Exploring an ERASED Planet & Broken Space Station! (No Man's Sky NEXT Multiplayer Gameplay Part 13)

  • Published on Aug 7, 2018
  • Welcome to No Man's Sky Next, No Man's Sky multiplayer update! Today in No Mans Sky we continue to explore the galaxy and get into some scary space battles along the way! Today we explore a broken space station as well as an erased planet! This new No mans sky update with multiplayer should be a long standing series on the channel as long as you guys enjoy! They also released the update on PS4 as well as a full release on Xbox one!
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Comments • 219

  • I kitty I
    I kitty I 26 days ago

    I’m pretty sure that space station has the old layout of the space station, so cool!

  • wisguen
    wisguen Month ago

    sentinels actually killed everything in this system. interacting with the ring revealed that. at the base of the ring is a computer

  • wisguen
    wisguen Month ago

    I am literaly been there b4he updte

  • pulotoisaplanit PIAP
    pulotoisaplanit PIAP 2 months ago +1

    no you can interact with the spinning portal

  • Rhett Brady
    Rhett Brady 2 months ago

    my first system i was ever in had one of these planets in it, i guess i got really lucky

  • Red Harlow
    Red Harlow 4 months ago

    The erased planet kind of looks like Titan from Avengers Infinity War

  • Lord Quas
    Lord Quas 6 months ago

    Dead space was the scariest game for me. It topped resident evil.

  • Wonder Waffle
    Wonder Waffle 8 months ago

    I found a eraser planet

    AIROU GAMER 11 months ago

    Duude those egges on the last planet are very expensive . you should"ve taken them.

  • CKG Nabelias
    CKG Nabelias 11 months ago

    This planet lose in the tournament of power.

  • Brael Williams
    Brael Williams Year ago

    Back to back! Charlies Angels. I lost my shit at that comment hahaha

  • david ranson
    david ranson Year ago

    Check your active quest and make sure it doesn"t have to do with killing sentinals.

  • Peter B.
    Peter B. Year ago

    I've found infestation eggs on Airless world also.

  • Kiss My Ass Production

    i think you're constantly being attacked by the sentinels is because you have a quest that you need to destroy some sentinels to complete the quest.

  • Thurnis Haley
    Thurnis Haley Year ago

    clear the trade terminal of pyrite, exit, then use it again and it'll be restocked

  • julio varela
    julio varela Year ago

    i'm totally new to the game series first time i use a planet side teleporter entire system signs of inteligent life but none are there no freighters every building is damaged and has that green monsterous growth on it the space station damaged no life green monster growth scary shit man

  • Talwert
    Talwert Year ago

    That's so cool the destroyed station is the layout of the old space stations before the NEXT update
    I haven't played the new update yet it came out while I was on vacation so I don't know if some new space stations have the old layout and some don't

  • zool201975
    zool201975 Year ago

    these planets are nice but the variation on them is fucking awful.
    most of the times they possess like 3-4 varying objects (excluding the default stuff you always find in caves)
    also i also found an abandoned station in a red star system it was the older model from before the NEXT update.

  • Steven Thomas
    Steven Thomas Year ago

    Idk if you know, but Christian keeps getting attacked because of a bug. He must have the last weapons specialist base mission where you fight sentinels. Prenext it was bugged and many people could not complete it. Now that next has come in it resets the mission everytime you leave a base, or vehicle. I think it was patched with 1.56 or 1.55, now all you have to do is select a different mission to track and theyll stop

  • PoeticBoii
    PoeticBoii Year ago

    That solar system just seems like is was destroyed years ago and it’s awesome

  • Merijn Gout
    Merijn Gout Year ago

    What possibly happened: The anomaly came and changed one of the planets in a weird hexagon planet. In a reaction to this the Sentinels became extremly hostile in this solar system. This goes as far as not only destroying the planet but also killing and controlling the whole system. The Sentinels eventually calmed down because: 1. Everything and everyone avoided this System and thus, the Sentinels were called back for not having any use. OR 2. Since the destroyed space station is an older version it can also be possible that an earlier version of the Sentinels were too agressivly programmed and later were re-programmed.
    If you count a glitch in the game in which one Sentinel would multiply in millions, as programmed and intentional, you can also state that such an error occured with the Sentinels in that System (If you don't know what I mean with this, go to r/NoMansSky and scroll down, you'll find it eventually). EDIT: Just found some videos of this:

  • Pepsolman
    Pepsolman Year ago

    The pillars are the remnants of the technology used to erase all life from this planet.

  • Branden Gardea
    Branden Gardea Year ago

    So didn’t you notice the broken down space station is the old space station models before the multiplayer update but broken down, maybe the story is when the new space stations came in, the old ones weren’t used anymore so no one took care of them and things flew off of it and plants started growing on them.

  • Onno Inada
    Onno Inada Year ago

    All decomposing stations have the pre NEXT layout.

  • Javin Bieganski
    Javin Bieganski Year ago

    That planet is like Thanos home planet

  • Genesis Zeta
    Genesis Zeta Year ago

    what type of system did you find the station?

  • SF G3ko
    SF G3ko Year ago

    OMG! I found a whole solar system full of erased planets and one of them was just like the one you found! There was also one with mushrooms and weird spinning metal balls. The whole system was abandoned and Im stuck ;-;

  • Bob Dole
    Bob Dole Year ago

    Is this pc ur playing on?
    Anybody know how to complete photo missions on PS4 ?
    I take pics of landscape and animals and the mission never gives credit

  • TheDwarfishjoe
    TheDwarfishjoe Year ago

    first time you find this planet type...
    "this is pretty cool"
    second time you find this planet type...
    "this again?, maybe itll look different?"
    third time you find this planet type...

  • OkamiAmmi
    OkamiAmmi Year ago

    At 6:00 Min:
    You can actually interact with those portal-structures.
    They have some kind of console somewhere on their side.

  • LaDestitute
    LaDestitute Year ago

    Yeah, some of those planets are awesome, I encountered the same planet a while. They're part of a planetary biome type called Exotic, which are x3 as likely to be in red star system. Exotic planets can have one major 'exotic feature', some of which are the glass (this one), the bubbles you mentioned, giant nanophages and also giant hollow hexagonal things. Also, I'm pretty sure that particular space station structure is related to the abandoned building structure, you know, the one with whispering eggs.

  • wakka866
    wakka866 Year ago

    That space station is awesome. Thats a pre NEXT space station. Its what they used to look like before the next update. Im glad they kept them in the game as abandoned space stations

  • Francky Lone
    Francky Lone Year ago

    Nop its not ... I was on it 2 days ago and this is not the only one ... I found another weird one last night

  • Myke Morgan
    Myke Morgan Year ago

    What's the best way to obtain units? I have over 25 hours and i only have 4mil...granted i've bought a lot of stuff, but I see people with like 100mil + just wanna know what's the best way to get there w.out using glitches.

  • Myke Morgan
    Myke Morgan Year ago

    I came to a planet exactly like this...hated i and left

  • Cory R
    Cory R Year ago

    how do you get v2 and v3 cards? Im 50 hours in and still not found anything obvious and done most of the main missions/quest lines?

    • LizaVP
      LizaVP Month ago

      Manufacturing buildings. Interact with the terminal.

  • Charles thekinglov

    i think alot of those a lost or ditched concepts because there may have been a mechanic in development to destroy of come upon a Waring system with a ruined station and crashed ships on planets

  • Samuel Freeman
    Samuel Freeman Year ago

    SG-1 flashbacks

  • Christopher Gale
    Christopher Gale Year ago

    Did you ever figure out how to get those V Cards?

  • Zig Zag
    Zig Zag Year ago

    nobody found the planet that has nothing expect rare matts and in a bundle like 3-4 in a bundle. all over the Barron land.

  • Clay Hawkins
    Clay Hawkins Year ago

    I found an abandoned space station. It was dark and the lights were red and a lot of the machinery looked damaged. It was like they were attacked by aliens. It was so cool!

  • Inkex
    Inkex Year ago

    this place got thanos snapped

  • brego129
    brego129 Year ago

    I found one of these planets in a red system. It was called a "Breached Planet" though.

  • EuroFlight 38
    EuroFlight 38 Year ago

    This is the previous tye of station before next... maybe this is what happens with what get upgraded in the simulation

  • Angus North
    Angus North Year ago

    Did anyone else notice the large circle in the sky at 6:50 it is there for about a second but you notice it

  • VooDooness
    VooDooness Year ago

    this could have been trimmed down a little, the picture taking part could have all gone but nice video overall

  • baker Baker
    baker Baker Year ago

    It's totally the flood the halo ereased the planter of all live to kill off the flood that's why there is no life

  • Gaz 995
    Gaz 995 Year ago

    Well,I found a "temporary planet" I mean wtf!?

  • TwstedTV
    TwstedTV Year ago

    I found this planet the 4th day of playing NMS :)

  • tamara gunther
    tamara gunther Year ago

    go into your log and switch mission from the weapons mission that will stop the sentinals targetting

  • shanesword2050
    shanesword2050 Year ago

    lol I found a v3 atlas pass in the fist 5 hours of game play. super lucky, but now the search for Emeril.

  • tamara gunther
    tamara gunther Year ago

    ive found 4 of those planets and a few with big balls of cogs as well as a few planets with bubbles

  • darkrhodes
    darkrhodes Year ago

    Yeah those are definitely the Old Space stations, also would love to be able to Purchase and build on space stations and run them of course.

  • Zimaut Animation
    Zimaut Animation Year ago

    take the alien egg, its worth some

  • Gabi Bani
    Gabi Bani Year ago

    If someone had a blackhole gun,this will hapen.

    POLYGON Year ago +2

    I think the erased planets are ones that sentinels came, saw, didn’t like, and erased. Savages

  • Grand Moff Tarkin

    I found, if I remember correctly, a war torn planet. What a sight to behold that was.

  • Miguel Rodriguez-Piñero Rivas

    That station still has the atlas rises design

  • __
    __ Year ago

    Ive found three planets like that now. Desolate, doomed and temporary were the categories they had. And my ship warned of the anomaly strength rising.

  • Graveadder
    Graveadder Year ago

    The V3 cards open V2 doors

  • Jake Miller
    Jake Miller Year ago

    I found a system like that. Didnt check all the planets but I need to. And it was in a blue system :O

  • cody franseschina

    It's the star, the star is old and probably didnt produce enough light for the system. I forget what type that is but this star turned into that after it when to a supernova

  • Etan Da Weenie
    Etan Da Weenie Year ago

    What colored star system did you find the space station

  • Mike No
    Mike No Year ago

    Broken code. No this is just a shitty game. Hahaha

  • Paul Mulkey
    Paul Mulkey Year ago

    Another one of Ricks blackout moments

  • Silenttruth47
    Silenttruth47 Year ago +8

    Be cool to see broken planets. Like half of it literally gone

    • VikingFevahGames
      VikingFevahGames 11 months ago

      Would be cool to be able to land on asteroids

    • Through the Telescope!
      Through the Telescope! Year ago +2

      Haha No Man's Sky defies the laws of physics.

    • Dillon Maki
      Dillon Maki Year ago +3

      Brandon Alexis that would be interesting but I'd imagine that according to physics, it wouldn't really be possible to contain it's orbit or gravitational pull and receive gravitational pulls. Just saying.

  • Chris H
    Chris H Year ago

    I ran into one of those in Hilbert it was cool

  • Caelan05 _
    Caelan05 _ Year ago

    its a anomaly planet they are weird i found on called redacted whch had giant gase phasers

  • Armadyllo
    Armadyllo Year ago

    Oh shit I got one of these but a hexagonal version

  • Dyeshan
    Dyeshan Year ago +1

    That big abandoned portal thing does have a button to press on one end with some interesting dialogue

  • james corvett
    james corvett Year ago +4

    i think since the Next update the ship scanner is broken. I never find anything using it now. even when im looking right at some building it fails to find it while scanning.

    • Mon573R
      Mon573R 2 months ago

      Same. I was curious if there was a good upgrade I happened to miss... hopefully Beyond update will fix this.

  • Dawn Williams
    Dawn Williams Year ago

    " ablaablabye That was English " 😁 that was funny got a little excited there huh
    Good video :)

  • scp 999
    scp 999 Year ago

    Reminds me of mercury vexifid

  • R1N2
    R1N2 Year ago +1

    Hey, I'm actually in a red star system with I think four planets at least, and two of them are like you say "abandoned" but I haven't found any broken down station. I think that the whole system is abandoned, cause there aren't any freighters or fleets, there aren't even any ships, and when in star map, the system in question is completely unknown and there is no information on it

  • Alphamikee
    Alphamikee Year ago

    Circle thing and erased planet look something right out of infinity war. The circle actually looks like thanos’ crew’s ships