• Published on Dec 13, 2018
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    Hey Larlees, todays video is the BEST and WORST Makeup of 2018. I talk about Drugstore makeup and Skin Care of 2018. Thanks you so much for watching and don't forget to give this video a Thumbs Up_
    xo- Laura

    Scent Bird:
    1. Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Noir -
    2. Moschino Fresh Couture -
    3. DKNY Be delicious -
    4. Tocca Maya -
    Also Mentioned:
    MILK Blur Foundation -
    Makeup Revolution Foundation -
    Loreal True Match Foundation -
    Fenty Soft Matte Founation -
    Tatcha Silk Canvas Primer -
    Guerlain Primer -
    Clinique Hydrating Jelly -
    Laura Mercier Powder -
    Makeup Forever Foundation Powder -
    Lamer Sheer Pressed Powder -
    Dior Mascara Pump Volume -
    Grandiose Extreme Lancome -
    Sugar & Spice Highlighter -
    Lunar Beauty Greek Goddess -
    Smashbox Ablaze Palette -
    Morphe 8W Palette -
    Too Face Natural Palette -
    Wet n Wild Rose n Air -
    BeBellaCosmetics -
    Nudie Patootie -
    Slay Belle Pressed Pigment Palette -
    Sultry ABH Palette -
    Maybelline Age Rewind -
    Huda Beauty Over Achiever -
    Lily Lashes Miami -
    Loreal Lash Paradise -
    Jouer Lip Enhancer -
    Glam Glow Super Mud -
    Mac Fix It + -
    Lancome Genifisque Serum -
    Origin Spot Remover -
    Glow Recipe Blueberry Cleanser -

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  • Laura Lee
    Laura Lee  Month ago +1058

    Thumbs up my baby dolls! :)

    • Amanda Flemmi
      Amanda Flemmi Month ago

      Or call it’s 9-5 pallete lol

    • Amanda Flemmi
      Amanda Flemmi Month ago

      I wish u had another neautral mini pallaette lol I know ppl are prob like no neutrals but the price and I love my nudes specialys my mattes lol like my colourpop double enterade love well a lot of my colourpop nude mattes so cute like a boss lady 2 lol

    • Samira Mathis
      Samira Mathis Month ago

      Laura Lee thumbs DOWN

    • Destinee Anissa
      Destinee Anissa Month ago

      Love you Laura you’re the best! ❤️

    • campbell stephanie
      campbell stephanie Month ago

      Laura Love

  • SavageSiren
    SavageSiren 10 hours ago

    "Rub your little dirty finger in there"...😂 LMAAASSO

  • Lovejit Bhin
    Lovejit Bhin Day ago

    what lashes are you wearing here

  • PreggiePeople
    PreggiePeople Day ago

    Holy cow! I tried the origins spot remover and my face has cleared up I 2 days! Thank you so much for recommending it! It’s my new holy
    Grail and it was inexpensive so I bought 2 more! Love you
    Laura!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Marina Lamberti
    Marina Lamberti Day ago

    Love these products! I made a similar list but in Spanish

  • Devanhi O.C.
    Devanhi O.C. 6 days ago

    I loved the MAC DAZZEL , but just for a pop of glitter, they look awesome. But the metallic colors like the one you showed does crease. If you use Urban Decay Primer Potion it works awesome!!

  • HBrown153
    HBrown153 9 days ago

    should sell a single of that bomb pink foiled shade in the nudie palette.

  • Jackson McDonald
    Jackson McDonald 9 days ago

    why isn't your makeup included in this video ? :(

  • Boglárka Bácsalmási

    I got goose-skin from the Sugar and Spice highlighter. Just Wow.

  • Diane Marie Ahern
    Diane Marie Ahern 9 days ago

    I love ur vids and ur personality! Xoxo

  • Lily Sanchez
    Lily Sanchez 10 days ago

    I must be super late bc I never got the memo that she was back on YT! Missed you Laura, happy to see that you didn't quit. I hope you learned a lot and that you have success from here on out.

  • Ros with 1 s
    Ros with 1 s 11 days ago


  • Brittany Hess
    Brittany Hess 11 days ago

    I effin LOVE sc3ntbird!! Been subscribed for a while now :) I'd love to work with them! Happy New Year beautiful

  • KK Brown
    KK Brown 11 days ago

    Laura sounds sooo funny x.25 speed 😂

  • Kaela Cline
    Kaela Cline 13 days ago

    What was her face in the beginning..

  • Rebecca Mason
    Rebecca Mason 14 days ago

    Everyone: oil

    Laura: OLLLEE

  • katiecbeauty
    katiecbeauty 14 days ago

    Love you Laura!! And I love your longer videos hahaha

  • OxfordStyle
    OxfordStyle 14 days ago

    It annoys me that the product details in the corner aren’t all the same format and don’t show the actual product names (eg she didn’t note which LM powder, and sometimes there are capitals and sometimes not). It makes the video look really cheap and like she didn’t really care.

  • laurxn Wilsxn
    laurxn Wilsxn 15 days ago

    country bumpkin

  • Adel k
    Adel k 15 days ago


  • Liz K
    Liz K 16 days ago

    Be Bella palettes are also available through shophush :)

  • Nathaniel Alarid
    Nathaniel Alarid 21 day ago

    I absolutely love your channel

  • Becca Michelle
    Becca Michelle 21 day ago +1


  • Jocelyn Parnell
    Jocelyn Parnell 22 days ago

    the skin care is such a want and a need but i have no money😂😂

  • Gala Barney
    Gala Barney 22 days ago

    Nudie Patootie is my favorite!!!

  • Jaid Atkinson
    Jaid Atkinson 22 days ago

    K Laura is hilarious anyway but watch her on 1.5 and omg you’ll die

  • danixlove6
    danixlove6 22 days ago

    Absolutely love your eyeshadow!! And I really like that your showing both drugstore and high end! :)

  • AnnaBelleGrace
    AnnaBelleGrace 22 days ago

    absolute queen!!! I love u Laura lee

  • Talia Bottiglieri
    Talia Bottiglieri 24 days ago

    Guys come on now all the negativity needs to stop, yes she made a mistake a few years ago, it was a disgusting mistake but who doesn’t make mistakes? She’s moving on , and we should too.

  • andra a
    andra a 25 days ago

    90% high end😤

  • TheAlacransilla
    TheAlacransilla 25 days ago

    You should get a vega protein shake

  • Kailee Cheyenne
    Kailee Cheyenne 25 days ago

    wow her hair isnt greasy for once

  • Ailsa Seex
    Ailsa Seex 26 days ago

    I love the video and love the energy

  • shaneen cruz
    shaneen cruz 26 days ago

    The need to unbutton your pants 🤗 feels 💓😂

  • Ailsa Seex
    Ailsa Seex 26 days ago

    Please bring the favourites collection back

  • Amazing Art by Demilah Ramirez

    Greek Goddess
    And Medusa is on the package..
    She was not a freaking Goddes.

  • Courtney Chastain
    Courtney Chastain 27 days ago

    Laura you should try TULA skin care!!! It’s amazing!!!

  • Nancy B
    Nancy B 28 days ago

    38 seconds someone farts.

  • Mercedes Loney-Adams
    Mercedes Loney-Adams 28 days ago +1

    I doubt you will read this. But watching your videos make me smile and laugh and iv really needed it since my grandma just passed. I love your videos I have been binge watching them for the last three days. Much love!!

  • Gabrielle Sheldon
    Gabrielle Sheldon 28 days ago +2

    Laura do you have any lower end facial cleansers you recommend??? Help a home girl out with some cheap skin care options!!

  • Gaileen Kern
    Gaileen Kern 28 days ago +5

    Lmao! Love how your hubby spelled conciler when you mentioned the huda beauty overachiever concealer! 🤣

  • ivy gonzalez
    ivy gonzalez 28 days ago +1

    I love your honesty and your earrings 😍😍😍

  • Abbi Escamilla
    Abbi Escamilla 28 days ago

    this was published on my B-day

  • Arianne Hodor
    Arianne Hodor 28 days ago

    Hi!!New subscriber here! I watched your video on how to prevent cakey make up. It is very helpful and I loved it! You are so fun to watch!

    BROOKLYN BBG 28 days ago

    I love you and your makeup

  • madeline covington
    madeline covington 29 days ago

    I love Laura, but this video was all over the place and I didn't enjoy it like I usually do

  • Apanda 420
    Apanda 420 29 days ago

    Use a crock pot- Set it & forget it. You can come back from running around in L.A. and have your home smell bomb, just plate it & grub! Also, making fajitas or grilled chicken breast on top a salad are easy & healthy!

  • Awéé Snééz23
    Awéé Snééz23 29 days ago

    Guurrrlll you make me laugh 😆

  • Alejandro David Dumas
    Alejandro David Dumas 29 days ago


  • Ronja
    Ronja Month ago +1

    What kind of eyeshadow palette do u recommend for beginners? I only do my makeup on Christmas and sometimes party time, lol.

    • Sky Jacobs
      Sky Jacobs 29 days ago +1

      Id recommend a nude pallete or one with more pink or brown toned shades. Definitely sticking with neutral is best.

  • La
    La Month ago

    LOVED this video!!!! Can’t wait to try some of these!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Laura!!! 😘🎄🎅🏼🎁🖤🐾🐱

  • Kayla Stackpole
    Kayla Stackpole Month ago

    Love you. So appreciate your honesty!

  • Megan Stiles
    Megan Stiles Month ago

    My kitty looks just like her

  • Xxz Shyannamakeup
    Xxz Shyannamakeup Month ago

    Have a great day love.!

  • Jaclyn Howe
    Jaclyn Howe Month ago +1

    The earrings are from where?

  • lilianna castillo
    lilianna castillo Month ago

    Ughh the Y6 brush is sold out :(

  • Messii Nezz
    Messii Nezz Month ago

    Why do I feel the same why when I have headaches too 😩😂😂 so funny that I can understand the feeling of wanting to stick your fingernails Uber your eyes and uuurrrggg 🙄😂

  • Court and Alex
    Court and Alex Month ago

    LOVE you Laura lee !!!!

  • Naga16
    Naga16 Month ago

    elf has a bunch of new products... how about a new product elf haul/try on???? I miss your drugstore brand days

  • Taylor Shockley
    Taylor Shockley Month ago +13

    I tried the Clinique jelly stuff right after this video and saw like over night results. All my small pimples disappeared!!! tysm for mentioning this product 😭🖤🖤

  • Milk Makeup
    Milk Makeup Month ago +10

    Yasss queen!

  • Nyaala Styles
    Nyaala Styles Month ago

    “Girl what this is little kid makeup” that killed me ✨😂😂😂😂

  • Logan Cooper
    Logan Cooper Month ago

    I literally kept getting distracted by how AMAZING your eyeshadow looked 😍😍😍 like girl that eye look is FLAWLESS

  • Rachel Norman
    Rachel Norman Month ago

    Is that Yoshi in the background making an appearance ?? Yassss 🥰
    ps. I bought the Y6 brush because of you, and I LOVE IT!!!!!

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    Can you do a makeup tutorial on this?! 😍

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  • Courtney Washington

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    KERINA BALDEO Month ago

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  • Avery's Toy Surprises

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  • C. R
    C. R Month ago

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