Jump Force Trailer, E3 2018


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    DEADPOOL WILSON 7 hours ago

    Frieza mind when he is about to fight goku and luffy and naruto.mind:😱😱😱😱😱😵😰

  • Reno Uzumaki
    Reno Uzumaki 19 hours ago +1

    So we just going to ignore the fact that Light can kill anyone by simply writing their name down and visualizing their face and it only takes 40 seconds to kill them...OK...40-39-38


    Red hawk,rasenga,Kame-hame-haaaaaaaa

  • sleepzip channel
    sleepzip channel 2 days ago


  • Mysterious Wanderer
    Mysterious Wanderer 2 days ago

    Bruh we all know the clear winner in the end here...Light mofokin Yagami

  • Melanie Barthelemy
    Melanie Barthelemy 3 days ago

    Mikasa eren and armin from snk ??

  • Desean Peterson
    Desean Peterson 4 days ago

    Can we longer health

  • Louis Kleftogiannis
    Louis Kleftogiannis 4 days ago

    Imagine Jiren in this game... OPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

  • Gxdlike Infant
    Gxdlike Infant 4 days ago

    So what, Goku stomps literally everyone because he's ascended the power of a god, then Light kills him by writing in a book. Must buy.

  • MainMaximumYT
    MainMaximumYT 4 days ago

    Goku is the strongest

  • Laura Andrea Rosales

    Cuando aqui te spoileaste el Gear fourth de Luffy

  • Malachi Shakur
    Malachi Shakur 4 days ago

    Uh oh they got Ryuk and light in it! Might have to get my Xbox back hahahaha

  • Rafael Sanz Roca
    Rafael Sanz Roca 5 days ago

    Only on xbox ? And ps4?

  • Angel Rosas
    Angel Rosas 5 days ago

    This is one of the most baddass trailers I've seen

  • Ameersla
    Ameersla 6 days ago

    looks like big gay

  • Noob Gaming
    Noob Gaming 6 days ago

    Infinty War is the greatest Crossover Ever
    Jump Force: Hold My Beer

  • saucypillow
    saucypillow 6 days ago

    Light yagami is a side character lol chill

  • Tom Sharp
    Tom Sharp 7 days ago

    I have no idea what the mechanics for light yagami are gonna be XD

  • Hamster 31_6
    Hamster 31_6 7 days ago

    How To Instantly Win : Death Note

  • The Professional Smartass

    No Zack and Cody this game is gonna flop

  • Tempest
    Tempest 10 days ago +1

    I hope Waluigi is here

  • Wade W
    Wade W 11 days ago

    Where is Hamtaro????

  • Carlos Pouzada
    Carlos Pouzada 11 days ago

    I don't belive that one piece has 3 characters but naruto only have 2.One piece is horrible

  • Julio Eliseo
    Julio Eliseo 11 days ago

    Te voy a partir la raja otaku ql

  • AnimationsZeref
    AnimationsZeref 12 days ago +1

    o cabelo do naruto ta estranho

  • Yyyoooii Jjoop
    Yyyoooii Jjoop 12 days ago

    My hero??

  • Toon Doodle
    Toon Doodle 12 days ago

    Where’s the piranha plant

    MICROBICELF 77 12 days ago +1

    Marvel: infinity war is the most ambushes crossover event in all of histo.....

  • Kasim Shah
    Kasim Shah 13 days ago +1

    i like it's

  • dhanniel salazar
    dhanniel salazar 13 days ago

    Falta ONE PUNCH MAN 🤔

    LSSJ BROLY 13 days ago

    Can't believe Frieza s getting beaten up by these weaklings. And also L can't kill Frieza by writing his name as it works only on mortals

  • Noisemaasters
    Noisemaasters 14 days ago

    i want Satou from Ajin in te game

  • Logan Campbell
    Logan Campbell 14 days ago

    Can y’all please add madara uchica to the game

  • BADsMANs
    BADsMANs 14 days ago

    where the fuck Fate/series!! huh??!

  • SKT T1 Oswald
    SKT T1 Oswald 15 days ago

    Wait the anime fighter in new York City

  • King Twan64
    King Twan64 16 days ago

    Need fairy tail and Hitman Reborn on it. Hope it’s dlc

  • robert roberts
    robert roberts 17 days ago

    Why can't they just make it like the DS game? J stars sucked ass

  • Bernardo Gonzalez
    Bernardo Gonzalez 17 days ago

    Can’t wait to see my boi natsu in this

  • Young Midoriya
    Young Midoriya 17 days ago

    MH ONE'S JUSTICE is better

  • Super_ Sharim
    Super_ Sharim 18 days ago

    Omg Light Yagami & Ryuk

  • Spirit_Jello
    Spirit_Jello 18 days ago

    *Super anime bros*

  • 100 Subs Without Vids?

    Y’all fuckin lucky that Walawigi aint in this if he was y’all gonna get shit on

  • purple creation
    purple creation 19 days ago +1

    anyone else wants koro sensei and saitama and one or two characters from my hero

  • Pedro Mottola
    Pedro Mottola 19 days ago

    I better see my boy Kumagawa.

  • rahul bagade
    rahul bagade 19 days ago

    I love it

  • Aidryan Robert
    Aidryan Robert 20 days ago

    i hope Bandai will put JoJo characters in the game

  • Muertos
    Muertos 21 day ago

    sorry but there is no Ichigo

  • TheYuriLinOfTheWorld
    TheYuriLinOfTheWorld 22 days ago

    Kira is justice 😈 but what if Zamasu shows up?? Who finna become true justice???

  • yamah baba
    yamah baba 22 days ago


  • mGoDe -100
    mGoDe -100 23 days ago

    Light: So what is your name?
    GOKU : Hi its goku
    Light's note : burning😂

  • Robin Hoot
    Robin Hoot 24 days ago

    no Hokage Naruto? );

  • M 1
    M 1 24 days ago

    So frieza is the main villain in this game basiccaly he is the strongest villain in the game

  • RedStep MMV'S • horror movies and games

    Mi pregunta es : por que les gusta bullear a frezeer?

  • White Emerald_
    White Emerald_ 24 days ago +1

    *Is it me or do the models of the characters in this game look weird sometimes?*
    Naruto looks weird. right?

  • mygamerwayz
    mygamerwayz 25 days ago

    can they plz have some of the animes theme/music put into the game

  • Novato69
    Novato69 26 days ago

    DOM PS2 remaster? xd

  • toxic Pvta
    toxic Pvta 26 days ago

    They need more female characters 💪🏻🤔

  • davidklb _
    davidklb _ 26 days ago

    Ken Kaneki were perfect for this game

  • bnjo ana-logick
    bnjo ana-logick 26 days ago

    GUTS and JOJO ! pleaseeeee *_*

  • Jcam
    Jcam 26 days ago

    I think in the end of the trailer it would have been better if goku was shown using the dragon fist instead of the kamehameha since the other guys were rushing in with a punch type attack

  • Candace Alleyne
    Candace Alleyne 26 days ago

    They forgot to include yamcha

  • The Name is Gai, Jasta Gai

    Marvel Fans : Infinity War is the greatest cro-
    Me : Imma have to stop you right there cause YOU’RE WRONG.

  • I Chxmpz
    I Chxmpz 27 days ago

    Uh how will light work in the game is he gonna hit them with the book or

  • I Chxmpz
    I Chxmpz 27 days ago

    These guys are lucky Saitama isn't in here

  • kumagawa i have to change my name because sam flatman thinks my name is stupid misogi


  • Realnigga same
    Realnigga same 27 days ago

    Fuck Xbox y this cant be on ps4 they already took castle crash from us 😢😭😢

  • franklin valladares
    franklin valladares 27 days ago

    on everything luffy a bitch and gonna take all the smoke

  • GhoulSphere
    GhoulSphere 27 days ago

    We better get cory in the house with this

  • Alberto Martinez Juarez

    Wheres Cory from Cory in the house

  • Henrique Klein
    Henrique Klein 27 days ago

    That voice... it's from the same person who voices Illidan from Warcraft?

  • Bird brings the Word
    Bird brings the Word 27 days ago +1

    Poor Mewtwo's Mom.

  • Wan Don
    Wan Don 27 days ago

    no ARALE?? oyoyoyoy

  • Paulo Dávalos
    Paulo Dávalos 27 days ago

    It's D.O.N. on steroids

  • I am Yours
    I am Yours 28 days ago

    I better see all the anime characters hero villains released by bandai till date

  • storm I
    storm I 28 days ago +1

    Best game in the world

  • Aldryn Cuevas
    Aldryn Cuevas 28 days ago

    One punch man?

  • Cesar Purata
    Cesar Purata 28 days ago

    Is not even official yet but, i think light will be the cheapest character in the game lol, write on his book and the fight is over?

  • Mario Cabezas
    Mario Cabezas 28 days ago


  • JFF 02
    JFF 02 29 days ago

    poor frieza

  • Carl 2x
    Carl 2x 29 days ago

    We need some characters from MHA, Tokyo Ghoul,Hunter x Hunter and more

  • Jandell Guzman
    Jandell Guzman 29 days ago

    Is it only for Xbox bc if it is I will die

  • Red Fire & Animation
    Red Fire & Animation 29 days ago

    1:43 Lite? I thought you were death.

  • Infinity _BR
    Infinity _BR 29 days ago


  • Dumb 7924
    Dumb 7924 29 days ago +1

    Lel Luffy is a criminal not the hero lmao

  • cisnegro14
    cisnegro14 29 days ago

    Pinta hermoso, death note!, naruto, goku, One Piece :)

  • Alex Grogi
    Alex Grogi 29 days ago

    Ist it only for xbox or can i get this for ps4 somehow?

  • Ansh Patel
    Ansh Patel Month ago

    I wish guts could be in this game even though hes not shonen

  • AwesomeMojoABC
    AwesomeMojoABC Month ago

    Where. The. Hell. Is. GINTOKI?

  • zine the artist
    zine the artist Month ago

    Anyone else want to see dinosaur king in there?

  • I can’t come up with a good username.

    It’s so weird seeing anime characters in a realistic Manhattan,they look so out of place.

  • You Watanabe
    You Watanabe Month ago

    when they place idols of love live??

  • TheFel0x
    TheFel0x Month ago

    I want to see Sasuke vs Zorro just because it's possible.

  • William Davis
    William Davis Month ago

    This trailer hella whack 😂😂 but still gonna buy it

  • Erdrick Ortega
    Erdrick Ortega Month ago

    Marvel: Avengers is the most ambitious crossover in history.
    Namco: Hold my beer.

  • Tyler Milligan
    Tyler Milligan Month ago

    If it's not English dub I'm not even going to get this game.

  • Stephen Douglas
    Stephen Douglas Month ago

    FAIRY TAIL!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  • Marcus Phantom
    Marcus Phantom Month ago

    I'm already hype for this game but there's already to many one piece characters....

  • Zhaper Xd
    Zhaper Xd Month ago +1

    I need meliodas king and ban xdd

  • Juanjo Gomariz Sánchez


  • Cosmic Calamity
    Cosmic Calamity Month ago

    I said i want the most ambitious crossover
    Smash Ultimate: *Appears*