Talking to Strangers

  • Published on Jun 7, 2019
  • I sure am glad I never have to talk to strangers :^)
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  • Paizley Lasell
    Paizley Lasell 26 minutes ago


  • Shahwaiz K
    Shahwaiz K 40 minutes ago

    james: the people who wear anime shirts in public
    me: time to throw away my pokemon shirt

  • Kaito Sakaki
    Kaito Sakaki 49 minutes ago

    1:52 What a great way to roast Morgz, good thinking. I hope Morgz amd his viewers watch this vid.

  • Zane2012
    Zane2012 Hour ago

    691k likes nice

  • Brian D
    Brian D 2 hours ago

    It happened to me at target

  • Popcorn Grimsley
    Popcorn Grimsley 2 hours ago

    James: STOP TOUCHING MY shoulders
    Me: dang go off lol

  • Getzz& Devizzers
    Getzz& Devizzers 3 hours ago

    Hey James

    You are furry :3

  • Tiana T.
    Tiana T. 4 hours ago

    *waddle waddle*

  • Lillian Burris
    Lillian Burris 6 hours ago +1


  • a piece of bread
    a piece of bread 7 hours ago

    H O W

  • jvhunko
    jvhunko 8 hours ago

    Pikachu anime all pokemon anime

  • GachaCoco Gaming
    GachaCoco Gaming 8 hours ago

    0:53 my new wallpaper

  • Tan Objeck
    Tan Objeck 8 hours ago

    you look like one punch man when you charge your punch or say just dont touch my shoulder

  • Kobe Miyamasu
    Kobe Miyamasu 8 hours ago



  • Diego Diaz
    Diego Diaz 8 hours ago

    Yo soy de México y abro español no se Ingres y lo miro y lo disfruto
    I am from Mexico and I open Spanish I do not enter Ingres and I look at it and enjoy it

  • MintYT
    MintYT 8 hours ago


    Oho you're approaching me?

  • Me Meme
    Me Meme 10 hours ago


  • David Kinman
    David Kinman 10 hours ago

    Let's start a tag and put it on animation channels lets do #GO66%VEGAN

  • nicolas araiza
    nicolas araiza 10 hours ago

    but on the other hand there will be more space

  • SaltyStudentGaming
    SaltyStudentGaming 11 hours ago

    I woke up
    I got a phone call
    I answered it
    It was from James
    I screamed
    Order: 2,3,4,1,5

  • Grumpy snail comics
    Grumpy snail comics 11 hours ago

    Anyone one noticed that jame favorite t-shirt is in this video? No just me ok.

  • Edgetable
    Edgetable 11 hours ago

    I was listening to an anime episode at the same time as I was watching this, and some guy was cussing another guy out when James was talking about how rushlight is disgusting, and I cackled so hard I wheezed.

  • Felipe Braz
    Felipe Braz 11 hours ago

    Is it weird and creepy that I was sharpening my axe the same moment he commented about it

  • luisin campos
    luisin campos 12 hours ago

    *H O W*

  • Emily fun RobLox Tim! Allen

    LOL so funny 😆 but what the hell are you talking on the video?😬 is XD Roblox!
    bye 😜

    • Polly the Bird
      Polly the Bird 4 hours ago

      Emily fun RobLox Tim! Allen You have really bad adhd

  • Emily fun RobLox Tim! Allen

    LOL do funny 😆 but what the hell are you talking about on the video?😬😬😬

  • Cookiee Monsterr
    Cookiee Monsterr 13 hours ago +1

    John Doe is a stranger

  • Madison Aye
    Madison Aye 13 hours ago

    Your animation is getting up there

  • Karen Christianson
    Karen Christianson 14 hours ago

    somebody left your book at target and I read the entire thing

  • Varn
    Varn 14 hours ago

    Recently I had a package of water and I went to clean my car. When I got to the car cleaning place, because it was a really hot day, I was like "Ill just go offer these to a couple people". So I offered them to one or two people and one guy took one then I came to a Karen who acted like I shot her by offering her a bottle of water. She then went and got a manager to ask me why I was trying to sell water to people. I hate society.

  • Hunter Killer
    Hunter Killer 15 hours ago

    the way i got over my social anxiety was me practicing non stop everyday at school or somewhere out in public and start conversations

  • Future Gamer S
    Future Gamer S 16 hours ago

    John Doe is not a murder he’s a hacker on roblox

  • Francesa Basile
    Francesa Basile 17 hours ago

    Okay I know the movie I'm talking about is very old and the video you posted about it is also very old but there is a frickin Dark Crystal 2 coming out soon when I was when I was watching the Dora movie

  • RedMatzer2006 🔴⚫️🔴⚫️🔴

    1:50 Wtf what type of a room is that

  • will_spiber Maciel
    will_spiber Maciel 18 hours ago


  • will_spiber Maciel
    will_spiber Maciel 18 hours ago

    Hey have u ever seen this guy? He looks dumb. Seriously I've never seen a guy dumb as this one

  • Anita Fugate
    Anita Fugate 18 hours ago

    Its like wearing a navy blue shirt and khakis at food city

  • cheese pizza
    cheese pizza 19 hours ago +1

    How do you know I'm not an ailian hhjjmmmm

  • Nigga
    Nigga 19 hours ago

    _ _

  • BlackKnight 6660
    BlackKnight 6660 19 hours ago

    Just an FYI the correct answer to the urinal thing is to wait until one of the guy’s is finished before you begin. You never take the middle. Never.

  • Dylan Gardner
    Dylan Gardner 19 hours ago

    James gets copy strikes .EXE

  • Hectorplayz 12
    Hectorplayz 12 19 hours ago

    I would go out of the bus and get on a different one

  • Joshua Gamer
    Joshua Gamer 19 hours ago

    thx ill say to everyone how

    KATIA SOLIS GUERRERO 19 hours ago

    Nope, jaiden has the same cornmeal problem

  • Paavo _ Tuomi
    Paavo _ Tuomi 20 hours ago +1

    Luckily, in Finland there are only 2 seats rows on bus!

  • HxHspiders
    HxHspiders 21 hour ago

    Actually there is a study that shows in a elevator people move away when room is avaible. So lets say four people are inside one gets out and the other three are starting moving to make for themself the most space. So I think in that its only natural to move when space is avaible. I was living in portland oregon for nine months and people would change seats for like 6 rows when somebody got out just to sit alone.

  • Thanossnaper 117
    Thanossnaper 117 21 hour ago

    James: if only something interesting happens.
    Kid: I’m gonna do what called a pro gamer move.

  • Ziad Altorki
    Ziad Altorki 22 hours ago


  • Ziad Altorki
    Ziad Altorki 22 hours ago


  • Sherry
    Sherry 23 hours ago +1

    Did somebody say anxiety

  • evil Mathers
    evil Mathers 23 hours ago

    You're my animal spirit xD

  • Melanie Thompson
    Melanie Thompson 23 hours ago

    I got the book and I read it like a billion times and I love it!!!!!

  • Louis Edwards
    Louis Edwards Day ago

    Your animation is AMAZING

  • Jackson Brown
    Jackson Brown Day ago

    Me on the school bus. The other day someone looked at me and I was just like no.

  • Harry Sonic Jr
    Harry Sonic Jr Day ago


  • Xavi Li
    Xavi Li Day ago

    Este año es especial, he visto la bomba atomica.
    Uno de anticristos, ami me parece el majo, este año sabra sobre el que puede ser bits muy buenos.
    Recomendable jugar a quantun break.
    Los juegos de la ultima pregunta se merecen mi respeto.
    Me apunto a un cole, vente.
    Así tio, el ultimo de nietszche lo he escrito yo. Me ha ayudado mi tio y mi tia

  • Flamingo Fanboy
    Flamingo Fanboy Day ago

    First part is me in church every time

  • inklingkid BOI
    inklingkid BOI Day ago

    shrek man

  • Thomas White
    Thomas White Day ago

    Furry? The same character has been shown in other episodes, is he hiding something?

  • Sergio Gaytan
    Sergio Gaytan Day ago

    Wait what


    6:20 H O W?

  • C.O.B Productions
    C.O.B Productions Day ago +1

    Me: lil courage
    James:yep why

  • AlyssaPlays Roblox


  • Mom Schroeder
    Mom Schroeder Day ago

    I 💗💓❤u so muuuuuuuuuccccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U make me laugh 😂 so hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😘😍🥰😅🤣😁😀😉! Luv u odd1sout!😘😘😘😘😘😘💖💝💘💓💗💕❣❤💞💟

  • Eric Powell
    Eric Powell Day ago

    hi my name is johnny can you give idvice

  • Sophia Snyder
    Sophia Snyder Day ago

    I love your videos every day I watch it on my phone I watch it on my TV

  • Nivar_Creed
    Nivar_Creed Day ago

    Damn, I have One Piece shirt, and I love it... I guess I'm weird guy xD

  • Chips
    Chips Day ago


    MR YAZAN XD Day ago

    I always sit next to.mam

  • amazing Lovers
    amazing Lovers Day ago

    I have that book the book that you wrote

  • TOL
    TOL Day ago

    3:27 they point to it and it’s right in front of you

  • MlgAlex 1983
    MlgAlex 1983 Day ago +1


  • Dr. Ketchup
    Dr. Ketchup Day ago

    2:25 ah yes, 5 inches tall

  • Moto Moto
    Moto Moto Day ago

    I have a story similar to the bus story but on a train
    But this time there are empty seat next to me then this 17-19 year old sits nest ti me and starts look at my phone and talking to people
    I dot want to sit next to him because he is being obnoxious and I want to have more space but I didn’t want him to take offence because I don’t like confrontation. I managed to move across one seat in a matter of 15 mins
    Am I weird

  • Ethan Ngo
    Ethan Ngo Day ago

    *inserts clip of kid punching James in the face at Vidcon*