• Published on Sep 18, 2019
  • We went to the Texas vs. LSU game in Austin, TX thanks to our friends at Takis and had students doing ridiculous challenges for free stuff. You won’t believe what we made one of them do…
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Comments • 29

  • Traicionero
    Traicionero 25 days ago

    I'm bald and I wouldn't do it.

  • Niko P
    Niko P 25 days ago

    I read this as saying I shaved my box for some free head

  • •ADL•
    •ADL• 28 days ago +1

    Should have waited for the PS5

  • Dr Stone
    Dr Stone 29 days ago

    I would do it for an Xbox 1

  • MuteAir
    MuteAir Month ago

    That's not extreme at all lol, wtf I'll shave the shit outta my head theee fuck lol

  • EntertainmentUniverse

    All he gotta do is cut the rest off

  • Paul Mauricegilet
    Paul Mauricegilet Month ago +2


    • Kevin Orr
      Kevin Orr 29 days ago

      Paul Mauricegilet it’s not that serious calm down buddy

  • Reese B
    Reese B Month ago +1

    Fuck that

  • atoyz abulac
    atoyz abulac Month ago +4

    can I do your challenge? couz I dont have X-box omg

  • quiizus
    quiizus Month ago

    man's cut his hair for a shit box

  • The Josh O Show
    The Josh O Show Month ago +12

    If ur reading this your dreams will come true. Keep pushing !!

  • Dribble God
    Dribble God Month ago

    Are you stupid? Xbox 😂😂😂 PS4 all the way

  • Darnell Alexander
    Darnell Alexander Month ago +1

    I want to do a challenge for an Xbox ASAP!!! @Houseofhighlights

  • Ceasr Cabrera
    Ceasr Cabrera Month ago +2

    If you see my comment I will shave my whole head for a year supply of taxis

  • Ceasr Cabrera
    Ceasr Cabrera Month ago +9

    I want to do this challenge but not for an Xbox

  • Jorge Ramos
    Jorge Ramos Month ago

    Nah that shit ain't worth it

  • Im Legendxry
    Im Legendxry Month ago +1

    Booty 🍑

  • KING Swxsh
    KING Swxsh Month ago

    Before 1k

  • GrXpe Jelly
    GrXpe Jelly Month ago

    Good Day to you passing through the comments

    Pls Sub to my channel I need it

  • DeVi LL
    DeVi LL Month ago +9

    I would have done all of that x6 for a ps4

  • Bill Russell
    Bill Russell Month ago +3

    You guys are soo random

  • KT 664
    KT 664 Month ago +32

    Imagine doing all that for an Xbox

    • SwishaHD
      SwishaHD Month ago +2

      Ice bucket is fun, shaving your head is a bit too much but you can just go have your haircut after that and go bald lol. I've tried a buzz cut before so I'd do it any day lol.

  • lebronjamesfan
    lebronjamesfan Month ago

    lol weird shit man, weird shit, I couldn't pull off the bald look ever so i would say no to the challenge.

  • Michael Graef
    Michael Graef Month ago +1

    2nd comment let’s gooo

  • Bob Griffey
    Bob Griffey Month ago +2

    Whatever it takes😅

  • megachulo88
    megachulo88 Month ago

    What an idiot

  • Itz_Noah
    Itz_Noah Month ago +1

    first comment lets goooo!!!!! also i love the vids basketball is my favorite ever