coke and coca cola max now as well as flavoured Coca-Cola, so they did change the formula.

  • Matt Coates
    Matt Coates Month ago +1

    _Pepsi has left the chat_

  • Lou Waldon
    Lou Waldon Month ago +1

    Coca Cola tastes different in every state in Australia so next time you travel taste you Coca Cola

  • Louis Denvet
    Louis Denvet Month ago

    You've just been shown the collapse of the majority of mankind. What happens to all the discarded plastic bottles China doesn't want it anymore, people think global warming is the biggest issue facing the planet but I tell you it is just a pimple on the ass of the morbid fat bitch that is plastic

  • Nico Perez
    Nico Perez Month ago

    What do I do with this information now

  • Noer Garra
    Noer Garra Month ago

    I'm here to watch how coca cola are made, Not how they make bottle and can
    Dang it ?,
    Next time I'll never watch documentary about Coke company again, I had enough to watch this Nonsense Bottle and cans again.

  • Kipper De La Vega
    Kipper De La Vega Month ago

    Pepsi Cola baby.

  • MrMuffinGaming
    MrMuffinGaming Month ago

    Me need gordan ramsay to say the ingredents because he has a very good palet

  • SFS Radio
    SFS Radio Month ago

    im wathcing this while drinking it

  • Sunny DaKingGaming66

    The dislikes from this video r from pepsi

  • Sunny DaKingGaming66

    In Korea they use coke as Toilet paper•••

  • Nathan Hamberg
    Nathan Hamberg Month ago

    coca cola taste terrible I can't stand that nasty taste the title of this should be how it's bottled