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Jennifer Lopez Gave Up Carbs & Sugar to Prep for Her Role as a Stripper

  • Published on Feb 13, 2019
  • Jennifer Lopez detailed the 10-day diet she and her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez recently tried, and admitted to Ellen she had a hard time giving up her love for sugar and carbs. Plus, the "World of Dance" judge talked about her amazing tribute to Motown at the Grammys.
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  • Karen M.
    Karen M. 2 days ago

    No carbs= big lie. All fruits and veggies have carbs. Tell me she ate no vegetables?

  • Martin White
    Martin White 2 days ago

    She's such a lovely human being

  • JamiexBee
    JamiexBee 2 days ago

    I'm literally eating a jalapeno flatbread while watching this

  • nTudor
    nTudor 3 days ago

    two weeks already without carbs and sugar. feels amazing!

  • Joseph Clark
    Joseph Clark 4 days ago

    You are sooooo LUCKY to know Jenni!! She's a keeper . NEVER let her go!! Be GOOD to her!! BLAZE green MEDICINE YA'LL!!

  • Hector Lopez
    Hector Lopez 7 days ago

    Gringa de papeles...🤮🤮

  • M A
    M A 10 days ago

    When you have a good life, have the time to take care of yourself of curse you can look like JLo

  • Daniele Di Lorenzo
    Daniele Di Lorenzo 10 days ago

    lo zucchero specie quello bianco raffinato(và sostituito con miele) è l'alimento più acidificante per l'organismo che si trova in commercio ...i carboidrati dipende dalla farina e dal fatto che viviamo in un campo di forze esploso in nucleare e in un campo elementare fortemente privato di ossigeno..inutile fare tanti giri di parole così come siamo messi adesso non avremo scampo e probabilmente se continuiamo con questo paradigma porteremo il pianeta alla stessa sorte di mallona

  • Xenowing
    Xenowing 13 days ago

    Jennifer Lopez is hot.

  • Nah ImOnlyserious
    Nah ImOnlyserious 14 days ago

    I see infomercials in jlo's future. Slim fast?

  • Brian Jenkins
    Brian Jenkins 18 days ago

    Sugar feeds cancer cells

  • Johnny Jack
    Johnny Jack 18 days ago


  • Afanofthem
    Afanofthem 21 day ago

    I clicked to see her dress..

  • Deanna Daniels
    Deanna Daniels 24 days ago +3

    Jennifer Lopez is so adorable 😩 but then she's sexy too. The rarest of combinations

  • Salomé Salo
    Salomé Salo 24 days ago +1

    I'm 23 and I feel tired all the time😭🤧😂😂😂

  • Victor Coronel
    Victor Coronel 24 days ago

    Ok but sugars are carbs.

  • Nancy Sondergaard
    Nancy Sondergaard 25 days ago

    She’s 26 for sure oh my god look at her

  • ilove2929
    ilove2929 26 days ago

    Cardi b: am i a joke to u?

  • Lily Hoang
    Lily Hoang 26 days ago

    i like her dress, what brand is that?

  • SydneyPhotography2019
    SydneyPhotography2019 27 days ago

    I love her 😂

  • Why I like being scared of everything? Almost

    i hope Jennifer looks as hot at 71 as she looks now

  • Why I like being scared of everything? Almost

    Jennifer Lopez is not a ordinary woman. she is a goddess.

  • betheonewhois
    betheonewhois Month ago

    Jlo is sooooo beautiful

  • Akshay Joshi
    Akshay Joshi Month ago +2

    Just gonna be honest. I am 21 and I seriously look older than her.
    Not insecure about it or anything but it just amazes me.

  • Sagacious Eagle
    Sagacious Eagle Month ago

    Wow J-Lo eats sugar and still have abs like those who are keto and go to the gym all the time.

  • MrNikkimaxine
    MrNikkimaxine Month ago

    I am back inside

  • purple2275
    purple2275 Month ago

    Botox makes anyone look young 🙄

  • Bernadette Sandoval

    if ellen dumps sugar carbs, she may rebalance her hormones to hetero

  • Carmen Cortez
    Carmen Cortez Month ago

    She is not real...

  • Emi Kimura
    Emi Kimura Month ago

    Her hair color here is warmer tone than the usual ash! It suits her too :-)

  • Lisa Likeme
    Lisa Likeme Month ago

    genes or genetics?

  • Guna Leščinska
    Guna Leščinska Month ago

    I wish i look this good her age ❤😯

  • Starlight5
    Starlight5 Month ago

    She's too arrogant

  • Ecstatic Living w/ Melanie Schurr

    I love JLo, and wish the media pushed HER more instead of the shallow, fake and air-headed Kardashian's. She is not only a much better role model, but it is clear she is actually an intelligent, classy, motivated and REAL (down to earth)woman who both young AND older can relate to.The only thing that seems to motivate the Kardashians is money and everything having to do with 'looks.' In other words, shallow. Keep doing what youre doing, Jennifer, because..from one (straight;-)woman to another, you got it going on!

  • Shirley Baker
    Shirley Baker Month ago

    Jennifer ur such an amazing role models for women ❤

  • Monika Makulova
    Monika Makulova Month ago

    Jennifer have muscle on that pic on the screen😂😂

  • kidist Amare
    kidist Amare Month ago +6

    Thanks to jlo i quit sugar in tea now am planning to quit sugar in coffee

  • Nora Selena
    Nora Selena Month ago

    So instead of 10 days, it should have been 15-20 days. Good for her. I'll need to try it!

  • Perry Robles
    Perry Robles Month ago

    So, she did what the rest of did already?



  • SoundsLouder
    SoundsLouder Month ago

    you sweetheart ❤💖💝❤💖💝❤💖💝💋💋💋💋I love YOU!!!!!😙😙😙😙😙👄👄👄👄👄👄

  • Ramona Mihaes
    Ramona Mihaes Month ago

    Money can bring you everything!

  • Casa Colombiana
    Casa Colombiana Month ago

    She’s a HORRIBLE singer but an amazing entertainer. Good on her- I couldn’t give up chocolate cake for a day.

  • just.katebake
    just.katebake Month ago

    Jeah... sugars and carbs are most of your diet... said the woman who does not even drink coffee.... love her but to say such a thing is bs.

  • D D
    D D Month ago

    Yep, that’s the diet of a stripper. Or at least my diet as a stripper. Lived off salad, coconut water, and light (when I was awake to catch any 🥴)

    KZ TIME Month ago +5

    In 50 years she’ll be 100 and I think she will still be performing

  • Michelle Cox Photography

    I need to try a not carb, not sugar thing. 10 days doesn't seem THAT hard... but we'll see haha

  • Patricia Hernandez
    Patricia Hernandez Month ago +1

    If you ever notice her interviews she always talks about herself just watch her interviews and you'll see what I mean

  • Cammy K
    Cammy K Month ago

    All these people in the comments talking about her looking so young? Of course she looks good but I feel like you can clearly tell that she is a mature woman at least in her mid 30s

  • Tsetsi
    Tsetsi Month ago

    She looks small even without any challenges

  • Victoria Hao
    Victoria Hao Month ago

    Jlo is the twin sister of the most handsome man i can remember Elvis Presly . May he rest in peace

  • Aaniyah Brackens-Scott

    Her birthday is after mine july 23 hers july 24

  • Jenn Mitchell
    Jenn Mitchell Month ago +2

    I totally agree with JLo about being addicted to the feeling you get about yourself when you avoid carbs and sugars. Right on.

  • mohammed ali
    mohammed ali 2 months ago

    jennifer lopez amazing girl🌹

  • bet902
    bet902 2 months ago

    How can you cut out carbs completely though?? Fruits and vegetables contain carbs

  • Royal Flush
    Royal Flush 2 months ago

    Meh, Caitlyn Jenner looks better than her.

  • Royal Flush
    Royal Flush 2 months ago

    JLO is the hottest trans woman ever

  • YouTubeName
    YouTubeName 2 months ago

    I can’t with this woman. How is she almost 50??!!! 😩😩😩

  • VicckyElizabeth
    VicckyElizabeth 2 months ago

    She’s an amazing performer.

  • А A
    А A 2 months ago

    What is carbs? 😅I couldn’t find it in dictionary

  • Brenda Chaffin
    Brenda Chaffin 2 months ago +4

    Yes she looks fabulous....but that energy level she has, its amazing!!! I wish I had half her energy!

  • Elena Marotta
    Elena Marotta 2 months ago

    how is she almost 50???? WHAT'S HER SECRET

  • born2vagabond
    born2vagabond 2 months ago

    sugar is addicting *snifff* lol

  • Audreyana Benavidez
    Audreyana Benavidez 2 months ago

    Her laugh 🥰

  • Abby Wonder
    Abby Wonder 2 months ago

    She’s so great

  • Charlene B
    Charlene B 2 months ago

    'I told my chef no carbs no sugar' lol, if I had a chef I'm sure I could do that no problem.

  • Nora Sumler
    Nora Sumler 2 months ago

    JLo’s So cool‼️‼️

  • Blowbaine
    Blowbaine 2 months ago

    Omg did she film maid in manhattan yesterday?!?

  • Kathryn Patterson
    Kathryn Patterson 2 months ago +11

    Her ankle bracelet is worth more than my house

  • T V
    T V 2 months ago

    And then theres that😂

  • Aquilla Brits
    Aquilla Brits 2 months ago

    Praise God! You keep on calling His Name 😒

  • Margaret Conaway
    Margaret Conaway 2 months ago

    she has the money to afford all the extra pampering for her skin,plus had nose job not sure what else.

  • wenjingsaf
    wenjingsaf 2 months ago

    i.e. she did the keto diet

  • Baylei Jo
    Baylei Jo 2 months ago

    I just realized both of their ages...neither of them look it! I thought they were both in their thirties!

  • Courtney Fleischman
    Courtney Fleischman 2 months ago

    She’s just simply amazing

  • Ronda Lomax
    Ronda Lomax 2 months ago

    I did not think that was good! Sorry guys!

  • Jennifer Jasmine
    Jennifer Jasmine 2 months ago

    Her makeup artist Scott Barnes is a legend he is the best she is beautiful but if you see his work he is amazing makes her look perfect 😉

  • redhot
    redhot 2 months ago

    I'm sure if I was a millionaire or billionaire I'd feel 26 too

  • Min S
    Min S 2 months ago

    I want to look this good at 49 please!!!!!!

  • Shan E
    Shan E 2 months ago +3

    Gosh how gorgeous is Jlo 😍😍 just a true timeless beauty!

  • muthoni elizabeth wangare
    muthoni elizabeth wangare 2 months ago +1

    Ugh!she is so beautiful!wanna wear crop top at 50😏🤔

  • imen5686
    imen5686 2 months ago +14

    She’s like wine, she gets better with time! God she’s gorgeous 😍🥰

  • Ifeoluwa Oluyamo
    Ifeoluwa Oluyamo 2 months ago +4

    I am cutting out sugar and carbs for health reasons hope I look like a stripper soon 🙂

  • FRI O
    FRI O 2 months ago

    Sugar is a carb

  • I En
    I En 2 months ago

    Jesus is Lord. He’s coming back soon. Repent people!

  • Jaycze Powers
    Jaycze Powers 2 months ago +3

    OH MY GODDESS the clip of the grammys performance!!

  • MM R
    MM R 2 months ago

    J lo Glow right about the inflammation going down with no sugars & no carbs in the diet

  • lisette. estrada
    lisette. estrada 2 months ago

    BRUHH those legs!

  • Pamela Jones
    Pamela Jones 2 months ago +3

    She get so much positive feedback from black girls and others of course, I been observing but black girls keep this same energy for other black queens!!!!

  • dawn adams
    dawn adams 2 months ago

    Ok so you did keto and you can't say the word..

  • P.S.ItsApril
    P.S.ItsApril 2 months ago

    Sugars are carbs.

  • FeelGood Within
    FeelGood Within 2 months ago

    Lol yeah you are as young as you feel from inside 😂

  • Jaden Lindner
    Jaden Lindner 2 months ago +141

    Ellen is 61?! They both look *amazing*

    • dawn marie
      dawn marie 8 days ago

      Jaden Lindner they can afford best skin care in the world...hmm sure its quite helpful .

  • Leigh Ann Hrischenko
    Leigh Ann Hrischenko 2 months ago

    i’m eating pizza rn

  • Bernadette L
    Bernadette L 2 months ago

    JLO Is Stunning Lady.❤️♥️💕

  • Tiffany Bella
    Tiffany Bella 2 months ago

    Omg! Her 👠👠👠👠👠👠❤❤❤

  • Sarah Andrew
    Sarah Andrew 2 months ago

    Love you JLO!!

  •  2 months ago

    I can tell she was a little bit sick

  •  2 months ago

    Oh my god I’m just 20 and she look better than me in her 50 years

  • 1forevery
    1forevery 2 months ago +2

    J lol don’t tell her REAL beauty secrets..just like Kim K NEVER tells🤔🤔🤔

  • 1forevery
    1forevery 2 months ago

    I don’t think j lol ever eats carbs or ever