Playmakers: Marques Brownlee

  • Published on Oct 17, 2016
  • New York's Marques Brownlee won Eastern Conference Defensive Player of the Year in 2016, but he has been making highlights since he first stepped onto an MLU field in 2014. Check out some of his best.
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Comments • 184

  • rupert parkin
    rupert parkin 2 months ago

    aah. thats hot.

    GAUTHAM AYLARA 4 months ago

    What a man👏👏👏

  • IQarchnet
    IQarchnet 4 months ago

    why is mark ass brownlee so long.

  • WI FI
    WI FI 4 months ago

    damn this guy is a freak

  • Coolio
    Coolio 4 months ago

    Imagine chasing both your dreams and being successful at both ?! Damn mkbhd is super inspiring

  • Bryan Tiong
    Bryan Tiong 4 months ago

    Marques got some bounce😏😏😏

  • Steezmo
    Steezmo 5 months ago

    Good catch Markass Brownlee.

  • Nikhil
    Nikhil 6 months ago +3

    I knew he was athletic, have you seen the size of those hands.

  • ThatFlyPigeon
    ThatFlyPigeon 6 months ago

    So this is why he always wear sports clothing in his review videos.

  • Ad Smarte
    Ad Smarte 6 months ago +3

    Who's here because of JRE ? :))

  • W.C. J
    W.C. J 6 months ago

    Hahahahhaahhaa what???

  • Luke
    Luke 6 months ago

    Wow he looks like that USclipr guy he reviews iPhones

  • aligboyakasha
    aligboyakasha 6 months ago

    He then told the opposing team why their cellphones were ugly.

  • aligboyakasha
    aligboyakasha 6 months ago

    Somehow this ended up in American Football-Topic. Good job USclip.

  • Ben M
    Ben M 6 months ago

    And I thought ice hockey was the whitest sport

  • Lukas Novak
    Lukas Novak 6 months ago

    This is a sport?

  • sticky frog
    sticky frog 6 months ago

    the sponsor on the green jersey is lol

  • Vishwadeep Sonawane
    Vishwadeep Sonawane 7 months ago +1

    Hey What is up guys? MKBHD here and this is

  • Erick J.
    Erick J. 9 months ago

    Could he have picked a nerdier sport 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Erick J.
    Erick J. 9 months ago

    What a bunch of nerds 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Mino Marimat
    Mino Marimat 9 months ago

    0:51 was cold

  • Levi McKay
    Levi McKay 10 months ago

    MLU is such ass compared to AUDL

  • Fumito Ando
    Fumito Ando 10 months ago

    So he's like Anthony Davis... Am I right...? Prob not

  • drschplatt
    drschplatt Year ago

    Does MLU not call strips?

  • Sam Etzweiler McCloud

    What an absolute unit

  • ronindebeatrice
    ronindebeatrice Year ago

    I feel like it's not right when people with actual athleticism, read: black men, play sports like ultimate.

  • Jonas Tandrup
    Jonas Tandrup Year ago

    I will get good at this sport just to play Brownlee

  • HeyItsMeJustin
    HeyItsMeJustin Year ago

    Lmao where's his middle name ;)

  • Ehpex
    Ehpex Year ago

    Wtf lol

  • LegoStudios
    LegoStudios Year ago +1

    What's his middle name ‼️⁉️

  • Wolfie
    Wolfie Year ago

    Review that frisbee, Brownlee

  • John Gotti
    John Gotti Year ago

    This sport looks amazing on tv. I play this in. High school gym class but damn, I hope this gets popular.

  • Pinchy Prince
    Pinchy Prince Year ago

    I must say "dope".

  • Dale Harris
    Dale Harris Year ago

    His team was always losing tho

  • Son Goku
    Son Goku Year ago

    And he did all this with a phone in his pocket

  • Harshkumar Singh
    Harshkumar Singh Year ago

    What a stupid game.

  • Tv anggg
    Tv anggg Year ago

    If he had more muscle, I could imagine him playing football, he has good athleticism and ball skills

    • Vihan Subramaniam
      Vihan Subramaniam 7 months ago

      HE has a massive nearly 7million subscriber channel to tend too. Doesnt have enough time.

    • Wolfie
      Wolfie Year ago

      Tv anggg It depends on your body frame. He has a bony body. If he puts on muscle that will mess with his stamina. His type of body is ideal for sports that require short distance fast running and jumping. This is a perfect sport for him and could be good at basketball, though that has some more contact then this

  • Kendy Louwaars
    Kendy Louwaars Year ago +1

    He can probably sponsor his own team. Or buy it

  • Ben Turner
    Ben Turner Year ago

    nice body control probably would have made a good cornerback if he could have put on any weight. Pretty good for a phone geek

  • Bayu Sanjaya
    Bayu Sanjaya Year ago

    Hey what's up guys...

  • Dewpie
    Dewpie Year ago +2

    Mkbhd on a 720p video.... That too on 2016. It's ridiculous man come on bring 4k resolution for him

  • Dewpie
    Dewpie Year ago

    Calling him Brownlee is really awkward for an mkbhd fan like me who always heard him as marques

  • Jack of Blades
    Jack of Blades Year ago

    he s mkbhd!

  • yung josh
    yung josh Year ago

    0:54 what does the commentator say?

  • Senpai Chris
    Senpai Chris Year ago

    MKBHD plays Ultimate Frisby?

  • Chow Down TV
    Chow Down TV Year ago

    Is there anything MKBHD isn’t good at?

  • vishnu panchal
    vishnu panchal Year ago

    I am simple person i see MKBHD i click on like button.

  • sabas rousseau
    sabas rousseau Year ago

    Probably could of been a decent receiver (lower college)

  • hugo kappetijn
    hugo kappetijn Year ago

    this makes me happy

  • Freshgaming 716
    Freshgaming 716 Year ago

    Where do I sign up

  • Rotisserie Chiggen

    Ultimate frisbee is the new polo for nerds

  • Josh Hernandez
    Josh Hernandez Year ago

    0:46 Did Marques look like Lebron there for a second?

  • Mike
    Mike Year ago

    What's his middle name?

  • jaihind NatrajN
    jaihind NatrajN Year ago

    Why they're calling MKBHD as Brownlee... LoL

    • ivan k_8
      ivan k_8 6 months ago

      That's his last name Genius....

  • AlonZo Arellano
    AlonZo Arellano Year ago +13

    He looks just like that tech reviewer. (Sarcasms)

    • Wesley Winklaar
      Wesley Winklaar 6 months ago +2

      TM557- Aze Come on man he even put sarcasm in the sentence

    • TM557- Aze
      TM557- Aze 10 months ago

      AlonZo Arellano he is the tech reviewer

  • JuhJuh317
    JuhJuh317 Year ago


  • Muhhamad Hashmi
    Muhhamad Hashmi Year ago

    What sport is this frisbee football??

  • Fujiwara 藤原
    Fujiwara 藤原 Year ago

    Not in 8k? Dissapointed xD

  • salamonsalman
    salamonsalman Year ago


  • Sean McPherson
    Sean McPherson Year ago

    When you have the athleticism to play football but is too nerdy so sticks to ultimate frisbee.

  • Mickey Castro
    Mickey Castro Year ago

    its cus he's black

  • Dane Pacheco
    Dane Pacheco Year ago

    Hey that guys reviews tech :)

  • Rajeev Kugan
    Rajeev Kugan Year ago

    Lol boss status

  • Paolo Sbalchiero
    Paolo Sbalchiero Year ago

    What the fuck

  • dnel
    dnel Year ago

    Proud of my boy

  • Ya Boi Naz
    Ya Boi Naz Year ago

    Brownlee got hops!

  • Eddie Zwickl
    Eddie Zwickl Year ago +1


  • _ _Default_
    _ _Default_ Year ago

    Wow! Didn't know this about Marques. Talk about an onion's layers...
    Mr. MKBHD and his many talents.🤩

  • Lancer Shade
    Lancer Shade Year ago

    I want watch him throw galaxy s9 and catch it.

  • Steven Dominguez
    Steven Dominguez Year ago

    What the fuck he played at my school stadium?!

  • Iman
    Iman Year ago

    MKBHD!! 👏👏

  • RajIb
    RajIb Year ago

    Why didn't he analys the performance and overview as always does?

  • Max Contreras
    Max Contreras Year ago +1

    This is so cringe

    • Malik King
      Malik King 6 months ago +2

      you're projecting cause you're cringe

    • MCS27
      MCS27 10 months ago +4

      Max Contreras ? Try what he's doing.

  • Praise Akinnodi
    Praise Akinnodi Year ago +35

    I hope he doesn't commit a TECH-nical foul

  • josephsolorzano57

    He's so good it's incredible

  • Christian Tab
    Christian Tab Year ago +1

    This kid should be taking orders at McDonald's

    • Ephraim Kwon
      Ephraim Kwon Year ago +1

      Christian Tab
      Cuz he's black? You racist piece of shit you're kind should be exterminated from this planet

    • Tyko Brian
      Tyko Brian Year ago +1

      Christian Tab somebody's butthurt!!!!

    • Christian Tab
      Christian Tab Year ago

      20 16 shut the fuck up bitch

    • 20 16
      20 16 Year ago +6

      Christian Tab ? Lame

    • Christian Tab
      Christian Tab Year ago +2

      Ephraim Kwon well it's funny cause he's black

  • Ericson Rios
    Ericson Rios Year ago

    renaissance man right here

  • ItsMinarmy
    ItsMinarmy Year ago

    Such a soy sport, I don’t even play frisbee and dominated everyone in school simply because I was tall and could jump.

    • Fayiz
      Fayiz Year ago +2

      ItsMinarmy nice unironically one using soy as an insult

  • kingku talukdar
    kingku talukdar Year ago +51

    is this guy from a USclip channel about smartphones/tech?

    • Dewpie
      Dewpie Year ago

      kingku talukdar yeah he is the mkbhd quality tech videos

    • Pilip Cruz
      Pilip Cruz Year ago

      kingku talukdar yup MKBHD

    • Rare Morek
      Rare Morek Year ago +9

      kingku talukdar
      yeah, he's mkbhd

  • MnL Music
    MnL Music Year ago

    Daaaaang I didn’t know he had it like that

  • Paradox
    Paradox Year ago +9

    720p? Not crispy enough!

  • Mo Tama
    Mo Tama Year ago

    This sport look like more fun than eggball

  • Mr. Satan
    Mr. Satan Year ago

    Damn Marques chill out bro!

  • Dr-Pepper
    Dr-Pepper Year ago

    Damn, he got hops.

  • Manjot singh Rattan

    Peace ✌

  • Manik Agrawal
    Manik Agrawal Year ago +10

    I see, where he uses those massive hands.

  • Kenny Chea
    Kenny Chea Year ago +74

    An athletic nerd. You don't see many of those.

    • panthera
      panthera 5 months ago +1

      Real life people are different then the stereotypes presented on tv

    • kar oma
      kar oma 5 months ago

      You'd be surprised how much sports help in University... After thinking for at least 8 hours (easy day) going and just playing tennis, you'll forget about homework and sleep like a baby

    • ThatFlyPigeon
      ThatFlyPigeon 6 months ago +1

      Dude I met a nerd with glasses who looked kinda weak ask to play Basketball with us. Absolutely destroyed us 😂😂😂 never judge a book by it's cover.

    • James
      James 6 months ago

      David we had a few in high school actually

    • João Matos
      João Matos 11 months ago +1

      you have no idea how many of us are out there

  • Marcus Okodugha
    Marcus Okodugha Year ago

    my man

  • João Santos
    João Santos Year ago

    The worst game after lacrosse. Jeez

  • Rex The Thoughtful T-Rex


  • Davis
    Davis Year ago +1

    Randy moss of ultimate frisbee

  • peter paul
    peter paul Year ago

    He's freaking long

  • Kenneth Williams
    Kenneth Williams Year ago

    Young brutha has skills👌🏾

  • exomonxt
    exomonxt Year ago

    It's a black guy playing a white sport...

  • Aswin A
    Aswin A Year ago +474

    I wonder how players who are fans of MKBHD act around him

    • Everything
      Everything 6 months ago +3

      Asked like a true introvert.

    • A-DUB
      A-DUB Year ago +21

      Aswin Adirono umm I bet they would act normal as if they are around anyone else

  • Erick J.
    Erick J. Year ago +1

    Cringe af lol

  • Lucas Corea
    Lucas Corea Year ago

    eyy my boy MKBHD.

  • Vivek Sevak
    Vivek Sevak Year ago +69

    what's up guys its MKBHD here with another block...SNATCH

  • Luis
    Luis Year ago


  • Drip Sensei
    Drip Sensei Year ago +13

    0:50 MOSSED