Neymar Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

  • Published on Jul 24, 2017
  • International soccer star Neymar goes Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma at Flight Club in Los Angeles, and talks about meeting Michael Jordan and spends a record-setting $18,000 plus on shoes.
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Comments • 20 871

  • Leo Carlsson
    Leo Carlsson 14 hours ago

    that beat that kept playing the audio jungle tag lmao

  • P4NP4N
    P4NP4N 15 hours ago

    Neymar is actually the winner since he only bought sneakers and since this is a sneaker shopping he would have won.

  • IQ 9999999
    IQ 9999999 18 hours ago +1

    Juice wrld might have broke the record but will never be as rich as NEYMAR

  • Sebastian PS
    Sebastian PS 18 hours ago +1

    Lmao I just realized Juice wrld COMPLETELY blew away Neymar. It’s very not excellent how much money these people can just spend at any time

  • Rafael Martinez
    Rafael Martinez Day ago

    Do Messi

  • Kylian Mbappe
    Kylian Mbappe Day ago +5

    Everyone talkin about juice WRLD breaking the record this Guy could literally BUY juice WRLD

  • nathan pantaleon

    juice wrld beat neymar

  • raymond barrett
    raymond barrett Day ago

    Neymar: et gw we ty CD w6ige

  • raymond barrett
    raymond barrett Day ago

    Hes so polite compared to the rappers 😂😂😂

  • All Laced Up
    All Laced Up Day ago +2

    everyones bragging about Juice Wrld even though Neymar earns what Juice Wrld spent in half a day lol

  • Momo Landers
    Momo Landers Day ago

    Who came here after watching juice wrld

  • Sr Gato
    Sr Gato Day ago

    This man just got blasted by juice Wrld

  • Antonio Di Santo

    Juiceworld spent 42k

  • FeedDaily
    FeedDaily Day ago +2

    Sneaker Shopping Record* not clothes shopping record.

  • Michael Breen
    Michael Breen Day ago

    Damn I didn’t realize he couldn’t speak English

  • Michael Breen
    Michael Breen Day ago

    Imagine getting paid 50 million a year for being good at soccer/football wtf

  • 9thTommy!
    9thTommy! Day ago +1

    Juice world topped this fuck Neymar

  • moisethegoat
    moisethegoat Day ago

    Neymar still got it because he spent the most on SHOES. Clothes don’t count and that why they only said it when Neymar broke it🤦🏾‍♂️

  • DraineoDonkey
    DraineoDonkey Day ago

    little does he know after juice wrld, spent $42,000 in there :)

    • FeedDaily
      FeedDaily Day ago

      Seaker shopping** not clothes

  • Good hens
    Good hens Day ago

    At the 12 second when the video started if you listem closly it says tulog ka na

  • Too Filthy
    Too Filthy Day ago +27

    I think juice wrld broke the most ever spent Record which is 42,000😂😂.

    • Hydrnxx
      Hydrnxx 18 hours ago

      +Too Filthy well dont comment without thinking someone gonna reply

    • Too Filthy
      Too Filthy 20 hours ago

      Who asked you ugly ass kids lol 😂

    • Levi Struik
      Levi Struik 20 hours ago

      bruh future got 38k in january

    • JaCKo 456 KGTP
      JaCKo 456 KGTP 22 hours ago

      Neymar can buy the whole damn store

    • Paulojuniorcosta Costa
      Paulojuniorcosta Costa Day ago

      Too Filthy Neymar bought only shoes and juice bought shoes and clothes

  • SupremeJay 808
    SupremeJay 808 2 days ago

    Who else came from the Juice wrld sneaker shopping?

  • M1dZ
    M1dZ 2 days ago

    Juice WRLD just broke the record lmao

  • TwiZted
    TwiZted 2 days ago +1

    Haha 18k is peasant money says juice

    • TwiZted
      TwiZted Day ago

      +Arithmxtic yes I do realize that

    • Arithmxtic
      Arithmxtic 2 days ago

      You do realise Neymar earns £700,000 a week?

  • Kaloyan Momchilov
    Kaloyan Momchilov 2 days ago +30

    Who came here after the Juice Wrld one

  • Shawn Wise
    Shawn Wise 2 days ago +3

    juice broke the record

  • Daniel Guerrero
    Daniel Guerrero 2 days ago

    Aun no apremdes ingles pendejo

  • Arya Dirisina
    Arya Dirisina 2 days ago +4

    Bruh juice wrld through Neymar out

  • Art Barrientos
    Art Barrientos 2 days ago +39

    Juice wrld just broke the record

    • Zain Ali
      Zain Ali Day ago

      +MM Royals wit clothes...

    • MM Royals
      MM Royals Day ago

      Yea but Future had broken it before Juice

    • moisethegoat
      moisethegoat Day ago

      Neymar bought shoes

    • Zain Ali
      Zain Ali Day ago +1

      On clothes too.... technically if Neymar bought clothes, he would've spent more than Juice Wrld

  • ryan lim
    ryan lim 2 days ago +144

    who's here after juice wrld broke that record

    • JaCKo 456 KGTP
      JaCKo 456 KGTP 22 hours ago

      Neymar could buy the whole store if he wanted

    • Black sleigher
      Black sleigher Day ago

      Big Chungus what are you talking about, I’m from Europe and he is extremely popular here also.

    • Ernesto Espinoza 3
      Ernesto Espinoza 3 Day ago

      Me SKSKSKS

    • It's Marioo
      It's Marioo Day ago

      ryan lim to be fair, I think Neymar would have spent a lot more money if he was shopping in the same store as juice and future.

    • Dary_Grimes
      Dary_Grimes Day ago +1

      Big Chungus im from Germany and i know juice?

  • Nathan O'Hare
    Nathan O'Hare 2 days ago +11

    Juice just destroyed this record 😂

  • justafan
    justafan 2 days ago +2

    Neymar dropped 18k on sneaker shopping, internet went crazy
    Juice World: "broke nigga over here" *dropped 42k on sneakers*

  • matt waller
    matt waller 2 days ago

    Who has the lowest amount spent though. I know I’ve seen some people just grab like one or two pairs and shit. Imma have to go through and rewatch all the episodes and find out.

  • Daniel Palacios
    Daniel Palacios 2 days ago

    I’ve seen rappers and shit but never some one spend 18 like that

    • itz aldin
      itz aldin 2 days ago

      Daniel Palacios juice wrld spent 42k today

  • Samantha Stevens
    Samantha Stevens 2 days ago

    Joe puma don't even Kno what he saying

    REMIX 3 days ago +2

    Caraca neymar ta milhonario e nem inglês sabe falar que triste😂🤣😂

    • Bebesita 69
      Bebesita 69 2 days ago

      Ele não fala ingles pq não precisa, ele não joga no clube que fala ingles

    • Alexander Lourenço
      Alexander Lourenço 2 days ago

      Sabe só que ele não falou nessa entrevista não seu pq

  • Melanie Orellana
    Melanie Orellana 3 days ago

    Neymar over there you spoke about growing up in Brazil

    Me- uhh you just asked him about Justin Bieber over there

  • widiasmara dewa
    widiasmara dewa 4 days ago

    This content is so genius.
    Just invite the famous people.
    And ask it about everything, and in the end just ask you must buy an item for your prestige....
    If you didnt buy lot of shoes, theres so many netizen want to compare you and critized you with another famous person

  • EmptyDank Gt
    EmptyDank Gt 4 days ago

    He sound so innocent when he speak different language

  • Hank Isaacson
    Hank Isaacson 4 days ago +9

    You should have mbappe go sneaker shoppjng

  • JoJoSneakerKid885 T
    JoJoSneakerKid885 T 5 days ago

    I don’t know much about Neymar but if he can understand English why not speak it

    • Kairu Babo
      Kairu Babo 3 days ago

      embarassed of his accent. I at least, as a non native english speaker do get that feeling often. Yea english is part of our life but speaking is a whole other thing

  • dieguinho 1320
    dieguinho 1320 5 days ago +5

    Muito legal vê a tradução errada kkkkkkkkkk

    • A K S
      A K S Day ago

      dieguinho 1320 muito legal mesmo kkkkkkk

  • FunkpÖp CasadÖr
    FunkpÖp CasadÖr 5 days ago

    My soccer idol

  • Victor Knapik
    Victor Knapik 6 days ago

    He cant speak English?

  • Roman FAN.
    Roman FAN. 6 days ago

    He can probably buy the whole sneaker shop in 2 days

  • 25 TheLiquor
    25 TheLiquor 6 days ago

    So no Messi episode?

  • Music Madness
    Music Madness 7 days ago

    Man i think the staf need to swab beneath that girl after that

  • Esta Roberto
    Esta Roberto 7 days ago

    I don’t know Brazil but I know Spanish and I can almost understand it because it almost the same

  • shinigamieyeskill
    shinigamieyeskill 7 days ago +13

    anyone else surprised he didnt fall down randomly during the video?

  • Purple Wave
    Purple Wave 8 days ago

    This guy is richer than all these rappers and dresses like my brother.

  • BLAZE22 2
    BLAZE22 2 8 days ago

    18 the most ever spent

  • oğuz Ğürhan
    oğuz Ğürhan 8 days ago +1

    One hundred shoe

  • sky gaming
    sky gaming 8 days ago

    that man is like wut the hell r u talking

  • Flores
    Flores 8 days ago

    He makes like 90k a day😂, that's nothing to him

    • Pulptoe
      Pulptoe 7 days ago

      Flores More, and on top of his weekly football income he gets sponsorship income too

  • james lenon
    james lenon 8 days ago

    Ronaldo ronaldo ronaldo

  • Last Olympian
    Last Olympian 8 days ago

    Brasil PORRAAAA

  • Gala_ Vibes
    Gala_ Vibes 8 days ago +1

    Omg put the subtitles on and I swear it’s funnier then a dog dancing 😭🤣

  • Biducka Wakanda
    Biducka Wakanda 8 days ago +1

    Alguns trocados que ele gastou num fez nem Córsega no bolso dele..

  • more options
    more options 9 days ago

    Da boss

  • Jesse H
    Jesse H 9 days ago +1

    That soccer player wealth different 😥😥😥

      BASHER ALI 6 days ago

      Jesse H I actually live in America too but the truth is I don’t upset when people call it soccer but I just don’t understand why American football is called football.
      It would have saved so much confusion if American Football was called American Rugby. So the whole world will put this stupid crap behind lol

    • Jesse H
      Jesse H 8 days ago

      +BASHER ALI been living in America too long lol

      BASHER ALI 8 days ago +1

      It’s football not soccer

  • Ivan Emma
    Ivan Emma 9 days ago

    It’s a shame he doesn’t speak English, I mean, cmon you a worldwide recognised star

  • Jaroslav Spevak
    Jaroslav Spevak 9 days ago


  • cisco boi
    cisco boi 10 days ago +5

    Rappers spends only 2k 5k 10k
    But neymar just buy sneakers for 18k

  • cisco boi
    cisco boi 10 days ago

    18 thousand what the fuck hes fucking rich

  • fingercrack
    fingercrack 11 days ago

    ​@UCDiKq1K57_Tj40_wnT8I6Ew stupid kid, future net worth only 40mil top.. neymar net worth close to 200mil..go figure, stupid kid

  • Fi1ippo3
    Fi1ippo3 11 days ago

    Bruh he's a global superstar but he can't even speak enghlish

  • laaanz. 21
    laaanz. 21 11 days ago

    Why he nod his head like he understands something😂

  • Lerroy Zislack
    Lerroy Zislack 12 days ago

    Thankfully that pussy didnt cried or whined like a bih this time lol

  • deeplyfilms
    deeplyfilms 12 days ago +1

    Do Jackie Chan goes sneaker shopping

  • Samurai
    Samurai 13 days ago

    Holy cow that a lot of money

  • Boss Lady
    Boss Lady 13 days ago +7

    I know this is old but I love the way Neymar talks 😍 he looking like a whole meal 🍽

  • Jrue Holiday
    Jrue Holiday 14 days ago

    I hate his style but he’s humble so I like him

  • Michael Gewargis
    Michael Gewargis 14 days ago

    Can nike athletes not wear adidas?!

  • I Eat I Pay
    I Eat I Pay 14 days ago

    Oh... Shit...
    Bieber playing football

  • Basil Herb
    Basil Herb 14 days ago

    As much as Nike make some nice sneakers they make loads of crap... neymar has bad taste in this video but agree on some stuff

    PERIKAZO_RUIZ Ruiz 15 days ago

    He picked some of the ugliest shots I ever seen

  • killa cam
    killa cam 15 days ago

    he shits that money out

  • BL B
    BL B 16 days ago

    How he play on paris saint germain when he dosent talk for english

  • cain velasquez
    cain velasquez 16 days ago

    Football not soccer you stupid idiot

  • cain velasquez
    cain velasquez 16 days ago

    Football not soccer you stupid idiot

  • mateus vahl
    mateus vahl 16 days ago

    8:06 DID I ?

  • Jencro Adaht
    Jencro Adaht 17 days ago

    Se viste horrible

  • Lamont Aka JFreeze Vlogs
    Lamont Aka JFreeze Vlogs 17 days ago +1

    That’s how much my bonus check is a year 18,000💰

  • Alex Chan
    Alex Chan 17 days ago

    crazy so many

  • boomgaming media
    boomgaming media 17 days ago

    I'm pretty sure he got the shoes for free cos' he is endorsed by nike

  • Pedro Augusto
    Pedro Augusto 17 days ago +3

    He didn’t say Justin could play professionally. He said he could play well.

  • Jose Paramo
    Jose Paramo 17 days ago +37

    I feel bad for Neymar he was attempting to start a conversation and the other guy dint understand him

  • jayjayart1
    jayjayart1 18 days ago

    The look he gives at the end is pretty much telling rappers i challenge you or anyone to beat me

  • Svenja P.
    Svenja P. 18 days ago

    Fyi just because a american compnany makes a shoe of a american sports star doenst make him "the most iconic" athlete in the world! Pls realise not everything that is thought in USA is mandatory for the entire world!!!

  • Khadidja Foudia
    Khadidja Foudia 19 days ago

    I love you Neymar you are so cute

  • Samuel Gallegos
    Samuel Gallegos 19 days ago

    That’s nothing for a play that was bought for 200 mil

  • Samuel Gallegos
    Samuel Gallegos 19 days ago

    Who went to check out a video of him because you don’t know him ( Neymar is my fav player)

  • BOSS
    BOSS 19 days ago


  • DESTINY Holt
    DESTINY Holt 19 days ago +1

    Quien mas que yo no le entendio lo que digo Neymar

  • Raul Gradinar
    Raul Gradinar 20 days ago +1

    One of the richest, most known soccer players and still can’t speak english...

    • ShotsFired-
      ShotsFired- 17 days ago

      Raul Gradinar so what? You sound stupid af with that comment

    • Riprip Chakma
      Riprip Chakma 18 days ago

      Does that make him any less of a person

  • Edgar Huh
    Edgar Huh 20 days ago

    That how you know Neymar richer than these rappers

    ŠAMARU 20 days ago +1

    Why does he not know English yet bro.. It's a Fing global language, and he's a soccer super star, makes no sence..

    • ShotsFired-
      ShotsFired- 17 days ago

      ŠAMARU so? He doesn’t have to know English

  • Thangjam Tejkumar
    Thangjam Tejkumar 21 day ago

    Neymar is planning to start a new sneaker shop

  • Amogh shady
    Amogh shady 21 day ago +30

    When u come to think about it, he is more famous than Jordan.

    Don’t hate me it’s a fact!

    • FunkpÖp CasadÖr
      FunkpÖp CasadÖr 3 days ago

      manchullio you took notice so that’s a win

    • manchullio
      manchullio 3 days ago

      Lol it's on 23 likes

    • FunkpÖp CasadÖr
      FunkpÖp CasadÖr 5 days ago

      Fabian Ariasena not really
      Maradona is known world wide and he has vin retired for years
      Like I said soccer players are more known
      Except in the U.S
      Just like in the U.S basketball players are more known than soccer
      In the rest of the world soccer players are more famous

    • Fabian Ariasena
      Fabian Ariasena 5 days ago

      simply because neymar is still ballin right now, his ass got shown on news, like jordan used to back in the day

    • FunkpÖp CasadÖr
      FunkpÖp CasadÖr 5 days ago

      BriasRocks true they know the shoe
      But some don’t even who Jordan is or what he did

  • Edwin Herrera
    Edwin Herrera 21 day ago

    You should do Messi the best soccer player