How Kylie Jenner, Jeffree Star, & Social Media Are Massively Changing The Makeup Industry…

  • Published on Apr 18, 2019
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  • Philip DeFranco
    Philip DeFranco  Month ago +1951


    • labobo
      labobo Month ago

      Your wife made you write that, didn't she?

    • scarletxoxo
      scarletxoxo Month ago

      WOW PHIL WTF! Super sexist intro comment. Assuming that all women care about lipstick and makeup and men are interested in money and business. WTF ! Please clarify this in your next video as its kinda bullshit.

    • R134eS2o
      R134eS2o Month ago


    • Rhea Mahajan
      Rhea Mahajan Month ago

      You're amazing. Thanks for sticking around on USclip for so long

    • valrod78
      valrod78 Month ago

      Quack Quack Daddy!

  • Phillip Riggins
    Phillip Riggins 2 days ago +1

    Good information, thanks for sharing your video.

  • Eugenia Gonzales
    Eugenia Gonzales 18 days ago

    Social media has helped me with my acting/modeling/ circus performing career tremendously. I create a lot of my own jobs at times just by posting s picture. For example, instead of depending on a manager or agent, sometimes I get my own jobs because the person who is doing casting saw my account and contacted me about hiring. I did a bridal shoot for my portfolio and posted it on my account and then got contacted directly afterwards. Obviously if its a client that belongs to one of the agencies that represent me, I wouldnt cut my agency a lot of cases though, I take it into my own hands by finding clients by myself like following and contacting local boutique or companies and then directing them to my instagram. I do fire eating and get hired to play the violin or be a mermaid or princess for an event, more often after Ive posted a picture of myself from a previous gig or photoshoot featuring whatever skill I have

  • heartgirl40
    heartgirl40 20 days ago

    I'm a nanny and an online presence can often be a liability. families like to think of their nannies as being nuns in their personal life because they're entrusting their children and home to someone with a completely separate life outside of work.

  • Thomas Lewis
    Thomas Lewis 21 day ago

    You are one of my favorites is fascinating to watch the evolution of news\media\social media. You are among the handful of sources I can count on to offer...or at least do their very best to try and offer...a balanced and unbiased delivery of news and information. Of course, the risk for you, and all social media influencers, is being able to stay grounded and humble. Eventually all the young, idealistic leaders of any/every revolution...evolution... in social media, will eventually become "the Establishment". I just hope, you, and all the other leaders of the next iteration in the "new world order" a little more humanity and humility than the current ones do...I'll keep watching.

  • Weasle GTX
    Weasle GTX 23 days ago

    Kinda, I do this stuff for fun, so it's not on a pro level that some people take it at. But, I'm a sprite artist, who also makes video games and video game commentary, (The Great Game Debate on Wordpress) I keep my video game creation stuff separate from my video game commentary. Again, I just do this for fun, so you don't see a ton of content from me.

  • Mel's Vanity
    Mel's Vanity 25 days ago

    Petition for a Philip DeFranco makeup line

  • YPH army
    YPH army 26 days ago

    lol i forgot i was watching a philly d video

  • BK McKee
    BK McKee 28 days ago

    I am an actor and being present on Social Media is a must. Castings are decided on whether or not you have so many followers or not as opposed to talent. You could be great for a part and not get chosen some someone else had more followers than you and can provide more hype for the project.

  • Timmy Foster
    Timmy Foster 29 days ago

    Saw Mykie and had too stay and watch. Don't care about make up but Mykie is amazing.

  • Aeosyn S
    Aeosyn S 29 days ago +1


  • LivLoveful
    LivLoveful 29 days ago

    Hey Phil! I would love if you talked about this same topic in relation to visual art. Not only has the internet made the art world brand new in the same ways, but digital art itself is a fairly new and growing medium.

  • TheBo0mer
    TheBo0mer 29 days ago +1

    Three things:
    1. I adore your show
    2. That said, I am always happy to hear when you treat yourself to a well-deserved break. Kudos.
    3. I consider you and your team some of the best in journalism. So, you're a true journalist in my eyes.

  • Michael Fisher
    Michael Fisher 29 days ago

    I've been a magician for 28 years and the parallels between how they talked about makeup and my industry are incredible! Everything from the potential to learn bad technique two older people sometimes trying to push down the younger people (sometimes justifiably most times not... ) it's amazing.

  • Ann N
    Ann N Month ago

    I tell everyone to watch your videos for fair and informative news 👍🏼

  • Geena Weber
    Geena Weber Month ago +1

    As a makeup artist & esthetician I completely forget that not everyone knows the culture and careers in the beauty industry

  • Chris Alonso
    Chris Alonso Month ago

    Makeup an those interested in makeup are the new Hype beasts it's no longer bout Jordans newest release it's bout the newsest pallets .. call me crazy but it's true I've seen it myself

  • garry
    garry Month ago

    I will never understand why people buy stupidly expensive trash makeup none if it is worth the price

  • Skip
    Skip Month ago

    I do not get this new style of makeup where the face is so caked it almost looks artificial. Reminds me of those Glamorshots places back in the day. Am
    I just that out of it now?

  • Wonderland Boudoir
    Wonderland Boudoir Month ago

    This was SUCH a great video and very inspiring!!!

  • lilsquirrely
    lilsquirrely Month ago

    Oh Phil, a casual makeup-enthusiast would never call a lipstick palette a "favorite"! 😂

  • Jesszenn
    Jesszenn Month ago

    Really enjoyable/informational video.

  • Kyle Lee
    Kyle Lee Month ago

    Does anyone else feel like this whole video could have been 8 minutes shorter..?

  • Desperadox23
    Desperadox23 Month ago

    Like with so many things, before you really had to have profound knowledge and skills.
    Now you just have to be famous.

  • DeusViator
    DeusViator Month ago

    Ok, I get the need for self promotion but did you really have to put in a 2 minute segment at the end making the video about yourself?
    It just feels like it does a huge disservice to what is an otherwise fantastic video. The content speaks for itself, you don't need to make this about your "fight with the mainstream media" again, all it comes off as is incredibly self-congratulatory.

  • J Lopez
    J Lopez Month ago

    Having been a fencer for 10 years,I would play the shit out of the soort very happily

  • Purple Angry Zmurf
    Purple Angry Zmurf Month ago

    I find it hilarious how youtubers desperately try to use "content creator" as a way as being equivalent to a professional movie writer or director of some sort. Or try to make it seem like they are important in anyway. But nope you are just a tutorial artist/wanna be model.

  • Connie Lubinski
    Connie Lubinski Month ago +1

    Such a great reminder how so many traditional career paths are intertwining with social media even if it's just limiting your content for professional reasons.

  • birdwithabrokenwing

    Genuinely interesting video- if anything it could honestly have stood to be longer. The Internet and unprecedented explosion of social media platforms over the last decade has had such a monumental effect on every business, profession and job sector in the world- I think using the make up industry as a jumping off point was a great segway into the topic as whole, and I would like to see further discussion and possible follow up videos looking into this topic in the broader sense.

  • Veronica Rosewood
    Veronica Rosewood Month ago +1

    I forgot this was a Philip video. I saw his face at the end and was like oh yeah.

  • Rodrigo Graça
    Rodrigo Graça Month ago

    You guys missed the bigger point of this story: learning online vs traditional.
    In my field its the same, the established talk crap about those who learn by themselves, that they dont know the basics and etc

  • Aya A.
    Aya A. Month ago

    Going to talk about the boy thrown off a balcony for being white?

  • CGagnon5
    CGagnon5 Month ago

    these women wear way too much makeup. Do any guys actually like that? Only data girls who wear minimal makeup. The rest are insecure and look awful without it. Caking on layers and layers of makeup destroys their skin so they look 20 years older when they take it off

  • Heather Ettinger
    Heather Ettinger Month ago

    The digital world has done major things to benefit the medical rehab world. I don’t think I have met a single Occupational or Physical therapist who hasn’t used Pinterest as a recourse for therapy ideas. It also put blueprints and tutorials out there for “at-home alternatives” to expensive medical equipment.
    For example, in my class, we made grips for silverwear our of Velcro bands. It assists people with poor hand control so they may do things like eat and brush their teeth.

  • eduarda Costa
    eduarda Costa Month ago

    Liar.. funny matt jarbo does the same thing as this dude and yet has no recognition.

  • Spooky Jaxon
    Spooky Jaxon Month ago

    Fake and gau

  • Mike Italiano
    Mike Italiano Month ago

    A few days late but honestly Phil u have personally inspired me to pursue a job not just in news but more indie and unbiased journalism. Your a huge inspiration n I appreciate the work u do

  • Alizee
    Alizee Month ago

    Shut up Phil

  • auburn.honey
    auburn.honey Month ago

    I run an online business and I honestly don't think I'd have even reached the small level of success that I've had if it weren't for social media. Running a business is complex, time consuming and expensive. It's even more difficult when that business is a handmade business and focuses on handcrafted high quality products. Being online has allowed me to share my art and creativity with the world without going bankrupt or accumulating a ton of debt in the process.

    Had I tried to open up such a niche business in a traditional storefront it most likely would have tanked. I live in a small retire town. So there's not many people around here looking for custom handmade lingerie lol.

  • Adoremakeup17
    Adoremakeup17 Month ago

    I teach at a private daycare I’m 24, when I turned 18 I began I guess what most would call “Instagram modeling” I would do some scandalous shoots but nothing too crazy but I am so scared of parents finding pictures of my butt online ha 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Skyler Tan
    Skyler Tan Month ago

    I love this video but I think there's a huge section missing from it. What about the sponsorship arrangements and the multiple scandals that have emerged from this section of youtube?

  • lumenka
    lumenka Month ago

    4:03 the idea for that marketing campaign by Huda beauty was stolen from an indie brand Beauty Bakery. 😡

  • Vasteria
    Vasteria Month ago

    Jim Jefferies vs Avi Yemini

  • Mulan 121
    Mulan 121 Month ago +2

    Someone give this man an honorary doctorate so he can call himself a journalist.

  • Aldo Lim
    Aldo Lim Month ago

    i wonder when ppl would realize news anchors are just utube commentary channels

  • Keenan Kinder
    Keenan Kinder Month ago

    So I watched the old anti semetic Elmo episode and I honestly miss the old Philly D I know he had to change because of current standards to stay as monetized as possible but the old Philly D was a bit funnier

  • S. Yoshikawa
    S. Yoshikawa Month ago +1

    I'm surprised you missed the opportunity to talk about the cultural shift and emergence of men wearing makeup. I imagine as the trend continues to come from South Korea we'll see the market boom here.

  • Cassie Herbst
    Cassie Herbst Month ago

    Did u just say.... lipstick pallet?

  • Mark
    Mark Month ago

    Have you hired any traditionally trained journalists? I know you have the researchers, but are there any actual journalists on the team?

  • SuperZX
    SuperZX Month ago +1

    All these so called makeup “influencers”, including Kylie Jenner and Jefree Star wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Michelle Phan, the *_OG_* for makeup tutorials.

  • Cody Leonard
    Cody Leonard Month ago

    Another week of guys making millions on vacation with no vids me work my ass off in a car part factory never had a vacation or seen the outside world most I seen was upstate New York but hey Phil works hard with all the ppl doing the work and he reads it but can't do that he works so hard lmao how he has a group of ppl doing the work the he sits in front of a camera reads it not even for 12 mins my God goes a week with nothing gets paid then the next week goes on vacation which none of can while he gets paid for nothing LMAO

  • nudalBrains
    nudalBrains Month ago

    Have to be a cute girl to demonstrate makeup on yourself. *Not if you are Wayne Goss ;-)

  • peter doucet
    peter doucet Month ago

    Not to be rude I dont like your show

  • YugiohRules10001
    YugiohRules10001 Month ago

    I'm planning on getting a PhD in psychology. I don't think media will change that. Maybe later more online options will be available. Other than that I dont see my Career goal changing much.

  • Silence Dogood
    Silence Dogood Month ago +1

    New technologies, especially ones that impact social interaction, are often dangerous until the people and the lawmakers learn how to use and regulate the new technologies.

  • Local Artist
    Local Artist Month ago


  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago

    Tell people about what comedy central did to Avi Yemini, its messed up@

  • Ramph
    Ramph Month ago

    All the points being made about this changing beauty industry directly match up with the tattoo industry. I’ve been tattooing almost 10 years So I saw the beginning of this change but a big difference in tattooing is a massive section of 20yr+ artists that do nothing but condemn and almost violently oppose the shift where the other half (mostly newer and younger) fully embrace it. And while a big contributor to the divide is a gap in technical and sterile technique but even bigger is this feeling of ownership that many artists feel of tattooing. “Keep it secret, keep it safe” is a mantra you’ll find in many traditional shops along with stories of breaking hands and biker enforcers from years past.

  • Rui Busto
    Rui Busto Month ago

    Is this an add? Cos it is.

  • Alex Inman
    Alex Inman Month ago

    Need to do a video about Camgirls.

  • Deborah Ryder
    Deborah Ryder Month ago

    You always come through, sat here trying to write an essay on the merger of traditional and new medias and the complex relations that exist. You, Myke, Shane plus a couple more are all being mentioned. Maybe I should make a video on it once I am finished if people are interested. This is a rabbit hole topic that we will potentially never see an end to its evolution. So interesting.

  • Jess RWE
    Jess RWE Month ago

    The sanitation issue is SO HUGE. I cringe seeing all the unsanitary shit influencers do.

  • INCC74656I
    INCC74656I Month ago

    i think social media could be used in my job to increase business. nothing to the level of these 'influencer's' but it could definatly help get exposure. the problem is at my work the owners are original, back in 86 when it was started they were young and in the know. now we have zero online presence (apart from a small facebook page) and i notice just how impact full that is on a weekly basis.

  • AngThePanda X
    AngThePanda X Month ago +4

    *Phil announces his break*
    The world: QUICK! DAD ISN’T LOOKING! *destroys everything*

  • rockintherae
    rockintherae Month ago


  • Naskah Zada
    Naskah Zada Month ago

    Phillip is the most beautiful bastard thank you for inspiring me to continue my vlog.

  • Jenn Meade
    Jenn Meade Month ago

    Literally 1/3 of my job is social media presents
    Posting and promoting events and getting people to come to my job

  • Sarah VanB
    Sarah VanB Month ago


  • Sonia Cristina
    Sonia Cristina Month ago

    Lipstick pallets? 😶

  • TheJumpingJake
    TheJumpingJake Month ago

    Makes me laugh out loud so much. Sorry. Sigh

  • Sarah Sailors
    Sarah Sailors Month ago

    Going into the culinary world, plating and how your food LOOKS rather than just tastes has become so much more important whwn everything you make can go online. Like makeup artists our instagrams become our portfolios in a way

  • Isaac Parker Netherway

    I just came here to express some gratitude that I know who Mykie is now and got to watch her beautiful face like what the hell that's perfection

  • Solana Sullivan
    Solana Sullivan Month ago

    I like the "CBS Sunday Morning" feel of your show lately; with the other narrators you have had on.

  • Captain Redbeard
    Captain Redbeard Month ago

    Phil, there's no reason not to call yourself a journalist; you're an American citizen. The first amendment doesn't protect a trade, it protects an activity. Being a journalist is like being a comedian: all you have to do is put yourself out there as one and be good at it. Sure, there are people who go to school for journalism as well as for comedy, but those people are called suckers. School isn't any better at creating journalists than it is at creating artists.
    Also the makeup industry always trips me out.

  • Steven Gunnels
    Steven Gunnels Month ago

    Your videos are so genuinely entertaining. Keep up the great content!

  • Ash Weebs
    Ash Weebs Month ago

    Petition for mykie to do Phils makeup

  • gay men all the way

    Phil right at the end there just took that whole story and made it about yourself.

  • Zach Vega
    Zach Vega Month ago

    So much news happened this week but here’s an in-depth video on online makeup tutorials

  • Foxy Kasumi
    Foxy Kasumi Month ago

    If I could *heart* this video I would.

  • Bethany Ebl
    Bethany Ebl Month ago

    Watching mykies videos when I was 15 is actually what started me on my current career path, I've been through a year and a half of schooling and am so close to graduating for good. All of this happened because of USclip, but more specifically it started with mykies cage mouth tutorial. I think social media is important to inspire young people.

  • Hexa Fleet
    Hexa Fleet Month ago

    I LOVED this video and I'm so grateful that someone has talked about it seriously. I don't think I ever thought about how many people actually don't know anything about the makeup industry and still don't get how huge and serious it is. At this point in time, if a brand (not just beauty but ANY brand) doesn't have a social media presence (especially on instagram) I really don't bother with it, because they're not keeping up with the times. And it's nice to be able to read comments and see what problems/praises people have for the product, how they use it/wear it, whether they like it or not, etc. So I think social media has played a huge role in making makeup more accessible and interesting and diverse for everybody.

  • Here to comment/watch weird stuff

    Forgot this was a philip defranco video

  • Margo Kafka
    Margo Kafka Month ago

    I know Phillip may not be the biggest make up connaisseur but I wanted to comment on three things
    1. CONGRATS FOR INCLUDING THE OG MICHELLE PHAN without her I don't think this whole industry would have evolved in the way it did
    3. I really wish Huda beauty stolen idea from beauty backery was not included especially as an example of a success story... She is literally stealing entire concepts from smaller creators... If bigger brands had stolen from Huda when she was starting I don't think she would have had the success she did

  • morgan lapsley
    morgan lapsley Month ago

    Michelle Phan is one of the best!!!

  • TimeForAReview
    TimeForAReview Month ago

    What another terribly useless video

  • Jojo Ralte
    Jojo Ralte Month ago

    Seeing huda beauty with her thievery is cringy af... And manny the snake is cancelled a year ago...

  • Honey Lea
    Honey Lea Month ago

    By far my favorite video you’ve ever made! KUDOS! Really well done.

  • Mike Thompson
    Mike Thompson Month ago

    I'm sorry Phil, I really truly am but... no I cannot finish this video, I stopped at 1:14

  • Sue N
    Sue N Month ago

    At the end of the day, “don’t hate the playa, hate the game.”

  • Grace Bryant
    Grace Bryant Month ago

    Can you please do a little something on keemstar and his shitty ass tweets? Saying anxiety is a fake and it’s not real mental illness.

  • Rebecca Moore
    Rebecca Moore Month ago

    I wish you had included Mykie's name (Glam and Gore) in the title and not just her picture.

  • Sara Sleightholm
    Sara Sleightholm Month ago

    I love Mykie!!

  • Jurgen
    Jurgen Month ago

    I'm in school for Television Broadcasting, just about to graduate, and over the past couple years they have completely reshaped the problem to try and cater more to independent content creation. There's also now a new post-grad program all about branding yourself for content creation, basically how to be a youtuber or 'social media influencer'. It's totally a smart move on the college's part but as someone who grew up with USclip creators just making content for the hell of it and watching it rapidly grow into a legitimate industry - albeit one that has a lot of problems - it's kind of weird. In my program we often have to incorporate social media into our work as well, like for example I just finished my capstone project and part of the production phase of our project was making an Instagram account, facebook account, and website. We were literally marked on if we kept them up to date and had to post at least 3 times a week showing our process. We had to talk about how we should brand ourselves and all that stuff, and don't get me wrong I understand that that's an important thing in this industry and my field is certainly adjacent to online content creation but as someone who doesn't use instagram and hates the idea of 'branding' oneself online it felt a bit weird and forced. But it's a legitimate part of the industry now, and I find it funny that so many people who started out just filming themselves talking to their camera in their bedroom or making little shows with shitty production budgets and less than stellar editing have now completely shaped entire post-secondary programs and actual jobs in the media fields.

  • GameMent
    GameMent Month ago

    I know this comment will go unnoticed but USclip is demonetizing entire channel of good creators..without any explanation and notice. Philip I think that you should talk on it..

  • Destiel Trash
    Destiel Trash Month ago

    Phil: LiPsTiCk PaLeTtE

  • Tim G
    Tim G Month ago

    OMG...Cindy Crawford nearly looks like a man now (Outside of all that make up).
    I used to be in luv with that woman.
    Nothing can beat natural beauty.

  • Taylor Johns
    Taylor Johns Month ago

    Are you dating Jeffree Star on the side? You seem to cover this person obsessively.

    • Taylor Johns
      Taylor Johns Month ago

      +prettylittleravenna If that makes them happy I'm fine with it. I just wish it weren't a marketing thing. That makes it feel gross.

    • prettylittleravenna
      prettylittleravenna Month ago +1

      Omg, I just imagined it, and now I can’t unsee it 😂

  • Renegade Vile
    Renegade Vile Month ago

    Mostly hurting people and society. Always has.

  • Gaming S1000RR
    Gaming S1000RR Month ago

    All those people's faces were caked in makeup, way to much. Looks awful. If I saw someone on the street wearing that much makeup it would make me laugh

  • annareina
    annareina Month ago

    Brett bitter like a bowl of raw broccoli