Gordon Ramsay Makes SPAM Scrambled Eggs in Hawaii | Scrambled

  • Published on Aug 11, 2019
  • This week on Gordon’s National Geographic Channel series Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted, he heads to Hawaii explore the Hana Coast. And for this week’s Scrambled, he’s making eggs with a Hawaiian delicacy: SPAM with Maui’s own Sheldon Simeon! Catch Uncharted on Sundays at 10/9c on National Geographic and new episodes of Scrambled right here weekly!
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  • chou lee
    chou lee 17 hours ago

    Chef gordan is the best

  • Ronald McFuckit
    Ronald McFuckit 17 hours ago


  • Files
    Files 17 hours ago

    am i the only one who thought that was kanye in the thumbnail lmao

  • MWYANT19
    MWYANT19 17 hours ago

    gordon can't roll his R's and it's hilarious when he tries

  • malek boison
    malek boison 17 hours ago

    Gordon ramsay before cooking *the fastest DONT BLINK* scrambled eggs:don't blink
    Me: omg is it actually gonna be that fast?
    Also me 5min:well that's a sc(p) am

    I should really die....

  • Joshua Field
    Joshua Field 17 hours ago +1

    USclip is spamming this in my recommendations

  • STEVO 1967
    STEVO 1967 17 hours ago

    Just imagine what he'd say if this was served to him on an episode of Kitchen Nightmares.......

    EL SCIENCE 17 hours ago

    Jesus Christ.. 11M subs and can’t even use a camera properly. No tripods? Thing was shaking around the entire video.

  • Blake
    Blake 17 hours ago

    what is up with the filming lolol

  • MrSatellite2
    MrSatellite2 17 hours ago

    Love the videos. Audio sucks!

  • pixce ᙙᙖ
    pixce ᙙᙖ 17 hours ago

    Absolutely outstanding dish there!!

  • Quote the Robot
    Quote the Robot 18 hours ago

    5:23 There are few things that warm my heart more than seeing Gordon try other people's food outside of one of his cooking competitions and loving it.

  • yalisan puni
    yalisan puni 18 hours ago

    they missed the perfect opportunity for the title to be: " Gordon Ramsay Makes Spambled Eggs in Hawaii" I'm just disappointed

  • Ek'Aay Cloudyoni
    Ek'Aay Cloudyoni 18 hours ago

    1:23 *Gordon got high as shit later that day* 🤣😂

  • Ryan Barbuto
    Ryan Barbuto 18 hours ago

    missed opportunity. "spambled" eggs

  • MMA Fighter With A Black Belt

    I dont know what to comment just scroll to the next comment

    • yalisan puni
      yalisan puni 18 hours ago

      damn the respect of gordon for this dude is gold

  • Pablo Bronson
    Pablo Bronson 18 hours ago

    Damn Chef Ramsay out here finessing spam.

  • Ek'Aay Cloudyoni
    Ek'Aay Cloudyoni 18 hours ago

    *So no one gone talk about the hash joke* 🤔🤨

  • Oliver Collard
    Oliver Collard 18 hours ago

    3:26 creeper

    KINGVIPPER TK 18 hours ago +1

    Justin deserves some pussy

    EVILBUNNY28 18 hours ago

    Of all people Gordon Ramsey is the last person I’d suspect to approve of SPAM

  • FreePlayHD
    FreePlayHD 18 hours ago +1

    Im sorry but your cameraman is so trash he can’t even hold the camera still😐

  • Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus


  • Juan Ordaz
    Juan Ordaz 18 hours ago

    Lol Gordon threw away they top piece of they spam wtf

  • kevin liband
    kevin liband 18 hours ago

    Been waiting for this one, some real apostle meat that isnt same as the canned😂

  • Isaac Wallace
    Isaac Wallace 19 hours ago

    I wonder if Gordon got some of that hash later 👀

  • David Craig
    David Craig 19 hours ago

    No one talking about the hash gordan went to smoke after

  • jaleen Brown
    jaleen Brown 19 hours ago

    Spambled eggs anyone 🥴

  • MasterMindMadMan
    MasterMindMadMan 19 hours ago

    subtle pearl harbor joke lol

    JAYS3AN4LYFE 20 hours ago +3

    Gordon Ramsey really out of breath scrambling those eggs 😂

  • some random nigga
    some random nigga 20 hours ago

    i wouldn't be able to eat gordans eggs lmaooo i like mine cooked.... asf

  • Morty Maine
    Morty Maine 20 hours ago

    damn the respect of gordon for this dude is gold

  • Flatt Attack
    Flatt Attack 20 hours ago +1

    they missed the perfect opportunity for the title to be: " Gordon Ramsay Makes Spambled Eggs in Hawaii"
    I'm just disappointed

  • ivan milojkovic
    ivan milojkovic 20 hours ago

    Damn how bad audio is....

  • Karl Angelo
    Karl Angelo 20 hours ago

    Justin: I need someone in my life. Let me be.

  • Kelvin Tonodiwirjo
    Kelvin Tonodiwirjo 20 hours ago

    Creeper aw man so we back in the mine got our pickaxe swinging from side to side side side to side this task a grueling one hope to find some diamonds tonight night night night diamonds to night heads up you hear a sound turn around and look up total shock fills your body Oh no its you again i could never forget those eyes eyes eye eye eye eye cause baby tonight the creeper's trying to steal all my stuff cause baby tonight grab your pick shovel and bolt again and run run until its done done until the sun comes up in the morn cause baby tonight the creeper's trying to steal all my stuff again

  • Dhritiman Bhargav Kakati

    How exactly do you smash an egg without smashing the yolk? I fail every single time.

  • Royal Indigo
    Royal Indigo 20 hours ago

    Gordon is ridiculously fast paced!

  • JosLu 966
    JosLu 966 20 hours ago

    Anyones tried doing gordons scrambled egg recipe? Just curious of how it taste normaly when i see him make scrambled eggs it looks mushy. Wanted to know if this is true or if those eggs really are the best way to have them

  • Silat Guy
    Silat Guy 21 hour ago

    Lol Gordon's quip about hash gave me a chuckle.

  • Flameheart423
    Flameheart423 21 hour ago

    The chances I get a Gordon Ramsay ad before watching a Gordon Ramsay video

  • TheNoHackAndMoneySpending Gamer

    *on bed*
    Gordon's wife: it's too hard to put inside
    Gordon: *OLIVE OIL IN*
    Also Gordon : *GOOD GIRL*

  • Shim Barax
    Shim Barax 21 hour ago

    Gordy, you're slipping . You're dish looked like fking slop, compared to the Hawaiian dude's. Get the fck out of my kitchen!!!

  • Stephen Yates
    Stephen Yates 21 hour ago

    looks mmmmmmmmmmmmm I want

  • Foodoholic
    Foodoholic 21 hour ago

    I thought it was a fat Kanye in the thumbnail. Lol.

  • Darman Skirata
    Darman Skirata 21 hour ago

    Don’t we all grow up with spam nowadays ;)

  • Julliana Rodriguez
    Julliana Rodriguez 21 hour ago

    Now I wanna eat Spam 😍😍😍

  • Donna Lands
    Donna Lands 21 hour ago

    Spam has the female name pam in it. We must change the name to sman.

  • Dench Simacon
    Dench Simacon 21 hour ago

    Luh ganyan ulam namin kanina 😂

  • Judy Wheeler
    Judy Wheeler 21 hour ago

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa that looks good!!!!!!!!

  • Chris Steinbach
    Chris Steinbach 21 hour ago

    Fire your camera man

  • Joe Collier
    Joe Collier 21 hour ago

    Who all went out to get SPAM after this?

  • Simangels
    Simangels 22 hours ago

    Hahahahaha allway making eggs 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Louie Kennedy
    Louie Kennedy 22 hours ago

    Looks like gordan has stopped using the growth hormones

  • Bondax
    Bondax 22 hours ago

    Future 2020:
    Gordon Ramsay cooking omelette on the moon

  • Blu Gill
    Blu Gill 22 hours ago

    how old his baby now?

  • Jacey Schmidthuber
    Jacey Schmidthuber 22 hours ago

    " we will get some of that later"

  • Juice Pouch
    Juice Pouch 22 hours ago

    Spambled eggs in hawaii oof

  • Jackson Dougherty
    Jackson Dougherty 22 hours ago

    Like this if Gordon Ramsay should make a McDonalds review

  • Silently Sceptical
    Silently Sceptical 22 hours ago

    Ramsay's a dirty chef. Rubs his nose then cooks. Rank.

  • Donny
    Donny 22 hours ago

    Never thought I'd think of spam as edible until now

  • mattles54
    mattles54 22 hours ago

    I fuckin love Gordon Ramsey.

  • Les Weisz Jr.
    Les Weisz Jr. 22 hours ago

    I grew up with spam too when I was a kid, had it for lunches and breakfast too.

  • Veikko Multivitamiini
    Veikko Multivitamiini 22 hours ago

    It would be lovely if you would host meme review. You were fantastic on The Hot Ones

  • Harshad Kulkarni
    Harshad Kulkarni 22 hours ago

    Wow 😋 tasty

  • Simon Theaker
    Simon Theaker 23 hours ago

    Gordon did you taste your scrambled egg with the spatula and reusing it after to stir. Not like this in Hells Kitchen?
    Good watch though.

  • Deep hug
    Deep hug 23 hours ago

    That sounds good right now. Aloha and mahalo.

  • Perry Ramplin
    Perry Ramplin 23 hours ago

    Ramsay talking about the hash has me dead

  • B Rabbit
    B Rabbit 23 hours ago

    I’m vegetarian so the only spam I get is through the internet.

  • Paul Barnett
    Paul Barnett 23 hours ago

    when someone says CUNT I think of G R The Head Cunt
    Better of Dead !!!

    • Deep hug
      Deep hug 23 hours ago

      Did gorden put spatula in his mouth and put it back to pan to mix scramble egg ,🙄🙄🙄🤔🤔🤔

  • Paul Barnett
    Paul Barnett 23 hours ago


  • RevokedPlayz
    RevokedPlayz 23 hours ago

    Fly gets a taste

  • Vrinda Praveen
    Vrinda Praveen 23 hours ago

    Uh mr Gordon I don’t think you’re on master chef anymore you can take your time

  • Rumaisa's Kitchen
    Rumaisa's Kitchen 23 hours ago

    Wow very nice ❤️💜💛

  • RSPS Juggy
    RSPS Juggy 23 hours ago

    I just watched a chef Ramsey add on a chef Ramsey video. What the hell