Secrets Preteens Keep On Their Phones [Part 1]

  • Published on Mar 30, 2016
  • "GMA" talks to children to learn the surprising ways they're using their phones -- which include having fake accounts their parents didn't even know existed.
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  • Happy Little Tree
    Happy Little Tree 3 hours ago

    I have lots of secrets on my phone

  • Ultra_Instinct Uzumaki

    Parents did the same thing....

  • Summer Stillwell _

    Y’all should have gotten some boys on there they got some stuff on there hahaha

  • Rylee Johns
    Rylee Johns Day ago

    You know what really bothers me is that we're teens and we have Private things our phones that are private and they just go on and go through the freaking phones anyways

  • Lia Noel
    Lia Noel Day ago

    Mom: Get off of your phone. You need to socialize with your family.
    Me: I can't mom, Im a business woman
    Mom: What?
    Me: I run a fan account on Instagram. Speaking of that, I reached 15k!!
    Mom: Liam!! Your sister has gone crazy!
    Liam(twin brother): Mom, she hasn't gone crazy, she just reached 15k.
    Me: andddd done. New post up
    Liam: Lia! You can't do that I need to be the first one to like it!!!
    Me: Too late! It already got 600 likes!

    This actually happened

  • Kati Alford
    Kati Alford Day ago

    These idiots really think that what are you wearing right now is inappropriate.

  • Reine AbdelRahman

    It is non of ur buisnes

  • lover
    lover Day ago

    y can’t I just have privacy

    Jk I actually have privacy me and My mother respect eachothers privacy it’s g8

  • Maiatsu
    Maiatsu 2 days ago

    I have a lot of nsfw art on my phone...

  • •Sakura Sweetie•

    I believe people should have a right to privacy, but if somethings up then absolutely go through it. If your child personally tells you that they are extremely uncomfortable when you do this and feel it breaks your relationship with each other, then lay off it a bit.

  • Anna william
    Anna william 2 days ago

    it is for their kids safety. yeah im sayin this and i am 17

  • Frank Gregus
    Frank Gregus 2 days ago +1

    They literally have nothing bad on their phones

  • Rile y
    Rile y 2 days ago

    I keep secrets on my phone
    Well, then again, I do consider myself a preteen

  • Chubby Marshmallo
    Chubby Marshmallo 2 days ago

    Bruh i have like memes, games, and weird ass photos, there’s nothing on my phone you’d literally find dumb shit😂

  • Kat E
    Kat E 3 days ago

    Why all girls?

  • hugelobster 2077
    hugelobster 2077 3 days ago

    Yeah fuck off aye

  • TotallyArtsyGirl
    TotallyArtsyGirl 3 days ago +1

    finstas were around in 2016????!

  • Trezex
    Trezex 3 days ago

    To be honest this isn’t right for 12 year old kids to be looking at inappropriate pictures and messages but I think if it’s their personal business then they can do what they want with it.🤷🏼‍♂️

  • LunarAsh
    LunarAsh 3 days ago

    as long as these kids know not to send nudes and to block/ignore the rando messages, which they seem to know, why do you need to know what’s on their phone ?? ¿ unless safety becomes an issue i guess

  • Just.Stacy
    Just.Stacy 3 days ago

    1:18 She’s hella smart

  • Roger Taylor's Eyelashes

    am i the only one who doesnt have bad things on their phones?

  • MFG
    MFG 4 days ago

    Lmao gotta keep this video away from my parents

  • Neely Simon
    Neely Simon 4 days ago

    Who the hell has a public finsta?

  • kids menu
    kids menu 4 days ago +1

    if my parents look through my phone now I will commit toaster bath

  • Rae Of Sunshine
    Rae Of Sunshine 4 days ago

    So they basically just snitched on themselves for clout

  • Elliott Allen
    Elliott Allen 4 days ago

    This isn’t the girls problem its the people harassing them sksksksk like this will happen to them eventually better they learn how to deal with it

  • lydiaxmarie
    lydiaxmarie 5 days ago

    2:29 how is that inappropriate 💀

  • Røse
    Røse 5 days ago +1

    why is it just girls?

  • 5,000 subs without videos

    What I’m doing on my smart phone watching this stupid video 😂

  • Vicky rainbow Squishes kawaii

    I have no secrets on my phone no hidden apps either I don’t even date

  • Jarrah Mills
    Jarrah Mills 6 days ago

    'what are you wearing' omg shocking

  • Bridget Bleakley
    Bridget Bleakley 6 days ago


  • Zainab Etesham
    Zainab Etesham 6 days ago

    Ok tbh, phones are your private property. If your not mature enough to keep away from dangers, should you really have a phone? But if you are smart enough to do things that won't harm you or anything, what's on your phone is no body's business.

  • Cami Hardeman
    Cami Hardeman 6 days ago

    i swear if my mom finds this video.......
    this is the biggest bullshit ever
    fuck you hoes

  • Nightwing 123
    Nightwing 123 6 days ago


  • Kelli Mitchell
    Kelli Mitchell 6 days ago

    These kids lying hard asf

  • Kelli Mitchell
    Kelli Mitchell 6 days ago

    Hold on that Calculator thing is kinda cool iangonlie

  • Kelli Mitchell
    Kelli Mitchell 6 days ago

    I have cancer
    Mom: it’s because of that damn phone

  • Hello :D
    Hello :D 7 days ago

    Wait I don’t even know what theses apps are obviously I do know insta but not that people make “fake accounts” lol also I have never heard of calculator + I guess ima goodie to shoes well I kinda am Lol

  • Hello :D
    Hello :D 7 days ago

    I have nothing bad on my phone just me making vids that are super cringe and memes

  • Chelsea Garay Bravo
    Chelsea Garay Bravo 7 days ago

    Oh my god , kids can’t listen to music while showering🤷‍♀️

  • AustinIslandBoy
    AustinIslandBoy 7 days ago

    I message peeps

  • psaltery
    psaltery 7 days ago

    Why do children and teens have phones?

  • exo-ninja
    exo-ninja 7 days ago

    They have to be nosey because of kids like me that date there daughter

  • Ari O. Ramirez
    Ari O. Ramirez 7 days ago

    I've never heard of these apps

  • lucy
    lucy 8 days ago +1

    my dumbass friend has a fucking calculator app and if you do the right equation it goes into opens up and reveals like a secret compartment and she keeps porn of harry styles there. i’m not even joking. i REALLY wish i was.

  • nO fOokInG wAy
    nO fOokInG wAy 8 days ago

    these kids finna get beat when the TV crew leave

  • Yurei’s a disappointment

    What are you wearing right now? Parents: OH NO ITS A PEDOPHILE

  • Aka.annisaa
    Aka.annisaa 8 days ago

    Thanks peeps now I can hide things

  • lil w
    lil w 8 days ago +2

    me: mommm my stomach hurtssss
    mom: its that stoopid phone, you know what gimme your phone your grounded

    me: *MOMMMMM* my stomach hurtsssss

  • Sierra Kirsch
    Sierra Kirsch 8 days ago

    Stop exposing us 😂😂😂😂

  • skeet skeet
    skeet skeet 8 days ago

    snitches smh

  • Berry Bunny
    Berry Bunny 8 days ago

    This is why i have trust issues.

  • princesslaila 20
    princesslaila 20 8 days ago

    Sorry but I would not be doing that because what if you have embarrassing stuff on your phone ....... I would not want to be sharing my literal privacy to the whole world

  • Camilita Playz
    Camilita Playz 8 days ago

    How is asking someone “What are you wearing” inappropriate???

  • Luisandrey Ortega
    Luisandrey Ortega 8 days ago +2

    News talking about problems with kids and parents problems
    * cool kids playing in the background*

  • Ivy Popejoy
    Ivy Popejoy 8 days ago +1

    Them: ya I have 19 yr olds in my dms
    Me: hides embarrassing fanfic uhhhh

  • d o r k
    d o r k 9 days ago

    Really? No subtitles?

  • Jorn Vidsandanimation

    The dislikes are from the kids who has this on there phone

  • MA
    MA 9 days ago

    Beware what's behind that phone😱 kids. Always be safe!!

  • Glenn Chisholm
    Glenn Chisholm 9 days ago

    Me:my heart is beating fast

  • Gacha Miinte
    Gacha Miinte 9 days ago

    I have like no secrets on my phone.

  • kittenkittycat16
    kittenkittycat16 9 days ago

    I am a teenager, but I don't do stuff like this.
    Geez, these are the kids who give teenagers a bad name. These are the stereo typical girls who are going to make trusting teenagers and taking them seriously a thing of the past.

  • kittenkittycat16
    kittenkittycat16 9 days ago

    Notice there are no boys.... Why am I so annoyed by this?

  • Abby Medina
    Abby Medina 10 days ago

    Who said it's just girls

  • shy shy
    shy shy 10 days ago

    This should be called: why kids don't tell their parents anything [part 1]

  • KentroGaming
    KentroGaming 10 days ago

    The sluts of sixth grade

  • Sushi Face007
    Sushi Face007 10 days ago +1

    Don't let your parents see this

  • Eva Castro
    Eva Castro 10 days ago

    idek what ask fm is

  • Kaitlyn Graham
    Kaitlyn Graham 11 days ago

    1:57 "I have calculator plus..." Girl I've had that app for as long as I can rember and I don't think my parents even SUSPECT a thing

  • Hailey Gray
    Hailey Gray 11 days ago

    me: mom my stomach hurts
    mom: iTs BecAuSe uR aLwAyS oN tHaT gOdDaMn PhOnE

  • E_clipser 123
    E_clipser 123 11 days ago +1

    Can adults stop being so damn nosey? You don’t see me keeping tabs on YOUR phone

  • alessandra lorenz
    alessandra lorenz 11 days ago

    what tf is ask fm

  • Mango Gacha
    Mango Gacha 12 days ago

    Tbh I feel like adults taking away and looking through their kids phones like pictures, USclip, messages, friends, and history is just so rude and nosy to me. To me it’s an invasion of privacy, (well, let’s face it. Girls love to have privacy of their own without their mom ESPECIALLY their dad so rudely looking through their phones. Just because they’re adults doesn’t mean they get to invade their privacy by constantly asking questions about who their friends or random people are and checking everything in their phone. Kids still need their own bubble of privacy & space, especially preteens such as 11-12. Were still people, just like adults but smaller & younger. Since my mom started being always so rude & nosy about me covering my screen before she tries to look, I’d try and look through her phone to get “revenge” or “karma”. She’d always catch me and say “omg don’t go through my phone I’m texting your dad! Don’t be nosy!” and I’m like “WTF???” My parents being nosy and get to invade my privacy is ok but when I be nosy I can’t? How stupid does that sound? Adults want privacy, so do I and many other preteens out there. I cover my screen from my parents before they try to look because they always try and assume I’m watching something inappropriate or something too scary for me. It just really pisses me off that adults can invade our privacy by being nosy but we can’t? Talk about bullshit right here.😪😴

  • Allie Boswell
    Allie Boswell 12 days ago +1

    When they leave

    Dad: honey where's my belt

  • Sophia Thomson
    Sophia Thomson 12 days ago +2

    i think the real question is what is on the adults phone?
    for example i asked my dad for his phone and he was like no so then later i took it and i found that he had tinder and he was still married to my mom now my parents are divorced

  • Sister Adiii
    Sister Adiii 12 days ago


  • pao machado
    pao machado 12 days ago

    I don’t like this at all it’s all girls that’s SEXIST you can’t tell me otherwise. There’s things that boys hide that’s even worse.

  • Umer_khan
    Umer_khan 13 days ago

    Dumb blonde just snitched on them self

  • Umer_khan
    Umer_khan 13 days ago

    Being paki is so good

  • DolphinBlade
    DolphinBlade 13 days ago +5

    Me: I twisted my leg
    Parents: iTs ThAt DaMn PhOnE

  • Rosé
    Rosé 13 days ago +1

    They say like, like 10 billion, like times in this, like god damn, like video.

  • Oh Deer
    Oh Deer 13 days ago

    The only things that i have on my phone is basically Shay Mitchell and photos of my friends 🥵😂

  • ArticBear
    ArticBear 13 days ago +1

    Of course, girls. Gender stereotypes.

  • Clorpy
    Clorpy 13 days ago

    Don’t act like a hoe and you’ll be fine

  • Electra Electric
    Electra Electric 14 days ago

    I talk about preteen stuff on my I pad, Growing up, period things, stuff about appearance. Also my parents are controll freaks and call me retarded all the time and they have a super right wing point of view and tell me stupid advice. so I just avoid them honestly. I talked about girl stuff like secrets to my friend and my mom would kill me if she saw that, it’s not even anything bad.

  • Darth Revan
    Darth Revan 14 days ago

    12-13 year olds shouldn't even have damn phones

  • Darth Revan
    Darth Revan 14 days ago

    I never had a phone growing up besides borrowing my dads flip, closest I had to a phone was some now old ass tablets but you know damn well when they tried to check id just delete and wipe everything, even know the worst thing was kik and safe search being off.

  • Bb og gjengen
    Bb og gjengen 14 days ago

    White girls no boys

  • F.E.A.R Member
    F.E.A.R Member 15 days ago +1

    Wait my name is Gianna.. I’m 11 right now... NANI (that’s not me btw) 😐😐😐😐😐😐

  • Violet loves roblox
    Violet loves roblox 15 days ago

    These kids are like my age and there addictied to there phones more and have more social media than me

  • Tajie
    Tajie 15 days ago

    As I watch this on my phone

  • Alice's Palace
    Alice's Palace 15 days ago

    Who tf are these experts tho?

  • Jasmine Colvin
    Jasmine Colvin 15 days ago

    They brave...I would of been like "Nahh ion got no secrets

  • Snowyskies Productions

    Shrek and Cory’s face combined

  • Breanna Hatch
    Breanna Hatch 16 days ago

    I mean a 50 year old man started to send me hearts and so I blocked him it happens often.

  • Rick Drysdale
    Rick Drysdale 16 days ago +1

    Fucked up parents with fucked up kids . What else do you expect?

  • That.equine. Girl
    That.equine. Girl 16 days ago

    ExPeRtS sAy!1!1!1! who tf are these experts?!

  • Someone Someone
    Someone Someone 16 days ago

    Ok but who else has none of these apps?

  • happy broken
    happy broken 16 days ago +1

    I have nothing bad on my phone. But when they ask for it I’m like _”their going to find something I don’t even have, arent they?”_