Neymar Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex


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  • Derick Campos
    Derick Campos 8 hours ago

    Tem BR aí?

  • Daisy Appiah-Asare
    Daisy Appiah-Asare 16 hours ago +1

    His little chuckles are so cute 😭

  • Raindeavour
    Raindeavour 20 hours ago

    audio jungle ... 🤣

  • Chris Carreon
    Chris Carreon 21 hour ago

    What sneakers is joe wearing?

  • LustTimeMachine
    LustTimeMachine Day ago


  • Alisha Bella
    Alisha Bella Day ago

    He's so fine😍😍😍😍

  • Lucas Bligh
    Lucas Bligh 2 days ago

    Football you stupid pricks

  • lu
    lu 2 days ago

    hey, can u guys invite bill gates , cant stop imaging him with passion for shoes xD

  • Rakib Hussain
    Rakib Hussain 3 days ago

    OMG 🤐

  • Nani ▲
    Nani ▲ 4 days ago

    that handshake connection at the end is pure fire

  • AceMonatana
    AceMonatana 4 days ago

    Neymar the legend

  • Velja
    Velja 4 days ago


  • Galih Rakasiwi
    Galih Rakasiwi 5 days ago


  • Sas ig
    Sas ig 5 days ago

    Id like some more football players on this series so they can show up these shitty ass failed flexer rappers

  • Jack Hochstetler
    Jack Hochstetler 6 days ago

    Entrepreneur working on a start-up and looking for some sneakerheads to answer a few quick questions over text (market research). DM me on IG if interested (@GumbyHoch), it will only take a few mins and any input would help us out 💯

  • Arabian Minotaur
    Arabian Minotaur 7 days ago

    U know ur friends are rich when the throw ur 200$ sneakers in the bath

  • s x n t ネ
    s x n t ネ 7 days ago

    Passou 18$ mil sorrindo
    E eu achando caro o air max 90 por 500$ 😕

  • dynamo
    dynamo 8 days ago +2

    The guy nodding along like he understands what the fuck Neymar’s saying LMAO 😂😂

  • PHLuke 19
    PHLuke 19 9 days ago

    Does this guy realise there’s life outside America?

  • Gi Joe
    Gi Joe 9 days ago

    Its just shoes who cares lol😂😂

  • Wimbo - Agario
    Wimbo - Agario 10 days ago +6

    Thats just Neymar's lunch money lmfao

  • Hamid Ibrahim
    Hamid Ibrahim 10 days ago

    That's what I'm making of working full time a year. Life is never fair 😑

  • BruhitsCookie
    BruhitsCookie 10 days ago +1

    This whole video was just so damn cute.

  • michael JACKSON
    michael JACKSON 11 days ago +1

    If that was a black man tall would be calling him dumb for spending 18k on shoes I hate America

  • evie s
    evie s 11 days ago

    this my mans i love him

  • iliv4disc77
    iliv4disc77 11 days ago

    I hope Neymar does not flop and cry on his next Nike ad. I could understand why an opponent would want to cleat his ankle and give him a reason to cry.

  • Nguyễn Minh
    Nguyễn Minh 11 days ago +1

    Thần tượng Neymar jr

  • Bryn K
    Bryn K 11 days ago


    JUSTIN X 11 days ago +1

    wtf he can't speak English? Strange

  • b2R _M
    b2R _M 13 days ago

    And up next, his fellow Brazilian, Willian... I'd love that one

  • Alejandro Ojeda
    Alejandro Ojeda 13 days ago

    When she said said 18,000,000 he was okay

  • Fadi khalifa
    Fadi khalifa 14 days ago

    buy the flight club t - shirt here :

    NO CONTENT 14 days ago

    neymar é muito cringe

  • Samarth Reddy
    Samarth Reddy 15 days ago +1

    He has such a nice attitude

  • Avrge_joe vincezo williams

    Wtf did she say 18thousand guys makes rappers seem broke

  • Reinaldo Cruz
    Reinaldo Cruz 15 days ago

    do Messi

  • FA S7
    FA S7 15 days ago

    18k nothing for him

  • therealslimshady
    therealslimshady 16 days ago

    Jordan the most iconic athlete of all time??? he's third after cristiano or messi. Football rules the world not basketball

  • Vauxo
    Vauxo 16 days ago +1

    Dani alves next

  • Ftriaazh
    Ftriaazh 16 days ago


  • Damn that boy got skills

    Im not gay but he is so attractive

  • Antoine Rosenthal
    Antoine Rosenthal 16 days ago

    What's the name of those Neymar shoes? Maybe it's the
    Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit College Navy Blue Black Night Evening for Men 849558 400 UK13??

  • STAVE6
    STAVE6 17 days ago

    Anyone else be hearing that audio jungle speech watermark at 7:13 and about 10 seconds earlier lol

  • CaliKroos 559
    CaliKroos 559 17 days ago

    Jordan’s are whack asf

  • ngegas_ motor
    ngegas_ motor 17 days ago

    Nasi goreng

  • Vyaceslav K
    Vyaceslav K 17 days ago


  • Carlos Nopery
    Carlos Nopery 17 days ago

    I love the actors they put in this show

  • Rifaldi Rafli
    Rifaldi Rafli 19 days ago

    de helll its lot of moneyyy xD

  • Ernest Keller
    Ernest Keller 19 days ago


  • mohamed ali hajri
    mohamed ali hajri 19 days ago


  • aamir suhail
    aamir suhail 20 days ago

    Ronaldo is king he spent 23thousand dollars

  • didijoue 105
    didijoue 105 20 days ago

    7:37 lmao it’s drake

  • Nickolas Lim
    Nickolas Lim 20 days ago

    For someone have so many shoes like Neymar, he fell down a lot and very often. Must be something wrong with his ..

  • Oshane Garricks
    Oshane Garricks 20 days ago

    Pay your tax

  • Hip Hop Music - 2k17
    Hip Hop Music - 2k17 20 days ago

    Cool but he can buy you whole store

  • kowshik gunda
    kowshik gunda 20 days ago

    Do messi or virat kohili

  • May Rebeca
    May Rebeca 20 days ago

    Algum Br?

  • Ökl A
    Ökl A 20 days ago

    We need paul pogba too

  • Anab Abdullahi
    Anab Abdullahi 22 days ago +1

    How can one skend 18,623.44
    Like fucking crazy 😳😳😳😳

  • danush samradiwakara
    danush samradiwakara 22 days ago

    is neymar the one who spent most ?

  • Shani Gordon
    Shani Gordon 22 days ago

    I would watch this a thousand times👀

  • Shani Gordon
    Shani Gordon 22 days ago

    I would watch this a thousand times👀

  • Pink Syrup
    Pink Syrup 22 days ago

    Only NIKES

  • Pink Syrup
    Pink Syrup 23 days ago

    Get Hazard

  • Gusti Krof
    Gusti Krof 23 days ago

    0:11 lmao. that audiojungle soundmark

    • Gusti Krof
      Gusti Krof 23 days ago

      ok. they are all over the place

  • MMA Content
    MMA Content 23 days ago +1

    Get Neil DeGrasse Tyson next

  • Riddle Soul
    Riddle Soul 23 days ago +1

    He sounded more innocent when he spoke. That's cute. 😘

  • Evellyn Lichnov
    Evellyn Lichnov 23 days ago


  • Elijah Senpai
    Elijah Senpai 23 days ago

    Biggest flex damn my nigga just grinned when she said 18k

  • top fifa 18
    top fifa 18 23 days ago

    Look my chanel please

  • Question Mark
    Question Mark 24 days ago +1

    He DID NOT say Bieber could play professionally...LOL
    HE SAID "he has the ability, to maybe, play well" HAHA

  • Mr. poop
    Mr. poop 24 days ago

    Holy shit that’s a lot of money

  • Gillermo Villaseñor
    Gillermo Villaseñor 24 days ago

    Where is the store

  • Exile
    Exile 25 days ago

    This guy lol has a channel invites people with money to buy his product

  • Sam Wilson
    Sam Wilson 25 days ago

    Bring mbappe on the show

  • BooBoo Yolo
    BooBoo Yolo 25 days ago


  • -
    - 26 days ago

    I'm sure it was Piqué the one who threw to the water the sneakers hahahaha

  • diiego iignacio
    diiego iignacio 26 days ago

    Como se llama el modelo de las zapatillas nike azules de neymar?

  • Cauã Sanches
    Cauã Sanches 26 days ago

    I don't need read the subtitles, I speak his language sjskskksks

  • General Lord-Richard
    General Lord-Richard 26 days ago

    Richer than the richest 💰. Certified getting it 💷💸💶💴💵

  • Fidel Nicola
    Fidel Nicola 27 days ago

    Para que tantos tenis si solo se va a estar callen do el vato😄

  • Maxyng
    Maxyng 27 days ago

    Anyone here after neymar got put in milners pocket ?

  • Kirikou Echols
    Kirikou Echols 27 days ago

    background song?

    PIKSI 27 days ago

    If Justin Bieber could play proffesionaly i would cut my head clean off

  • Mohammad Salman
    Mohammad Salman 28 days ago

    Damn 18k footballers are real Gs wassup rappers

  • Leonan M.Sant'ana
    Leonan M.Sant'ana 28 days ago

    Parece um viado falando

  • Marcos Mourão
    Marcos Mourão 29 days ago

    Porra Neymar, 10 anos de curso e ainda não aprendeu a falar inglês. Vai tomar no cu.

  • Roberto Ramos Hernandez

    Fck this puto

  • Blitzy
    Blitzy 29 days ago +2

    " Most iconic athlete of all time" In the US*

  • MTB Louko
    MTB Louko Month ago

    Cadê os BR?

  • Moulaye Traore
    Moulaye Traore Month ago

    fuck the rappers 😂😂😂 soccer is life😘

  • krazy Azii
    krazy Azii Month ago

    First time a rich person actually spends his money like that

  • XpabloskiX 17
    XpabloskiX 17 Month ago +1

    Amazing brother video😉

  • Ball Jeed
    Ball Jeed Month ago +1

    สงสัยปีนึง ใส่ไม่ซ้ำคู่

  • Dikran Korik
    Dikran Korik Month ago

    they crying baby gose sneakershopen lol

  • Imam Mulya
    Imam Mulya Month ago

    😂😂😂 neymar can't speak english.

  • Vergueta el tablon :v

    He understand english but he can't speak english LOL

  • schawink
    schawink Month ago +1

    He probably made all of the money back walking back to the car

  • Trucker Dave 215
    Trucker Dave 215 Month ago

    That's a baller