Exploring Hot Wheels id Top Secret Headquarters!! (Super Rare Car Reveal)

  • Published on Jun 14, 2019
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    After Stephen Sharer and his twin like sister Grace Sharer tried to find the “Mystery Pond Monster Creature in Sharer Family Backyard!! (DIY Underwater Cage)” they received a iPhone call to head to Washington DC for a top secret mission! Thanks again to our sponsor Hot Wheels for partnering with us to make this epic track! #hotwheels toys #ad Because once Stephen and Grace Sharer arrived at the top secret safe house pent house they found out that the new mission they were on is to reveal the brand new super rare Hot Wheels ID Game! Hot Wheels id brings physical and digital play experiences together, with uniquely identifiable cars, a smart portal, and smart track, so you can build your personalized fleet, measure your performance, and challenge family and friends like never before. Previously Stephen went to Hot Wheels toy store and found a bunch of super rare hot wheels cars but this new reveal is unlike any other Just like “EPIC HOT WHEELS BACKYARD RACE TRACK” that Steven and Carter Sharer built now you could build your own track and be able to find out who’s Hot Wheels car is faster because every speed is clocked, every loop is tracked and every collection recorded. So Steven and Grace unboxed the new Hotwheels legends track and got to work with their DIY track sets. As the Sharer Fam continued to build out their epic backyard style obstacle course all over the pent house escape room safe house, Stephen and Grace tested each race car on the track to see which car was faster! This is a top secret super rare hot wheels track set that has never been seen before and the Sharer Family is the first to know about this exclusive reveal and HotWheels is now even more fun to play with and the Sharer Fam can play for hours with the diy track set they built and continue to Share The Love!!
    Hot Wheels id is available at Apple and Apple.com
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