• Published on Apr 10, 2018
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  • Daequan Loco
    Daequan Loco  Year ago +2938

    Whaddiyoumean theres another Giveaway at my twitter @TSM_Daequan ! Follow the instructions on my pinned tweet!

    RSG ICE 8 days ago

    Man’s nasty with the moves

  • Angel
    Angel 21 day ago


  • Jrbossbeast 1010
    Jrbossbeast 1010 24 days ago

    Why after a year and it’s not in epic is slow

  • Prey
    Prey 25 days ago

    can i still enter? lol

  • HimeFX
    HimeFX 29 days ago

    perfection dancing you are insane dude awesome

  • l-unforgatable -l
    l-unforgatable -l Month ago


  • Ideal Gamer
    Ideal Gamer Month ago

    i wish that was an emote

  • Akym
    Akym Month ago

    Shit doing crip walk lol

  • xeven
    xeven Month ago +1

    Flat Stanley

  • Razmatazz123 ,
    Razmatazz123 , 2 months ago

    Should've won

  • XxDarkSniperkidd ._.
    XxDarkSniperkidd ._. 2 months ago

    Daequan got moves

  • 76 IIAtro
    76 IIAtro 2 months ago +1

    It looks like he is cryp walking 🚫👒

  • Ezekiel Hernandez
    Ezekiel Hernandez 2 months ago

    my boy great job daequan keep it up

  • Jacobdonkeybut 10
    Jacobdonkeybut 10 2 months ago +1

    When fortnite was good hope for the best for you daequon

  • Erica Hardaway
    Erica Hardaway 2 months ago

    360 dance

  • ImSlxxp
    ImSlxxp 2 months ago +1

    Like the Ikonik scenario dance they should’ve put the dance Dae did for the galaxy skin I mean he displayed the galaxy pants for them already💀

  • Savannah Thornnton
    Savannah Thornnton 3 months ago

    What do you mean

  • De Kleine Pixel
    De Kleine Pixel 3 months ago

    My mans Crip walkin

  • ethan roe
    ethan roe 3 months ago

    Ma man got some moves

  • idk Rron
    idk Rron 3 months ago

    This is rare footage of a Big Sus,you'll only ever see one of these in a so called ''influencer'' place.These creatures are very endangered and rare,if you see one,remind them of how Sus they are.

  • Ethan Lee
    Ethan Lee 3 months ago

    His galaxy pants are fire🔥

  • Fernando Soto
    Fernando Soto 3 months ago

    The nigga dae hitting that glide

  • Huwstron
    Huwstron 4 months ago

    lol watching this now, this is fire, they should add it into the game

  • Nathanael Elijah
    Nathanael Elijah 4 months ago

    Nice C-Walk 😂

  • jilmarie garcia
    jilmarie garcia 4 months ago


  • Fernando Soto
    Fernando Soto 4 months ago

    Nice gliding brother

  • secret assassin_YT
    secret assassin_YT 4 months ago


  • EpicGamers ronnie
    EpicGamers ronnie 4 months ago

    Justin Bieber.

  • SimilarClock306 Scharrighuisen

    Why was this never added to the game

  • FortnitePotato
    FortnitePotato 4 months ago

    Nice moves

  • Chee Yang
    Chee Yang 4 months ago +1

    That was lit

  • Ali Homayed
    Ali Homayed 5 months ago +1

    The new iconic skin emote is based off of this dance

  • Ian Batthauer
    Ian Batthauer 5 months ago +1

    Did not know that Daequan could dance like that

  • JoeyC Blogs
    JoeyC Blogs 5 months ago +1

    I didn’t know you could dance bro!!! That was amazing!!!

  • Fiji Joexs
    Fiji Joexs 5 months ago

    Season 8 anyone?

  • Kermit The frog
    Kermit The frog 5 months ago +3

    When daequan gets killed by a shopping cart

  • Ambz
    Ambz 5 months ago +1

    Where did Daequan buy those pants. They fire.

  • PIKA Filip
    PIKA Filip 5 months ago

    That was good

    TOXIC SMOOTH TTV 5 months ago

    My man is crip walking out here man 😂🆘

  • RemU
    RemU 5 months ago

    Daequan over here being build like a stick.

  • Kade Bond
    Kade Bond 5 months ago +1

    Adequate got skills

  • The 2 Savage Boys
    The 2 Savage Boys 5 months ago

    Great moon walk and good dancing

  • Arunsan Palathurai
    Arunsan Palathurai 5 months ago +1

    daequan with em shoes boi

  • • Dobbie •
    • Dobbie • 6 months ago


  • fake_ SAM
    fake_ SAM 6 months ago

    Give this dance in fortnite noow

  • NoLimit-_-mythic
    NoLimit-_-mythic 6 months ago

    I tryna give me them dman pants

  • PZ9 Zorgo
    PZ9 Zorgo 6 months ago


  • Isaac Gilara
    Isaac Gilara 6 months ago

    Almost a year ago holy cow

  • Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah 7 months ago +1

    0:07 WHAT DO U MEAN!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pokémon Stuff
    Pokémon Stuff 7 months ago

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    0 arctic Assasin
    1 raptor
    2 beef boss
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    K default

  • Marcell Scott
    Marcell Scott 7 months ago

    They should put a cwalk emote

  • Marcell Scott
    Marcell Scott 7 months ago

    Whoa i saw crip walkin

  • Matt Faria
    Matt Faria 7 months ago

    That's not daequan... He doesn't have a shottie with him

  • iDacryan YT
    iDacryan YT 7 months ago

    Who said Daequan Cant dance??!!!Huh??
    what do you mean Brother!we Lick toes!Baby!!

    Btw 2019 anyone?

  • Regnal Rickenstrater
    Regnal Rickenstrater 7 months ago +1

    It’s a bean!

  • Reginald Owens
    Reginald Owens 7 months ago +2

    Did my mans just moonwalk on concrete?👌😂

  • Typical Local
    Typical Local 7 months ago

    What Dae be doing during the tourneies we don't go to.

  • Torin Mchalebarrett
    Torin Mchalebarrett 7 months ago

    Why didn't this win

  • AirdribbleN
    AirdribbleN 7 months ago

    What do you mean

  • 2LoCo Chris
    2LoCo Chris 7 months ago

    I’m your biggest fan I use your support a creator code and my friends say I play like you I love shotguns

  • 9INE6IX
    9INE6IX 7 months ago

    *boi them hoes cleaaan*

  • Martin Šmic
    Martin Šmic 7 months ago

    u predicted galaxy skin with ur pants

  • x Drixpy x
    x Drixpy x 7 months ago

    0:12 mj fan?or not?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Unlimited Productions
    Unlimited Productions 7 months ago

    Cringeeeeee e.x.e

  • Siddiq Abdulla
    Siddiq Abdulla 8 months ago

    Daequan got them dancing skills

  • SawseeSquirrel
    SawseeSquirrel 8 months ago

    I just came back and watched this and it reminds me of the old fortnite😟

  • Jay Elaydo
    Jay Elaydo 8 months ago

    Daaaamn still amazing

  • Savke__ 46
    Savke__ 46 8 months ago +1

    0:00 0:32

  • Alex Horák
    Alex Horák 8 months ago +1

    Walking toothpick 😀😂

  • Yakup
    Yakup 8 months ago

    Imagine yall pulling up to this car park in yo whip and you see lanky Daequan poppin some moves.
    Would you
    A) join in
    B) run that lanky shit over
    C) spank that thicc ass, bend him down on a car and plough him in the middle of the car park

  • Chill Chad
    Chill Chad 8 months ago

    Daddy dae

  • DarealRjTv
    DarealRjTv 8 months ago

    Crip walk👀

  • CallMeSacred
    CallMeSacred 8 months ago


  • AmirwalakinG
    AmirwalakinG 8 months ago

    Am pretty sure thats the pop lock emote